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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (PS3)

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Genre: Fighting / Release Date: 2010-10-24 / Published by Namco

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2012 14:43
      Very helpful



      Good game for fighting fans

      Graphics: Creating Dragon Ball Z graphics is fairly difficult, meaning it has to tread the line between cartoon and next-gen visualisation, the dynamics are more extreme than most fighting games; rather than special moves being throws and locks, characters are slung across maps, smashing through mountains and buildings. As usual, the best graphics aren't on offer here, but all things considering the visuals in this game are good, better than any previous DBZ game by a wide margin. Raging Blast 2 captured to fast pace of the fighting and has some great character interactions in the fighting, although some of the ultimate moves (ki blasts and the like) look a little underwhelming. The environments are well designed and textured for a fighting game, but lack any real detail or character or are too small to be properly enjoyable. The unlockable maps seem to be the best.
      All in all, the graphics look sufficenlty DBZ-esque, whilst still managing to hold up as modern fighting game with movements being adequately realistic.

      Gameplay: Gameplay is both addictive and fun, occasionally frustrating, but impressive in most aspects. DBZ RB2 is defiantly the most complex fighting game I've ever played, having different buttons or button combination for attack, chi attack, special attack, super move, ultimate move, block, dodge, counter attack, charging power, teleport, jump, move and fly. This means you have more variety in your movements and after playing a while, you can achieve a fight somewhat like the show you watched as a kid. Ground and aerial combat is slightly different, and often inter-changes as you slam your opponent into the ground or send them flying off into a mountain. Also, there are 50 different characters to unlock, from either the manga/anime or one of the films; the amount of special moves, different controls and unique playable characters gives the game a fair amount of longevity. The biggest negative aspect is a flurry of attacks can be undefendable agaisnt, as your opponent can basically keep unleashing high powered attacks then beat you as you lay helpless on the ground, with no real way to get out of a death beating. This means online (or maybe 2 player), whoever gets the first hit in can decide the game.

      Story: No real story mode to this game, other then 'Galazy mode' which doesn't let you fly around as previous games, but is basically a Tekken-ish arcade mode, in which all your unlocked characters can fight other characters in the game's various maps with a slight resemblance to the story (Krillin vs. Mecha-Cooler, what?) which means you'll likely never finish it completely. Still, it's good to hone your skills on, and can unlock various items/maps/characters so it's worth a go.

      Sound: The worst part of the game. None of the original, cool music is included and the in-game musici s pretty much Japanese progressive rock. Or heavy metal. Neither of which goes very well, the same as the god awful music which plays on the character select screen which makes me turn it off. It gets points for having most of the original cast record new dialogue with in-jokes, and being able to switch between songs played, meaning you can find something bearable.


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