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WWE Crush Hour (PS2)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: THQ

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    2 Reviews
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      11.03.2008 21:54



      Just dont buy the game or even play it at all

      First of all i know the review is not that great but this game really annoyed me and there not much really to say.

      WWE Crush Hour why on earth do they make wrestlers in a car game like this if you ask me this game is stupid i paid £20 for this at budget price and it was a rip off.

      WWE it's a stupid thing they even put there name to the game and why yeah to make more money who ever game up with the idea must of been lost in there yet seriously.

      The modes are just not fun i am a big WWE fan but this is not really aimed just towards wrestling fans. You know twisted metal the game is just like that.

      It has the wrestlers voice's in it also there entrance theme's some arent there prober one's and it does have the wrestlers titantron videos. This game has commentary from Jim Ross on his own no Jerry the King Lawler which is another down. I found this game unenjoyable what a bad game for WWE. If you ever find this in the bargin bin dont pick it up cause really you will just get bored after playing 5 mins. This game sucks real bad WORST WWE GAME EVER.


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      14.10.2006 17:04
      Very helpful



      Don't Play This Game Unless You Wan't To Lose Your Sanity!

      -(Game Information)-
      Name: Crush Hour
      Publisher: THQ
      Developer: Pacific Coast P&L
      Genre: Car Combat
      Release Date: May 15, 2003
      Age Rating:11+ for Violence, Language and Suggestive Themes
      Numbers Of Players:1-2
      Online: No
      Developer Site: www.thq.com
      Memory Card Usage: 85kb minimun

      THQ have made action games like Destroy All Humans, WWE Smackdown VS Raw 2006 and MotoGP as well as childrens games like Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy, Cars and Scooby Doo. And they have made Next-Gen games like Saints Row and The Outfit. They have made games for all the consoles and are making games for Next-Gen consoles. Their game licences include WWE and the Pixar Brand. Since WWF Attitude, THQ have made WWE games on platforms like the PS2, Xbox and the Gamecube. The most sucsessful series is probably the Smackdown Series on the PS2.

      -(The Story)-
      WWE owner Mr McMahon has won control of all the networks and now his WWE superstars are appearing in commercials and TV Shows. Now WWE is starting a show called Crush Hour which wrestlers trade their muscles for mucle cars. You start the game as the show begins.

      -(The Controls)-
      The controls are simple. But the games doesn't actually tell you how to play. There's no tutorial or any help at all. So if this is your first PS2 game (this was my first PS2 game) then your're going to struggle a lot. The controls are quite un-responsive. You have to literally hit the button to actually get it to do what you want which makes the game hard to control. Sometimes if you press the gas button hard enough but start to let go then your car will completely stop. Same goes with the rest of the controls. If you want responsive controls then you won't find it here at all.

      -(The Gameplay)-
      The gameplay is quite bad. There are 3 modes, Season (waste of time), Exhibition (No Fun) and Multiplayer (will destroy friendships!). The season mode is simple yet frustrating. You pick one of 32 wrestlers to fight through a series of matches. There are three reasons why this mode doesn't work
      1-It's way too short and easy!
      2-The A.I. is completely dumb!
      3-It's Sometimes not very rewarding!
      When I say it's short I mean about 1 hour long for first try. Once you've mastered everything it will take you about half that time to complete. If you play it non-stop it'll probably take about a day to complete. The A.I. in Crush Hour are completely stupid! They will either try to ram you down or run away looking for health. They're not very challenging...just annoying. They will use special weapons but they always miss (unless your standing still). Another problem with the A.I. is that they seem to gang up on you a lot. Also sometimes people will run in and just attack you. The only problem is that you can't hit them, making them just an annoyance. Also after about 30 seconds they disappear which is just stupid. When you first play season you unlock all the arenas and maybe a character. But after that there's hardly anything to unlock except characters. A mistake with the way of unlocking characters is that you have to play a certain people to unlock characters. No this is annoying as if you play through a season and they don't unlock a character then you don't unlock anything. This is way it's not very rewarding.

