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Star Wars: Battlefront II (PS2)

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11 Reviews

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    11 Reviews
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      20.08.2011 16:55
      Very helpful



      This is a fantastic game which doesn't cost a lot

      Star Wars Battlefront 2 was the first game I had bought for my PS2 and i enjoyed it all the way upto the release of the Ps3!

      First thing to notice about this game is that it is an online game which is rare for such an old game and believe it or not, the community is still thriving! Well in terms of thriving, i mean theres still a good 20 maybe 30 people on the game at the same time. The community was never really huge, maybe only a few hundred people.

      You will lag playing online, its a simple fact. Although you might not notice this lag while moving, you will certainly notice it when attempting to kill someone. Sometimes, well quite often actually the shots will not hit the intended target which can be a pain but in my opinion it just makes the game more fun. The characters you play are very much based on the films so whichever soldiers you see in the films you are most likely to be able to play as them. You also get to play as Jedi's online as one player will be picked to become one at any point during a match. Theres a variety of different game modes such as Conquest, Capture the Flag, Jedi only modes etc and you can team up with other players on maps such as Hoth to take down the massive At's which people can drive. This is achieved by two players getting in a plane, one drives and one has a line which attaches to the At's legs. Once it is attached, the driver circles around it and eventually the line will cause the At to fall over and get destroyed. You can use headsets online so you can organise you're team or just to chat with fellow players.

      As for offline, its very much just a sequence of missions to defeat the dark side. It features maps based on places in the films such as Hoth, Polis Massa etc which also feature as maps online. Theres not too much which can be said about online really as its just more or less following the films but in game form.

      Overall the game is fantastic, really cheap as you can probobly pick a used one up for a couple of pounds and the game still has a decent online community.

      This review is also on Ciao under the username Connor131


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      13.02.2010 23:38
      Very helpful



      Film adaptions aren't all that great in general. But this, is oustanding.

      With an almost complete saturation of the games market, First Person Shooters have become so mainstream that its banks are bursting with generic titles year after year attempting to become the number one reality shooter. These kinds of games don't appeal all that well to me, so I tend to jump at the chance to play what seems to be a good science-fiction shooter. Sci-fi games are rarely constrained with 'the real world'. Give the player nuke firing pistols and no one would bat an eyelid if it were a sci-fi shooter. I like my games to be over-the-top, new and to deliver an experience that isn't dampened because of reality. Returning to play Star Wars: Battlefront II reminded me why I have adopted such a view. The Star Wars universe is bizarre. Light sword heroes deflecting hundreds of laser beams, hairy creatures known as wookies tearing apart tanks bare handed, deep space battles and a variety of interesting creatures and people. Realistic? No. Suitable for a game? Oh yeah! Of course not everyone is into the detach from reality, but regardless, Star Wars Battlefront II is a game to be played.

      The campaign of Battlefront II bridges the prequels to the original trilogy, slotting itself in between the 2nd and 5th movie. The player takes control of the clone soldiers from the 501st legion and follows a story that players will find familiar to the movies. In fact, clips from the movies are used in some cutscenes. From the defence of Kashyyyk, to the epic battle of Hoth, players who have watched the series will have some "Oh! That was when..." moments adding a little to the experience. The 501st turn to the empire lets you play out the goodies and the baddies within the same campaign which was quite nice to experience the dark side. Missions tend to consist of capturing Command Posts, depleting the enemy reinforcements, retrieving or destroying objects and assuming the role of a jedi / sith. As bland as they may sound, pushing back a group of droids / rebels can become great fun especially if played co-operatively split screen with a friend. With multiple difficulty levels there is great value for replay.

      Another mode known as 'Galactic Conquest' is a very nice add on to the game. You can choose 4 different stories which let you decide which planets you wish to take over. It has a slightly strategic side since you collect credits which can be used to purchase upgrades for the looming battles such as getting a jedi, more reinforcements and different classes. It is a turn based attacking system until you have to attack or defend a planet which initiates a space battle that must be won to take matters to the ground. Setting up the battles is a much appreciated strategic twist to the game. These can be played co-operatively or against a friend, the only downfall to this mode is that it can last a large amount of time. Not to mention taking over planets can become quite repetitive.

