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Battlefield 3 - Limited Edition (PS3)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / ESRB Rating: Mature / Release Date: 2011-10-28 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    7 Reviews
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      24.08.2012 21:39



      Definitely worth a buy!

      Battlefield 3 (BF3),one of if not the most anticipated games of the year, and personally I am can say with 100% confidence that I am not disappointed. First off, the campaign/single player, it starts off with a kind of tutorial mission, but whilst keeping you in the middle of the action. The story of the game itself is my opinion is outstanding, and throughout the campaign you become emotionally attached to the main character - Henry "Black" Blackburn, a tough ,strong soldier who is willing to do anything that mean the safety of his country.

      Multiplayer is an essential part of first person shooters, many fans simply buy the game for multiplayer, and if you happen to be one of them people that spend their time within the multiplayer segments of games, BF3 is right for you, the excellently crafted maps combined with heavily team-orientated gametypes allow for a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and the experience isn't short, oh no. With over 50 weapons within the multiplayer and the game producer DICE having the ability to add more guns, well you can expect this game to have a lot of re-playablity. Despite all this the servers are not the best meaning it isn't unusual to get kicked out of the game half way through.
      One thing about the BF franchise which sets it apart from its rival first person shooters, is the ability to sculpt the battlefield. In basic terms, blow everything up! This means that if you see an enemy and he gets to cover no worries, simply blow a hole in the building hes hiding in, or even bring down the whole building with enough fire power.

      The graphics - a key factor in any 21st century video game and BF3 graphics are up to scratch, not only are they up to scratch they excel in this area, and these stunning visuals combined with high quality sound, allow for an almost real gaming experiance.


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      11.06.2012 12:20



      if your looking for a story based game, dont bother but if you love your online you will love this.

      battlefield is a game that has never been truly focus on the storyline un like the call of duty modern warfare games. ever since battlefield on PS2 it has been one of the leaders in the online game market. the story for a quick fill in is about an american operation that goes wrong with the story being told from your characters point of view to a couple of CIA agents. its your usual conspiracy theory with americans versus arabs and russians. i only ever got 4 missions in before getting bored and giving up.

      the gameplay in battlefield has changed very little since it first came out, it controls are much like any FPS and very similar to call of duty with a few buttons changed around. still it is excellent though.

      the graphics on battlefield are hugely impressive considering that some of the maps and enviroments are huge. there is more detail and you feel as if you can interact more with enviroments in battlefield than in call of duty. even when you have 24 people in a game there are few glitches.

      now the good stuff, the online. again another thing that i can compare to call of duty but in my opinion this games online is much better than call of duties for a few reasons. 1. the maps are huge with immense detail and right from the start you can jump in a jet, a chopper, grab a tank or walk in on foot into battle. unlike call of duty it feels like a real battle rather than a fun team deathmatch. 2. the veichles are more realistic than in call of duty and are avalible from the start of the game, none of this killstreak stuff, as EA said, you are the killstreak. 3. so much can be going on at once, mortor shells dropping in one place with foot soldiers firing at you in another while a jet gets shot down overhead. the fact that it feels like a real battle promotes people to think tacticly and even work together.

      i payed £30 for the special edition battlefield whilst the non-special edition was £30 anyway. you get a few more maps making your online experience last a bit longer. even though i havnt played through much of the story i would still call it a worthy investment as i have got a good few hours play time online.


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      10.03.2012 21:45
      Very helpful



      Buy it now!!!!

      There is a constant debate as to whether Call of Duty of Battlefield is the better shooter/war game. In my opinion they are 2 completely different games that should not be compared. COD focuses on intense, quick, close combat battles. Battlefield is entirely different. BF3 was highly anticipated, ever since BF2 which was released years ago on the PC, never a consol. There have been a few releases since then under the BF Bad Company Name. BF3 is the first proper release since the second, and was well worth the wait.

      It needs to be stated that this is not a game for people whi enjoy single player games. The entire focus is around multiplayer and whilst there is a single player option, I have never played it and have failed to meet anyone who has stuck with it. The multiplayer is truly fantastic, with the online set up working fantastically well. The servers generally work well and there is more than enough choice of servers and opponents to play against. Games are easy to set up and quick to join. It is essential to have a good internet connection to make the most of the multiplayer. I would recommend a 10mb broadband package, as that's what I use and it seems to work well (that being said I don't know too much about technology so not sure in min requirements).

