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Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS3)

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9 Reviews
  • map dynamics
  • multiplayer is well done and fun with friends
  • not as fun by yourself and kids
  • bad language
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    9 Reviews
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      20.10.2014 02:30


      • "multiplayer is well done and fun with friends"


      • "not as fun by yourself and kids"

      in conclusion i rate it 7/10

      call of duty ghost is part of the ongoing cod series but is it good. I myself have play most of the cod games that have come out from call of duty 4 all the way up till now and have to admit that the games have improved slightly over the years and this game is no exception.

      The graphics have been polished so it defiantly the best looking cod so far. The campaign will take you around 6hours or more to complete depending how well you do the campaign revolves around you being a member of ghost and to be honest is a bit forgettable and didn't grab my attention like the other cod campaigns did

      Now the multiplayer is where cod games thrive and I would say is the most enjoyable part of the game it has new maps such as prison break which has jungle like them around it and octane a desert map with a gas station and a broken down strip joint and etc. this where the majority of people who get this game will do and why not its a fun experience with friend and if your by yourself you can try free for all. the new way of making your character allows you to make it to your play style the new strike package idea is basically your kill streaks that you get in multiplayer and they are assault, support and specialist.
      Assault gets you kill streaks that are more offensive than the others like getting a guard dog or battle hind and dying on your streak resets it so you will have to avoid death if you want your good streaks and this is pretty much the standard cod way of doing it.
      Support is more team based Streaks like ground jammer and the new one the oracle that allows you to see enemy's though walls and with this strike package dying doesn't matter all your kills carry over even after death making this the easiest to get rewards.
      Specialist allows you to get more perks upon getting kills where the better perks you will have to get more kills and lower class ones lest this class works the same as assault but instead of it being kill streaks its perks
      And finally the new coop mode that took over zombies is Extinction where you have to kill aliens in a set path manner while zombie was endless this is not your goal is to protect drills as they drill into alien pods and stay alive while doing so this game mode has classes like medic and so on and the game will give you challenges while drilling an objective for example get 30 kills with assault rifles and so on and doing this challenges give you and extra point towards upgrading your characters abilities one of the ones I know is upgrading your starting pistol all the way so you have akimbo or upgrading the sentry gun you can deploy and etc.
      after telling you all this I would rate the game 7/10 this is mostly because I feel like they could of done more than just the same old thing they've been doing. The new features where fun just doesn't make it stand up that much from the rest and this has been my review of Call of Duty Ghost.


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      31.08.2014 22:18
      Very helpful


      • "graphics are amazing"
      • multiplayer
      • "season pass gives you access to other features"
      • "online dlc packs"
      • "map dynamics"


      • violence
      • "bad language"
      • "online hackers"

      Worth a try if you are a call of duty fan!

      My son absolutely loves this game as he and his mates can play online and join in on multiplayer. Therefore I have used him for the purposes of this review to give me his honest opinion. The first thing that impressed him was the quality of the graphics. Even I must admit they looked amazing. The language and violence however was another matter and I wasnt as impressed with that. Still these games are very popular and this one he played until he completed the story.The game features different dynamic map's which have hiding spots for tactical shoot outs. As my son puts it the games basic aim is to "run around and shoot people". This time there is also the bonus added excitement of shooting aliens in a whole new game mode called extinction. One thing that frustrated my son is the fact that the guns and weapons at the beginning of the game are to weak and do little damage but as you level up they increase the damage done. This made it unfair when starting out in the game as a rookie as there were plenty of others online who were already levelled up and playing with far more powerful weapons.
      In terms of online game play there is the opportunity to purchase a season pass in addition to the game which gives you access to digital content or dlc packs. You also get a team leader pack which gives you a ghosts mask and suit and 20 squad points.
      Although ghosts is a good game my son still prefers his modern warfare 3 game and will play that instead.


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      28.02.2014 14:08



      Nice game just need to change some things!

