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Facebreaker (PS3)

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Genre: Sports / Rating: T - (Teen) / up to 2 players / published by: Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2010 21:41
      Very helpful



      if you see it cheap get it...its 3 weeks of fun

      I don't think I have bought a boxing game since fight night round 2 way back on the ps2 but when I saw face-breaker for only £2.50 on Amazon it really didn't matter how good it was. But however I hadn't read the reviews first and didn't know that it was a cartoon style boxing game. But it could still be good right?

      Well in this bit I would usually outline the plot but with this game its very very simple. A group of lunatics that like to hit each other. Refreshingly simple? No just a little to simple.

      As I mentioned earlier this game breaks away from the ultra realism that other boxing games strive for and has a Pixar style cartoon quality that sum how works. It remains however crystal clear and incredibly detailed. It surprised me in fact that cartoon graphics could look so stunning and actually use the HD processing system of the ps3. However the same cant be said for the lighting system. Even the arenas that should be specially dark or light seem to have the same standard lighting and poor shadow work. Also the way that clothes and hair react to punches really don't seem to fit and the way a dazed opponent moves is very poor looking not to mention the standard reaction to a punch no matter were you throw it and in what direction.

      Okay so the graphics and movements are just a real let down. However I was able to get over these gripes as I played the game I realised something. This was a genuinely good game. It was very funny in parts and had a list of crazy characters and a new moves system that worked very well. You have a bar that shows you how many punches have got in without receiving a blow your self. Once you have a high enough combo you can unleash a special move. Depending on how high your combo meter is you can unleash more devastation. Start out with the bonebreaker, a few more hits and you can preform a ground breaker, then a sky breaker, but in if you can land a crazy amount of hits in one combo you can unlock the FACEBREAKER. The face-breaker will end the game in one insanely powerful blow that turns your opponents face into mush. This is all very fun and has a great humour factor. It fells great watching your opponent fall at your feet with this once blow that you've spent so long building up. I in fact loved everything about this game and could see past the graphical issue and focus on the zany game play and crazy range of characters from the mental patient to the boxing monkey, from the British DJ to the African Witch-Doctor. It was lovable crazy fun that didn't take it self seriously at all. The bosses were hard and the battles were at times very long and intense. However when I thought I mastered the single player I decided to take it online but to my shock it would not let me access it. Its not my online that's fine. Its not my Ea account that's fine. Everything was tried and tested but it wouldn't let me play any online at all. By now ive mastered the parry and punch system and get a face-breaker within the first round even on the highest difficulty.

      It was a very good game but with no online to move onto it wasn't very long. The parry system can easily get you a facebreaker 30 seconds in to the match if you get into a rhythm. Three weeks later face breaker was in the bin. But hey £2.50 I cant really moan. But I sure as hell cant sell it on.


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  • Product Details

    The renaissance of the arcade boxing genre is upon us. Created by the same team that developed the award-winning Fight Night Round 3, this all-new intellectual property offers irreverent fun, immersive gameplay and eye-popping stylized graphics.

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