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Genre: Driving & Racing / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / To Be Announced / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-05-28 / Published by Activision

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    6 Reviews
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      16.04.2011 15:46
      Not Helpful
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      Some good aspect but overall i am not impressed.

      I brought Blur after seeing the adverts and being amazed by the action and the sound. The game purpose of the game is to race and prove that you are the best driver, although you are aided in your quest to be the best with different power ups that you can use this can be from a shock which is used when you are near to the bottom of the leader board so you can slow down the first 3 racers
      When i brought the game home i enjoyed the burnout like carnage that could happen in the game but i found that after the first couple of days of having it became quite boring and i felt that even with the online action i although i had not completed the game I had taken the game as far as it could go.
      I found that the tracks that are given can be dark and also can be misleading compared to some other driving games. I was also impressed by the game in the way that the game has very little lag, it is also responsive when changing direction and speed.
      The sound quality of the game is impressive and is responsive changes when you need it to
      I also think that their is to much to take into account for one game it is like you are over complicating what should be a simple game.
      The game has an impressive range of cars that are available to use this does make the game more interesting although i think that this is not enough to get my attention. I am a huge fan of need for speed and i think that the free roam aspect of the game is what is missing it would be nice if they added a way you could go round and cause mayhem in the city. I think that would add a new aspect of the game.


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        26.02.2011 19:30
        Very helpful



        Great game overall 5/5


        Blur is not just the name of this fast paced racing game but also the outline of your competitors as you blast and boost your way past them. Out on the PS3, Xbox and PC access to the game is quite easy to pick up, my copy is on the PlayStation 3. The basic premise of this game, like all racing game, is to get over the finish line first, well so you think, but this is not always the case. Your objective is to win and collect fans buy completing certain targets.

        One area in which Blur is great is that it has a variety of game modes.

        Races: This one is simple, you have to come first over a varying number of laps that are dependent on the course length etc, you can also select to do this in hardcore mode which means no weapons and just all out racing. This is the classic racing experience and is available for both single and multi-player and is great fun for all the family.

        Checkpoints: In this mode you have to get to the checkpoint before the time runs out with the added twist of having to try to collect either time bonuses or speed boosts to help you along the way, this can be really testing later o in the game when you have to use the right racing line and the right speed to basically collect a continuous supply of time bonuses in order to complete the level. To complete single player you will have to do these, they are good fun and in order to test you to the max it is not a simple case of just finishing the checkpoints, the quicker you finish the better.

        Destruction Races: I guess from the title you can tell the object of these races is to destroy your opponents before the time runs out. This mode however is not as simple as destroying a set number of opponents, your weapons are limited to the triple shot gun (see later) and you actually have to reach a target of destruction , the more destruction, the more time you have to wreak havoc.

        One on One Races: You vs your opponent one on one, first to the finish or to destroy the wins, simples.

        All of the above modes will be taking place on a moderate number of tracks in total there are around 30 tracks and the environment changes. The tracks are linked to various locations, London, Brighton (woo my home town) and Barcelona spring to mind but there are 14 different cities used in all. These locations are supposed to show recognisable streets and landmarks, to be honest I can't really say that I have noticed them as I have been far too busy racing. The tracks do offer good variety though, there are really fast paced tracks, some with off road sections and some with water up to your knees. I think there are a sufficient number of tracks to keep you interested but in terms of length and number there are so few compared to the likes of Gran Turismo 5. Each track has a fan run, this is where you go through a mark and then have to hit a load of marks in order to obtain a load of fan points, these are normally really tricky as you need to finish them in time and also still need to finish the race in a good position for it count meaning that you can't let it compromise your race position either.

        One of the most important factors is of course your car, you can't win a race if you are ½ the pace of everyone else. Blur has a good selection of cars to choose from, these include cars by Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Audi, Toyota, BMW, Aston Martin and Lotus. The cars are given ratings based on several of their characteristics these are Speed, Acceleration, Grip and Difficulty, my favourite so far is probably the Dodge Viper ACR, not sure why as it is not the fastest or easiest to drive yet I seem to do quite well when I using this car, just luck I guess. They also vary in their overall health, this can be a big factor as when you run out you lose a lot of time.

