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Ghostbusters (PS3)

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13 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Parental Guidance / Release Date: 2009-06-19 / Published by Sony

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    13 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 13:20
      Very helpful



      Overall good game

      We have had our Ghostbusters game for the PS3 for about eighteen months now and I have played it on my own more times that I care to remember and I have also played it with my little lad. He is a big fan of the hit Film and that is the primary reason we bought this second hand from Game for about £12.

      The basic premise of the game is an outbreak of ghosts who come swarming in on New York (United States) and the object of the game is basically to demolish and obliterate all the ghosts and ghoulies by means of your controls using the third person shooter method.

      There are various 'level's of ghoulies, including lower grade ones, middle grade ghosts and 'boss' type ghosts - all of them have different ways of being eliminated by the player and as the grade increases, so does the difficulity rating of 'killing' the ghosts.

      The graphics are really good, in my opinion and I also love the fact that the oroginal voices of the characters are used in the game, which in my opinion, really adds to the overall effect. The sound quality I also think is excellent. Throughout the game, there is also the familiar theme tune of the film (which everyone surely is familiar with), and though this is initially great, once you have been playing it for a while, it can start to get on your nerves, in my opinion.

      I liked the fact that before I started to use the game porperly, I could do 'training mode' and get used to 'zapping' each ghost dead, before I started to play for real. I like the way the game is set up in that I can play alongside the ghostbusting team and as I shoot / zap a ghost it loses some energy. The more ghosts I capture, then the more money I gain and with this money I am able to upgrade my equipment.

      To combat the ghosties the game allows me to initially be equippped with a proton which damages most ghosts and captures the stronger ones for me to drag into traps in the game. This is great fun, and as I get further I manage to obtain a slime gun that lets me pull some parts of the scenery across the screen. This helps me to get to a different part of the game field.

      This is an addictive and fun game for all the family and the little lad really enjoys playing on it. Even though I have played on my own, I have also played in multiplayer for up to four players in total and if I wanted to I would be able to play online with up to three friends.

      In my opinion, this is a great family game, the music gets a little samey but I think it is good fun and I very much have to say this is recommended.

      Review also poste don Cia as sorehead


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        30.05.2011 08:25
        Very helpful



        Effectively the third Ghostbusters movie so a must have for fans.

        In my opinion and from everything I heard about the development of the game, this is effectively Ghostbusters 3. The original cast did not want to make a movie, so they came together to work on this. The creative process involved Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd and all the main cast members from the films reprised their rolls (even down to Walter peck and Janine Melnetz). The whole game has an authentic feel and fans of the movies will feel at home for the 5-7 hours it takes you to complete the game.

        Story: You play as a new recruit to the original 4 Ghostbusters and the premise for the story is that Ivo Shandor set up a system for releasing and collecting all ghosts in order to bring the world to an end.

        Visuals: Generally very good. Ghost catching is dazzling and characters look like their real life counterparts. Some of the cut scenes are particularly impressive, though this is not true for all.

        Gameplay/Controls: Gameplay basically consists of two methods. The first is to zap ghosts to weaken them then throw out a capture stream and trap them. The second is blasting stuff until it blows up. Simple. Controls are nothing amazing but work well. The game plays out as an over the shoulder shooter giving you a good view all around.

        Weapons: The proton stream is the most enjoyable weapon, but is backed up by the slime blower (like the movie but shoots green slime or a bungie cord), a stasis stream/blaster (think freeze ray and shotgun) and the meson collider (think heat-seaking machine gun). All weapons can be upgraded through the game.

        Sounds: Authentic, all main music from the films is there and ghosts scream delightfully as they are pulled into the trap.

        Multiplayer: A decent set of cooperative modes (surviving waves of enemies, capturing ghosts in a time limit and protecting artefacts from thieving ghosts) with four random rounds being put together to make a "Campaign" with points being awarded as money from capturing ghosts. Your characters rank levels up but you do not receive perks or weapon upgrades which is disappointing. Keeps the game interesting for a while longer until you reach the highest rank and have nothing to do.

        Worth it? Fans of the films MUST buy this as it is the closest we are going to get to a new film for many years. If you are not already a fan, they game will fail to offer anything you couldn't get in other games.