      The Call of Duty series continues but this serie 'Ghosts' is almost same as the last one just with little added details. The dogs are that detail which are low useful. Anyways the single player gameplay is not that bad comparing to the other series but online multyplayer experience is just as same in the last series but maybe it's our fault that we expect from these new games a lot and then it turns out to be a flop. Since these days everybody is playing on the next-gen consoles there is a small amount of people on multyplayer I guess or everybody is playing Battlefield 4. Anyways Call of Duty Ghosts is not that bad game comparing to the other COD series. The developers now have chance for making up by making the new CoD on the next-gen consoles. Hope that they make something out of it not something like this.


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      02.02.2014 14:39
      Very helpful




      Call of Duty Ghosts is the 10th of the main stream of games in the series, released 5th November 2013. Developed by Infinity Ward (whose last outing was Modern Warfare 3 in the CoD series), it shifts our players into the future.

      The nuclear destruction of the Middle East results in the oil-producing nations of South America forming "The Federation"; a group formed in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly growing into an international superpower, swiftly invading and conquering Central America and the Caribbean. The Federation then set about dominating North America by hijacking and controlling the ODIN; an orbital super-weapon that utilises kinetic bombardment, and use it to destroy several cities in the south-western United States. From there and 10 years later, our main characters set about setting after the leader of The Federation...and learning what it takes to become a Ghost.

      This is based on my experience on the 'obsolete' PS3* using a good quality TV.

      Characters and Gameplay

      We have 3 main protagonists (and a dog!) and a main antagonist.

      Hesh and Logan are brothers and US soldiers, working to break the stalemate on the front line with The Federation and take back more of America. Their father, Elias, heads up their unit and sends them out to try and make a tactical progress. Whilst on their mission, they spot a patrol working for The Federation's leader; "Rorke". They are then tasked to capture Rorke, dead or alive.

      Even from that slight overview of the story, you can see it is a 'stereotypical Americanised' storyline. It doesn't stop there. The game does play out like an over-hyped film to the point where it gets silly. Unfortunately, it even tops Black Ops 2 (the last CoD game) for single-player silliness. With Black Ops 2, it was far-fetched...but plausible...ish. This goes from an extreme to another to another...it's like ideas were thrown at the producer by a 10 year old who had just spent the last hour eating sweets and drinking Red Bull (note: please don't do that at home).

      I've played every main CoD to completion (bar CoD 3) and it has unfortunately got the stage of it running out of story routes. The Modern Warfare series brought about a new era of gaming by getting the players into a modern day setting. World At War was the last World War 2 based game but still excelled. The Black Ops couple started with an excellent game and story with an even better multiplayer but ended with a disappointing sequel. Ghosts just takes thing too far. Whilst there is the opening left there for a sequel...I don't know how it can be done without getting too absurd. I finished the campaign on Veteran (hardest difficulty) in about 8 hours...not that long really.

      Physics-wise...it's the same old CoD. Some tweaks have been made (like you can now peak out from a wall and shoot if in a certain position to said wall) but nothing which makes me think 'Wow!'. You run, you shoot, you duck, you sneak, you shoot, thing explode, you take control of a dog, you shoot, you swim, you go into space, you blow things up! Ok, you do take control of a dog for one level and command him in others. It's a nice touch but not utilised as much as it could. The levels where you are underwater and in space though are very good. The physics of controlling your movement and predicting that of the enemies does breathe a bit of freshness into the game...but this is for 2 levels out of many and you are back into the swing of the same routine. The last level in the game, however, should carry a warning as it could give some people motion sickness. All in all, still good but nothing astoundingly new to blow you socks off.


      Again, my socks are still on but I was impressed. It is a big step up from Modern Warfare 3 and I do like it. The display has been stripped back and has none of the future tech gizmos down the side that Black Ops 2 did; the display seemed quite natural. The actual graphics were a bit grainier...but in a good way; it helped things blend a lot better. I think the develops had looked at the success of Battlefield 3, looked at how Battlefield 4 was going to work and try add some of that to their game. In fact, it reminded me a lot of the first Modern Warfare (which set a trend) but more polished. The guns were of varying shapes and sizes and did seem a bit out of place at times, you did get a bit of image blur when turning quickly and a few frame drops but you are limited with the engine you have. As with the above mentioned levels, the underwater and in space levels are graphically brilliant...my socks did fly off when I was in space! The combination of trying to control my actions whilst turning around to look at everything was pretty good! The then came back on for the rest of the game.