        One of the rarer features of Blur is the addition of weapons, one that I have only seen in Wipeout on the PlayStation 3. Blur has a good selection of weapons with a range of functions. You pick these power boosts up by driving through the symbol on the track, they are normally lined up side by side so you need to tactically pick which one you want.

        Triple Shot: This gives you three shots to either fire at the car in front, or if you are winning it is possible to fire these backwards. This is a standard weapon and is good to use in most situations but it is far from the best power up to use in most situations.

        Barge: This weapon causes a powerful wave to be emitted from your car, this means that cars that are near you are swept off course, personally this weapon is a bit lame but I do find it annoying when it is used on me as if you are thrust into a wall you can lose so many places it is silly. If timed right this can also be very handy to reflect a shunt...

        Shunt: This is one of my favourite to use and I hate to be hit with it. You fire a projectile either forwards or backwards and it will target the nearest racer and cause them to flip up in the air and lose a lot of health.
        Nitro: This is a simple pick up that gives you a massive boost of speed, it can also be used in an alternative way, which I think is supposed to be used when going round a corner but to be honest I haven't really got the knack of using it that way.

        Shield: Again another simple one, this causes you to have a shield so that weapons and bumps do not harm your car, this can be useful if your health is low and you are waiting to pick up a...

        Repair : This one heals your car so that you don't run out of health.

        Lightning: This causes bolts of lightning to appear in front of the leader and hitting these will cause them to slow down, again useful but be weary of using it when you are in the lead as well this is a stupid move.

        In all you are allowed to store 3 weapons and you can chuck them, this can be useful as if you are in the lead then you need to try to store a shield (protects against hits or lightning) or a boost or a barge to try and stop shunts etc etc.

        The game controls are fairly simple, you have accelerate, brake, use weapon etc making the game very easy even for people like my partner who don't really know how to play games at all, in fact they even win sometimes. Racing in general varies in difficulty and is greatly dependent on the car that you have, to little grip on the wrong track and no matter how good you are you are going to find it very hard to win, luckily with each race you get a choice of cars (one on ones excluded.

        Gameplay in Single Player mode is fairly good if not a little bit repetitive at time. You basically have to earn stars by completing event and this then unlocks the next set of challenges which then means you can earn enough to unlock the next one. In order to get enough to unlock the next part you will need to complete a certain number of challenges, interestingly these are not just as simple as completing the race events etc but can also include completing one such as a checkpoint race with a certain amount of time to spare or even goes as far as having to shunt a car into the water, which by the way is very very hard and can on occasion spoil the game. For example to get to the boss (oh yeah each section has a boss that earns you lots of points) you have to complete the above challenge of shunting a car into the water, this has to be done within that bosses set of events of which there are 2 tracks that contain water and each contains about 2 points where you can actually hit them into the water but this depends on you not being in the lead or there is no car to hit and also being in a position where you can actually hit the car and you can start to appreciate just how annoying some of these tasks can be. However the single player mode is still of interest to me and I have been playing this for quite a while, the other half is not doing quite as well as me but I think it is a credit to the game that it was even attempted as it is the first time they have even tried :-) I think this could be improved by adding some variability and maybe making it so you don't have to achieve all of the objectives to reach the boss because some of them are just silly.

        Personally I think that this game is really good for multi-player purposes and is a favourite for when the friends are over. I have tried this with up to 4 players and the screen is split so that you can all see easily (even when you are miles behind). You get a choice of 2 options after each event which you then vote on, a tally of the score is kept going so you can play for hours and still tease the others knowing full well that you are miles in front, both in the race and overall. I don't think that the all-out racing without weapons is anywhere near as much fun as playing with the weapons as this adds an element of unpredictability and allows even complete novices to win the odd race.

