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Way of the Samurai 2 (PS2)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Capcom / Genre: Adventures & Role-playing

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2010 19:43



      It's cheap on Amazon if your interested.

      Way Of The Samurai 2 is one of those many PS2 games that never gained any real publicity when it was first released, and as a result, the majority of gamers out there whether casual or not, will have never have come across the 'Way of the Samurai series. (This is not to suggest that this game is bad, but if your the sort who only goes for high budget games with impressive graphics and refined controls, this game most likely will not be for you.)

      Marginal interest around this game has surfaced recently due to 'Way Of The Samurai 3' getting it's global release on both PS3 and XBOX 360. If you are unfamiliar with the 'Way Of The Samurai series, and are looking to buy one, get this game and DON'T buy the new one. The second is without question the most fun out of the three. Also it's bound to be far more affordable than the third release.

      The best and easiest way to summarise the game play, is that it's sort of like GTA except set in Edo Japan. Or if you like, a more violent and less intelligent take on 'The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.' If you like both Grandtheft Auto and the Zelda games then you'd probably enjoy this, as long as you buy it with fairly low expectations. It's no masterpiece, but it is a lot of fun and has good re-play value.

      Hope that helps.


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      10.05.2009 17:04
      Very helpful



      A good game to have. Makes you have fun.

      This is a game that perfectly suits for the late days of the samurais and the control of the shogunate over the magistrates and civilians. The story begins as a lonely samurai arrives in Amahara. As you are famished and tired of all your journey you pass out and a little girl helpes you by giving you her rice ball. From there you gain control of your character and you can choose your talk lines which will influence the gamestory and also gameplay.
      By choosing certain lines and your in game actions(such as killing thugs, magistrates or civilians) will lead you to be denigrated by everyone and can't even enter the shops to buy items. If you choose to be a good samurai you can gain the trust of the people and discover new items available in shops to buy. Also depending on the path you chose, the game can have different endings. You'll have to discover them in game.
      You have 3 "factions" to join: the civilians by working as a bodyguard at the Amakaze Inn earning peaople's trust and respect; working at the Magistrate's Office by punishing crime and doing jobs as a messenger; or you can join the Aoto Gang and become a thug, robbing people and do anything unethical.

      Gameplay 7/10
      The commands and character's usage it's quite easy but the camera sometimes will give you some bad moments specially around the corners and narrow spaces. You can use a huge amount of weapons with different style of movements(top, bottom, center, fencing, 2 handed or ninja). You will also have to watch your EP(energy points), theese are reduced in one for each job you do. To regain them either you sleep in you house at Otsuka-cho or you buy regenerable items in shops. You earn money for each job you do so be careful how you manage your money.

      Graphics 8/10
      The graphics are pretty well done and they really have a good reality resemblance such as the vegetation, houses and the people's clothings. Also the shops and items are typically japanese. A really good atmosphere to the game and enjoyability. Overall the graphics are good and also the blood looks preety well made but it could be better.

      Sound 7/10
      The sound is quite good but only a few moments of music. The intro music it's the most impressive one but it could have had more like that. Though the sounds when people die or the skirmishes are really good.

      A pretty good game to get a small approach to the days fo the samurais and know a bit about the late japanese shogunate culture. Different endings and storylines depending on your actions.

      Relatively small game and repetitive gameplay. More like a sword and item collecting game than something else. Gets pretty boring at some point if your not a fan of this type of games or of the japanese culture.

      Overall 7.5/10
      A good and enjoyable game that can keep you entertained for several hours. More like a collection game. It's worth it.


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        15.06.2008 19:20



        Good game for a rainy day but rather too boring after a few hours of killing

        I decided to buy this game after playing the original Way of The Samurai when i was a child. I found the original highly entertaining and when i saw this was coming out i rushed to buy it.
        Compared to the original, WS2 is a much faster paced game with a larger map layout and many more civilians. If you have ever played the original, you'll know what a let down it is to only be able to upgrade your sword and do limited things. With WS2 however, you can customize your sword and clothes, fight in dojo competitions, visit the great monument or if you feel you're ready, face the Grand Master. Inside the temple / monument is a festival / market from which you can buy items and 'save the day'. In the dojos, the leaders will train you in the ways of the samurai until you are strong enough to take down the enemy.
        When you have to face the final cheif(s), the fight is long and arduous. However the rewards are great, I gained the ultimate sword from which only two strikes killed!
        Aside from this, the game play is fairly short lived as after defeating the boss there isnt much to do. Multiplayer doesnt exist in any aspect and the game gets repetitive.


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