      If the other 2 modes don't cater to your needs, you can hop towards 'instant action' where what you play is entirely up to you. You choose the map, the game type and the settings to do as you please. Game modes such as conquest, capture the flag ( 1 flag ), capture the flag ( 2 flag ) and assault are available. Conquest has designated command posts. Take over all of these, or deplete the enemy reinforcements to win the game. Capture the flag - with no surprise - involves capturing a flag. The flag must be scored into the enemy's base. 2 flag is identical but with 2 flags. Assault and other game types are a little different. Space assault lets you loose in space to assault the enemy fleet by doing tasks such as destroying frigate ships and breaking into the enemy fleet ship to destroy critical systems. The first team to aquire a set number of points wins. Assault mode on the likes of Mos Eisley creates a hero vs villain battle giving you the chance to control the likes of Yoda, Han Solo, Darth Maul and the Emperor. It is a nice break from the shooting genre to play this sometimes humour infused mode. 4 different factions are available to be played, Republic Vs CIS and Rebels Vs Empire. The scope of Battlefront II I found to be very welcoming. Not only could you play as jedi, but the less famous creatures as well. From Ewoks to Jawas there is an assortment of beings to mix up the play a bit in hunt mode. There is a large amount of playable maps, from the legendary Death Star to the treacherous Jabba's palace.

      Online modes were somewhat rare in PlayStation 2 games. A shooter wouldn't be seen without one these days due to the almost expectance of multiplayer. It was a hassle getting online with a Ps2 back in those days. You had to purchase a special add on for the console along with a network access disc. You then had to register online, wait weeks for a code to arrive via post and use it to set up your PlayStation for online play. Even then, I had to trawl a large CAT5 cable from the router up the stairs towards my room. It was tedious and expensive and this was reflected in the user base of online games. Battlefront II was lucky to have 50 players online at the same time which I actually appreciate. Upon loading it up, the player can choose from whatever servers are up or create their own in hope of people joining. Full servers would dissapear which I find irritating since you never knew if those servers were even up. Friends could be added who would have a different coloured name in battle and friends could be joined from the start menu. Headsets are supported and options such as 'listen to friends only' can be turned on which makes me ponder why such simple features aren't present in all games. There is a leaderboard table for statistics such as 'longest life', but unfortunately these have been hacked. Online play is the same as instant action but with the lack of split screen capabilities.

      There was something about the multiplayer of Battlefront II which just doesn't exist anymore. The more you played, the more players you meet. But in Battlefront's case, you may meet those players numerous times. In fact, you begin to think: 'Oh, there's that player'. The multiplayer was a tight knit group who begun to know the majority of people who played with them. Servers could be hosted both by a player in the match, or by a PC application which could be used to bring up messages to players. With no messaging system, this lead to an obvious method of advertisement. Clans would broadcasts messages to entice players to join their group. There was only a small amount of these clans whom had frequent matches organised on their respective discussion boards leading to a lot of fun. Some clans even put money together to purchase dedicated servers so that the others could play without as much lag. The online play felt slightly unbalanced at times, but felt as if it all worked well. I really enjoyed my time on Battlefront II and I'm sure there is still a small handful of players still playing.

      Battlefront II suceeds at creating a nice default control scheme but each button is fully changeable. The player can choose from 4 base classes: normal, heavy, engineer and sniper. Each class makes use of primary / secondary weapons along with primary / secondary equipment. The normal varies with each faction but typically has an assault rifle as a primary weapon. Heavy utilise rocket launchers with mines and grenades as equipment. Engineers make use of a shotgun, an electronic repairing device, detpacks ( c4 ) and health / ammo pick ups. Finally, Snipers have access to a sniper rifle, pistol as a side arm, grenades and an automatic small shooting turret. Machines which restore health or ammo can be destroyed by the opposing faction, it is an engineers job to keep these in top condition. Heavy troopers can typically destroy infrantry in one blast. Although sluggish they become useful for taking out tanks and other vehicles with their homing rockets and high defence. Regular soldiers have no specific jobs, but instead are a main foot soldier designed for assaulting enemy locations. Snipers are useful for covering key areas with their high speed, but have a reduced amount of defence. Making use of the right classes to aid your teammates is a vital decision you must make. I really like to make use of each kind of class due to their varying abilities and strengths.

      Although Battlefront II is intended as a 3rd person shooter, there is an option to go first person if you feel like it. Regardless, an aiming pointer is on the screen even with the likes of sniper rifles. Online battles in this game are definitely unique. Your character can evade attacks by rolling and this is definitely made use of. Battlefront makes it quite difficult to get direct shots on the enemy and sometimes you can spar with a single enemy for even up to a minute without a winner. This is only increased by the use of engineers to heal mid battle. Most of the fighting is done head on, without relying on back attacks which encourages a more team based play.

      There are bonus classes which can be unlocked during play providing you have the required points. If you are playing online, then a set number of these special classes can be used at the same time. Special classes vary with faction and can give unique abilities such as the ability to fly with a jet trooper, or the chance to become invisible with a bothan spy. These special classes really mix up the gameplay since both teams do not have the same kinds. Successive number of kills also grants the player awards such as defence or attack bonuses until you die. Kills with specific weapons may unlock the use of an upgraded weapon for that life only. A jedi may be used by a random teammate periodically for a single life. Jedi / sith constantly lose health and only regain it by killing enemies, thus you are forced into battle to make the best use of your abilities such as saber throwing and force pushing.

