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Alone in the Dark (PS3)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Suitable for 15 years and over / Release Date: 2008-11-14 / Published by Atari

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    4 Reviews
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      02.06.2010 01:17
      Very helpful



      A PS3 GAME

      Alone in the dark have had a few games released now but this alone in the dark inferno is the latest and is the fith edition. The game is a horror game. You can buy it for under ten pounds now.

      Well for me a game is meant to be challenging and also fustarting at times when you can not completet a level or task. Although with this game you can skip levels if they are to hard let me explain. It is set out like the style of a dvd were you can choose to start the game from the start or choose to skip a section which to me is a bit of a cheat. These will be recollected if skipped and end up in a cutscene at the start of the episode. Very dvd like and something I do not like or even warmed too.
      The one feature I do like about the game is the puzzle style developed in the game and the interchangable first person third person camera. Another thing I dislked is when you are hurt or you have been damaged as such the screen flashes red which annoys me. Also a sound of a heartbeat will be herard. If you get a wound you have to use a spray to repair the damage. The weapons can be made from objects you pick up so all a bit weird in my eyes.

      The story is a bit wacked out to it is about edward who is a paranormal investagator. He is taking to the roof tops of a building and was going to be killed although he escapes. The guard gets killed by an a force not to be seen allowing edward to escape. Although he can not rember anything. He is in the building and witnesses some people being shot. He tries to find a way out. These killings are of a demonic force. He escapes with an art dealer to the carpark and an old man tells them what is happening. The chaos is all started over a stone. I know I cant get my head around it at all. I found this game ok but I am glad I did not spend big money on it and I am going to give it two stars.


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      28.12.2009 13:56
      Very helpful



      Cack-handed sequel

      I am a fan of the Alone in the Dark games, so it saddens me to see the series run into the ground so aggressively like this. It is definitely one of the most inept games I've played of the current generation, and one of the biggest disappointments, too.

      Once again you play Edward Carnby once again, but the plot questionably does away with, or at least ignores the events of the last game rather frustratingly, given all the effort we put into beating that game! The game is a genre-bending action adventure (rather than the horror that the previous games were) that alternates between offering first and third-person perspectives, jarring chopping between the two at a moment's notice for nary a reason at all.

      While the game has utterly shocking level design and is riddled with glitches, it does have one thing going for it: the graphics, particularly the fire effects, are very impressive. However, it seems that they've spent all of their time on rendering realistic-looking fire without putting any due care into the gameplay or the plot! Most of the game consists of looking for various obscure items to advance, and frankly it's just not very fun. Combat is also more frustrating than entertaining, because it requires getting a tiny sweet spot to ignite the enemy, and well, as for the driving sections, they're laughably, depressingly bad.

      It's a shame that the gameplay is so negligible because it ALMOST gets the mood right; the soundtrack in particular works, and the visuals are decent, but this gives me the feeling that it was rushed out, for the gameplay is so shoddy and irritating. Not a good game by any means, and a huge let-down given the potential.


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      29.05.2009 14:28
      Very helpful



      Worth a rental!

      I love when a game gets a negative response from the critics, it inspires me to go out and rent the game, with a mind full of pessimism and uncertainty.
      The best part about this methodology is that if you actually find the game enjoyable, you're not only happy, you're surprised, which is something few games can do these days.

      Alone in the Dark, I do believe has been the biggest flop for a long-long while, it was hyped at conventions, promoted for its intelligent physics handling and fire effects.

      So, does the game live up to the hype? Are all the critics wrong? Is this worth the £30-40 you could be paying for it? Read this review and hopefully I can help you decide.
      As with all my reviews, I want to point out that I have fully completed the game, burnt all the roots and unlocked all the achievements. I only say this as to give you the comfort that I know what I'm talking about and have full knowledge when it comes to this video game, to give you an accurate opinion.

      I hate to start with a negative point, but Alone in the Dark really lacks when it comes to the story. Its chock full of terribly cliché ideas, the plot itself wouldn't look out of place in a horrible b-movie.
      You play an unknown guy (seriously, he doesn't even know who he is) who wakes up in an apartment building being hoisted around by brutes.