        The graphics on Blur may not be up to the standards of say Gran Turismo but they are very good and very clearly up for the task of being on a PS3, it looks really good, albeit in my case on a 22inch TV, the surroundings are clear and for a racing game not a simulation the graphics are, at least in my eyes better than required.

        The game comes in a standard PS3 case with a couple of cars on the front, you get the full instructions and it is a game worth having on your shelf.

        The Competition for this game for me can only come from games that I have played these are Wipeout, Burnout and Gran Turismo 5. Wipeout matches it in terms of weapons but I would say that Blur is much easier for novices to pick up, Burnout is as much fun but the PS3 game lacks the local multi-player mode whilst Gran Turismo 5 is for proper racers and is not the kind of game that most of my mates would want be whipping out when they come for a visit.

        One of the really good things about this game for me was the price, with many PS3 games retailing now for around £40 (such as Gran Turismo 5) this was under £15 before Xmas (£13.99 I think) and is actually still under £15 on Amazon, which for a PS3 game of this quality is an amazing price


        This is a great game that even novices can pick up and get to grips with in 10minutes, this along with the multi-player mode makes it a great game to play with friends, single player mode can be frustrating though.


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          11.01.2011 14:46
          Very helpful



          Los Angeles, New York, Brighton, Hackney. Blur lets you sample all of them on one disc!

          Those of you with good memories may recall a PSOne racing classic by the name of Formula 1 97. Among the finest console iterations of its sport, it was also the last racer that developer Bizarre Creations would make for a PlayStation format for a further thirteen years. In the intervening period, they found acclaim with Dreamcast-exclusive Metropolis Street Racer and four Project Gotham Racing titles for the Xbox formats, before going multiplatform in 2010 with Blur. Their return is a welcome one as far as PS3 gamers are concerned; there's a plethora of new ideas mixed with a smattering of flaws, but on the whole, the talented developers have come good again.

          Blur attained a degree of notoriety in the media for its gutsy "play with the big boys" advert, where it takes a dig at the Mario Kart hegemony of power-up racing and attempts to distance itself from what it feels has become a pervasively saccharine sub-genre. The ad inevitably backfired as the game was met with indifference commercially, though it did affirm Blur's positioning as something of a cross-over title; a serious, real-world racer that mixes the developer's penchant for street racing with arcade elements and power-ups. Despite the self-styled comparison, it never really feels like a Mario Kart - it's more obviously comparable to Burnout. Apart from some design decisions that don't pay off, Blur is ambitious and provides a robust, well-structured challenge in both its single-player and online ventures.

          The racing itself is pretty good. The first couple of speed classes are somewhat pedestrian, but the higher tier cars go at a decent rate of knots. With an emphasis on weapons and pick-ups though, it was never realistically going to trouble Burnout Paradise in the speed stakes. The weight of handling is just about spot-on and, thanks to a broad selection of cars, there's a decent range of styles and performance characteristics. Power-ups are impressively versatile and give the game a different dynamic; however in truth, there's plenty of room for improvement as they're not much fun to use. On the upside, shunts (rockets), bolts and mines can be deployed in front and behind your car, meaning that for once, there is decent cover provided for those defending a lead. The attacks themselves aren't up to much though; shunt rockets require little skill or thought, and seem to lock-on to targets from absurdly long distances. The quantity of damage dealt by each weapon is too similar (there are no real standout attack manoeuvres) and the penalty for a car being wrecked is little more than a couple of seconds, which is ridiculous and frustrating, particularly in online multiplayer.

          Circuit design is fairly decent, with courses in Tokyo, New York and LA all retracing the street racing blueprint with familiar urban metropolis's throwing up a fun mix of 90 degree corners, tunnels and tight, exhilarating straights that see you hurtling between skyscrapers and lamp posts. Elsewhere, there's a slightly different approach with the tentative inclusion of off-road elements in the form of the rugged dirt track of the Barcelona Oval and the beaches of Brighton. They're a bit of a strange fit alongside the more conventional tarmac tracks and it's tempting to suggest that they're included to give purpose to the myriad of licensed, lumbering 4x4s, though in fairness, the game's smart physics mean they're usually fun to drive.

