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FIFA 14 (PS3)

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3 Reviews
  • The commentary
  • Advanced player collision engine
  • Missing online teamplay
  • Chemistry styles
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    3 Reviews
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      03.02.2015 02:56
      Very helpful


      • "The commentary "
      • "Visual variety improvement"
      • "More flexible. shooting"
      • "Dribble more free"
      • "New ball system"
      • "Advanced player collision engine"


      • "Missing online teamplay"
      • "Chemistry styles"
      • "Static movements"

      Fun game and will appeal to football fans as the classic gameplay

      Well, and so the time has come, ladies and gentlemen. It’s been thirteen years since the FIFA series made its initial debut on the PlayStation 2 in the US. During that time, the franchise has going through a number of changes, including the development of interactive leagues and real-life moves – things which only grew to bigger and better things come the advent of the PlayStation 3. Now, with FIFA 14 – the latest addition to the long-running series – people are bidding the PS2 editions adieu and adios, as this new title is only being distributed for that now-almost-completely-obsolete console in sections of Europe and Latin America (FIFA 14 will also be the first title of the series to be released for the PlayStation 4).

      And the fact FIFA 14 was developed for the PS2 and PS3 might just explain some of the decidedly choppy and rather undefined graphics players will occasionally see in this game (a number of AI glitches also occur). That said, the overall graphics are fine this time ’round. Gameplay itself is pretty familiar if you’ve tried any of the entries before, but there has to be a reason people keep coming back to this one, right? The inclusion of new menus and a revised Career and Ultimate Team Modes adds to an otherwise all-too-familiar legacy fans of the series have been enjoying all over the world for nearly two decades.

      A brand new system known as Real Ball Physics is probably the greatest addition for this one – wherein the ball is now able to act more realistically in relation to the world around us (read: like a real ball!). This, naturally, makes things a lot more enjoyable when you’re on the field and frantically switching between your team members in a desperate attempt to snatch that victory from the other guys – providing you don’t do anything to tick off that referee fellow, that is.


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      25.05.2014 19:48
      Very helpful


      • "Simple interface"
      • "A huge volume of official licenses so real players and teams"
      • "Fantastic graphics"
      • "Superb gameplay and control system"


      Control on a whole new level

      For years now Fifa has been the biggest name in footballing games on consoles but with PES each year working hard on their own offering it has been a case that EA Sports has needed to keep on working hard to ensure its offering continues to be the market leader and for me with this years offering they have proven that they are continuing to work hard on making sure their game is the best it can be.

      The game is once again simply brilliant in terms of its presentation standards and commentary on offer which for me is one of the biggest things which sets this game apart from the contenders to its crown. Through the great licensing that EA manages to achieve each year on Fifa the games have a real build up to them and this helps to heighten the anticipation of the gamer as you want to take control of your team and lead them to victory.

      The control system is again cleverly devised and enables for excellent control and movement which will take a little time to perfect but once you have it figured out then it enables you to have much more of a say on the pitch than you previously had available in other versions of Fifa which I love about this version.

      The best thing for me in this game is that thanks to the great control you have over things going on with your players on the pitch you can play football the way you want it to be played and score the goals you dream of happening in real life. The fact that through the brilliant licensing you are able to do all of this with the official team names, player names and kits of your side makes this something which you really do love to play and can sit and play for hours on end and so for any football fan this is something well worth having on your side.


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      13.12.2013 10:30
      Very helpful



      Great game.


      I had been wanting to get back into video games in a big way for a while now and bought a new PS3 the other day with some money that I had saved and some of my Birthday money that I received on Saturday. My Brother bought me FIFA 14 as he knew I was about to get a PS3. FIFA 14 is the latest installment of the superbly successful series from EA Sports. Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale feature on the cover of the game as you can see here. FIFA 14 was released on 27th September 2013 and has proved immensely popular as you would expect. It's available for £29.99 on the PS3 and is available on several other consoles too which will vary in price.


      This is somewhere the game really excels at, It's gameplay is really impressive and the whole TV like coverage is a good feature despite the co commentary of Alan Smith who sits alongside Martin Tyler for the commentary. Jeff Stelling presents the TV Coverage and Alan McInally reports on other games in his Soccer Saturday role. The games are entertaining and the atmosphere of a big game is replicated really well with plenty of fan participation. Players are reproduced well with the gate and way they strike the ball being noticeably well produced.


      This is another excellent part of the game, Whilst the graphics aren't as jaw dropping as some racing and platform games this is still a major plus point for FIFA 14. The top players are dealt with realistically and the Stadia are well reproduced too. The video replays are dealt with well too and allow the greatness of a move or goal to be shown in detail. I have seen better graphics on other games but certainly not on a Football game and it seems the Graphics get better with every edition of FIFA.


      You can play as a Manager and do all the various things you would on any Football management simulation but the added bonus is that you can actually decide the games on the pitch, It's in your control. You are in charge of all the things like transfers, team setups and everything else. I am currently about a quarter way through the first Premier League season and it is impressive all round with some great enhancements to the Management system.


      You can play online with friends and random people. This allows you to practice with different users and also have a bit of fun when you don't fancy playing a League season and just want to play a few games. The game has a big online presence and you can upload your results to a leaderboard through the Internet to compete with users around the world. It's amazing how much online gaming has become such a part of our gaming use and this tool really works well as you and your friends can play over the Internet without being all together.

      **Skill Games**

      There are plenty of games to test your skills and to teach you how to play the game and pick up pointers if you are new to the FIFA series and want to learn the controls and get a feel for the game before starting a season. There are plenty of things to do here and you can play with friends too which is a plus when having your friends over and learning the game. I haven't played many of these yet and only really play a couple of turns before every game as there is a short skill drill which allows you to earn points for each successful completion of a particular skill.


      I have been a fan of the FIFA series from EA Sports for a long time now and with this new game they have raised the bar for the rest with a comprehensive game which has so much going for it. It has a very strong longevity about it and will continue to be very highly praised by fans and critics alike. It's the best FIFA game they've done and although a few things you need to get used to it's a very good game indeed which I will have plenty of use out of for the next couple of years. It's a great all round Football simulation.


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