      Battlefront II has no lack of different transport methods. From tanks, large bomber ships, snowspeeders to living tauntauns, there is always things to look out for. One of the more interesting transports are the AT-AT and the AT-TE which serve as movable command posts to deploy troops. AT-AT can actually be taken down just as they are in the movie, by tying their legs together with a snowspeeder. This requires some teamwork, for one person flies whilst the second mans the grappling rope. Vehicles in general are extremely powerful, perhaps a little too much. But with a team fully making use of the different classes, it isn't all that so troubling.

      With nice visuals, an epic soundtrack and excellent gameplay, there isn't much to be said negatively about Battlefront II. The campaign could have been a little longer, perhaps have spanned across the whole series. Online at times can feel a little unbalanced, but there is always a remedy for that if the game is played with strategy. Other than that, Battlefront II is possibly one of the best shooters I've played to date. The kind of battles encourages more team play. Being the sole survivor in a conquest match is possibly one of the most tense moments I've had on a game. Not only are you alone, but the whole enemy team is after you and your only option is to try and take a command post which will undoubtedly attract attention. The campaign is interesting, the extra modes are fabulous and the multiplayer was unparalleled. Wrapped up with a great online community, nostalgia for my days on Star Wars Battlefront II is quite frequent.


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        15.10.2009 15:03
        Very helpful



        Stunning game for an old system.

        In my opinion, this is one of the best, or THE best, Playstation 2 game that you can buy. It is a 3rd person futuristic shooter, based on the Star Wars series.

        I bought this shortly after it came out after enjoying the first in the Battlefront series and even though only a year spaces them, in release times, it is far, far better.

        The story mode is improved with Jedi's, proper objectives as opposed to simple conquest maps, galactic conquest is improved and instant action has more game modes.

        The real improvment though, is the online experience. I am a Playstation 3 gamer, who plays quality games such as Metal Gear Online, Call of Duty 4 etc. yet Star Wars Battlefront 2 (SWBF2 from now) still attracts me. The online is incredibly addictive, and far more balanced than SWBF1. You need real skill to do well, as opposed to some games, where all you need is a good gun. If you are good enough you can conquer all with any weapon.

        The online has a class system as opposed to COD's style involving customisable slots. There are 6 units per faction each with unique attributes:
        1. Grunt - This is a machine gun, front line fighter.
        2. Rocket - This is designed for attacking vehicles although it is used against infantry online.
        3. Sniper - Long range killing.
        4. Engineer - Meant for support, but it's powerful shotgun can beat most if used well.
        5. Special Unit 1 - This is generally a unit with a recon droid for support and a special powerup.
        6. Special Unit 2 - This is generally a light class with a special ability such as Invisibility.

        The four factions are Rebels, Empire, Republic and CIS. The Rebels and Empire don't play with the Republic and CIS in any games, as they are from different time periods.

        One of the best parts, though, is the incredible, tight-knit community that has been built around this game. Because you don't find many people playing online at once (up to around 60 people on the busiest days), you get to play with the same people more than once, and you get to understand they're playing styles, and get to know them.

        There are a few clans (for example www.327sc.com) and the people in them, as I said, have become very close. Buying SWBF2 is more than buying an almost 4 year old PS2 game, it is buying into a whole new world.


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          14.08.2009 23:53
          Very helpful



          Excellent action game.

          Star Wars Battlefront 2 is an action game for the Playstation 2 console developed by Pandemic.

          This time around the game has an actual story mode which is a huge bonus, you play as one of the Clone troopers as he recalls the battles he fought in which will take you all around the galaxy from Geonosis all the way to the Death Star itself. The actual story is a little thin as the game really serves as a glorified tutorial to help you learn the ropes. Still it is better than nothing and they did the voice of the clone troopers to come in and record lines for the game.

          Gameplay has really evolved from the previous titles most significantly with the addition of Space Battles, the fighters really make alot more sense now.

          In Space battles you start off in your ships hangar and can either head to the control room and take control of a gun turret and defend the ship, or you can go into a fighter or bomber and take the fight to the enemy. You can destroy key points on the ship and once this is done you will win the match, you must also protect your ship. These battles can be really intense as you go from dogfights with other fighters to bombing runs on the enemy bridge.