      The game is run of Frostbite 2 engine. This results is superb graphics. The maps and guns look truly beautiful and there are few games that can compete graphically. The best aspect of this engine is the fully destructible environment. I hate linear games that make you follow set paths. BF3 allows you to manipulate the terrain to allow you to gain the upper hand during a battle. This can range from blowing a doorway in the side of a building to avoid incoming fire to completely levelling and entire building with a tank to kill the enemies hiding inside.

      There is a good range of weapons and upgrades available. The level up system is what keeps me coming back. The more points you earn by killing enemies of completing objectives allows you to level up, ultimately unlocking more powerful weapons. There are plenty of maps available, especially with the limited edition game which gives you the back to Karkland (I think that's what its called) expansion pack which gives you the classic BF2 maps but adapted to work with BF3 free of charge.

      BF3 has some beautiful maps. They are massive in size and can result in long battles which keep you hooked. The large maps can get annoying if you are on foot but luckily there is a large selection of vehicles available. This is where BF truly leaps ahead of COD. Ranging from humvees and tanks to jets and helicopters, the vehicles can be used to give you a huge advantage over the enemy and cover the large maps quickly. Driving the vehicles can take a bit of getting used to, especially the jets but are great fun when you get used to them.

      The game can be picked up for around £25 now, which is well worth the many hours of gameplay that you will ultimately get from it. Its available on PS3 xbox 360 and PC. I like consol games as you can just put the disk in and play, where as on PC you need to stupidly high spec to be able to play with no lag and a decent graphic setting.

      There are very few faults with this game, apart from the people who are ridiculously good and dominate matches!!


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        07.02.2012 00:36
        Very helpful




        Battlefield 3 didn't quite do as well as expected, often coming close second to MW3 in sales and in reviews. However, although it takes a bit of getting used to, BF3 is the better game, even if they did act a little petty in the little marketing war they had with Activision. Anyway, here's why Battlefield is the better choice:

        Graphics: At first, the visuals look a little cartoonish and objects a little blocky, but that's until you see all of them blown apart in a million different ways. The scenery, such as the sky, is designed beautifully and is usually occupied by planes darting around and firing at each other whilst explosions and bullets fill the screen down below. The look of 'Battlefield' looks just like a real Battlefield; so has said everyone who's played the game, despite never being on a real battlefield. But it defiantly looks like how you'd imagine one to be; walls crumbling beside you, laser sights appearing in your field of vision, tanks rumbling in the far distance. The scale of the maps make Battlefield more impressive, when swimming to get to some place, the water you're in looks overly pixelated and rough, almost PS1-era; However, when you get in a fighter jet and soar above it, you see how impressive it looks from high above. It's a fair trade off. The gun mechanics are average, but looking through sights and scopes, and the dynamics of your enemy collapsing to the ground seem to appear more visually realistic then it's rival MW3.

        Gameplay: A pretty multi-layered online arena, which scores points for variety and realism. A sort of Anarcho-communist world compared to MW3's swinging dick, individualist approach, BF3 lets you enter tanks, boats, armoured cars, helicopters, fighter jets, and less noteworthy vehicles more or less on demand. Not everyone floods to be in a tank, and the variety makes it an interesting game; you can get into a 1-on-1 battle with a rocket launcher against a tank, be gunner on a truck or parachute from a aeroplane into the enemies base.
        The maps are all huge, some of them at least 5 times larger than Call of Duty maps. One, a huge underground subway as well as an outdoor area with numerous buildings and a bridge, I thought were two separate maps. They're also famously destructible, and walls and whole buildings are regulary demolished by grenades, tanks and other explosives meaning you more or less have to constantly move. There's a good selection of weapons to be had, within four classes which all have their own unlockable attatchments. Shooting needs accuracy and some skill, which makes this shooter preferable for enjoyment.

