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BUZZ! Quiz TV (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Quiz & Trivia / Release Date: 2008-07-04 / Published by Sony / buzzers not included.

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2011 18:40



      A Great Game For The Family To Play

      I really love playing this game. It is just like playing on a quiz show with lots of different rounds and questions. You get to pick from all different categories like music, cartoons, movies, television, science, gadgets and gizmos, and lots more.

      You can either play by yourself, with friends, or online. The only thing I don't like about this game is that when you play on your own, you don't get many rounds and it is over very quickly. However, when you play online or with friends, you get tons of different rounds like fastest finger, pie fight, point stealer, high stakes, final countdown, etc.

      The idea of the game is that you have to answer questions and score points, and at the end of the game, the more points you have, the higher up you go on a moving platform. Then, you have to answer correctly and be the fastest to go higher. If you answer correctly but not fastest, you don't move. But, if you get it wrong, you go down. Be careful though, because the longer you take to answer a question, the further down you go. Whoever is highest at the end wins.

      My favourite two rounds are pie fight and point stealer. Pie fight is where you have to answer a question correctly and fastest to through a pie at someone. A circle slides through everyone's pictures and you have to press the buzzer when it lands on the person you want to through a pie at. It does go quite quickly though, so be careful not to hit yourself.

      Point stealer is where you have to answer a question correctly and quickest, and then you get to choose whoever you want to steal points from.

      Overall, I would highly recommend this game. It is great fun to play when the family are together!


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      25.09.2010 22:00
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      If you like quiz games, it's well worth buying this

      Presented by a sarcastic virtual Australian prancing around in a pair of glittery, skin tight trousers, this is a quiz game you won't want to miss (despite the presenter, perhaps.)

      So, let's start with the basics: included in this version is the disc itself, but the buzzers have to be bought separately. This does make the game quite expensive, as the buzzers can be bought as a pack of 4 for around £30, which includes the dongle to activate the buzzers. The buzzers are wireless, so there's no mess of tangled wires if you're playing a multi-player game, which is exactly what this is designed for. You can have a total of 8 buzzers in use at any one time, which means a total of 8 players or teams.

      So, the game itself- as I said, the game is presented by a sarcastic Aussie, which can sometimes be entertaining, and rarely, if ever, annoying. Each player or team starts by choosing a character, an outfit for their character and a sound effect for when they buzz in to answer a question. Each character also has 2 or 3 pre-programmed reactions to answering a question either correctly or incorrectly. You can also either keep the character's name or personalise it to your liking.

      If you're playing with up to 4 players then there are 7 rounds of questions. The player with the least points chooses the category at the beginning of each round, from topics ranging from sport or music to food or toys. The first round is just a points builder, with 250 points on offer for each correct answer, regardless of who buzzes in first. This is followed by rounds of varying qualities, which are Pass the Bomb, Fastest Finger, Pie Fight, Point Stealer and High Stakes. The last round is The Final Countdown, where each player stands on a podium, the height of which corresponds to how many points the gained for the other rounds. A series of questions is then asked, and the podiums gradually lose height depending on whether or not you answer correctly and on how quickly you answer. The winner is the player who manages not to run out of time and fall through a trapdoor that opens up.

      As I said, the rounds are of varying qualities. Questions in any round can involve pictures rather than words e.g. players buzz in when they see the picture corresponding to the question. One criticism I have of the rounds, however, is that it is more often than not about answering quickly, more than it is about the importance of answering correctly, and some of the questions are therefore a bit too easy. Pass the Bomb is the round I dislike the most, as you are handed a bomb with a fuse in it which gradually runs down, and you can only pass it to the next player once you've answered a question correctly. However, if the fuse runs out just as you're passed the bomb, and before you've even had a chance to read the question, as happens often, then you automatically lose 300 points. Perhaps I'm just too competitive for my own good, but this does seem a bit unfair!

      The other round which always seems slightly pointless to me is the High Stakes one, as this one involves betting a certain number of points on the answer to a question, without actually seeing what the question is. There is always a ridiculously vague clue such as 'this one's about music,' when it's already a music round, and you're supposed to bet your points based on this.

      Having made these criticisms, however, the variety of question levels does mean that every player has a chance to answer at least some correctly, and it is very rarely, if ever, the case, that one person gets all the questions wrong and ends up dejected and minus any points. The design of the rounds is such that everyone can pick up some points, even if they are no expert on a particular subject. You may agree or disagree that this is a good thing!

      Also included on the disc are some extras, such as My Buzz!, which allows you to make your own set of quiz questions which can be posted on the website, and which also allows you to access other people's questions and have a go at them. As is common with this type of thing, some of the questions are either rubbish or far too easy, but sometimes you can come across the odd gem.

      You can also connect up to other PS3s via wireless and play against other people, which is called Sofa vs Sofa. Plus, in addition to the quiz questions that are included on the disc, you can download extra quiz packs, on a variety of subjects, from the website. I have yet to do this, but it does seem like a good idea, since there are only around 6000 questions on the original game. Although this sounds like a lot I imagine that, just like in Trivial Pursuit, the same questions will start cropping up repeatedly sooner or later. These quiz packs have ratings too, just like films do, so parents can ensure the questions they download are suitable for the age of their kids.

      Overall, this is a fun family or party game, though it isn't designed for 2 players really, and can get quite tedious without a larger number of people playing. With 4 players, each game takes around half an hour to play. It is definitely enjoyable, though I'm not sure how quickly the novelty will wear off! If you enjoy quiz games generally, I feel sure you'd enjoy this.


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