          The armies of the Empire, Clones, CIS and Republic are all available to you with basic units such as soldiers, heavy soldiers, snipers and pilots as well as special unique units such as Magnaguards, Droidekas and Wookies putting in an appearance. You now can gain control of hero units which include Jedi Master Yoda, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, Obi Wan, Mace Windu, General Grevous and more! The heroes are great fun to play with all of them having special unique weapons and the Jedi having their awesome lightsabres and force powers to play with.

          Graphically there are now more units on screen at once and the game in general looks really good.

          This is a real improvement on the first game and fans of Star Wars will enjoy the ability to play through historic battles taking the fight to space and playing as heroes.


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          13.05.2009 16:30
          Very helpful



          Much much more than an attempt to cash in on the last movie

          Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is a game that differs slightly from the standard FPS format. The ability to switch from first person to third person at will is an interesting addition to any shooter but that is not the major change. The biggest difference between this game and the vast majority of FPS's is the fact that this game almost encourages you to lay down the life of one soldier in order to secure victory for the masses. That is not to say that the game encourages any kamikaze tactics or suicide but the lack of any sort of cover system pushes any player towards a more run-and-gun style of play.

          Also contributing to this feeling of recklessness with your character's life is that it doesn't matter too much if you get killed, you have literally hundreds of lives. To change your weapons beyond one main weapon and a side weapon, you first have to die.

          However, this is not to give the impression that the game does not encourage skill or extending the life of one soldier. There are medals and corresponding benefits for killing a certain number of the enemy in one life with different weapons and similar benefits for gaining a set number of points in one life. The problem is that it takes a while to get good enough at the game to ensure that you will be getting these rewards. This is due to one of the high points of this game, you do not have anything special about your soldier other than that you are controlling him. You can take the same amount of damage as anyone else. Many games skew the strength of the player so that you have an advantage.

          There are some downsides to this game though. The replayability of this game is diminished by the lack of any real openendedness. Once you have completed the main storyline, you have the option to conquer the Galaxy with a choice of 4 different factions. This suggests an almost infinite emount of everchanging action. However, you are always fighting over the same maps and due to the AI of the computer, replaying a map always seems to be very similar as the arena of much of the fighting always seems to be in the same part of the level.

          One area of the game that I have not touched upon yet is the space battles. This seems like a key part of any star wars game that includes space flight. I felt they were disappointing and slightly tedious at times. To win a space battle you have to destroy certain parts of the enemy flagship. These parts are just copy and pasted onto different parts of each ship of which each of the 4 factions has just the 1. Also destroying these parts brings no real advantage to your team, merely points of which you need an arbitrary number of to secure victory.

          To conclude, whilst I may have been overly critical of certain parts of the game, the well defined nature of some of the classes of soldiers means that you can always find a challenging and fun way of playing a level, even if it is for the 20th time. This is a game that I have put many many hours into playing and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the Star Wars series or a keen player of FPS games.


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          16.03.2009 13:36
          Very helpful



          good story and easy to play

          The original game was released in 2004 and this game was released in 2005. The game again is a first person/third person shooter game and set in the Star Wars Universe and published by Lucas Arts. The game is mainly single player but you can play it split screen as well. The game is rated T for teen.

          Game Play

          A similar game to the original with improved graphics and AI. This time though instead of playing as different factions the story is told through the eyes of a Clone Trooper who served in the 501st which became known as Vader's First.

          Unlike the previous game there is only one campaign although you can play galactic conquest and play as other sides just on levels but no campaigns the sides are Empire, Republic, CIS, and the Rebellion and you get to command a fleet and can fight in space and on land and have to try and conquer the universe one planet at a time.

          It starts in the Old Republic with you fighting against the separatists and leads up to the destruction of the death star and beyond to the crushing of the rebellion.

          There is 6 different classes to play as with four main ones Soldier, Vanguard, Sniper and Engineer.


          The graphics are a big improvement on the last game and are good, the controls are similar and easy to use.


          The AI is a lot better than the previous game and the game is now pretty hard to complete

          Value for Money

          A good game that if you like the previous game is well worth buying and has good gameplay. The story is well written and good and anybody that likes first person shooters will probably like this.

          Difficulty - 8 out of 10
          Game play - 9 out of 10
          Graphics - 8 out of 10
          Multiplayer - 4 out of 10
          Story - 9 out of 10
          Value - 8 out of 10
          Overall - 9 out of 10


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          04.12.2008 17:42
          Very helpful



          Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS2 is a fun action packed game that will please star wars fans and non

          Star Wars Battlefront 2 for PS2 was the second battlefront game to be released. In this edition of the game you have more options than the original game. There are differnet gameplay options such as training, which you don't find with many other games. The space overview s just a cinematic or gameplay view of what to exspect from the game. Rise of the Empire is the main storyline and the Galactic Conquest is about taking turns to move your ship to stop the enemie from taking over a planet or place. In other words it's a strategic part of the game where you don't actually play as a player but as units. Instant Action is my favorite part of the game as you can add your own map and play on planets such as Coruscant, Kashyyyk and Endor. Or you can play in space over these planets. I like to play in the space maps as you can get out in the big ships and fly different types of ships, such as the x-wing and tie-fighters. There is the option to play two player which can be fun when playing against a friend.

