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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Atari / Genre: Fighting

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    2 Reviews
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      21.08.2009 00:38
      Very helpful
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      A good fighting game.

      Dragonball Z Burst Limit is a fighting game for the Playstation 3.

      The story mode on offer is the Z Chronicles mode which covers most of the Dragonball Z Sagas going from the Sayain saga where you encounter GOkus brother Raditz and have to defeat him and then the powerful Sayain warriors who come from outer space to the Cell Saga which is the penultimate Saga of the series where Gohan Gokus son realeases his inner potential and succeeds his father as the hero of the Earth.

      The story mode in the game is really enhanced by the Drama Piece moments that the game has, when you are fighting you will trigger certain events which goes into a short cut scene of a character getting angry or a friend helping you and it really adds in some cool moments. You can also do these Drama pieces in 2 player fights but usually there is no dialogue just a friend charging in and shouting or saying, here you go and giving you a senzu bean.

      The character selection is far more limited than the Budokai Tenkaichi games offering only a handful of the series many fighters, you do get the most popular ones however from Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and villains like Frieza and Cell.

      The fighting system has gone back to a more traditional style and each fighter has their own unique combos to master. They have also added in the Aura spark mode where you can land really powerful attacks and use your ultimate technique. The game also has added the smash attack where you can smash an enemy away then chase them and you will enter a minigame where you rapidly tap the buttons to see how many hits you get to land.

      Graphics are really amazing with superbly detailed character models and good animation though the voice acting does the anime trick of never matching up with the mouth movements of the characters.

      Apart from the disappointing shortened story mode it offers a really intense and immersive fighting experience.


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        16.08.2009 15:09



        Better luck next time!

        Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit's is the first Dragon Ball Z game to be created for the PlayStation and X box 360 and I must admit the transition is a little shaky.

        Like the first Dragon Ball Z Budokai you can only play the first few saga's which means that you can't really play much story mode. The game play is the same as the other games that you can buy, which makes you wonder why you are paying more money. Instead of the steady increase of playable characters in the previous games the game actually cuts many of the characters out from the previous games. There are some advantages to this game though. The graphics to the game is second to none. It makes you feel that you are actually playing the characters. There were more special moves in this game which makes for better gameplay.

        In my opinion the best part of the game is the battling you are allowed to do against friends and the computer. The worst part of that game is that you are only allowed a limited amount of a story mode and less characters.

        My Recommendation is to pass on this game. In late 2009 they are making a new PS3/X box 360 Dragon Ball Z game which will probably be better. So my recommendation is to pass on this game and wait for the next


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