      One thing I did find was the depth of the bass was a bit too distorted...but apart from that, nothing new again; very good but that's just it. The environments were as good as usual...some of the sneaking around did drag back memories of Modern Warfare 2 (which was good). I can't really say much about it apart from it is louder than before!


      This is where the game does let itself down more. The past 2 instalments have showed a decline (for me) in the multiplayer attitude of CoD. Whether it is silly killstreaks, poor levels, bad physics (so shooting through walls and lagging), poor weapons...it just seemed to have strayed too far from its roots. And this is no different. Weapons; I found the opening weapons ridiculously weak but then, once you unlock a few, they get overpowering. This creates a significant level of unbalance.

      You unlock add-ons for your weapons with tokens (various quantities of which opening better scopes or barrels). Again, can overpower certain most guns too quickly.

      The game modes have been updated and the general consensus is that this is positive. New modes such as Blitz, Hunted and the changes made to Search and Rescue have been met with positive. I haven't tried every mode out yet...but I still miss a good game of Demolition.

      However, the maps in this game have to be the worst I have come across. I moaned about Black Ops 2's efforts...but this tops it. There is no level playing field...literally. Experienced players know where to go, where to look, what speed to go and where to go next. This gives a new player no chance. Ok, you may say that is the same with every game...but when the levels are developed in such a way that only knowing every little thing can work. And when I say it isn't level... I mean it in the other sense too. There are so many ladders, hills, side rooms, raised platforms that you stand little chance of entering a room without someone waiting. This, along with the new-breed heavy influx of campers I found within the game, makes it quite frustrating to play. Unfortunately, I've found this the weakest CoD online to date. DLC will be released but it will be throwing money down the drain (for me anyway, which I won't be doing).


      Call of Duty: Ghosts introduces a new game type called Squads. This mode can be played either solo or with other players including friends. A squad consists of ten different customisable characters and Squads can be utilised in unique game modes involving AI controlled enemies and AI controlled squad mates. The game modes include Squad Assault, Safeguard, Safeguard Infinite, Squad vs. Squad, and Wargame. All of these modes can be played while online or offline.
      Squad vs. Squad: Two opposing players play team death match using their Squads.
      Wargame: the player and five squad mates against a team of enemy bots in a mode.
      Safeguard: the player and up to three other friends in a wave-based survival match similar to Survival mode from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but with the addition of perks and scorestreaks.

      I'm yet to play this but it seems like a good development of previous efforts of 'training' against bots.


      No Spec Ops?!?! Argh! I loved that from Infinity Ward. So what do we have instead? Extinction! The game mode features up to four players fighting aliens in a post-apocalyptic world. Players have objectives, which are to destroy alien Hives and complete Challenges. Players also earn money by killing aliens, destroying Hives or searching Search Piles. The money earned from these can be used to purchase additional guns placed throughout the map (similar to Zombies) and use abilities selected pre-game.

      I've played about an hour or so of this. I can see it being a very good party game if you can find 3 other good players. It seemed to work in a balanced environment with limited resources, having to use your money wisely and working as a team to progress!


      Last year, I thought the CoD series would struggle...and they have. They've tried so many angles for their story lines; moving from past to future, playing out a story, good guys vs. bad guys, plot twists. This time, the story is so far fetch and convoluted that you wonder what was happening in the office to produce such utter craziness.

      Ok, it's playable...but it doesn't hold a 'story' so to speak like Modern Warfare did. I can see it following the absurd lines of Black Ops 2...but worse. The multiplayer has also got progressively worse and I've given up on this one already. Battlefield 4's has a pretty poor and very short campaign but makes up for it with an excellent multiplayer. This has a standard campaign, poor multiplayer and a novel addition with Extinction.

