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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Platinum (PS3)

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4 Reviews
  • Interesting Characters
  • Multiplayer and Singleplayer
  • None
  • Not many attachments for guns on multiplayer
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    4 Reviews
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      19.10.2014 16:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "Interesting Characters"
      • "Different Levels"
      • "Good Story"


      • None

      Modern Warfare Shines Through

      Modern Warfare has now been out for quite a few years but still, it offers a new and exciting story that keeps gamers hooked. It was the game that changed everything in the Call of Duty series and helped to make the first person shooter game more exciting in some aspects.

      Controls And Movements
      First and foremost, the controls are very easy to learn. The game starts off with a small training mission that gives gamers the chance to become a new SAS recruit learning the ropes. This gives users the chance to learn how to reload, change weapons, pick up new weapons, squat, jump and do basically everything including throwing flash bang grenades.

      Game Play
      To be honest, gamers start off with the British SAS before moving to the US Marines but the story goes back and forth. This is a good feature because it helps to get two sides of the story and it shows how both the Americans and British handle the impending conflict.

      Though the story is really good and, even though, its a few years old, refreshing. Usually, the C.O.D series have been handling WW2 stories which are always very moving. However, MW1 allows the series to move on and get a little boost to help keep things modernized and get new gamers involved.

      I won't spoil the story just in case a few haven't yet played or completed the game yet but the levels all offer a quality story line. There is even a point in the story where it goes back twenty years seen through the eyes of the British Captain retelling a vital part of the story. There is no level which is boring or dull because its always unpredictable and you can never be sure what will happen next.

      If you play on the easiest of settings and have played it before, the game can be quite easy to go through. However, there are four different levels and all are great. For new gamers, the recruit is the best place to start but after you finish the game, you can restart it again under a different level. Levels continue to get harder and they will test your skills too especially if you go for the Veteran level.

      Single Campaigns And Online Multi-Player Levels
      I have only really played the single campaign and haven't much experience with the online or multi-player levels. However, the single or solo campaigns are still really fun and the solo campaigns do help those just starting out with the series.

      Overall, this is one of the best games available today.


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        22.07.2014 21:22
        Very helpful


        • "Great environment."
        • "Plenty of missions to go through"
        • "Great storyline"
        • "Multiplayer and Singleplayer"


        • "Not many attachments for guns on multiplayer"

        Great price, Great game so you must get this action packed game! Its worth it)

        Wow. Im shocked at this old game.

        Call of duty is the fourth generation of the call of duty series and this is a review on Call of duty 4.

        Call of duty 4 is a fast paced close quarter combat with many missions and weapons to choose from. This game has 3 epic options. Single-player, Arcade and Multiplayer
        Lets start with Single-player.


        Single-player has a great storyline and you play many roles in the army. There are 3 acts with many missions in them which have amazing story lines and game-changing consequences. In each act you play as a different character till the Act is over.
        Altogether there are 21 missions (WARNING SPOILERS BELOW)

        ~Crew Expendable
        ~The Coup

        Act I:
        ~Charlie Don't Surf
        ~The Bog
        ~Death from Above
        ~War Pig
        ~Shock and Awe

        Act II:
        ~Safe House
        ~All Ghillied Up
        ~One Shot, One Kill
        ~The Sins of the Father

        Act III:
        ~All In
        ~No Fighting in the War Room
        ~Game Over

        ~Mile High Club

        Next is arcade.


        The arcade mode is only available if you complete all 21 missions on the game. One done there is a fun arcade mode which you earn points through killing people while on the back of the car shooting enemy's in the other cars to add to the pressure there is a armed helicopter flying over you trying the blow you up, its all up to you.


        On multiplayer there is 16 people altogether on Team-Deathmatch. 8 people on each team which means all out combat with many flanking and ally ways to get around your enemy's There are two teams on multiplayer which are randomly chosen by the Server.

        Team 1

        Team 2

        All the multiplayer maps link to the single-player maps in at least one way and so does the teams but in single player you play as the Army against Terrorists so it is a complete swap-over for terrorists.

        The worst thing about multiplayer is the weapon attachments and weapon camouflage
        There is only 6 camouflages available which is a big disappointment and only a few weapon attachments available.

        Other than that everything is spot on and is very cheap for this game.


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        09.08.2012 20:09



        Good value for money now, well worth a go even at this point in the game's life.

        Modern Warfare is the game that changed the FPS, and perhaps gaming overall, scene forever. Great gameplay, great story - if a little short - and great multiplayer. The controls are easy to get the hang of, the tutorial nicely introduces them if you're new to Call of Duty. The story plays out across the world as you take control of a member of the SAS and a US Marine.

        The levels are interesting (from sneaking around into a Chernobyl type city filled with enemies to a run and gun race to stop the destruction of the east coast of the US) and great fun. Difficulty levels are a little tricky. You find the one you can do well, and great. Decide to take it up a notch and be prepared to die... a lot. Some levels are a lot harder than others and can take a long time to complete.

        Combat is however balanced well, if you find yourself completely in over your head, the AI is competent enough to take some of the heat off you most of the time. But be prepared to watch out for friendly fire in the form of grenades.
        My one gripe with combat is the grenade warning indicator, it doesn't always show up. And when you die, the game gives you a hint to pay attention to it which just feels like a kick in the teeth when it didn't even give you the warning.

        The multiplayer is the big draw to any Call of Duty game, and Modern Warfare doesn't disappoint, even at this point in its life. It is very fun, when you're not dying constantly. Everyone at this point is a very, very high level. When you start out, you don't have the perks which help you out (more health, faster reloading, there's a lot of them to choose from the higher up you get). Hang in there and you'll get steadily better.

        The kill streaks are quite cool. The more people you kill the greater the reward (3 is a UAV - shows enemies positions on your [and your team's] map, 5 is an air strike over a small area of the map and 7 is a helicopter - flies around mowing down any of your enemies that are not in cover).

        There are lots of different kinds of game type (solo or team based) - things like death match, capture/defend control points, plant/diffuse a bomb, so there's something for everyone's preferred play style.


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        20.03.2012 13:24



        A must play classic game which I would definitely recommend to a friend.

        I was about three years late coming to play this game as I only got a PS3 last year and despite what critics may say about the Call Of Duty series they are great games.

        The story line was reasonably interesting, even though every level pretty much involved gunning down bad guys and getting to check points it didn't get too repetitive for me, maybe this is because I'm not somebody who sits and plays the same game all day every day just to complete it. If you're the kind of person that wants a game they can just play for a couple of hours every so often to relax this game is really good for that, there isn't really anything too challenging about the game so that makes it even better if you're just a casual gamer. In terms of replay value you unlock and arcade mode once you complete the game which is OK and there is multi-player or you could play through again on a harder setting but that's about it, there isn't really anything to unlock which is a shame.
        It was easy to become very immersed in the game at times thanks to great controls, fantastic sound effects and decent graphics and I often found myself on the edge of my seat, squeezing the life out of my controller. Without giving too much of the storyline away the game switches between an American marine and a British SAS member, personally I preferred playing as the marine running through the streets of the middle east however I also really enjoyed a flashback mission involving the SAS members Captain.

        In conclusion this is a must play game and you can pick it up pretty cheap nowadays, good storyline, excellent gameplay but not much replay value.


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