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Driver San Francisco (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Driving & Racing / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2011-09-02 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      28.07.2013 11:56



      an awesome game with almost endless entertainment but graphics can be fuzzy

      Driver is a very good game the story is well layed out and easy to follow and there is much to do even after you've completed the game , the story follows a man called Tanner who is a detective at San Francisco police department he and his partner Johns are celebrating and because they've finally arrested the most wanted man Jericho , Jericho manages to escape and take control of a police truck tanner finds out and him and johns pursue Jericho ,ending in tanner having a car crash with a truck , Tanner goes into a coma and in his dream he starts to solve pieces of the investigation to find out where Jericho is, tanner has also gained some form of super power where he can leap from car to car and take over the body of the driver.


      Driver is an awesome game and entertains throughout the hole game , when free roaming in the huge city of San Francisco there is much to do you can get pursued by the police or take over the body of a police driver and take down the criminals, one of the coolest features in my opinion :) is that you can actually replay some of the most famous movie scenes like bullet , dukes of hazard, and the original driver game challenges , when your actually driving the car its very fun its not hard to throw the back and out of the car and have some fun and with a garage filled with 120 real icons of the car world this game well keep you entertained for days and days.


      Driver has its ups as well as its downs the graphics are good but depending on your TV they can be found a bit scratchy and maybe sometimes fuzzy and the only other disadvantage is that you cant physically get out of the car ,Ubisoft tried to keep it like the original first ever driver where you could only drive but hey! it is driver.

      in my OPINION <<<< its a very good game with almost endless entertainment the story is easy to follow and fun filled , the only thing that lets you down is the graphics can be a bit fuzzy and can be found a bit borig because you cant phisically get out the car but you can mentally.


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      18.07.2012 21:21
      Very helpful



      Burnout Paradise is still the better arcade racer, but this Driver definetly deserves a look.

      John Tanner, legendary driver and cop gets into a nasty accident and ends up in a coma. Like most comatose beings, Tanner has no idea that he's lying in a hospital bed flirting with death. Unlike most comatose beings, Tanner is dreaming that he's some sort of car ghost, capable of 'shifting' from his fleshy form into the body of any other driver in San Francisco. The story is ridiculous but why should that matter? When did you last buy a racing game based on the plot? If you want that watch Ryan Gosling in Drive and occasionally fiddle with the remote so you can pretend it's a story based driving game you pretentious twit.

      Basically you're playing as a psychotic Google maps, and as gimmicks go that's a pretty good one. You can shift to another car mid-race and smash it into your opponent, or maybe you're about to crash horribly and decide you'd rather just steal another car and carry on non-wrecked in that one instead. The possibilities aren't endless, they're pretty much those two I mentioned there, but the game comes up with plenty of fun missions to keep the idea feeling fresh.

      Some of these missions however, force you to use the car Tanner has warped into at the start and during a few races near the end of the game this very nearly made me give the game 1 star, using my blood for ink and scraping out the shape of the star with the shattered remains of my controller that I had smashed to bits after my car had swerved and started driving in the wrong DAMN direction for the FIFTIETH DAMN TIME. Yes I know you can warp into other cars and take down traffic, using them to win the race. Yes I know that some of the cars are designed for high speeds so it's realistic that they should spin out so easily. My point is that forcing players to use a car that they're not going to enjoy racing in (and trust me, after the fiftieth attempt at manoeuvring the thing I knew I would never enjoy driving it) is the sort of outdated feature you wouldn't expect in a modern racing game, particularly one as innovative as this. Besides, what are realistic cars doing in a game that makes Life on Mars look like The Wire? Still if that's your kind of thing there are plenty of fully licenced real world cars in the game for you to enjoy completely missing the point with.

      The story is entertaining enough for you to want to see it through, even if the dramatic irony is layed on a bit thick ("What's going on?" asks Tanner as you scream "YOU'RE IN A COMA, YOU'RE IN A BLOODY COMA! WE'VE KNOWN THIS FOR ABOUT TEN LEVELS NOW!" at the screen). The writing is solid throughout, particularly the titbits of conversation you pick up when you shift into random civilian cars (Tanner will usually respond to at least half of the passengers in the game).

      Not every mission is a winner and the map feels a bit empty considering the possibilities of the shift mechanic. There are tokens to collect and challenges all over the place but it could have injected a bit more personality, some destructive environments would have been nice, such as the Billboards from Burnout Paradise.

      That's the main problem I have with the game, fun story and great gimmick aside this just isn't as good as the incredible Burnout Paradise. It's still a great game, and you'll get a lot out of it but when it comes to dumb fun racing Burnout Paradise has the edge in terms of speed, handling and crashes - which is pretty vital for a racing game. If you're looking for something new, try Driver San Francisco and I'm sure you'll have fun with it, but Burnout Paradise remains the best arcade racer of this console generation.


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