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        06.05.2010 19:32
        Very helpful



        Glad I rented it and didn't buy it

        I rented this game through love film. com and after two days I am sending it back , after really looking forward to playing it

        I remember Ghost busters as a kid , both from the films , the Sega mega drive game and the cartoon , so you can imagine my excitement at seeing this game had been up dated and brought out for the newer consoles

        First impressions of the cut scenes was ohh this is going to be fun to play and was an improvement of the graphics of the sega machine , the game does play homage to when the movies were made in the 90s by being set during this time

        The game starts of with you becoming a recruit of the ghost busters team and are thrown into action by having to chase slimmer in the basement , this is to give you a basic grasp of the controls , thankfully unlike other games this is a very short training part

        training over you are sent on your first mission to the hotel , where you again chase slimmer around then you have to capture some other ghosts

        You then spend some time wandering about in the semi darkness having to use a PKE meter to chase down yet another ghost , at this point after wandering aimlessly around the level I nearly gave up the ghost at this point

        But I struggled on and chased more ghosts and tried to slam them in the trap , to move onto the next level where you chase the stay puft man

        There was yet ... getting boring now more chasing of ghosts doing the same thing again and again and again , to the point it became pointless

        All right you can upgrade equipment with the money you make catching ghosts but it really wasn't what I remember to the now out dated sega game

        After about 4 hours in total playing the game it got shoved back in the return envelope and now on its way back to love film , Im glad I did not spend the £34.47 being charged by Amazon as I think id have traded it in by now


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          24.03.2010 15:16
          Very helpful



          Good to rent, not worth a purchase

          Unfortunately this is game that could have offered so much more than it did.

          The story line starts off with you taking on the role of new recruit, which is useful for including training exercises into the story line, but otherwise disappointing as this character has no personality on show whatsoever.

          The story starts with catching ghosts, and at first this is highly enjoyable. To catch the ghosts (of varying difficulty) you need to "zap em, cap em, trap em" but when you've done this 50+ times for ghosts throughout the game, you really start to get fed up with it, and with little variation available, this is a major flaw.

          In addition to the repetitiveness of the way you catch ghosts, there also seems to be repetitiveness in storyline. Numerous times you are transferred into parallel universes (don't worry, no spoilers) for you to navigate your way through, which isn't enjoyable the first time never mind the fifth. The puzzles also remind you of very early ps1 games (finding a power switch under the stairs to open a door for example), again, disappointing.

          The joke nature of the game and my overall love of the films makes me recommend this for PS3 owners to rent, however the repetitiveness of the overall game will make sure you will be more than willing to give it back when the rental is up.


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          04.11.2009 21:22



          Good Brings back childhood memories

          who ya gonna call?!?!?! "Ghost Busters"
          I bought this game the very first day it came out and I could'nt wait to get home to play it as I waited for ages for it to hit the shops.
          I love the ghost buster movies and I'm looking forward to the third installment coming soon.
          It was great playing it at first but by the time I completed it, it was over to soon! I wanted more it only took me 2 days to complete.
          The storyline was ok and I thought it was a good idea introducing the 5th member of the ghostbuster team for the gamer simply called "Rookie". It brought back happy memorys of seeing Peter, Ray,Egon and Winston together again doing what they do best.
          Together they fight old ghost like slimer and stay puff man and even the ghstly libarian makes a return there is also some new ghosts in the game.
          This game takes you through manhatten and beyond to other relms.
          There is tons of game play in this game plus you can play upto 4 players on this.
          As the game goes on you'll have a chance to upgrade your weapons adding new things to them and buying things like new traps and PKE meters. The more ghosts you bust the more money you'll get to upgrade. You have the standard proton pack then as the game goes on you can upgrade these to for more powerful weapons.

          Such as -

          Blast Stream Focusing
          Blast Stream Recoil Reduction
          Boson Dart Supercharger
          Boson Dart Damage Immunity
          Slime Blower Force Increase
          Slime Blower Consumption Decrease
          Slime Tether Duration Increase
          Slime Tether Reduced Consumption
          ShockShock Blast Heat Reduction
          Blast Rate Increase
          Stasis Beam Amplifier
          Stasis Beam Heat Reduction
          Meson Collider Penetration
          Meson Collider Accelerator
          Overload Pulse Accelerator
          Overload Pulse Enhance Damage
          PKE Meter Scanning Upgrade
          PKE Meter Recharge Boost
          Fast Trap
          Slam Dunk Trap

          Each one comes at a different price and each are unique and are needed at some point throughout the game.

          You go back to the headquarters between the levels where you'll find the haunted artifacts you find throughout your missions. These artifacts give you points which then you can also use to upgrade equiptment.
          One of the disapointments within this game is that you don't get to drive Ecto1.