      Is Infinity Ward flogging a dead horse? In my opinion, yes; the same things being regurgitated and spewed out for the teens who will throw their money at it regardless. The price dropped from £40 to £30 quickly due to poor sales (blamed on the release of next generation consoles...which I think is a poor excuse) and has been found at around £25 a couple of times within 2 months of release. I think this is a sign of the times for CoD going forward and I'm not sure if 're-inventing the brand' will save it in November 2014.

      * The PS3 is far from an obsolete console which another review said. Whilst next generation is out with the PS4 and Xbox One, the PS3 has plenty of life left in it. Games such as The Last of Us which is only 10 months old looks like it could slide onto the PS4 with ease and without a drop in quality.


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        25.01.2014 21:01
        Very helpful



        Giving it a 3/5 based on the fact that multiplayer offers a lot of fun but that is pretty much it.

        I have been an avid COD player since COD4 and I must say that lately the franchise has been dying down lately(IMO), but this game has made me love COD all over again, just based on the fact that it feels like a complete overhaul of the COD franchise.

        I wasn't a huge fan of the story mode in all honestly, I actually think it is the worst story mode since MW2, but that isn't to say it wasn't bad. Each mission felt new and refreshing, the dialogue felt a bit boring, i just couldn't connect to the characters like I could on the previous CODs. The weapon choices through out the game was pretty much the same as previous story modes on COD with the addition of a few new weapons. If you are scared to try the game on veteran because of hard it has been previously, do not worry. This is probably the easiest campaign you will ever play on the hardest difficulty.

        Doesn't feel repetitive.
        Looks amazing.
        Gameplay is fun and fast paced.
        The dialogue doesn't lure you in.
        Way too easy to complete.
        Doesn't feel like a re playable story.
        The lack of new weapons.

        When I jumped into my first game I instantly felt like I was in a completely new type of COD. It looks different from the previous versions, it feels different and it also plays a lot different. Plenty of customization with the new squad slots and perk system. The maps looks beautiful thought they all look a like in one way or another and the game-play is very fast paced, which IMO is a good thing. The spawn system in this game is probably the worst one I have come across. What makes it worse is the fact that a single bullet to the foot from a pistol would probably end up killing you(you die so quick compared to previous CODs). But taking away the bad things, the game feels extremely fun and can be a blast if you party up with friends. Few new modes to choose from, Search and Rescue which is a mix between Kill Confirmed and Search and Destroy. Cranked which is a basic TDM mode with a twist! As soon as you get your first kill, a timer will pop up and if that timer reaches 0, you will blow up!(Killing people will restart the time). Blitz is a team-based game mode which is similar to Capture the Flag in that the player needs to go to a portal located at the enemy's spawn point while preventing players from the enemy team from reaching theirs. These portals are temporarily closed when they are captured to prevent players from rushing. Finally Hunted! Players start with a pistol and throwing knives. Crates are dropped in random locations throughout the match that contains more weapons and ammo for the players to compete for. The game mode has a 65 kill limit. (I have yet to play Blitz and Hunted so I just copied the description from Wiki). Killstreaks in this game are not the best imo, not much to choose from and the ones that you can have doesn't feel rewarding enough to even use. The higher kill streaks are a lot of fun though, if you're good enough to earn them. All in all the multiplayer has a lot of new things to offer, with great visualizing maps and plenty of customization.

        Good looking maps.
        Plenty of customization.
        Re-playable and addictive.
        Fast paced.
        Feels like an overhaul.
        Fun new game modes.

        Spawn system.
        The time it takes for you to kill/be killed.
        Lack of good killstreams.
        Maps all look similar.


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          25.01.2014 18:20



          quite a good game

          Amazing game good graphics, even better on the next gen consoles, quite good story line and and exciting multiplayer option, the story is not that long but it is good enough to keep you going for a bit.
          I would buy one anytime dont think just buy its a good game. i cant wait for the next Call Of Duty game hopefully it will be more exciting than this one.