        Sound: The sounds might be the most realistic aspect, of course under mentioned because they're not as obvious. When brick crumbles under mortar fire next to you, your ears ring. Tanks rumbling closer sounds quite ominous. Even annoying, whingy-voiced 14 year olds who insist on playing the same 50 cent track are kept to a minimum. The only fault is some of the guns sound a bit underwhelming and plastic-y.

        Story: No one gets this for the story mode. Although I hear it's not all that, and copies Call of Duty a bit.


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        14.01.2012 20:13
        Very helpful



        Very good first person shooter


        Battlefield 3 is EA and DICE's latest first person shooter, it is the direct sequel to Battlefield 2. It has been released in 2011 on the following platforms Microsoft windows PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

        Pros and cons


        Very good Frostbite 2 engine graphics
        Real world sounds of warfare
        Multilayer that is comparable to Call of duty


        Single player mode might come as a let down
        Some of the online vehicles are difficult to control

        My opinion

        The first Battlefield game that I played was Battlefield 1943 on the playstation 3 Marketplace. It felt like it was a small but good value online multilayer game. It was a very good game and it gave me a good feel of the online side of battlefield games but in a arcade style.

        I have been very impressed so far with this game and I'm pleased that their is now a good competitor to the call of duty series of games.


        In the storyline you play as a US Marine corp and it's based on you being integrated and you have to recount what happened during the war this is where all of the missions take place.


        Single player

        I enjoyed the campaign because it's so varied you play in very different environments from Paris to New York. Some of the missions are based in the streets in warfare and other missions you are flying in fighter jets or tanks, I really enjoyed those missions. However I do feel that the storyline is too similar to Battlefield's competitors story line's we have seen this style of storyline before.


        Battlefield is one of the best aspects of Battlefield 3, I feel that DICE have really nailed it this time. In my opinion I feel that there is lots to do in the multilayer mode they have lots of items to unlock for your player.

        The thing for me with multilayer is the fact of how big the maps are I for one like to explore the maps and find secret spots where I can take out the other team from the sidelines and you can do this online if that's how you play. You can also run around like a mad man shooting at everything you see and it's a enjoyable experience no matter how you choose to play.

        I do feel that there is so much freedom for choice in the online gameplay like I was saying you can go shooting like a mad man in the middle of the map or you can take control of some of the many vehicle options that are available.

        These are tanks, trucks, fighter jets and helicopters, I like the control of all of the vehicles apart from the truck I did not feel like the camera angel helped although the other vehicles control well so I guess I might just have to get used to the control.

        Sound effects

        I read in a magazine before Battlefield 3 was released that the brave sound tech department went out onto the front lines to record the sound effects for this game and it really does show. I am using my surround sound speakers whilst playing this game but whether your using surround sound or not you will hear every bullet and explosion, the sound effects are really amazing.


        I feel that the Frostbite 2 engine does well in the fact that when there is special effects such as Light in the dark such as a torch or a flare or when we have sun flare on the camera it does really deliver these special effects well. The graphics are a step or two up from Battles older instalment.

        Value for money

        With a average singe player campaign mode and one of the best multilayer modes around you will be sure to get value for money from Battlefield 3.

        One thing to point out if you are planning on buying this game used is that you need to have a unused online pass to play this game online so if you do buy a used copy the chances are that the online pass will have been used so you will have to buy a new online pass these retail for around £8 but the prices can varrie depending on where you buy the pass. Passing do come for free with new copies of the game though.

        Current prices

        Shopto.net £27.85
        Amazon.co.uk £33.99
        Game.co.uk £37.99
        Play.co.uk £39.99


        I recommend this game to you, it's one of the best first person shooters out at the moment, good competition in the good first person shooter games in the market.


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        12.12.2011 13:11



        Get it for a truly amazing multiplayer experience

        1. Electronic Art recently released its long waited multiplayer sequel Battlefield 3, a few days back. There has rarely been a combative shooter's game that have gathered such enormous fanatic admiration from the original game to sequels as the EA's Battlefield franchise.

        2. It is one thing to gather a frenzied following on a time-tested bell and whistle but it requires innate innovation, plenty of guts and lots of belief in order to repeatedly raise the benchmark for others to follow.

        3. Battlefield comes from the stables of large format maps, still larger plausible game tactics in company with enormous range of vehicles and massive annihalation.

