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Disney Sing It (PS3)

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Genre: Music & Dancing / Release Date: 2008-11-07 / Published by Disney Interactive

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    1 Review
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      18.02.2013 12:46
      Very helpful



      "We're soarin', flyin', there's not a star in heaven that we can't reach..."

      Disney Sing It. Playstation 3.

      Firstly I am faced with the debate of should I admit to owning this game? Ah, ok, yes I am the owner of the Disney Sing It game for the Playstation 3. Disney Sing It, as you may have guessed, is a singing game. It is like Disney's version of the popular Singstar games. And What can I say?! I like singing, I am terrible at it and I know it, but this is what makes it fun because I never take it too seriously.

      The game comes in a normal PS3 game box, which contains the game disc along with an instruction manual for the game. The game instruction manual is written in English and is clear and simple to follow, it contains only a little information which covers disc insertion and care as well as controller settings and contact information for the producers of the game.

      Take the Mic!
      Disney Sing It is played by singing into a microphone and following the lyrics on the screen. For those of you who have played Singstar this game works in exactly the same way as that, and for those of you who haven't played and are still lost with what I'm talking about here, its kind of like karaoke on your games console which rates your singing and gives you a false sense of confidence in your singing abilities!

      The game is compatible with the Singstar microphones and also any other USB microphone which you can plug into the PS3.

      Apologies to the Neighbours!
      I'm sure by now the neighbours have heard my singing and for this I officially apologise! My singing is terrible and I know it, but I think this is why I enjoy it so much, I don't take it seriously and there is quite often a glass of wine in my hand when this game comes out to play!

      So, what am I singing? Well, this is where it gets embarrassing because the back of the game case doesn't list the songs included on the game, so seeing Disney I was expecting a mix including some classics as well as Camp Rock and Hannah Montana which was described as being "included" on the game with "other favourites", little did I realise that "included" actually means that it contains mainly songs from Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2 and Hannah Montana with the "other favourites" being a couple of High School Musical and Miley Cyrus tracks thrown in at the end of the track list! Hmm... not so great really! I am 30 years old with no children so my knowledge of these films is well basic to say the least! I do like High School Musical and I confess to owning the DVD's so because of this I know those songs, but up until buying this game I had never seen the Camp Rock or Hannah Montana films and had no interest in watching them. Since owning this game I have watched Camp Rock as I stumbled across it on Disney channel one day... "never again!" is all I can say about that one!

      When you first play the game you can choose any song you like, thankfully there doesn't seem to be any locked songs so I could skip straight through the Camp Rock and Hannah Montana to the High School Musical stuff I know! Its actually quite worrying how well it turned out that I knew the songs! I then found it even more worrying that I seem to know a Miley Cyrus almost off by heart, and I didn't even know it was her who sang it! Says something about my music taste I think!

      From here on the game is just like Singstar, you are taken to the song screen and all you need to do is sing into the microphone in tune with the song. The words are displayed at the bottom of the screen and a bar moves across the words so you know when you should be singing and at what tempo. In the centre of the screen there is a pitch bar which allows you to keep track of how in tune you are with the song and next to the pitch bar you have your score adding up nicely... maybe! This will depend on your singing!

      At the end of your song you are taken to a screen which tells you how good or bad your rendition of the song was and you will then be given a rating. Now this is where you may be given false hope of how well you can actually sing because I know for a fact that my singing is well... suitable for the shower and if I ever hit a high note then glass would probably shatter! But not according to Sing It! After singing to "Breaking Free" from High School Musical and the other few songs from the High School Musical films, this game always seems to give me a really good rating and tell me that I rock! Now, something isn't right here, either I am unaware of my hidden singing talents and I should be getting my application form out for the next X Factor, or the singing in these Disney films is really that bad that it means that even I look like a good singer! Hmm... I wonder which it is?!

      For me, this game is mainly all about singing a few High School Musical songs, I have tried the others but as I don't know them it makes it really hard to sing along and therefore no fun at all. I also get a little distracted because the films are shown in the background while you are singing and most of the time I sit singing and saying "omg" to the cheesiness of the films! Yes, I realise this game is definitely one for the little uns and because of that I will be generous with my rating of the game as I have no doubt that all those little Zac Efrons and Hannah Montana's out there will love this game, but I do feel that a track list on the reverse of the game box or clearer definition of the words "includes" and "including" would definitely benefit the buyer and avoid mishaps like mine.

