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Time Crisis 4 (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Published by: Sony / Genre: Action / Release date: 2008-04-18

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    2 Reviews
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      01.03.2010 12:10
      Very helpful



      Overall, probably not worth if for the price

      Time Crisis is the latest in the series of games that were adapted from the old classic arcade verison of the same name. I remember playing this years ago in the arcades and they used to be great fun pointing and shooting the gun like you were actually in the game. Namco have attempted with this franchise to bring this to the consoles smoothly but I'm not sure it will ever be as good as the arcades.

      When I got Time Crisis 4 I bought it with a gun for about £50 for the whole package so it's quite pricey I thought. You also get a set of sensors that you put on top of your TV to detect the movement of the gun in much the same way as the Nintendo Wii works. On the gun itself you have the trigger and two buttons on the side and two more on the back, plus an analog stick. I have to say that I like the gun to be honest with you and it's pretty easy to hold and manage most of the time.

      In the game itself you are able to play in two distinctly different modes. There is the arcade version and then the mission mode. Both of the modes centre around three characters who chase after terrorists and bad guys who have got their hands on biological weapons that they intend to use. The main weapon omits a swarm of nasty bugs. In the arcade mode this was the closest to what I remember playing years ago fairly obviously I guess. You move about the screen taking cover when you can and popping up to shoot almost anything that moves and avoiding getting shot yourself. Pretty standard stuff...As you will be using alot of ammunition you need the covered areas to reload and start again.. You are given a submachine gun, a shotgun and a grenade launcher as well as your pistol. The good thing about this is that there is a time limit on certain sections so you can't play too cautiously and it makes the whole game go faster and more action orientated. I have to say that the arcade mode is quite good fun but not quite as good as the original arcade game. The problem is that it is quite short so not much replay value really.

      The mission mode is sort of a way of bringing this game into the 21st century but giving it more appeal. It takes the structure of the arcade version and puts in some longer levels to play.

      The graphics are not too bad for this game which is a bonus but almost every character you encounter will look almost the same so there's not much variety.

      Overall, it is quite expensive to buy with the gun included as well so might be worth borrowing off someeone at first to see what you think as the appeal can run out fairly quickly once you've played it a few times..


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      14.01.2009 22:45
      1 Comment



      Don't play alone !

      Time Crisis is an old arcade favourite, it's time to bring it home!

      There are two different modes in this game and a couple of mini games. The first mode is story mode, which is a 3rd person shooter which is interesting for Time Crisis. The story mode is a bit boring and with the light gun.

      The other mode, arcade, is far more fun, sticking to the winning formula of the old "cover, shoot and continue".

      The story of both modes are incredible short and boring but with the light gun it can bring it to life.
      The graphics are normal, nothing special, just good old Time Crisis.

      So if you are thinking of buying Time Crisis 4 then make sure you go all out an get a light gun, because it kind of defeats the object of the game. This is good for party's and groups of people but playing it on your own will really become repetitive.


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    • Product Details

      Namco (or Namco Bandai as theyÆre now known, after their merger) have long been one of the PlayStation's most ardent supporters, with many of their key series such as Ridge Racer, Tekken and Ace Combat being synonymous with SonyÆs consoles even when they do appear on other formats. Time Crisis is another classic series to be added to the list and while the original arcade version has been out for a while now, like previous home console adaptations this adds a whole raft of new features on top of it. As a start though all the levels from the coin-op are here, with the same wide range of different weapons to use - from machine guns to shotguns and rocket launchers.

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