          Overall a good star wars collectable game if your a star wars fan. This game has many options that will let you choose your own gameplay, or go through the story mode. But the Instant Action mode is the best!


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          29.09.2006 22:42
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Overall good but could be better

          Star Wars Battlefront 2 (12+, 1-32 player with online)

          Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a great game. It adds pure space battles, new campaigns with an actual storyline which revolves around the real Star Wars films, many planets to fight on, plenty of awards to collect and much, much more.

          Some argue that it's predecessor, Star Wars Battlefront (1) was better but I don't agree. Both games are good for their time, the main difference being that Star Wars Battlefront 2 has Netplay which will tempt me to play any shooter game.

          The campaign missions follow the 501st legion, a squadron of clones, who fight for the Republic. they travel around the galaxy, completing objectives, including saving the Wookies on Kashyyyk and many other missions.

          The story takes a sinister, but expected (from the movies), twist as the legion of the 501st obeys order 66 (with reluctance) and turn on the Jedi. The 501st are turned into Imperial Clones which means they can use the slightly different Imperial Ranks.

          The cutscenes (movies) have good narration and story but are in regular gameplay graphics whilst I'd rather have specialised graphics for those. Taking clips from the film cannot account for everything.

          The story is interesting and takes you through some vital scenes (or unseen scenes) of the film. The campaign can be multilplayer. So overall its good.

          Please note that some weapons need reloading every few shots (little red dots around crosshair show how many shots you have left) and other weapons over heat (heat bar around crosshair) to stop continuous shooting.

          The weapons which overheat have no ammo limit whilst the ones that reload have limited ammo.

          Ammo dispensors are positioned around every map along with their similar relation, the Health dispensor. These two machines show up as small white dots on the minimap.

          To gain health or ammo from these robots you must stand fairly close to them. You can see when you are gaining health or ammo because coloured rings circle you and stop when you have full ammo/health.

          Other things that give ammo and health are 'Red Bacta' (ammo) or 'Blue Bacta' (health). 'Purple Bacta' gives both health and ammo and 'Green Bacta' gives energy.

          Energy is used for a number of things such as sprinting or using the force as a Jedi.

          If you are offered, at the bottom of the screen, to become a jedi it is probably because you have reached a certain point in a mission, scored enough points or something like that.

          If you accept the offer of being a Jedi, your current character dies and you respawn as your specific team's Jedi (such as Darth Vader, for the Empire, on the Death Star).

          Jedi do not have regular health bars, they have a lightsaber timer which drains slowly until it reaches the end and you die. On instant Action you can set the timer on this bar.

          To increase this bar you can kill enemy men but when you are hit/damaged it takes time from the bar. A good player could be a Jedi for hours.

          Jedi can use their energy bar for several things:

          Sprinting (extremely fast-can be used for sprint attacks)
          Force Jumping (Jump very high and far)
          Block (block all attacks-drains energy bar)
          Two of the following Force powers-Force Lightning, Force Push, Force Pull, Lightsaber throw.

          Jedi are classed under the general name of Heroe in this game as there are other characters you can be such as Jango fett or Chewbacca who have unique attacks that i won't go into.

          Instant Action is a nice feature in both Battlefronts. This allows you to set a series of consecutive matches in very little time.

          This allows you to choose any place you want to go and an appropriate game mode. The game modes are:
          2Flag CTF- there are two flags (one in each base), return the enemy one to your base to score.

          1 Flag CTF-There is one flag (in the middle), return it to your base to score.

          Assault-Battle in space, the first to score 180 points (can be changed) wins. to score points you can shoot down enemy ships and destroy/sabotage main enemy systems.

          Hunt-Play as hunters or the hunted in a race to kill the assigned number of enemies. The hunted are often animals such as the Ewoks or the Gungans, the hunters are the CIS or the Imperial forces.

          Many settings can be changed on instant action such as:

          Bot count-up to 16 bots.
          Heroe time-extend your heroe time to 2 minutes.
          Heroe gain-Set what you have to do to become a heroe.
          Point limits-Change point limits on each type of game.
          And other not so interesting settings.