          The single-player campaign offers plenty of action. The key to climbing the ranks is to attain "lights". Up to five primary ones are available per challenge and, depending on the event, maximum rewards are gained either by winning a race, accumulating enough points in a destruction event, or setting a fast checkpoint time. Each event also offers two additional lights; the first is attained by travelling through a sequence of staggered gates before a time-limit expires, whilst the other involves you amassing a set quota of "fans". These are like an evolution of Bizarre Creations' "Kudos" points system; essentially you gain fans by doing damage, pulling off slides, making big jumps, reaching high speeds and just generally being a bit of a show-off. "Fan Demands" meanwhile give you a chance to increase your haul; these are activated at specific locations in races, and give the player a limited duration to complete a specific technical manoeuvre. They're not a bad idea, though many are heavily dependant on the player having competitors either in close proximity or ahead, thus the weapon-based ones can seem somewhat superfluous if you're out front leading a race.

          Beating a rival in a one-on-one will award you their car as a prize, though oddly these races are generally a piece of cake and much easier than the usually-competitive standard races. Intelligently though, the fans you accumulate at the end of each race are added to a running total that leads to the unlocking of new motors with each rank progression.

          And the multiplayer setup has a similarly enduring quality to it as well. It's an extensive, cleverly structured community that offers inexperienced players the chance to race other lowly-ranked competitors in the first few goes before opening up an array of options that include competing in races of up to twenty competitors, team races, Hardcore Racing without power-ups (particularly refreshing if, like me, you're used to being treated like a punch bag) and Motor Mash, a Destruction Derby-style elimination-for-points mode which is limited but undeniably fun. Just as in the single-player, the player can amass fans and increase their level, leading to new cars and "mods" which attribute perks such as longer-lasting shields or a bonus nitro for every lap completed. Even sticking to the same car rewards the player with health and speed upgrades. It's an unforgiving ride however and very, very difficult to win with any kind of frequency, especially if you get caught up in the mid-field scuffles early on in races. Also, the gulf between a new player and a veteran is generally amplified by the benefits you get for playing a lot. Still, even if the online racing itself isn't as compelling as WipEout HD's, the steady stream of unlockables and diverse (but largely achievable) array of trophies guarantee it a few weeks of shelf life, at the least.

          Blur looks sleek and stylish, and knows it too. The cars are exceptionally sharp whilst the environments are crammed with fancy-looking buildings, fireworks displays and towering bridges, all of which can be admired at length thanks to the game's lovely "Photo" function, which allows the player to pause the action at any point and compose a snazzy snapshot. What the photo function also draws attention to is the game's impressive particle effects; dust and dirt trail the car as you launch over crests, splinters of bodywork litter the air following a collision, and sparks ignite angrily when cars trade paint. The lighting is particularly extravagant; best appreciated in the night time races where wild streaks burst outwards from car lights, recalling the halcyon days of Ridge Racer, and the superb motion effects mean it's easy to see how it came to be called Blur. The menus are blessed with some nice elevator music and, at no extra charge, there's the added bonus of having the worlds best lady-racer, Danica Patrick, doing the voicing. For someone with next to no experience in acting or voicing, she's excellent; explaining the rules of each new feature and the (very) occasional story element. Her delivery is clear and engaging, and she even had the foresight to sound as sultry as she could reasonably get away with. A cheque well-earned!

          It would be easy to beat up on Blur for it not being as enjoyable as the games it attempts to ape and that its presentation, whilst lovely, is perhaps a bit too clinical for "fun" to be the first word that springs to mind. But the fact the wider gaming public weren't willing to make the jump to this racing hybrid doesn't mean it's not worth playing. The rewards for extended play are extensive, and there's no question the developers have put a lot of effort into making a game of quality and length. A lively, competitive multiplayer community helps, as does precise handling, and though it's debatable whether the power-ups are a genuine out-and-out plus in their current guise, they certainly make for an unusual gameplay experience. There are better racers available, but if you're a fan of the genre, you could do a lot worse.


