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Angry Birds Trilogy (PS3)

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Genre: Puzzle / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2012-09-28 / Published by Activision

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    3 Reviews
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      08.07.2013 14:06
      Very helpful



      Ideally for people who haven't played the games before and are looking for a fun light casual game

      The Angry Bird franchise the most prolific game series since Tetris has by now made it onto just about every device capable of playing video games known to man, with the exception of the actual dedicated video game consoles. That was the case at least until Rovio's surprisingly late release of the Angry Birds Trilogy onto the current gen platforms.

      On this disc of the PS3 version of the game you will find the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons complete with all the original new level expansion packs. It's a shame that Angry Birds Space wasn't included but with a grand total of 600 stages there are hundreds of hours of game play on offer here.

      For veterans of the Angry Bird series the versions of the games on this disc offer some enhanced graphics a new control scheme including the option to play with the PS3 Move controller. And in addition to this there are also 19 new levels that are exclusive to the home console versions of the game. However to see these new levels you must complete all the original levels first so if you have already completed these three games on some other device you would have to play through the same levels you have already played before until you can finally unlock them. So it wouldn't be recommended to buy this game purely for the new levels if you're a keen Angry Birds fan it's really just there as an added bonus for those who are new to the series or would like to play the game in this style of format on their TV screen.

      One of the main issues of owning the games on this format would be the price of the game as buying the three games on their original mobile device format would work out to be somewhat cheaper though this is much less an issue now than at the time of the game release. Certainly this disc wouldn't be worth buying as a full price PS3 title but at it's current budget price this is a viable option if you're looking for a new PS3 game to play, particularly if you haven't played any of the Angry Bird games before.

      The gameplay remains fully faithful to the mobile device games and retains the same addictive appeal. The aim is to destroy structures by catapulting birds of various kinds each with a different destructive effect via a slingshot in order to eliminate the evil egg stealing pigs lurking within. Only when all pigs have been wiped out with all the "ammunition" you have available to sling can you progress to the next level. Of the variety of bird types available to sling there are bird bombs who explode on impact, birds that can lay egg bombs, birds that can split into three enabling a buckshot effect on multiple targets and even a bird that can be used as a kind of boomerang that can get behind structures and difficult to reach locations.

      Structures are constructed of concrete, glass blocks and wood each having a different amount of resistance to attack. You must target the appropriate bird at the specific supporting lode bearing supports taking account of the material in order in initiate a total collapse of a structure. If for instance the support is constructed of wood a rapid shot yellow pecking bird can be fired right through it if if it's concrete then it will need to be blown away with an exploding bomb bird. All this makes for a game that is very simple in concept but allows for a degree of complex strategy in deciding what bird ought to be shot where and there is a degree of skill in ensuring the bird actually ends up where you want it to go, each shot must be carefully targeted as ammunition is often in short supply and one shot can make the difference between success and failure in a level. You can't always predict exactly what will happen sometimes a fluke hit will unexpectedly demolish an structure and wipe out all the pigs on screen other times there will be that one pig that just happens to survive in a little space under a collapsed beam though you aimed and timed each shot perfectly. This element of unpredictability helps keep the game from becoming overly repetitive given it's simple premise and game play mechanic, even if it can sometimes be unfair and frustrating.

      On completion of each level you are awarded one to three stars depending on how well you did and these are used to unlock further stages. Within certain levels there are special golden eggs that can be shot and collected and collecting these unlock special optional bonus stages. Should you be utterly stuck and frustrated with a level and this does sometimes happen you can thankfully call upon the eagle bomber to wipe out the entire stage though you will forfeit crucial stars by doing this. Each level has an online leader board where you can see how well you score compared to other players and as an additional welcome touch there are additional bonus artwork and bird biographies included on this disc.

      It is the nature of the games very simple game play mechanic (you simply aim and fire your bird and activate whatever special attack it may have while it is in the air with the press of the same button) that perhaps is the games main drawback on the home console format. On a mobile device a game such as this is perfectly what you would want, it's essentially something fun to fiddle around with until a phone call interrupts play. When you're settled on a couch for a few hours in front of your plasma screen TV however the you may want something a little more in-depth to occupy your time. That said there is one of those simple inoffensive games that anyone can understand and play making it a good choice should say your grandmother come over it could also make for a decent party game with the Move controller.