          There are four, main, different sides you can play as, in two different era, splitting up the first and the second three films nicely, each of which with slightly different units (space battle units not included):

          CLONE WARS ERA

          Clone Trooper-This troop has a main blaster rifle (reload), grenades and a pistol (overheat)

          Republic Heavy Trooper-This troop carries his main Rocket Launcher (reload), a pistol (overheat), mines and grenades.

          Clone Sharpshooter-This troop has a Sniper (reload, with scope), a pistol (overheat), grenades and an autoturret.

          Clone Engineer-This class carries a Shotgun (reload), Health and ammo packs, Remote Mines and a Fusion cutter (many uses, too many to explain). Can walk over mines safely.

          Clone Commander-This unit carries a Blaster minigun (overheat), pistols and a special defence boost to surrounding troops.

          Jet Trooper-This unit carries an EMP blaster (reload, often kills in one), pistol (overheat) and grenades. This unit has a jet pack with allows him to fly briefly before his auto-recharging fuel runs out.

          Battle Droid-This driod carries a wrist blaster (reload), Wrist rockets and a Pistol (overheat).

          Seperatist Assault Droid-see Republic Heavy trooper info.

          Assassin Droid-see Clone Sharpshooter info.

          Engineer Droid-see Clone Engineer info.

          Droideka-This Droid is very different. It can walk slowly unrolled but can roll around the battlefield quickly when rolling. When unrolled it has a automatically rechargin shield and a blaster (overheat).

          Managuards-These droids use a special poison attack that affects all humans nearby, a special pistol (reload) and a set of wrist rockets.

          CIVIL WARS ERA

          Stormtrooper-see Clone Trooper info.

          Shock Trooper-see Republic Heavy trooper info.

          Scout Trooper-see Clone Sharpshooter info.

          Imperial Engineer-see Clone Engineer info.

          Dark Trooper-The Dark trooper is a flying unit, with a fuel tank limiting his time in the air. The dark trooper holds an electric gun (reload), which can be charged to make more powerful and can hit multiple enemies, a pistol (overheat) and grenades.

          Imperial Officer-The 'Imp officer' uses a special pistol (reload), a mortar launcher and a special ability which increases the attack of surrounding allies.


          Rebel Soldier-see Clone trooper info.

          Rebel Vanguard-see Republic Heavy Trooper info.

          Rebel Marksman-see Clone Sharpshooter info.

          Rebel Smuggler-see Clone Engineer info.

          Bothan Spy-This unit carries a disintergrator and time bombs. He has a healing special which lets allies units constantly heal. Non of these are the most deadly in his armory though, he has a stealth mode (invisibility) which when combined with any of his weapons is highly damaging.

          Wookie Warrior-This unit has higher health but is slower almost every unit. Each carries a wookie Bowcaster, which when charged can attack multiple foes with higher damage. They alos carry grenade launchers and grenades.

          All different armies have the same space untis but different ships. I guess you will have to find them out for yourself.

          Different maps include places like geonosis, Space Kashyyyk, Hoth, Corusant and many more.

          Without spending too much time explaining each teams space units i will expalin, in genereal, the space units:

          The pilot holds a blaster pistol (overheat), a fusion cutter and time bombs. Everything needed for sabotage, but he has someething else up his sleeve; an automatic bonus which allows ships to heal when he is piloting them, valuable in all battles.

          These troops are a real mix between heavy weapons and a trooper. They carry a blaster rifle (reload), a rocket launcher (reload) and grenades.


          The fighter ships are a flexible type. They can be used as dog-fighters or bombers but is not specialist at either. These use rapid fire blasters (overheat,good for small enemies) and plasma torpedoes (reload,for large targets)

          The scout fighter class are great for dogfights but not so good against more armored targets. These carry some rapid fire guns (overheat) and homing missiles (reload) which may take afew seconds to lock on. This ship has the least health but its attack and agility compensates.

          This class is a slow class, good only against enemy main ships and frigates. These carry a main blaster (overheat, very powerful but very slow bullet, not rapid fire) and some plasma bombs (reload, good against not moving targets like main ships, fire in bomb curve). This ship has more health than most ships (not Transport). It also has 3 secondary posts which other players/bots can sit in to fire things like guided missiles and blasters.

          This ship is very handy for large sabotage attacks. It carrys a main blaster (overheat) similar to the bomber, and a cluster of homing missiles (reload, very good against both ships and systems but very long reload time). This ships main punch is in the bonus it carries. When the ship is landed ( hopefully in the enemy hangar), it becomes a spawn point where you troops can respawn. This is whilst the ship still lives of course. This ship has the most health and is extremely hard to take down although it is quite large, slow and hard to land.

          Finally i come to awards. When a certain amount of points/requirements are scored in one life, awards are gained. These are the awards:

          Endurance-Score x points for your energy to recharge much faster.

