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DanceStar Party (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2011-10-21 / Published by Sony

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    2 Reviews
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      01.03.2012 00:09
      Very helpful



      Dance away to over 40 songs, with their original music videos and professionals dancers.

      Product Title
      Dance Star Party (PS3)

      The Producer of the Product

      The Target Audience
      This game is for ages 12+ and for anybody who has a Play station 3 and enjoys playing dance games either for fun with friends, having competitions against them or as part of a keep fit routine as playing active games is fun and prevents gaining weight.

      £14.95 New on Ebay.co.uk

      Is the product for you?
      If you enjoy dance games, with a huge variety of genres of music, whereby you can follow along on screen either trying to beat your friends or your own records then this game is for you. If you don't like active games then I wouldn't recommend buying this game.

      The product in one
      One of the things makes this game "Great" is the fact that instead of using silly silhouettes on screen, to try and copy and dance along to, they use real people in black and white holding a Play station Move controller. Through this it makes on screen moves that you should be doing a lot more clearer allowing you to have more fun and get higher scores instead of getting frustrated as the games isn't picking up your dance moves. To the right of the screen whilst in game play you have little static illustrations which give you a warning of a second or so before each new position or dance move and to the left side of the screen you have a music video which plays in a small box which can switch to a stream of your own performance if you really want to.

      There is 40 songs embedded into this game which all come with their own official music video, and as an added bonus if you want more videos you can simply head over to the play station store and download what you like (At a price of course). All of the dancers on this game are annoyingly talented and the dances are as always professional routines. If you do go ahead and download some new content you will find confusingly that some of the dancers don't actually match up with the performances that they are performing within. Like some of the older games, they have lost there over all "Cheese fest" and done a game with a mixture of modern and old songs, which are equally as good as the rest and provide hours of fun for the youngies and the oldies.

      There is an option in the game so that when you are choosing which song you are going to dance alongside you can pick whether you want the full version or the edited short version, which obviously suits well for those last minute games before bed or those long hard sweaty dance times. You are able to choose from Beginner, Intermediate and Professional difficulty levels for each song which is good to keep the game challenging after you manage to work your way up to the harder levels. I would never recommend starting on professional to embarrass yourself unless you are already a professional dancer. If you are just ordinary like me and you manage to work your way up to these more difficult levels then believe me you feel like it's well earned.

      The dance studio in the game allows you to be able to create your own dance routines and save them afterwards if you so desire, this way instead of the professional performer on screen when you go into your favourite songs you will see yourself there which can be quite funny to watch for yourself and the people around you. The "Workout" part of the game is just simply a predetermined set of playlists which will ask you for your height and weight and will then give you a figure for how many calories it reckons you have burned at the end of the game depending on how well you have done. Obviously this can sometimes be way above or way below, because you can get away with sitting down and doing certain things which won't make you burn any calories but at the same time you can be going crazy and get a rubbish score and you would have burned more calories than it says. If you really cannot get used to the dance routines then Sony have gone ahead and put "Dance Classes" on there which gives you as much time as you need to practice and get used to their routines.

      If you have the space and the funds for extra controllers for the Play station move then it's highly recommended to with or against other people. The game supports up to 20 dancers, but if we are realistic whose going to be able to afford 20 controllers and more importantly the space to have 20 people dancing around, it would be chaotic even if you could, imagine all the footsteps jumping up and down in your living room sending things of shelves and TV's off walls. You are able to upload silly videos and pictures of yourself which is highly embarrassing, but hey it's only a bit of fun, sadly there is no way to play people online which I think would be quite fun having a worldly leader board. You can trick the game into allowing two people to play together if you dive into the options and enable singing. Yes, you can dance and sing at the same time should you so desire; would you expect anything else from the team which brought us SingStar? Your dancing will still be rated from 0-5 stars, and your singing with a simple phrase (OK singing, Cool singing, etc). The PS Eye microphone seems to pick up your voice quite well, but you can use a microphone or headset instead if you want. Hand a microphone to a friend or loved one while you handle the dancing, and you can pretend you're some kind of hideously fascinating singing/dancing duo auditioning for Britain's Got Talent.

