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The Simpsons: Hit & Run Platinum (PS2)

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2014 08:15



      The game Is really fun, more for 12s and under

      Simpsons hit and run is a game available on Playstation, game cube, Xbox and Microsoft windows. It is developed by: radical entertainment, Gracie films and fox interactive. It is an action-adventure game that comes with both: single and multiplayer mode. It is based on the animated sitcom - The Simpsons. I'm going to start out with the negatives - let's talk glitches. This game has quite a few glitches an I am no really a fan of glitches when they occur... My character may be stuck between two cars or something which ends in me starting the whole game again... I can't remember the feature but in the game on buttons is supposed to do something but it doesn't work. i really like the lay out of the map because of how easy it is to find places unlike on other games e.g. Grand theft auto. The graphics are incredible but, the repetitive music gets annoying after a short while. The story content is great and the controls set on play station buttons are very easy to use. The gameplay is always interesting when I play it. I would give this game an overall rating of 8/10. Its very good.


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      20.12.2005 16:52
      Very helpful



      Good family game, suitable for younger than recommended 7 years

      We got my 10-year-old son this game for Christmas last year and he loved it. I never really took any notice of what the game was like as he was old enough to figure out what to do and did not need my help. With a one year old to look after too I was happy to leave him to it.

      Now last week my 4 and a half year old son asked if he could try and play it so I had no choice but help out as he can't even turn the playstation in himself. (Too high). Anyway, we stuck it on and I knew right away it would be my kind of game. I love this sort of game as you have time to see what you are doing. Other racing games like GT for instance, are good but so fast paced all I do is crash into every wall going.

      The Simpsons Hit & Run is classed as a racing/driving game but it is so different. Basically you get to drive round the streets of Springfield as your favourite Simpson’s character, starting in the infamous pink Cadillac, (is Homers car a Cadillac?) and you follow the green arrows on the roads which leads you to the destination you need to go to in order to complete a task. Obviously if you drive anything like me you will crash frequently along the way and slowly but surely wreck your car. If you crash too much your car will be totally wrecked and it throws you out. Here's the good bit though. You just walk up to any car stopped at traffic lights etc and push the triangle button to nick it!!! Brilliant. You can drive saloons, school buses, trucks and all sorts.

      All through you will hear sound clips of the Simpson’s characters saying things like "I am the evil Homer" and "Mistakes have been made". These are funny and are based on what you happen to be doing at the time. For instance if you happen to run someone over by accident, which happens a lot when my son or me are playing, they make a comment.

      All round the game are coins for you to collect, which are just laying around or hidden under things like street lamps. The money pops out when you knock it over. The good thing is that if you are in your car and knock something over the money automatically goes into your account. If you are on foot you have to actually walk over the coin to collect it. When you have amassed enough money you can buy better vehicles to complete missions easier.

      As I have said on previous reviews I am not very technically minded so have listed the useful bits that you may need from the case but I really don't understand it and apologise if it is nonsensical!!

      1 Player - (OK I understand this!!)
      Memory Card (8mb) (for playstation 2) 221KB Minimum
      Multitap (for playstation 2) adaptable 1-4 players#
      Analog Control Compatible: all buttons
      Vibration function compatible.

      OK the certificate on this says 7+ but as I said my 4 year old plays it on his own for up to an hour and a half, and although he cannot always understand what missions he should do he absolutely loves driving round and crashing etc. He knows how to change vehicles and do a lot of other stuff.

      I think the magic thing about this game is that you cannot be killed! It just goes on and on. Fantastic for young kids and adults alike. If I didn't have kids to look after I think I could quite easily sit and play this for a few hours each day!!

      You can pick this up on Amazon for around £12.00 now, which is a good price for a PS2 game. They've cost me £30+ this year. Agh!

      There are plenty more features of this game that I have left for you to find as you go along in the story world of Springfield, but suffice it to say, I have not got bored watching yet!!

      Hope this helps.


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