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            09.09.2010 03:06
            Very helpful



            It was fast but i loved it!

            I never heard of the 'Blur' racing game until my brother told me about it, him being a massive racing games fan. I was into racing games as well and have played other racing games which were similar to Blur but when i played it, i found it quite exhilarating and exciting, especially when you had to collect the little trinkets which were hanging on the front of the road highways. Even though i found it hard getting the specific trinket which i wanted to use (due to either missing it by an INCH or another car robbing it). Though i didn't let this spoil my experience, what made me enjoy it even more was just the grandiose vibrancy of the pixels of the game which have improved since the 1990's, i felt Playstation 3 pixels have improved to the point where you can't tell its background imagery from reality anymore. But i felt that there was no real originality used when it came to choosing a car, it just felt like your typical car racing game when it came to choosing a car, i was hoping to find a car which had like some kind of car-destroying laser attached to it but i guess that may be unfair to the other cars.
            The only true originality of this game is its excellent pixels, special effects, little wee trinkets stashed around the entrance and departure exits of highways. But its quite simple and typical when it comes to looking for a good car to race with, there's no unique style here. If you're looking for a great racing game with a slightly individualistic style then this game's yer man but don't come crying to me when you find your car lacking a so-called car-destroying laser device, it just doesn't seem to exist in the car-racing game world.


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            29.07.2010 15:49
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            ps3 racing game

            My personal review on blur for the ps3

            Pegi: 7+
            Racing Game
            Release: May 28 2010
            Activision Blizzard
            Bizarre Creations
            Price: 30 odd pounds in the shops

            When you actually drive in this game it is so fast and responsive, it actually makes you think you are driving in the game. There are weapons which you can pick up, (similar to games like mario kart and sonic and sega all star racings), which can be used to speed your self up, or attack other racers, which is really fun, and makes a change to these real life street racing games. The reward system makes the game addicting, especially the trophies, som easy, some complicated, and they will want you to keep on playing till you have achieved it. Again multiplayer can be the best part of the game, addictive, either online , or with friends, which you can play with splitscreen. There is so many cars which you can choose to play and race with, some you can custom them yourself, some like lamborghinis etc. There are so many tracks and cars you can pick from, which makes it more fun. Some tracks will be simple, others much moer hard and complicated to get through. Level cap in single is to low comparing to other racing games, also the split screen is stripped, which I find OK. The graphics and sounds really go well with each other, so nothing bad about that. Its a really fun game, and I think both adults and children would enjoy this game. You can smoothly glide between competitors, dodge land mines and missiles without any worry, and take tight turns at top speeds--at least after a bit of practice. The drifting is a bit stiff, and it can take a little finesse to steer yourself around corners without slamming into the wall. There are around 60 events and races which you can race in in single player, all very fun and enjoyable. There are three unique event types: racing, checkpoint, and destruction. In racing, you test your mettle against up to 19 other drivers, squealing around corners and unleashing weapons to claw your way to the top. Checkpoint removes the weapons and competitors, and the game is just as fun when you're focused on the smooth driving without anything to distract you from the road. Destruction flips that idea around, forcing you to dispatch as many nameless drivers as possible before your time is up. With only three different event types, there isn't a ton of variety, but the action is so engaging and fun that it hardly matters that your overall objective doesn't change much. There are some tracks which let you race in airports, and I find is one of the best tracks, as it is so funny when you slam head first into a run off aeroplane, puts me in hysterics.

            Definitely a well worth game buying. Would defintely want to recommend to others. Well done Activision.


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              05.07.2010 19:48
              Very helpful



              Extremely good arcade racer

              Because nintendo have such a childish " this is my ball " atttitude, the next gen masses who have xbox and ps3 are left with no game to truly challenge Mario kart.