      Visually the game is true to the mobile device originals everything is colourful, clear and sharp and strictly in a 2D format with not one polygon to be seen but nonetheless it looks impressive in it's way on a large HD TV. The graphics may be simple but they have an appealing richness and artstyle to them and they have kept strictly true to the original games. The only major change in terms of visuals are the addition of re-mastered animated cut-scenes that replace the original comic book style stills.

      In terms of gameplay the only real modification is the ability to restart a level over by keeping hold of the square button should you mess up and so saving valuable seconds of having to pause and call up an options menu screen. You can also zoom in and out and pan across stages with ease the control scheme is flawlessly implemented.

      Undoubtedly Angry Birds Trilogy is a great game and Rovio has done the best possible job they could with the material they had to work with providing a flawless port of these games to the home console. Perhaps this game may have better been made available as a download title/s for a lower price point but this is a relatively minor issue given the price you can pick this game up for now. Also for anyone who already owns these games on some other device there is a question of whether it is worth buying this collection, perhaps if replaying the games in this format as a casual or party game appeals to you then get this but it certainly isn't worth buying for it's exclusive content alone. This compilation is ideally for people who don't own or aren't interested in the Angry Bird games in their original format and are looking for a fun and simple casual PS3 game to play.

      If this is the kind of game that does appeal to you then it is well worth buying even if you end up paying a little more for owning the game/s in this format, you're going to get more than your moneys worth of value if you play right through to completion regardless. Otherwise it's one of those games you may like to try first as it isn't necessarily a must own title for anyone who has a PS3 or for those who are fans of the franchise.


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      20.12.2012 15:21
      Very helpful



      4 stars

      My eldest daughter loves to play Angry Birds on my iPad, and even the little one who is only 4 enjoys watching her big sister play it every now and then so when they saw that a game was available to play on the PS3 they were desperate to get it. Trying to teach them the value of money a little, I actually made them save up their pocket money and they bought it themselves! Bad mother, I know!

      I must admit that I thought their enthusiasm would wain, but it didn't and when they had enough money to purchase the game they were most excited. I wasn't sure if the game would follow on as the same format as the app, and I was relived for my girls that it did. Highly addictive, myself and my husband have had to help as the girls progress from the easier levels which they can complete themselves, to the intermediate and harder ones. Daddy has been known to try and complete levels for them way after the children have gone to bed! I'm not really a massive fan of computer consoles or games myself, but I must admit I do quite like this particular game. It's a simple concept and I quite like rescuing the birds eggs from the bad pigs!

      As the game is a trilogy, there are three different types of game play, all of which have been released as apps. The first is as you would expect, the original Angry Birds (Classic). There is also Angry Birds Rio (which is my girls favourite) and Angry Birds Seasons.

      Angry Birds Classic is much the same as the classic and just features a few bonus new levels. My girls found this the easiest one to play but most likely this is because this is the particular app that we had. The difficulty increases as you work your way through the game rescuing the eggs from the pigs by strategically demolishing the structures that the pigs have built. There are a few hard levels thrown in and amongst which threw us at first, but now the girls have a go and if they can't manage it they ask one of us to help.

      Angry Birds Rio is, as I mentioned earlier, the girls favourite. It is based on Rio the film which we saw at the cinema and the vibrancy of the film seems to be mirrored in this game play. Instead of the baddies being pigs as we are used to, in this game they are monkeys, which you will understand if you have seen the movie Rio! It does appear to be a shorter game than the Classic though, but it's still really good and my girls get so much fun out of playing this version.

      Angry Birds Seasons is not a game we had played as an app so was new to us. It's probably the girls least favourite but I think that may be because this game does seem to be quite difficult and they get quite frustrated with it. I would say this game is more of a novelty than anything. Each challenge incorporates a holiday scene such as Christmas or Halloween. My girls thought this one was a bit strange and didn't really like the changing scenes so they have avoided this one really.

      The trilogy incorporates different 'Angry Birds', each with a different skill. My girls found this quite amusing, and of course had their favourite birds that they liked to play with.