        4. It is a six year gap between the second and the third sequel though it has been interspered with the Bad Company variations with its own dark humor to boot and it has everything in it to not displease those fanatics of the series though those hooked onto great campaigns would not find it upto mark.

        5. Online mustiplayer being the star attraction in this genre has been well understood though the competitive multiplayer seems to be very limited, 3 in reality though 6 notionally.

        6. One is where the teams compete to capture and control through three diffferent flags. The other is where they defend and destroy positions inorder to move to newer positions. And finally, there is the classic annihilation mode that allows for combats at close quarter, all within one of the 9 designer maps.

        7. The highlight of this game though is undoubtedly the message of coopetition - cooperation as well as competition. The players are rewarded for teamwork - helping each other overcome obstacles is as rewarding as going for the brunt and mowing down enemies, a healthy balance for those wanting just to have jolly fun and those who aim to be winners only.

        8. The graphics and the physics are simply outstanding - debris flying all around and wind penetrating across girthy trees.There has been immense effort put into make the game feel real with sound design even taking care of bullets rechociating with varying sounds from different surfaces or getting that exact trapped shallow sound emerging from inside concrete buildings.

        9. There is though, a very obvious lacunae or maybe a deliberate attempt at weaning players away from playing solo in that the solo mode is a big letdown. It provides for only 6 hours gameplay which though is hardly value for money. The multiplayer version is so much better that for me it would have been better to not offer a solo mode rather than offer one that is crap.

        10. All in all it's a game that has been worth the wait. All credits to Dice and EA for yet again delighting their fan(atics).

        Also reviewed for Ciao UK under same name and titles


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        06.11.2011 23:12
        Very helpful



        A true competitor to COD

        Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter game which was developed by EA Digital Illusions and is published by Electronic Arts. It was released on the 28th October 2011 and is available on PS3, Xbox and PC.

        WOW just wow is the only way this game can be described. Since it arrived on my doormat last Saturday morning, I have done very little except play this game. It is quite possibly one of the best games ever created.
        I pre-ordered this game way back in March and since then I've watched hours of promotional videos, read endless blogs and played the beta so I was really pumped and excited for the games and my expectations were extremely high and the game does not disappoint.

        Single Player Campaign
        The single player campaign follows the story of Staff Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn, a US marine. He is being questioned/interrogated by two men and the story is told through flashbacks (just like Black Ops). The story focuses mainly in an unidentified area on the Iran/Iraq border and involves a conflict between the US Marines and the Peoples' Liberation and Resistance (PLR). I won't say anymore than this about the campaign as otherwise I think it would ruin your experience.

        This game runs on the Frostbite 2 game engine which is virtually unparalleled in other game franchises. The graphics are absolutely incredible, every detail is done to perfection. For example, in one mission, you have to run through a market and the level of detail is amazing - every plastic crate looks so realistic and all the market stalls look like they are about to collapse. The way your character and others move in the game is the most realistic I've ever seen in a video game. Your character really does look like how someone would run in real life. It also really does feel like a battlefield situation with bullets zipping past your head and your teamates shouting commands.

        The gameplay is very fast paced and fun. It is like most first person shooters, you are told what to do and have to do whilst your team mates stand around and do nothing, but it is still fun with a huge variety of objectives in each individual mission. You get to drive tanks and jets which is great.

        The multiplayer features 5 different game modes: Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush. There are also around 15 online maps (I haven't played them all yet so I'm not sure exactly how many there are). You earn points for killing enemies, getting assist kills, resupplying teamates and healing them. With these points you level up and unlock new weapons and attachments.

        The maps are just breathtaking. I have never seen such detailed, huge maps on this scale before. The maps are huge and by huge I mean absolutely enormous. They are about 20 times the size of the bigger Call of Duty maps and about 8 - 9 times the size of Battlefield Bad Company 2 maps (if you've played either of these games then you shold get a sense of how big the maps are). The level of detail is absolutely incredible - every last brick has been so carefully rendered and it all looks so realistic. Also the maps are largely unique and are not just copies of each other.

        There are four classes from which to choose from:

        1. Medic - you use assault rifles and your main objective is to revive fallen teamates with a defibrillator as well as heal them with medkits.

