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Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers (PS2)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Age Rating: 3+ / Release date: 2003 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      24.12.2010 11:00
      Very helpful
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      A Good 2 Player Game

      I have always loved watching Tom and Jerry the cartoon when I was young and it definitely translates well into a "Street Fighter" style game with a whole range of cool features.

      Firstly, there are nine playable characters for you to unlock by playing the Tom and Jerry story mode with subsequent character's stories being unlocked as you progress the game. Characters include Spike, Nibbles and Butch. Other things to unlock are the different fighting arenas and special costumes characters will wear on particular levels such as swimming trunks on the beach level.

      So what does the game itself involve? After choosing a character to play, you are paired with a series of opponents to beat. At the end of each story mode, there is also a boss- defeating them will finish that particular path and have characters unlocked.

      The levels themselves are fully interactive with the environment destroyable (this is infact how you unlock clothes). There are also special weapon picks ups, some you can throw whilst some are permanent whacking weapons dealing heavy damage. There is also an environmental element that comes every so often, such as an avalanche that covers a majority of the arena and freezes you unless you seek a high spot. How you manouvre the level and what to pick up is key to winning.

      There are quite a few different moves you can do so learning the controls at the beginning may be a bit difficult. Jump, Punch, Kick, Dodge, Pick Up, Throw, Berserk... with some of those buttons used also for catching thrown items, picking up your opponent and using weapons that you pick up. A bit of practice is definitely needed before facing anyone!

      This game is also successful in that it was originally a cartoon and therefore the graphics don't need to be spectacular. Compared to a game like "Final Fantasy", the graphics are pretty rubbish but it doesn't matter. The attention to detail is what makes this game fun and quirky. The animations of the characters when they win and lose reflect well what you might see on the show, which is nice.

      All the game mechanics can be adjusted in "Options Mode" and selecting EASY, you can unlock everything pretty easily, though if you want a real challenge, you'll want to try HARD mode which is pretty intense and expect some sore thumbs!

      Apart from the story mode, there is tag team where you choose two characters to face two characters of the computer. Alternatively you can play with a friend and each have a character on the same side to face the computer's two opponents. This mode sounds good, but it is never fun to just sit and watch when it's not your go, so thankfully there's a full on two player mode- Just pick and character and FIGHT!

      This is by far the best mode as it gives you total freedom and spontaneity as you don't know what your human opponent will do. After unlocking everything, there is very little replayability in terms of the story mode, but the two player Versus Mode is definitely one you can play again and again with a friend to see who will win the war of the whiskers!

      The game can be purchased for under £5 online; Check eBay for the best deals.


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        25.04.2010 03:49
        Very helpful



        Fun for all the family with cartoon humour

        As I had got a used playstation two last year for myself and my daughter . I was looking for some games that would be fun and entertain us both , but the main thing I was looking out for was the ease of button usage on the controller for my 3 year old to play as the games I already had she struggled to use effectively.

        So when searching on Amazon and Ebay for games I came across this Tom and Jerry one .

        It reminded me of my youth when I used to watch Looney Toons Cartoons .This was one of my firm favourites I used to laugh out loud at when that good old cat Tom was always chasing that wind up merchant Jerry the mouse around the house , but never seemed to win . The cartoon used to last around ten to twenty minutes, and even though they used to set traps on each other all the time Jerry always seemed to win in the end.

        So a quick glance at the pictures available gave me the impression this would be of the same nature but in a game mode. So this would be ideal for my daughter to play as it looked the part for both of us and is also suitable for ages three years an upwards.

        --------------------The Game --------------

        I did not read the instructions when it arrived , but I found it very easy to work out for myself . I first tried it in single player mode where you get to choose if you want to be Tom or Jerry , and then you have to beat 5 different opponents to unlock more opponents that you can be .

        We later played in multiplayer mode which my daughter found highly amusing . It is a very basic idea so great to play with children , where you choose which character you want to be and again you can unlock more characters as you progress.

        -----------------------What you do -------------

        This game gets you on your toes immediately, as your character speeds around and the object is to bash , smash , hit , punch , kick , and throw anything at your opponent .

        So it is extremely like the cartoon itself , you can choose different settings and the game is violent yet laughable with funny flashing faces when one is injured .

        --------------------Features -----------------------

        There is many of levels with different rooms in the house to go at war in . The ones I remember are the kitchen and the beach and a laboratory.

        Depending on which room you are in there is different weapons you can attack with like cutlery and food in the kitchen , crabs in the sea . There is 75 weapons in total to use in the game.

        Another fun part of the game my daughter especially likes is escaping from the sharks in the sea and the floor flooding and freezing over in the kitchen , as it is normally me who dies first . So there is things to avoid aswell as your opponent.

        -----------------Controls ----------------

        My daughter does love playing this and the controls are easy to do so I would recommend this for little ones .

        Something I picked up on first is when you have attacked a few times you get extra strength while the opposition loses some of theirs .
        You can get a power boost which is like a super attack all built up allowing you to super tackle for better results.

        And if your health line rate which is pictured at the top of the screen gets low, every now and then you will spot a medical suitcase with a cross on the front . You both race to collect this as this gives you more health back to continue fighting more.

        --------------Sound ------------------

        The sound is rather quiet , you can alter the volume but it can be irritating after a while but I've heard worse.

        --------------Price -----------

        This game is available on Amazon and Ebay at very low cost for £3.00 now.

        Can also be seen on Ciao under jays4jewels

        ---------------Overall ------------------

        This has done what I wanted , and its a big favourite with my daughter and my brother who is ten enjoys it too when he visits . So if it is a family game I would recommend this for the money . But it can get a bit repetitive as the theme does not change throughout , the aim is to just attack each other but the objects and scenery make each level a little more appealing. However if you are playing against friends it can get competitive.


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