      Although my youngest is a little too young to play this game, she did find it frustrating that when she does want to play, she can't play alongside her sister, and they have to take it in turns. The game is one player only but the leader board makes it a little more competitive. If you are connected to the internet, you can say leader boards from all over the world. It makes my girls scores look a little pathetic! Playstation trophies are available in this game but we don't really bother with them too much.

      Graphics wise its excellent, as we have all come to expect in recent years and it certainly doesn't disappoint on that front. The music is a little annoying and I can't be in the same room as the noise for too long! It has been known to be muted!

      Expect to pay roughly £30.


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        10.12.2012 08:11
        Very helpful



        Getting Angry with the Birds!

        Angry Birds Trilogy. Playstation 3.

        By now most of us will have come to know the Angry Birds games in the form of apps for various Smartphone's and tablets as well as a few online versions too. Before I had my Smartphone I used to play Angry Birds online and then when I entered the world of Smartphone's I downloaded the Angry Birds apps too and spent quite possibly many hours playing them, so you can imagine my excitement when I went into a shop and saw Angry Birds Trilogy for the Playstation 3! It became a must have purchase and after coming home and checking prices online I went back to the shop and made my purchase.

        The game comes in a normal PS3 game box, which contains the game disc along with an instruction manual for the game. The game instruction manual is written in English and is clear and simple to follow although it doesn't really contain much information.

        Getting Angry with the Birds!
        Firstly, for those of you who don't know, Angry Birds is a very addictive game which was originally produced as a mobile app and an online game. The game is based on the idea that the "Bad Piggies" have stolen some birds eggs, these birds are now very angry, hence the name "Angry Birds". These Angry Birds are now on a mission to retrieve their stolen eggs from the Bad Piggies, the pigs are very crafty though and have created many different structures out of a combination of wood, ice/glass and concrete and various scenarios to prevent the birds getting their eggs back. In the Angry Birds games you are in control of the birds and using only a catapult/slingshot you must launch your birds towards the pigs, destroy their structures and rescue your eggs.

        There are many different varieties of birds which are angry and as you play through the game you will gain access to more of them. When the game begins you will initially only be playing with the red bird, this bird simply flies through the air and hits anything in its path, the bird is quite small yet quite powerful and can easily knock down the basic structures featured in the early levels of the game. As you progress you will be introduced to other birds including, but not limited to... the yellow triangle shaped bird, a large round white bird, an equally large round black bird, a tiny blue bird and a green bird with a huge beak. Each bird has different qualities and flies in different ways after you launch them. For example, when you launch the yellow bird you can press the "x" button and the bird will zoom towards whatever is directly in its line of fire with super force. The large white bird will drop an exploding egg when you press the "x" button, the black bird acts like a bomb, the blue bird splits into 3 birds and is great for smashing through ice/glass blocks and the green bird acts like a boomerang and will turn back on itself when you press "x". There are many more birds than this selection I have mentioned but these seem to be the main ones involved in the majority of levels. At the start of each level you are given a pre-selected selection of birds and you have to use them tactfully in the order in which you are given them to destroy the piggies creations.

        So, after playing Angry Birds online and on my phone is playing it on the PS3 any better?

        Quite honestly... Yes!

        When you first insert the game disc the PS3 will initially need to install a system update for saving your progress, this only took a moment to do. Once this is done the games title screen will appear with the Angry Birds theme music playing and a little logo telling you to press "start". Pressing start will then give you various options, firstly the game is a trilogy so you are getting three of the original Angry Birds games included:

        Angry Birds Classic: This is the original release of Angry Birds and features all of the levels the game originally had as well as a few bonus levels which have been made especially for the Trilogy. There are many levels in this game and in my personal opinion they are just as fantastic and addictive as they were on my phone. The levels vary in difficulty but generally they progress from easy to hard quite smoothly with a few tricky ones thrown in along the way.

        Angry Birds Rio: Based on the animated film Rio this version of Angry Birds takes on a slightly different form to previous games as instead of rescuing your eggs from the Bad Piggies you are now rescuing the birds of Rio from Monkeys. Angry Birds Rio is very colourful and I find it is a nice change from the continuous pig bashing of other Angry Birds releases. The levels are structured the same way and the monkeys are just as crafty as the piggies in forming their defence against you. I have completed the Angry Birds Rio part of the game and I found it to be reasonably easy, but at the same time quite frustrating as some of the levels are very tough! On the whole though I found Rio to be easier and shorter than the Classic version.