              Now im not saying this is, its a different style but incorporates a similar system. Made by Bizzare creations ( who made the succesful Project Gotham Racing for the 360 ), the game is an arcade racer, mixing real world cars and areas with big power ups and exciting online play.

              First off I'll cover the games main feature, truthfully its ownly feature and the real hook of the game.
              The power ups are a great mix of new ideas as well as refashioned , classic ones found in the like of Mario kart and Crash bandicoot racing.
              Shunt is like a big red missile orb, pulsating towards the car thats right ahead of you.
              Another is the classic mine which can be dropped either in front or behind you, this will stay in the same place until it is eventually hit. Although this good be you or a enemy , they aren't the easiest to see so any who has played Super Smash Bros. Brawl will know the annoying feeling of hitting your own trap.
              Barge is like a shockwave which engulfs you car and gives you extra power with hitting other cars, it also deflects their attempts to barge you.So essentially this is a shield with a bit of power.
              Bolt is three missiles , these can be set off all at once or all at the same time.A huge bonus is awarded if you all the missiles contact with the same vehicle.
              You also have the other usuals, Repair, Shield and Nitro for a speed boost.
              But my personal favorite has to be the Shock power up, this is a absolute beast as it places 3 electric sections in front of the leading car , no matter where you are. These cause a huge amount of damage and take down the speed tremendously. Of course being as strong as it is this doesn't turn up often, but when it does havok enuses.
              Of course all the power ups can be used to defend as well as attack, Shunt , Barge and Mine can all take care of incoming missiles , so it adds a brilliant tactial edge to the game.
              Power ups are picked up as you race through the levels and slot into 2 gaps at rear bumber of the car , these are stylistic and dont look out of place in the neon world, in fact when you dont have any power ups it just looks like you bumper has 3 sections to its design.
              A nice touch with the game is that the power ups arent all powerful, in fact all the attacking ones can be avoided with skillfull and careful driving. Similarly that the amount of damage caused doesn't ever knock you out of the race , it just makes it more difficult.

              The makers have created a scenario in which anyone can win , no matter what, until the first car passes the line. This makes the racing very exciting.

              I touched a little on the driving there, being the creators of PGR I was expecting big things handling wise, although I didn't expect it to be great in the same respect as it is more of an arcade racer.
              I was blown away by the handling, it is slightly less realistic than PGR 4, and its not Gran Turismo but the resonce is fast and clean.
              The turning is relevant to the cars shape and build , you really can feel the weight and shift of the car in the controls. The different cars all feel different and all take a different way of approaching racing.
              Seeing as this game is a competitor to the likes of Split/Second and Burnout , it has managed to avoid all the usual falls that those games take and has made a real challenger.

              Another big part of the gameplay, and one of its other positives of the way the game progresses. The different areas of the game all belong to different groups or people, taking a slight likeness to Need for Speed, and the Rivals all host a range of events which you take part in to own the area.
              The variety in this game consists of 3 main modes but they are all mixed together so you dont get one area with one type. 2 of these are pretty conventional ( normal race , checkpoint race ) and the third is the heart thumping destruction races where you have to just destroy as many cars as possible.
              New areas are unlocked by earning "lights", these are awarded in either 3 , 4 or 5's depending on how well you did and two others if you have managed to satisfy the fans.

              The fans is a recreation of Bizzare's PGR kudos system, basically the more flair and skill you have the more the fans will love you, this equates to points and all together " what do points mean " ........ PRIZES.As you carry on you realise that you need more fans to get the right car for a certain race, and have a better chance of winning.
              Races will lead to certain challenges that the fans want to see , the more you complete the more fans are following you. An example of a challenge would be to drive with Nitro on for 10 seconds and not hit anything, or just by using a power up to damage another car.
              Each event has a certain amount of fans that you should be aiming for, getting over this amount means you get another light and in my testing this was a relatively difficult thing to do depending on the races, some were easier than others all the way through the game.
              You do have special fan events or "fan runs", these are races where you have to drive through gates , and if you do you get another light.