          If you are looking for a game with a exciting and interesting story the this is for you. the game looks amazing on current gen consoles (Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) and it is twice as good on the next gen consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It will keep you playing for quite a bit of time. its your choice if you want to buy, personally i think its a great game.

          I could play this game all the time.. .. .. .. .. ..


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          03.01.2014 13:33
          Very helpful



          All about the multiplayer!

          Despite owning a range of consoles over the years, first-person shooters (FPS) have somehow passed me by. In fact, Ghosts is first in the Call of Duty (COD) series that I've ever played. I decided to buy it on a whim when I had a few days off work booked before Christmas, and I've played it extensively since!

          First off, I jumped straight into the campaign. Having never played COD before, I knew I would have to get to know the controls and weapons before playing multiplayer, otherwise seasoned gamers would make mincemeat out of me! I will be brief regarding the campaign because for me this game is all about the multiplayer modes. I found the storyline to be hard to follow and didn't really engage with any of the characters. About halfway through the plot becomes a bit more engaging, and the ending is dramatic, but all-in-all it's a bit too short. I played it through on the easiest setting in under a week - and have no real urge to play it again on a more difficult setting. Having said that, it's the perfect way for newcomers like myself to get to grips with the controls.

          Next up for me was Squads. Here you play online with a squad of 5 other 'human' players against a team of 'bots' (against the computer in other words) in various game modes, which is good preparation for full on human v human multiplayer. I played this on the easiest setting and must admit it took a while before I was contributing to my squad with a good level of kills. I put the difficulty up to regular after a couple of weeks and this made the game a lot more fun. The 'bots' are actually very intelligent and play a lot like human players - lobbing grenades, sniping from distance and not running around like headless chickens.

          I have only just started playing full on multiplayer but I absolutely love it! It's very addictive, if a little mindless, but overall is great fun! My favourite game modes are Kill Confirmed (collect the dog tags of the players you kill) and Blitz where you score points by entering the opposition's zone, whilst trying to defend a zone of your own.

          I've only really scratched the surface of what this game has to offer, but my overall feeling is that the multiplayer experience is great fun. It's taken perseverance to be anywhere near competitive, but it's been worth it. I played this game for hours over the Christmas break and was well worth the £30 I spent on it from Asda.



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          28.11.2013 09:44
          Very helpful



          Decent FPS game. The near-obsolete console PS3 makes the experience terrible.

          I must confess I am not a Call of Duty (COD) audience. As a matter of fact I have moved away from first person shooters long time back. I must also confess that I pinched the game from my friend along with his obsolete PS3 so that I could review it over the weekend. Not being a COD fan I did not want to invest in the game and that too for my Xbox or PS4 or PC.
          All disclaimers made here is what I honestly felt about the game. My review shall be focused on the single player game as I only managed a few hours of multiplayer with my partner (awful at games) so I might be bereft of its full experience to provide an honest assessment.

          As you start playing this game on PS3 you will be aware of the shortcomings of this console having graduated to PS4. I think that this console generation is on its last leg and this COD shall be its last hurrah before the Final Post send-off.


          I was playing ACBF till recently and I can honestly say it exposes the fault-lines in COD engine. The graphics appear jumpy, the character show lot of jaggedness and the textures are really poor. I know that many COD fans would counter my argument with that a first person shooter looks good on a 60frame per second stuff but you have to admit that it looks over the hill compared to present graphic quality. It is not about frame rates anymore.
          It does not have the WOW factor. The graphics is not adequate for the present day gamer of PS3. A near obsolete PS3 being flogged to death by an aging COD engine.

          The UI being minimal looks good.


          The story is a sci-fi drama meshed up even more dramatically with history. California is destroyed by space bombardment. And then the real action begins, ten years after the destruction. In what has remained of destroyed country, the American Federation is now in a state of war against the American South in a American Civil War re-enactment. This story runs in the backdrop while the main story runs in the foreground which is a battle between the Ghosts and their former teammate Gabriel Rorke, who has come back from the dead (literally as he was believed to have died in an earlier mission that went badly wrong). This is the action game that you get to play.