      Stretching Those Vocal Chords!
      One element of the Disney Sing It game which is different to Singstar is that there is an area called Sing It Pro. In this area you will find a variety of training options where you can warm up your voice as well as practice getting the perfect pitch and harmony and do breathing exercises. I find this section to be a little different and in a way kind of fun. I have noticed that after doing the warm up exercise in particular my score does seem to improve, that is by no means saying that it makes me able to sing, because put simply, it doesn't! But there is a slight improvement in my score. I do kind of like this section but personally I find the voice instruction to be a little cheesy, although as I mentioned earlier this game is aimed more for the younger children so they might not notice so much!

      Going It Alone!
      Disney Sing It also features an option called Go It Alone, with this option you will have the video or film clip playing in the background and the characters will be singing, however, you will have no words and no pitch bar to guide you with your singing, hence the name Go It Alone. At the end of the song you are presented with your score and here is where I can embarrass myself once more and say I seemed to know most of the words to the High School Musical songs by heart... I really need to get out more and find other sources of entertainment for my days off where I quite obviously get way too bored!

      There is a wide variety of multiplayer options in the game providing that you have two microphones to sing with. As my partner refuses point blank to play any singing games with me I have been unable to properly play the multiplayer options, however I have attempted to hold both mics and sing into them both... yes, I was bored and had time on my hands! First off we have Duet which as it sounds is simply two people singing a song together for a combined score at the end of the song. Next up we have Versus, which is similar to Duet but you have separate scores and the winner is the one who sang the best for the highest score. After Versus we are given Gig Mode, this mode seems quite a good option as you can choose a selection of songs and the order you want to sing them and then simply sing them in a kind of sing-a-thon and collect a final score at the end. Finally there is a Team mode where if you have more than 2 players you can divide yourselves into teams and battle it out to see who is number 1!

      The controls of the game are very easy, you use the Playstation 3 controller to scroll through and select your songs and you use the USB or Singstar microphones to sing. This is all that is needed and I'm sure most children will be able to do this unassisted with ease.

      Playstation Network Trophies
      Disney Sing It was released in 2008 and therefore does not have any Playstation Network Trophies to be won as these were only mandatory from 2009. All that singing and no treasure to show for it! Some of the newer Disney Sing It titles do have trophies though, if you want more Disney that is!

      Graphics and Sound
      The graphics in the game are mainly the music videos or scenes from the films which the songs feature in, these all seem to play smoothly and do look rather cheesy! I'm so glad I haven't seen all of the films included on the game! The main part of the sound will obviously depend on how well you sing! But the background sound of the pre-recorded song is clear and sounds as good as teeny-bopper cheesy-pop can!

      Price and Availability
      I bought my copy of Disney Sing It here in Krakow for 69zl (Polish Zloty) which is around £12 - £14 depending on the exchange rate. I've checked on eBay and I can see this game is widely available at very low prices, not surprising really! I was tempted to sell my copy but after seeing the average selling price I think I will keep it and enjoy the occasional cheesy moment!

      This is a tough game to judge as it is aimed more for children and not really for 30 year old me! From a me point of view I wouldn't recommend Disney Sing It to other adults, no matter how much you may love Singstar this is just not a Singstar quality game. If you love Disney and really do want to sing Disney songs then I would suggest checking out the Disney Sing It: Family Hits game as this appears to be where the classic Disney songs are hiding.

      However, as a 30 year old who has a 10 year old brother so knows roughly how those little humans amongst us work, I would recommend this game. It is cheesy, camp and generally carefree fun for little 'uns! There is no violence or bad language in the game and in my opinion this would be the perfect option as a Singstar alternative for younger children who are much more likely to not only know the songs but also to enjoy them and love singing along to them with the microphones.

      I do stick with my original statement about it not being clear from the game box that it contains only Camp Rock, Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana and so on. I think the game box should have a track list on the reverse in the same way that the Singstar games do.

      I will be giving the game 3 out of 5 stars as I feel the box is reasonably misleading and also I feel that while the game will appeal to young children and they will have great fun being a pop star, I also think it will loose its appeal quite quick as I've seen from watching my brother growing up just how fast children get bored and move onto the next "in" thing!

      Thanks for reading :)


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