      How does it compare to other Products?
      Compared to other dance games out there this one fares pretty well simple because it uses real people in black and white to copy on screen dance moves instead of those silly silhouettes which can sometimes be a bit confusing, annoying and not clear with what your actually meant to be doing.

      Does the Product Achieve its Purpose?
      The product achieves its purpose in that it creates a fun game which can be used either for fun or keeping active and fit. It is also one of the first games to use real people to follow along with.

      Breaking it down
      · Amerie 1 Thing
      · Barry White You're The First, The Last, My Everything
      · Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At
      · Billy Idol with Generation X Dancing with Myself
      · Bodyrockers I Like The Way
      · Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting
      · CeCe Peniston Finally
      · Chromeo Night By Night
      · Deadmau5 Ghosts 'N' Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)
      · Diana Ross Upside Down
      · Duck Sauce Barbra Streisand
      · Ellie Goulding Starry Eyed
      · Elton John I'm Still Standing
      · Example Kickstarts
      · Groove Armada feat. Gram'ma Funk I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim mix)
      · Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand Let Me Think About It
      · Iggy Pop Lust For Life
      · Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne Down
      · Jessie J Do It Like A Dude
      · Kool And The Gang Get Down On It
      · Lady Gaga Born This Way
      · LMFAO Party Rock Anthem
      · Los Del Rio Macarena
      · Miami Sound Machine Dr Beat
      · New Kids On The Block You Got It (The Right Stuff)
      · Nicole Scherzinger Don't Hold Your Breath
      · Ok Go Here It Goes Again
      · OutKast The Way You Move
      · Republica Ready To Go
      · Rihanna Rude Boy
      · SNAP! The Power
      · Tavares Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
      · The Chemical Brothers Hey Boy Hey Girl
      · Tiesto v Diplo feat Busta Rhymes C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise)
      · Tinie Tempah Pass Out
      · Usher featuring Pitbull DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love
      · Usher featuring will.i.am OMG
      · Vengaboys We Like To Party
      · Willow Whip My Hair
      · Yolanda Be Cool vs D Cup We No Speak Americano

      How to Improve
      To improve the product I would add an online mode and create a high score world leader board for more competition and fun.

      Product Rating 5/5

      (Thank you for reading my review, if you get chance please take your time to read and rate my other reviews, it will be highly appreciated and I will always go out of my way when I get chance to read through yours and give an honest rating. Many thanks J)


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      13.11.2011 21:58
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      not a bad dancing game

      I find that games for the Playstation Move can be very hit and miss. When I bought this one it was really on the strength of the demo (downloadable from the playstation store) which contains 4 songs, as at the time of purchase I couldn't find a single review for it anywhere on the web. It has turned out that this is a pretty good game that has we have really enjoyed playing and which has surprising longevity and gets the whole family dancing.

      Dancestar Party makes good use of the capability of the Move controller and camera as this dance game sees you able to watch the original music video or flip to a video of yourself (using triangle on the move controller) on screen, bar that the controls are pretty non existent, it literally is just a case of waving the move controller and dancing to the various music. The manufacturer hasn't included the track listing here, so I've included it below, it's a pretty varied mix from the right up to date to classic tracks. For each track you see a discrete grayscale dancer on the screen next to a block which shows the original video - or in the case of the Barry White song pictures of him (presumably the song was released before videos).

      You need to mirror dance following the dancer, we've mainly play at beginner level so far as none of us are particularly gifted dancers and, even given our limited dance ability, it's pretty intuitive and fun from the start. The game has an age guideline of 12 on it, presumably as some of the lyrics are not appropriate, but I've found an 8 and 5 year old fully able to play - we just choose the songs carefully. You can play at various difficulty levels and make up your own routines as well as being able to play with two or more players. We actually ended up buying another controller to make use of the multiplayer feature, and it does add to the fun as you can compete with another person and add as many dancers as you have space in your living room and available controllers. We haven't, however, been tempted to tweet/facebook the videos of ourselves, an option available as you finish each routine as let's face it no one really looks their best waving a ball on a stick around! You can watch back and save your video if you want to. Another feature is that you can use a microphone or activate the one on the camera if you wish in order to increase your score further, though having two left feet it's enough for me to concentrate on dancing rather than trying to follow the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Play also sees you unlocking various trophies along the way, though all the songs are available right from the start.

