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Without Warning (PS2)

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Manufacturer: Capcom / Action / Rating: M - (Mature) / 1 player / published by: Capcom

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2012 15:45
      Very helpful



      almost a brilliant game

      Without warning is a 3rd person shooter game, based on terrorists striking some sort of refinary (its never made particularly clear during the game, I believe it is some sort of oil refinary). Anyway, what makes this game unique is that you don't just play as 1 character, you play as 6 (although I have only played as 5) characters who get split up. You start off as the leader of a swat team, and what the attempt to open the first set of doors goes horribly wrong (booby trapped with c4), most of the squad is killed, with only the leader, a rookie bomb disposal guy (my favourite), and a sniper style guy left. These guys need to bring the entire area under control, and save hostages.

      On top of this, you can play as 3 "civilians", an ex cop who is now a security guard, who must try to save his friend who is on the other side of the plant (armed with a pistol). There is also a streetwise girl (so she knows how to pick locks etc), and I only played her once, and on the cover there seems to be a third guy with a camera, I literally never played him.

      Anyway, the game is pretty fun, and has some really good mechanics, I would say this is one of the best mechanics I have seen on a third person shooter, except maybe the punisher. I really like the way you can interact with the environment, like you can run up to a window, and your character can sort of jump slightly to just slot a grenade through the window, it just makes the game feel really fluid.

      Also, I like the variety of weapons and skills the swat team have. The bomb disposal guy can dispose of the bombs (although everyone can do it, he can do it best, shown by the fact that to do a bomb disposal, a little minigame comes up where you have to cut wires in a sort of memory game style minigame). The leader is the best in teams of being an all rounder, and the sniper guy is best as fusing, short circuiting, and general sabotage (although I should note the sniper guy doesn't actually have a semi-auto sniper, its more of a fully auto sniper???).

      I don't like playing as the civilians, other than the security guy, and I find it annoying that you cannot choose who to play, you are given a character for the level regardless. Also you cannot go back and play previous levels, this I found really annoying, as you can't really do a level again if you enjoyed it.
      But the real reason I stopped playing is because on a certain level, you just start in the middle of an open area surrounded by people shooting at you, its just a really annoying level, and after dying a few times I put the controller down, and put the game away.
      This game also lacks any multiplayer splitscreen modes, something that I feel is a great shame, as it has such good mechanics.

      Overall then, this has the making of a great game, but sadly falls short at the end. The plot is ok at best, but sadly they should have added a replay value, and a multiplayer mode. Because they haven't, this is more a game to rent rather than own, so I can't whole heartedly recommend this. I give this 3/5, for good gameplay, but had they sorted these issues out it would easily be a 4/5 or more!


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    Each has their own motives to drive their path; stories ultimately become interwoven; sub-timeline shows how characters' actions affect each other; intense firefights, accurate military weapons and tactics, stealth-based objectives, puzzle-solving and hostage rescue; a variety of mini games including bomb diffusion and lock picking.

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