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Spyro 2 - Season of Flame (PS2)

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2003 02:04
      Very helpful



      Have you heard of dragons? If so perhaps you probably imagine dragons to be big fierce beasts, which breathe, fire and kidnap damsels in the distress! What about dragons that are small, purple and go around helping people? What? Never heard of any? Then I seriously advise you to play this game! Although I have never played any of the other Spyro games, I certainly enjoyed Spyro 2: Season of flame! Spyro is a small, purple dragon that on return from vacation with his friends finds that neither he nor his fellow dragons can breathe fire anymore. He soon finds that someone has stolen all the fireflies (the source of dragon fire) and it is up to him and his friends to find out why! Find your way through fantastic levels, capturing fireflies, collecting gems and rescuing citizens along the way! Use special powers to destroy Rhynocs and steal their gems. Depending on the level, you can play as: · Spyro - Spyro is always accompanied by his best friend Sparx the dragonfly. By changing colour, Sparx warns you of the status of Spyro's health. Spyro replenishes his health by eating little animals that he may find along the way. Spyro can fight using his ice breath; flame breath (after collecting a specific number of fireflies) charging with his horns and using special power ups. He can also jump, glide and hover. · Agent 9 - A friend of Spyro's, this little monkey can really pack a punch with his space age weapons! Normally, in the game, the levels are viewed with an isometric view, however, when playing on Agent 9 levels, you will find yourself in a wicked 2D environment with platform style gaming. Agent 9 uses his jumping ability to get around this place and blasts Rhynocs with his laser gun. · Sheila the kangaroo - Another friend of Spyro's, Sheila hops her way around ledges accompanied by Sparx. She keeps Rhynoc's in line by jumping on them. There is also a range of other characters that help you get through the game.
      The game has three modes: · Story mode: Freeze, burn and charge your way through the levels finding gems and fireflies along the way and defeat the bosses at the end of every chapter! · Dragon draughts: Play draughts against one of the dragon elders. · Sparx Panic: Collect all the gems and the fireflies in order to unlock this secret game! This game is such fun; it is very hard indeed to put it down. For anyone who likes action, adventure and puzzle solving all rolled into one great game. This game is probably the best one that I have ever played on GBA! I definitely recommend it!


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