          Guardian-Score x points for your defense to increase.

          War Hero-Score x points for your attack to increase.

          Frenzy-get x kills as a blaster rifle to gain an elite rifle.

          Marksmanship-place x headshots with a sniper to gain a sniper that kills in one shot.

          Demolition-Get x critical hits on enemy vehicles with a rocket launcher. This is hard, most critical hit spots are at the back and a sign will come up around your crosshairs like when you have done a headshot. Play as droids on the mission with an airlock and go outside to kill the tanks. This unlocks a guided rocket launcher.

          Regulator-Get x kills with a shotgun to gain a flechette shotgun.

          Technician-cut into x vehicles to gain vehicle health regeneration.

          Gunslinger-Kill x units with a pistol to gain a precision pistol which kills in one and has a scope.

          Status awards-if you gain enough of the same award it makes it easier to gain that award again. Here they are:

          Green-You start off with this status for each award. While in this status you can get the award but not what it unlocks. You have a 30 second grace period so if you die within 30 seconds you will respawn with the award.

          Veteran-After you have done an award 4 times you can now access the unlock the next time you get it. You have a 30 second grace period so if you die within 30 seconds you will respawn with the award.

          Elite-After you have unlocked the award 32 times, you reduce the amount of kills/score/requirements you need to get to earn the award.

          Legendary-After you have unlocked the award 64 times you are permenantly granted the unlock from that award. Every time you spawn you will have the bonuses.

          Awards are a nice little touch which keep the game going after you've completed the missions.

          Overall i like this game because of the storyline and netplay of it (even if it lags so bad). The 4 star rating is for having laggy online games and the cutscene graphics (as explained).

          PS this is due for editing


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            16.08.2006 03:45
            Very helpful



            very good, big improvement over original

            Star Wars Battlefront 2 is another game all about war. It puts you in the midst of large-scale warfare and you get to play as different types of soldier and take control of loads of vehicles.

            As with the original, it's third-person-shooting with huge armies on both sides that are in the full-bloodied thick if it. The first of the solo-modes is the Rise Of The Empire campaign that kicks off on Geonosis, the planet featured in Attack Of The Clones and, like the original you then have to fight across well-known planets that you should recognize from the films. unlike its predecessor, this campaign actually feels like you're playing through a fluid one-player story.

            The make-up of the gameplay is almost identical to its predecessor as success is largely based around taking over Command Posts. New levels include Dagobah, Jabba's Palace and the Death Star also makes an appearance. You can now also play as any of the Jedi Knights.

            The biggest and easily most impressive addition to the game is the new space dogfights that are not unlike playing Kedi Starfighter but more epic in breadth. You now have the opportunity to take to the stars in fighters such as X-Wings, and Tie-Fighters but the best aspect of this combat is that you can run around a cruiser's hanger on foot, then you just run up to a fighter, jump in and fly off. Best of all, you can fly into any of the enemy cruiser's hangers, park up and run around causing mayhem. Often you will have to do this as part of an objective.

            As well as the main campaign mode, Galactic Conquest has made a welcome return for those that prefer a more strategic endeavor. As before you can pick which side you are going to fight for but it is very open-ended and lets you choose the order of the planets you fight in your efforts to gain galactic supremacy

            I do not have the online play for this but it allows up to 24 players, which along with the same amount of bots should make for a superb online experience

            Summary: Absurdly good and vastly improved over the original. It's bigger, better and brighter even without the online function. Anything that allows you to play as Darth Vader and chop down rebels with a light sabre has to be shown the respect it deserves


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              26.01.2006 18:52



              good game but not as good as it could be.

              Star Wars Battlefront2 is the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront1 which was the best-selling star wars game of the time. Battlefront2 has improved on the first game by adding more diverse multplayer games such Assult,Hunt and Capure the flag. It also has a much better storyline for the singleplayer mission which feature special objectives rather than just 'kill everyone'.Also in the multiplayer and singeplayer games you gain the ability to control a powerful jedi when you have gained a certain amount of points from either killing enemies or capturing command posts. Space battles are also featured inthe game.

              I feel that this game although good does not live up to what was expected of it as the aspects of the game though good are not great. For example the space battle are not like the movies at all with only two capital ships fighting with tiny laser guns and in all 15 starfighters flying around.

              This is still a good game and recommend that you buy it.


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              21.12.2005 08:30
              Very helpful



              Slightly limited, but a cracker of a game all the same

              When we see little kids mimicking asthmatics and waving torches at each other, we know Star Wars is upon us once again. Now wars games have come in many shapes, sizes and genres, yet all have a common stigma attached to them - in no small part due to the fact that historically, most have had about as much appeal as Noel Edmonds. But this third person shooter cum war-sim is the follow up to the biggest selling Star Wars game of all time, so expectations from both developers and the public are soaring high.