        Angry Birds Seasons: Another well known version of Angry Birds is Angry Birds Seasons. This is personally my favourite version of Angry Birds as it is full of variety and a little more challenging to complete. Angry Birds Seasons is very similar to the Classic game however this time the piggies are defending themselves and your eggs in scenes resembling different holidays throughout the year including, but again, not limited to... Halloween, St Patrick's Day, Easter and Christmas. In the Halloween version you will find the piggies hidden in pumpkins, this disguise is quite misleading and I often found myself missing the piggies and getting the "level failed" message when I thought I had completed it. The Halloween levels are very orange and black and look really good, where as the St Patrick's Day levels also look really good but are Irish themed and covered in four leaved clovers with an Irish style theme tune playing in the background. The Easter levels are good, but like in the Halloween levels the piggies are more crafty and disguise themselves very well among the Easter eggs. The Christmas levels are very snowy and quite tough as the snow falls in different ways to the wooden or concrete blocks in previous levels, I like this though as it keeps the game interesting and addictive.

        To complete each level you must demolish all the piggies, or in Rio, all of the Monkeys. After completion of each level you will be awarded up to 3 stars for how well you managed to complete the level.

        Other options when you press the start button from the main menu are:

        Continue: Selecting this option will jump straight into where you left off in your previous game.

        Leaderboards: Here you can check your high scores and if you have your PS3 connected to the Playstation Network online then you can also check your ranking online with players around the world.

        Help & Options: As it sounds this area is where you can adjust the options of the game such as brightness and sound levels and you can also view the tutorials explaining how to play the game.

        Extras: This section is full of information about the different birds in Angry Birds, pictures of the birds and deleted scenes which didn't make it into the final game.

        Multiplayer & Online
        Angry Birds Trilogy is a single player game with no multiplayer or online play options, however you can compare your level scores online.

        Playstation Move Features
        Angry Birds Trilogy does have Playstation Move features, however I don't have the Playstation Move so I cannot comment on these features.

        The controls of the game are very easy, you use the left stick to control the angle you want to launch the bird at, "x" button to launch the bird and to select when the bird will do its special moves, the square button restarts the level and the triangle button changes to the level to "Mighty Eagle" which is basically a kind of cheating way to completely wipe-out the level and progress through the game.

        Playstation Network Trophies
        Angry Birds Trilogy is trophy compatible and there are 51 trophies which can be won in total. Most of them are Bronze, there are a few silver and gold and the platinum for completing the game. Most of the trophies are gained by completing the levels and some are won by smashing so many blocks or launching birds backwards so many times.

        Graphics and Sound
        The graphics in the game are great and really smooth, I have noticed the game freezing a couple of times when the level first loads up, but this is literally only a couple of times and I think it is probably more to do with our internet connection than the game itself as the game tracks your scores online as you play. The sound is generally good although the theme music can be very annoying and repetitive at times, it just depends on my mood as to whether I will press mute on the TV remote.

        Price and Availability
        I bought my copy of here in Krakow for 129zl (Polish Zloty) which is around £24 depending on the exchange rate. My price research before hand told me the game was available in the UK for around £30 depending on where you shopped, I think I looked on Amazon and eBay when I was researching.

        There is also an Xbox 360 version of the game available too.

        Overall I really love Angry Birds Trilogy! It is a highly addictive game which I enjoy playing when I'm in the mood for something light hearted and fun to do and I don't have to think too much. Although saying that I do often find that I end up so engrossed in the game that I'm thinking more than I thought I would as the harder levels require more "tactics".

        With many levels to play in many different scenarios and some bonus levels exclusive to the Trilogy as well, I can only give this game 5 out of 5 stars. I have read online that people weren't too impressed with the price of the game considering this was originally a free app on many Smartphone's and online, but in all honesty I am happy that I paid for the console version of the game as it is much more fun on the big screen and in my opinion it is worth purchasing.

        Thanks for reading :)


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