          Let me first name each one of them - Logan Walker, Hesh (Logan's brother), Elias (Logan's father), Merrick, Keegan and other Ghost members, and then there is Riley the dog. Logan is a mute character that you get cast into as the first person shooter. However, Logan is not the central character. Hesh does all the talking and looks to be the main one in the plot. Elias having connections with Rourke is also important.
          You spend most of the game that can run up to 7-8 hours depending on your skills comprising of 18 missions with these characters. They tell you what to do, lead you to your enemy, shoot with you when you attack, and are with you when you breach. They are invincible so they come alive after being dead. The game calls it friendly fire and you are not supposed to indulge in it unless you want to be put back to your last checkpoint.

          The reader might be now worried what happens to Riley the dog. Well, it look like an after thought to Infinity Ward and his COD team. Riley is there for the first 3 missions and then only as a drone. In the first 3 missions when he looks to be one of the main characters also you need to carry him for one of the missions which is pretty useless for a first person shooter. When he becomes a drone post mission 3, he can only be used to scout and stealth missions and nothing more. So you seems to loose any bonding with him though you may love a good dog.


          The first mission commences with a city being swept away by landslides. The you get to navigate an icy land, then fall from a skyscraper, splash through a flooding city, swim among the debris on an ocean floor and race on a deck of a sinking ship. All awesome experience with those stunning set pieces.
          The shooting is pretty much as usual though you might get the thrill with high decibel destruction all around you. Nothing of particular note in the levels - same old real world locations.

          The gameplay looks awesome but the graphics do not live up to it. I am wondering how different it shall behave in PS4, PC or Xbox as they have more firepower in the hardware.
          The poor graphics on PS3 does not allow you to get the full effect of the excellent game settings.


          You have just one thing to do - move from place to place from one scene to another looking for Rourke. On the way you will encounter the South American Federation guys that you need to eliminate.

          When ultimately after the grueling 17 missions and 7 hours (well) spent you finally get to hunt down Rourke. Here it all gore, shrieks, high pitched threats, explosions, emotions, heroism and everything that a big-budget action movie shall give you. And then the credits roll in to the accompaniment of a brand new Eminem song.
          Logan is silent all through and Hesh is just an angry talking sniper - the characters do not have any strong personalities to attract you and keep you hooked to the game.


          Nothing of note here except that it is action music you expect from a decent game.


          It does have a good multiplayer mode. The usual FFA, Infected and Deathmatch modes are there. It also has some new ones (as claimed in the literature) - Search, Rescue/Destroy and Domination. I tried them but as written before perhaps you need a good team. I liked Cranked and can be fun. Kill confirmed is also exciting as you run into enemy firing to pickup items or just wait and catch an enemy.
          After a while I gave up on my partner but COD allows you to have a AI multiplayer mode called Squads. That looked to most promising and I shall be watching Infinity Ward in what they might be doing with it in the future.


          Again depends greatly on retailer - Ebay you get it for 30 pounds.

          LAST WORD

          Decent FPS game. The near-obsolete console PS3 makes the experience terrible.

          Review appears in Ciao UK under same name


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          26.11.2013 00:09
          Very helpful



          Go for it if you feel like you want it, it's quite fun at first!

          I had missed COD since MW3 (Modern Warfare 3) which brought back good memories. So naturally I bought the game, at first my eager anticipation was easily filled with hours of shooting fun, but in my opinion there are many problems with the new game, but there are still good things in it as well.

          We all love our shooters, am I right? Being able to look down a sight and shoot, trying not to mess up. It's thrilling, engaging and challenging. COD in my view had always been the no.1 shooter. But this game was eventually a let down compared to the memories of MW3.