        2. Engineer - you use sub machine guns and rockets and your main objective is to take out enemy vehicles and repair your team's vehicles.
        3. Support - you get to use light machine guns and your main objective is to ensure that your team is fully equipped as you offer them ammo crates and you also provide covering fire.

        4. Recon - you get to use sniper rifles and your main objective is to spot enemy soldiers to help your team move forward.
        As you rank up you unlock new weapons and different equipment for your class. You also unlock new attachments for your guns such as silencers, different sights, tactical flashlights and grenade launchers.

        The online gameplay is very fun and surprisingly, given the size of the maps, very fast paced. At first I thought that as the maps were so big, most people would just sit in one spot and snipe (like they did in Bad Company 2) and the game would be boring and slow, but how wrong I was. When playing there seems to be endless amounts of enemies pushing for the objectives, vehicles coming from all sides - it is great fun. Thankfully they have made sure that it is difficult to snipe as your scope moves up and down when aiming through it and there are a lot of rocks, trees and buildings to take cover in.

        The graphics online are just as good as they are in single player with destructible environments and realistic character movement.

        There are a large number of vehicles available including tanks, jets, helicopters, boats and jeeps. One thing I think would make the game slightly better would be if more small, non attacking vehicles were introduced such as jet skis and quad bikes as some of the maps are so big that you seem to be running for a long time. The vehicles are great fun to use, particularly the jets as they move extremely quickly and you are able to have jet fights in the air.

        There must be at least 45 different guns featured in the game and all of them have different sights, ammo capacity and attachments. Personally, I feel that this is very realistic as when you reload your weapon, you have an extra bullet which is still in the chamber (I believe that the most recent Medal of Honour game has been the only other game to include this feature - the online for this game was produced by the same people) so when you reload, for example, you have 31 bullet capacity instead of the usual 30. The way the guns shoot as well is also very realistic - the amount of recoil varies on different weapons and they all handle slightly differently.

        Frostbite Engine
        I thought that I would just include a brief section on the engine for the game. This engine took several years to create (I believe that it took seven). The two Battlefield Bad Company games and the Medal of Honour online section were really used just to test the capabilities of this new gaming engine. This is probably one of the best game engines to ever be created as it introduces so many new features. It allows for destructible environments and uses physics to make the collapse of walls, sections of buildings to look so realistic. An example of this is during the single player campaign when there is an earthquake - the way the buildings collapse is so realistic. This engine is also responsible for the sounds your gun makes when firing and how much recoil it has. This engine is not just for first person shooters however, as the new Need For Speed game runs on this engine.

        I feel that I cannot say anything bad at all about the multiplayer - all the guns seem to be pretty balanced, its fastpaced and very addictive.
        I suppose the only real disadvantage is if you purchase the game second hand as each disc is assigned a unique code for the online play and once the code has been used, it cannot be used again. To play online then you have to purchase a new code which costs £7.99. I think that this is totally unfair and it is just EA being greedy, so bear this in mind if you decide to purchase the game second hand.

        I would like to add that if you played the beta and thought that it was rubbish, the game engine was about 3 months old and so it was no where near the finished result. The beta was done to test how well the servers would cope (ironically they crashed the first day the game was released). The game is nowhere near as laggy and awkward to play as the beta.
        Personally, I think that this is one of the best and most realistic games to have ever been released. I feel that it won't beat Call of Duty sales wise, but EA have certainly set a new benchmark when it comes to the amount of detail in the game. Hopefully, this will cause Activison (the company behind COD) to realise that you can't just release a game which is virtually identical to its predecessor every year! This game really is a true competitor to COD and hasn't just been described as that to boost sales - unlike the terrible Homefront.

        As this November is one of the best and most exciting time for video game lovers (there are so many huge releases including Uncharted 3, Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Goldeneye to name but a few) it seems that EA have really pulled out all the stops to make this game stand out.
        If you love first person shooters, then this is definitely the game for you. Personally, I would recommend this over the new Call of Duty game because lets face it - it will probably be just like Modern Warfare 2 but with a few new weapons and gamemodes. To my knowledge, MW3 features no destructible environments, jets or tanks.

        Thank you for reading my review :)
        Also published on Ciao under the username mypetsloveme


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