              Now you would be forgiven for thinking that after 6 films spanning four decades we would know everything there is to know about Lucas’ saga. Well not everything it would seem. Battlefront II veers from the paths trod by any particular characters, allowing you stand amongst the ranks of the CIS (separatists), Republic, Rebel Alliance or Empire. Stalk the field as a Jedi, dominate from an AT-AT, rampage as a hairball Wookiee or a tinpot droid – simply engage in the Wars however you see fit. It’s actually a rather refreshing stance as you get to experience encounters either only touched on briefly in the films or just assumed to have happened behind the scenes, such as the defence of Kashyyk or hunting for the stolen Death Star plans before they were traced to Leia’s ship.

              Of course such freedom would be worthless if it was all implemented with the grace of a drunken Jabba the Hut, but thankfully Lucas Arts have largely resisted the urge to tamper with the successful game engine and simple controls used in the original. This, alongside large detailed terrains often strewn with vehicles and defensive turrets on which the planetary skirmishes occur, paves the way for fantastically chaotic melees, whilst the presence of pugnacious locals - Jawas, Ewoks, Genosians and the like - adds to the atmosphere and the carnage. By the same token, orbital dogfighting through asteroid fields in space combat is equally exhilarating, though the controls are slightly more suspect, it being all too easy to start rolling your craft and all to hard to right it (which is right pain because bombs still obey gravity in space. Apparently). Given this, the option to skip most space battles is both welcome and intelligent for those who aren’t feeling the force. Unlike your average shooter, Battlefront II has no ‘taking on the war machine single handed’ delusion of grandeur. The AI is both intelligent and accurate, and combined with a healthy and challenging difficulty curve, you’re Bantha fodder already. In fact in an almost total situation reversal, you actually have a limited number of reinforcements for your team (including the AI) available to complete the mission. The whole experience is enhanced by stunning audio and visuals, with film locations well realised and a healthy dollop of creative license used effectively to create astoundingly detailed arenas from what may only be a few seconds of footage, complemented by subtle orchestral’s, barely noticeable in deference to SFX authentic to the source material.

              It appears however that an inverse amount of creativity has been applied to creating the missions as has to creating the scenery. Objectives tend to revolve around a vague pattern of capturing and holding command points, dressed up in various guises, not only making missions incredibly repetitive but sadly overlooking the tactical options of the different troop classes on offer. Given your limited reinforcements, the problem is compounded as victory all to often becomes a frustrating scramble of achieving whatever objectives you need to fulfil whilst you still have sufficient forces left to do so rather than any strategic assault, a fact at exact odds with the idea you can adopt whatever role you choose. Its a real shame no attempt is made to challenge how players go about things, because it makes all the inventiveness – special skills, jet packs, recon droids or anything else – merely throwaway gimmicks superseded by old faithful, the blaster rifle.

              In addition to a rather meaty 18 mission strong solo campaign, we’re also treated to a revamped galactic conquest mode – a turn based Command & Conquer meets Risk galaxy conquest style affair (it’s better than it sounds!) – or ‘instant action’ mode where you simply pick a map and fight it out to the wire. Both are considerably challenging, but then the cancer of repetition rears its ugly head again. Galactic conquest allows you to play as any of the four factions, but the troop types for each are practically the same with different pseudonyms - you may as well be looking at the same thing through different shades of glass. Likewise, instant action mode is largely resigned to simple conquest and capture the flag encounters. The only notable additions are the Assault mode (a fanboys wet dream – an all out Jedi vs Sith brawl) and Hunt mode, fighting as (or against) indigenous populations, which provide quirky breaks off the beaten path. Admittedly I haven’t been able to try it online though, which may very well be an entirely different kettle of fish.

              So does the lightsaber cut the mustard? Extremely well crafted, easy on the eye and compulsive to play, Battlefront II surpasses its predecessor. Indeed it does what it does very well. And it has much more appeal than Noel Edmonds. It’s just that its tedious nature means it doesn’t do very many things. Which is a pity for a game promising so much freedom.


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              Star Wars Battlefront II improves upon the original game's single-player experience with open-ended, mission-based objectives inspired from all six Star Wars films. The compelling storyline spans more than 12 new locations, many from Episode III, including volcanic Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant. All-new classic movie moments complete the Star Wars Battlefront II experience, as you battle within the interior of the Death Star and visit Princess Leia's blockade runner, the Tantive IV, as seen at the beginning of Episode IV A New Hope. In addition, at certain key moments within the battles, you can feel the Force as a Jedi.

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