          Gameplay: For people that have never played COD before, there are now always generally three types of things to do in the game. You have got the single-player campaign, Multiplayer and a mode on the side in which you can level up as well and get better equipment to use in-game. For example in MW3 it was spec ops in which you faced waves of enemies, gaining money to buy equipment and use to help you like a missile above or an automated sentry gun. Black ops 2 had zombies. And now COD Ghosts has extinction-aliens basically, then again you have other stuff to get in-game but I will talk about that later. Now also you would want to know about the actual gameplay. Basically you have a gun, and you aim down the sight to destroy enemies and shoot them. Of course this isn't it. There's tactical equipment and lethal equipment. Tactical not doing damage but helping you e.g. concussion. Lethal doing damage to enemies e.g. grenade. If you want to know the different types there are check out the COD wiki. Also there are different moves you can do to add vary to the gameplay, for example sliding, crouching, going prone, knifing, leaning round corners and or course there are different weapons to vary the playstyle like snipers to kill enemies from afar and rocket launchers to shoot down helicopters and kill many enemies at once.

          Campaign: The campaign is pretty good in the sense of having large battles. Not only is there the usual fighting though, it mixed in different things like on one mission you had to control a remote sniper to support your team. But still after a while it got rather dull, boring and tedious. Just running through maps constantly shooting people. I did though play it in one long stretch so that could've helped account for my boredom, but honestly, it's not too exciting. The storyline isn't particularly strong in my opinion, I don't want to give details, I don't want to ruin the story for you! But anyway it's good to train your shooting on various AI in many different environments and situations. This I salute them for. They really try to vary the gameplay by putting you in different situations like in one mission the dam is shot down and the whole city gets flooded. The environments they create as well are pretty epic and big, you can look so far. To me that was always impressive but for others it may just be normal modern gaming. But really still the gameplay isn't that intense either. But if you have never played COD before, you may really enjoy it and the new things it as to offer to you.

          Multiplayer: This is what truly sourced my hours of fun. It still got rather tedious, but it happened as soon as I was doing really well, I lost all interest. Don't know why, but if you aren't very good, it may actually be good. Anyway in multiplayer you face others online in many different game modes like normal team deathmatch or free-for-all where you are alone and not on a team. It seemed the same really apart from the weapons, customization and maps. The new maps that you fight on are much bigger, which really slows the fighting pace. I don't like it as I find myself running around the map constantly with no one to kill, that gets boring. In your loadouts (choice of weapons and perks to use in a battle) there are a lot of perks (a bonus to help you in the game) which is okay but often I feel like it's too much choice, like in a shop when you want to buy a certain item that has loads of different versions. The weapons are just the usual business. Automatics, semi-automatic, pistols, snipers, 3-bursts. The weapons also have attachments like for instance extended mags so you can shoot longer before reloading and hold more ammo. Also you can have a secondary weapon like a pistol or launcher. There's is also killstreak rewards that you get by killing in a row without dying. You can do this to get extra perks or you can just get a reward like a helicopter that flies above you killing enemies to get you points. The customization I find excellent, the gameplay is also fun, but sometimes I find the whole point of playing- to get points to level up which all it does is earn you squad points (points you use to buy extra guns, killstreaks, perks and equipment). Also like I said before, it gets tedious running around shooting everybody. But you never know if it's the first time playing, you may love it for a very long time.

          Extinction: In this you kill aliens basically. You destroy a certain no. of hives to then reach a nuke to use to bomb the whole place, in which you have to run back to where you started to escape. This is fairly amusing until you have completed it. Because then you have tried most of the weapons you can get off the map and have experienced every level. There are many upgrades of yourself and things you can chuck out for you and your team in the game. There are also classes which can increase your damage or increase your health. The aliens you fight can be small or big but are quite agile. There is an alien called a scorpion which also flicks poison type stuff at you. It's quite different and unique, but like other modes, can get boring over time. In the mode you can pick up money and attachments as well which makes you search around instead of constant shooting. The map is also quite decent. But the mode does tend to be bugged. The amount of glitches that have happened is annoying, like not being able to buy weapons.

          So overall it's a great, well developed shooter- but can get boring. Mostly it's doesn't glitch apart from extinction. The customization is actually fun and exciting to see how this perk will work in your next match. The maps aren't particularly great in my opinion as they are too big! I would give it a 3.5 but as it could be a lot more enjoyable for new people to the game I decided to go for a 4 instead of a 3 star.


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