              On top of this , and adding more difficulty to the small amount of different race types. You must also meet the Rivals expectations in order to take their territory, these are usualy five things you need to do to win a final showdown and go car to car with them. The challanges are a little more difficult than the previous ones and are things like , damage a certain number of cars with a power up, complete a certain amount of fan runs or win all the lights at an event.
              Truth be told I couldn't meet all the requirements of any rival , but it doesn't stop you progression in the game. It's merely a way of giving extra re-play ability to levels and events, it didn't stop my enjoyement as all the little ways of earning points, land and fans join together meaning you always finish a race with something. Like CoD, no matter what you do , you will always come out with a achievement after the match.
              But if you do Win the race, you take their car as well as earning a upgrade for a power up. However it must be said that after many hours and races, some events were very frustrating, I was winning some races near the end of the game but having to go back to levels I unlocked ages ago to try and complete it.
              This jumping about of difficulty is what truly leads to the inability to finish any area, and leaving me a little bit annoyed that an almost perfect arcade racer had such a simple issue hanging over its bright neon head.

              Speaking of that , the game also has an online mode. The starting of the online matches will be simple to anyone who have played the likes of CoD or any lobby based games. So you go online and up to 20 cars can race together, this still leaves a decent amount of space in the tracks , although overtaking and pwerups are manic and exciting.
              Jumping into the lobby you have all the current members surrounding the center console, this includes information like what the race is and where its held. It also has class restrictions meaning only certain types of cars can be used, as well as picking you style for powerups, e.g. aggresive , showing you one definate power up and two random ones.
              The clock then counts down from about 30 and after the loading screen, which features an image of the track and a track guide, you are off. Loading times do depend on your internet connection, but the race will start as soon as every one is ready.
              The races begin with a rolling start meaning the action truly is right off the bat, the online also uses voice chat which I generally turn off through habit as their are still immature gamers.
              Offline multiplayer is available through split screen up to 4 players, this is wonderful as the split screen is a dying breed and although publishers want families to play games together, they also want you to have 4 consoles to be able to do that. The split screen was smooth although the restricted viewing did make the game more difficult, however the gameplay was fun as its great having you mates next to you as your racing, chucking about some freindly banter isn't the same online as in your living room.

              Cars in the game are at a premium, only 14. However, the cars that are their are a nice mix, ranging from the exotic, to old ,to everyday. Im not going to list them but to give an idea, you have the likes of Ford focus , GT , an old 50's Ford truck (come to think of it a few Ford cars, theres a mustang too), theres also a land rover. They are well designed and look very similar to their real life counterparts, however, customizing is kept to picking the colour, I beleive this is down to licensing.

              Thankfully there are more tracks, 30 to be exact across 14 areas. These are all very exciting and feature many hairpins , big straights and tight corners. Nearly every tracks is a good design and all have something different about them.

              The graphics of the game are very good, the bright neon lights and sci-fi feel of the powerups are all wonderful, especially during night races when the light flickers of the tarmac and cars headlights flicker from damage. All the levels are beautifully created and painstakingly moulded to fit the tracks, the Japan streets are full of symbols and bright billboards are awesome, the London streets are darker and gritty , one of them surprisingly set in Hackney, maybe the production budget ran out ?

              The game also sounds amazing with revvin engines which echo along the track, the sound of screeching tires as you skid around a corner is wonderfully done and it all adds to the excitement. Theres no soundtrack during the race as the cars make enough noise, so vey pleasurable for the ears.

              The screen has the bog standards of a racing game, position , lights , fans and track info. But importantly it has a rear view mirror, little strange you may think , but with the amount of missiles and obstacles around the track this is a huge neccesity and one you wouldn't want to be without.

              The game is available on Amazon for £25, which of you want a arcade racer it's definatley topping the group over Split/Second and Burnout. Even though it has it's issues I am tempted to give it a full score as it is the best !

              Thanks for reading :)
              also posted in Amazon, please go to my profile and go to the link. Any usefuls on my page would be much obliged (cheeky I know)


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