      Whilst being pushed around the building, a strange presence makes itself known and promptly kills the brutes. You barely survive, and unfortunately for you, things are about to get much odder.
      Without giving too much away, the protagonist (who soon realizes he's called Edward) needs to first of all work out who the hell he is, find out what his purpose is, and discover his, and ultimately everyone else's destinies.

      Here we go, the subject that has caused more complaints than all other factors, the actual gameplay.
      I want to start at the very beginning, a segment that immediately put off several gamers I've asked about the game.

      You begin the game just waking up from being unconscious, your vision is blurred and you're prompted to click a button to blink your eyes. Now this seems reasonable enough, you've just woken up and are being blinded by bright lights.

      The problem is, this isn't a one time thing, you have to keep blinking for quite a while until you reach a mirror a bit later in the introduction. Sometimes, aggravatingly, blinking doesn't always do the job and you have to often hold the button in to truly clear your vision.

      A small problem you may say, and yes, I would agree with you, but a game that puts an irritatingly bad impression on you from the outset is never a good thing.

      You'll soon be in a crumbling apartment building and you'll have to escape somehow, using what little equipment you can obtain. This initial segment is somewhat linear, but with good intentions. This proves as a sturdy tutorial to the gameplay elements you'll be using for the rest of the game.

      The first thing you'll be introduced to is the camera, which can be changed to different viewpoints depending on either personal preference or mandatory aiming. A good example would be using first person mode to aim and shoot your gun.

      There are also other benefits to trying out different perspectives; the camera in third-person mode for example can often be strategically placed to pinpoint a place or item of interest, such as a gun or a latch.

      What makes this game stand out is the amazing inventory system, both in its presentation and execution. You literally can only hold what you can carry and this is proven when you first open up your jacket. Your jacket serves the purpose of any normal inventory screen, ammunition and other miscellaneous objects are placed in the left side of your jacket, bottles and first-aid sprays in your right. This is a great innovative idea but it falls short in that you often feel you're too limited, and you will have to dispose of an item to make room for something of more importance at that moment.

      Most items can be combined to make more useful (or humorously terrible) items which can aid in the killing of all the crazy beings infesting the city. For example; if you find some sticky tape, a bottle of booze, a handkerchief and a lighter, you can make a 'sticky' Molotov cocktail! I actually found relatively little use for a large amount of the combinations, although some of them you'll end up creating over and over in order to burn roots and stronger enemies.

      Almost all of the enemies (bar a few spider-like creatures) need to be killed by fire. This sounds tricky, and is, especially at the beginning. There are several methods of burning a creature, you can find a piece of wood (or similar), then find a source of fire, such as a burning torch or car, set it on fire, and swing it at them; or if you're impatient, add booze to your ammunition to create fire bullets, finally throw an explosive at them. Yes, I know it borders the zany, but I let the fire ammunition thing slide...

      Not long after escaping the building, you're thrown into an extremely (and I really do insist that it's impossible to complete on any first attempt) difficult car scene. You're escaping an unknown entity that's tearing up the road from behind you and your job is to weave your way through rubble, carnage and other civilians trying to flee. The problem comes in when you try to traverse in the car. The car controls are beyond horrible and this isn't helped by minimal tolerance in failure if you happen to swerve into a 2 inch pavement (which of course flies you into the air at a 180 angle and completely halts you, if not killing you).

      Also, you'll spend around half the game driving around, and it gets to the point where you question yourself if this is a car game or the action horror you've been promised.

      When you're allowed to freely explore the park, you can find a mass of abandoned vehicles scattered around. Most of these cars can be hotwired, although the keys can sometimes be found in the glovebox. Hotwiring the car involves a small mini-game which asks you to try different wire combinations in order to successfully hotwire the car. This soon becomes a chore however as it rarely varies.

      Now, please, I want to talk more about the good parts of this game, it's not all bad! The scripted events are marvellous and really immersive. From escaping the building and seeing the camera angle fly beneath you so you can witness parts of the building exploding is sadistically pleasurable.