      This game is pretty well done in my opinion, they've made the dance moves just the right level of difficulty (perhaps I'm saying this as I can manage to get 5 stars at beginner level after a fair bit of practice). There's a fair bit of waving your arms up and down and wiggling. You can, to a degree cheat slightly by just waving the ball in the right places - this isn't the kinnect so your whole body moves aren't tracked - but where's the fun in that?! There is a good range of music with different tempos and styles. The developers have also tried to make the dancers blend into the original look of the artist, the graphics manage to avoid being naff - just, though in all honesty it's not the greatest example of HD graphics you will ever see. It's a good selling point that the music is actually the original rather than an imitation, though the promised "more tracks to buy" just didn't exist in the playstation store at launch and have turned out to be rather expensive with some additional songs now being available (rick astley anyone?) at £5.49 for 4 songs on the playstation store, there are 2 mixes available - this strikes me as expensive, and part of a new and annoying trend in gaming of releasing a game and then expecting you to pay extra for add ons you didn't know you were going to need. On the positive side I have seen this game priced as lowly as £5.75 - its price seems to fluctuate wildly on amazon, so despite being linked to the better known Singstar (which I haven't played), it is an affordable game.

      The game itself is great fun to play once you get past feeling slightly silly - there are "energy level" guides to each song which don't necessarily equate to difficulty, for that it's trial and error you will need to play to find out, we've found "kung fu fighting" sees us easily getting 5 stars and being encouraged with lots of "flawless!" and "awesome!" on screen, where other songs are more challenging and take a while to pick up. They certainly get the players moving, and it's good that you can choose a long or shorter version of each song as you play. There are enough tracks and variety to ensure the game doesn't get repetitive too quickly. Though you don't have the level of tracking that I assume you would have if playing on the kinnect platform, the move does work pretty well here in my opinion and this is an enjoyable family game and, at the right place, definitely one to consider having in your collection if you have a move controller. It's not the best PS3 game I've ever played, but it's far from being the worst and the kids love it!

      Track listing as not included in the product description:

      1. Amerie - 1 Thing 2. Barry White - You're The First, The Last, My Everything 3. Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? 4. Billy Idol With Generation X - Dancing with Myself 5. Bodyrockers - I Like The Way You Move 6. Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting 7. CeCe Peniston - Finally 8. Chemical Bros - Hey Boy Hey Girl 9. Chromeo - Night By Night 10. Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire - Ghosts `N' Stuff 11. Diana Ross - Upside Down 12. Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand
      13. Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed 14. Elton John - I'm Still Standing 15. Example - Kickstarts 16. Groove Armada (Fatboy Slim remix) - I See You Baby 17. Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It 18. Iggy Pop - Lust For Life 19. Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne - Down 20. Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude 21. Kool & the Gang - Get Down On It 22. Lady Gaga - Born This Way 23. LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem 24. Los Del Rio - Macarena 25. Miami Sound Machine - Dr Beat 26. New Kids On The Block - You've Got The Right Stuff 27. Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath 28. Ok Go - Here It Goes Again 29. Outkast - The Way You Move 30. Republica - Ready To Go 31. Rihanna - Rude Boy 32. Snap! - The Power 33. Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel 34. Tiesto vs Diplo ft Busta - C'Mon (Catch Them By Surprise) 35. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out 36. Usher ft. Pitbull - DJ Got Us Falling In Love 37. Usher ft. will.i.am - OMG 38. Venga Boys - We like to Party 39. Willow Smith - Whip My Hair 40. Yolanda Be Cool - We No Speak Americano


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