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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (PS3)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Suitable for 12 years and over / Limited Edition / Release Date: 2010-04-02 / Published by PQube

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2010 00:39
      Very helpful



      BlazBlue will soon become one of your Favourite Games if you Let It

      This is the best fighter available today for a lot of different reasons. Blazblue fixes everything that has been wrong with fighters in recent years. Put down street fighter IV and say hello to this beast.

      Graphics - Graphically Blazblue is incredible and unmatched in terms of it's style. It's a 2D fighter like all of the best fighters (street fighter 2 anyone?). The visuals are a high definition treat of bright colours and so much action on screen that you will just be amazed the first few times you play (even if you have no clue what you're seeing).

      Roster - The game features 12 unique and very different characters which each operate differently. You may think that this isn't enough but think of other games such as capcom vs snk for example. You will remember that most of the characters are just copies of each other with different hair colours and clothes. Ryu, Ken, Dan and Akuma aren't really THAT different now are they? The 12 characters here will provide enough variety for anyone and mastering them will not be an easy task (more on this later)

      Gameplay - This is the meat of the game right here. The game has a similar fight system to what you saw in the guilty gear series but it has been tuned and refined since then. To be honest the system is as easy or complex as you want to make it. For casual players the only things you need to know are the health, barrier and specials meters but for advanced players there's all sorts of elements to master such as air blocking, juggling and complex combos to pull off. New players to fighting games are able to pull off 'easy specials'. These are specials which can be accomplished by just flicking the 'R' stick in a certain direction. New players usually hate the usual QCB + X style and this will give them a much needed introduction to fighting games. There is just so much in here it's insane. Go to youtube right now and check the trailers, you'll instantly want this game. Oh yeah there's a story mode too which lasts a fair few hours since you have to complete it with all characters. For you trophy hunters out there there's plenty of challenging trophies in this game, good luck getting platinum!

      Soundtrack - The soundtrack is made up of a full on gothic JROCK attack. The soundtrack really matches the lightning fast gameplay and gothic look of the game. If you have the limited edition you will have a copy of the soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

      Online Play - OMG Blazblue you offer so much but no-one is buying you what is wrong with the world?! The online play is the best on the market with user created lobbies (up to 6 players per lobby and fully customisable get rid of those easy specials :P) for casual matches plus ranked matches with worldwide leader boards. Voice chat is available and widely used but this can be extremely annoying when you get some 12 year old american kid screaming stupid things at you. Luckily they can be muted so it's not a worry. Matches can be recorded to watch that stunning victory over and over again and can even be uploaded (although I don't yet know how anyone know? I'm jealous of all these videos on profiles lol)

      I can say more about this game but if I haven't enticed you yet then I never will. Seriously youtube this game it's absolutely INTENSE and will offer you the best fighting experience to be found on any current console.


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