      Oh dear, now we're back to the bad bits! Halfway through the game, you're halted from advancing the story and given the laborious and tedious task of burning roots, which are all around the city.

      The problem with this is, it isn't fun, at all. It feels like the developer just shoved it in to extend the already short game. You'll need to burn about 10 of these roots to advance, and even then it's not over, a few scenes later, you have to burn some more and it's just plain obnoxious.

      Puzzles in Alone in the Dark can actually be rather difficult, which is great! Towards the end you'll have to complete several puzzles which are fun and innovative, using the physics engine to great effect.
      The gameplay itself is split into DVD-like chapters, it even has it's own "Previously, on Alone in the Dark' which is very cheesy, but fits well and serves the purpose.

      Overall, the gameplay is a somewhat mixed bag, the negatives far outweigh the positives though, which is sad.

      Graphically; Alone in the Dark can hardly be faulted, it does look great and the special effects are mind blowing and really pull you into the game. On the flipside the game also self-causes its own hell by being somewhat too adventurous with the cinematic feel. The sequences can often glitch and some textures fail to load making things difficult to distinguish. The lighting effects are superb and would be the best thing this game has to offer, if not for...

      The soundtrack is by far the most impressive thing I have heard in a long, long time. It's a masterpiece and some of the tunes will stick in your head for quite some time. I actually have several friends who have bought the soundtrack to this game. The music fits the sequences perfectly and the eeriness is unbeatable by many of the games released this century.

      As mentioned earlier, the game is relatively short, clocking in about 6-8 hours for a normal gamer. You might wish to complete the burning of all roots. By the time you finish the game you'll had to have burn around 75% of them anyway, so it won't take too long.

      How to sum this game up...well, it's better than I expected, if that's any consolation. It's not a classic, nor is it a great game, it's just, average. It does have annoying moments, and the difficulty can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but this game does have a certain charm.

      Is it worth the retail price? No. But it's most certainly worth a rental, or you could find a bargain on the internet.


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      19.08.2008 15:04
      Very helpful



      Leave it alone. Rent maybe but dont buy.

      From the hype this game was getting before release it was one of the games I was most looking forward to getting my hands on. However after shelling out the money for it and playing it I now wish I had of just ignored the hype.

      The camera angles are really bad and can be very frustrating at times especially in some of the fast paced scenes. They did add a nice touch however that lets you switch between person and third person.

      The load times aren't long at all. There are loads in between missions and they only take a few seconds. The load times definitely aren't a problem with this game.

      The graphics in this game aren't the greatest. Don't get me wrong, I think that the fire effects are top of the line, but everything else is just plain looking. Not bad, but not great looking either. The car graphics look terrible, but everything else is okay.

      The storyline is average. I think they tried to make it out to be something that it wasn't. It seemed a little cheesy to me. They definately tried to make this an epic experience, which would have been awesome if the game was a little better.

      The gameplay itself was original. It was good to see a new and creative way to present this action game. Instead of bashing buttons in order to fight monsters you have to use the stick to move objects around. It was new and refreshing, but at the same time it got frustrating at times. In the end I didn't enjoy the controls too much. The controls used to drive I thought were some of the worst that I have ever seen. They needed to improve the controls greatly.

      The music I suppose and was pretty good. I think that the music fitted in well with the game and was well composed. The sound was one of the few things in this game that worked out.

      The voice acting wasn't that great. I felt like people who did the voice acting had no experience and were probably paid very little money.

      Some of the things you could in the game included the use of fire, real world rules, DVD style chapter select, and a story that felt like a television show. The fire looked very good and worked pretty well. DVD style chapters were useful and if you got stuck on a certain point you did have the option to skip the chapeter and move on.

      Replay value is not a factor with this game for the simple reason that it has none. Once you have finished the game you will probably put it away or trade it in.

      My final impression is that you should probably rent the game rather than buy it. I wish I hadn't wasted my money on it. This game had great potential, but did nothing with it.


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