      Exhibition is a waste of time and no fun to play. You just play in the same match types as the career mode. This mode would be better if the A.I. wasn't so dumb. The multiplayer is just as bad. It's pretty much the same as exhibition except the screens split in two, which makes it hard to play due to the dreadful camera angles. This mode is so frustrating that you may fall out with your mates over it. Though this was released in 2003 perhaps online play would have really helped this game (although not many people would go on it because of this game). There are lots of weapons to use including Grenade Launchers, Mines and Twisty Rockets. There are also pickups like Ramming Power and Double Damage. These powerups don't really pull this game together as you can do enough damage with your standard guns although they do take out enemies quicker. But some of the weapons make the game even easier than it already is for example if you pick up the Ramming Power if you boost into some one with the ramming power on it will destroy them straight away. Another thing bad about this game are the special moves. Just fire them out and they kill an enemy straight away. Which makes it incredibly easy which is another weak spot in this game. This game is far too easy. You can destroy cars easily thanks to the pickup weapons. It makes the career too easy andf the whole game too easy.

      There are 13 modes all together. Each match type has it's own set of rules for example the Raw And Smackdown arenas acquire you just to do a number of kills but in the Lumberjack and Running The Gaunlet arenas you have to collect a number of stars. This does keep the game fresh but due to the stupid A.I. this feels wasted. Each wrestler has it's own stats. There are 4 main stats...
      All these stats are varied depending on which car you choose for example Jeff Hardy has more Handling and Speed than Strength or Defense whereas Big Show has Lots of strength and Defense but doesn't have much Speed or Handling. This is a neat touch but isn't a strong point. Though there are lots of characters they are not very special and have nothing to do with their cars. Well Steve Austin has his monster truck and The Undertaker has his Chopper but thats the only wrestlers that are related to their cars. All the other wrestlers cars are completlel random and feels rushed for example Brock Lesnar drives an armored car, Kurt Angle has an SUV, and both Matt and Jeff Hardy drive wood-paneled station wagons.

      -(The Graphics)-
      The graphics are quite weak in this game. The damage detection system is quite bad in this game. If your car is quite damaged all you'll see is smoke coming from the car's engine. All the arenas look dull and bland and not very exciting. The cars look just as bad not having much variety and they don't look very special. When you enter there will be the wrestlers entrance titantron but the wrestlers just drive out to the starting point and thats it.

      -(The Sound)-
      The sounds just as bad as the graphics. When it comes to explosions and weapon effects it's very low and quite annoying. Because there is no background music all you can hear is the gun effects which will get on your nerves quickly. Sometimes the wrestlers will say one of their catchlines and insult your driving skills, but most of them don't make any sense and feel forced. And what's worst is that only three of the wrestlers were voiced by the wrestlers themselves. There is in-game commentary by J.R. himself but because of stupid re-writing this is just annoying commentary which will make you scream and mute the game quickly.

      -(Replay Value)-
      There is NO REPLAY VALUE! Well you can try to unlock the other 9 characters but that involves playing the broken season mode and trying to figure out who unlocks who. There is the Exhibition and multiplayer modes but they're useless modes. You'll have to see because it depends if you like the season mode or not.

      Replay Value=1
      Overall Score:1.2/10=Terrible

      -(Ending Comments)-
      Crush Hour is a terrible game and one of the worst i've ever played. If you hate WWE and want to blow up the wrestlers you may like Crush Hour but if you like Car Combat Games try Twisted Metal Black and if you like WWE then just watch the show or play one of the Smackdown games but don't play this game.

      -(If You Like This I'd Suggest)-
      Twisted Metal Black
      Destruction Derby Arenas
      Driven To Destruction

      -(Where You Can Buy It)-
      I couldn't find a place where you can buy this game brand new. If you want this game you can buy it used from Amazon.


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    • Product Details

      The wonderful world of professional wrestling...in cars. Words from those responsible: World Wrestling Crush Hour takes the intensity, competitiveness and brute strength of the squared circle and drops it into the world of car combat. More than 20 World Wrestling Superstars jump into their Super Cars, bringing the pain to the streets. Layeth the rubber down in the Rock's speedster, cruise and bruise in the Hardy Boys' souped-up Woody or pummel the competition in the Big Show's diesel. It's going to take more than a three count to win in this arena.

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