          The levels are as follows -

          - Hotel Sedgewick
          - Times' Square
          - The Library
          - History Museum
          - Return to Sedgewick
          - Shandor Island
          - Central Park

          you also return to the Hotel Sedgewick for a 2nd time.

          This is a long awaited game and was worth the money but it could of been longer.


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          25.09.2009 03:57
          Very helpful



          Fan of the films? Then buy this cheap, or borrow it off of a mate


          Ghostbusters played a massive part in my childhood. The cartoon series was the highlight of my post-school afternoons, the films were (in my child-like mind) the epitome of cinematic achievement, and the toys and action figures my most prized possessions.

          Suffice to say, being such a huge fan of the Ghostbusters as a child means I am still equally as much of a fan in adulthood. Somewhere in my mothers loft the toys still reside. The hazy VHS tapes of the films have been replaced with DVD's. And while most people would raise an eyebrow at the thought of a grown man playing with action figures, its perfectly acceptable if he is playing a game. Which I did, with mixed feelings.


          Ghostbusters: The Video Game is essentially 'number 3' in the Ghostbusters franchise. It is a continuation of the Ghostbusters story written by Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis themselves. You take on the role of a new recruit who is responsible for testing all the new equipment that is chucked your way, as the Ghostbusters battle with an increasing number of paranormal events in New York city. These include the return of some famous spooks, such as Slimer, the librarian and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. The game also brings back a good majority of the cast to reprise their roles in digital form, which gives the game a genuine air of authenticity. The plot of the game ties in nicely with the previous two films, and the attention to detail makes it feel like you are playing the third film. It isn't a standalone Ghostbusters game, which is a really novel aspect and will greatly appeal to fans. The script is well written and when combined with the return of most of the original cast, it really immerses you into this new Ghostbusters story.


          My first impressions of the game was that it played like a watered down version of Gears of War. It is, in essence, a third person shooter and plays as such, utilising the same tried and tested control methods. However, the sprint function does feel a little redundant and doesn't serve much of a purpose. Your weapon of choice is the iconic proton back, which you will use throughout the game for busting ghosts. As the new recruit for testing experimental equipment, there are different add on's for the proton pack that you can earn by busting ghosts, finding hidden cursed artefacts and for successfully scanning ghosts using your PKE meter. These are easily selectable using the D-pad, and you will be required to use different weapon types for specific ghosts, which gives the game a slight tactical aspect that differentiates it from a bog standard 'run and gun'. The PKE meter is a tool familiar to any Ghostbusters fan that is used to track hidden ghosts and any other paranormal phenomena. The game switches to a first person view when using the PKE and this can produce some fairly tense set pieces, as ghosts will suddenly pop out of their hiding places in an attempt to scare you. The PKE is also used to find cursed artefacts, which are basically 'hidden packages' scattered throughout each level. Finding these gives you a money boost, which in turn can be used to upgrade your equipment. While it has some purpose, I find hidden package elements in games to be rather annoying, but at least this game gives you some incentive for hunting them down. Each level involves the same basic premise, get to the end while busting ghosts and defeat the boss. While the controls are solid and catching ghosts is easy to get the hang of, the frantic action can soon get a little repetitive. It would have been nice to see some variation in the gameplay, perhaps some driving sections in which you get to control ECTO-1. For the most part, the game is quite fun, if not overly original. Sadly, the game is not overly long and can be completed with just over a days play. The game consists of around 7 chapters, each of which can be completed in about an hour, so the longevity of the game really isn't great. This is a terrible shame (especially as I forked out around £30 for the game!) and leaves you wondering what your money has actually paid for. The game is quite easy, and even on the hardest difficulty setting, will not pose much of a challenge for a seasoned gamer.


          The graphics of the game are of a high standard and realistically portray each environment. Everything looks exactly as it should and the motion capture of the actors faces is excellent. As I mentioned earlier, it really is like playing the film and the graphics really enhance this fact. The proton streams that you and the other ghostbusters fire look just as they do in the film and the lighting effects are excellent. The ghosts themselves are brilliantly animated and the scenes where Stay Puft wanders around New York City are wonderful pieces of eye-candy. The designers have gone to great lengths to recreate many of the original film locations, such as the Sedgwick Hotel and the New York Library, which further adds to the games 'realism'. The game makes use of a competent physics engine, with objects reacting realistically to the players actions. Tables and chairs will split asunder if hit with the proton stream, books will be sent flying and glass displays will smash, all in a realistic fashion.


          With the return of many of the original cast, the voice acting is of a good quality, but surprisingly, is not the best I've heard in a game. At times, the characters sound a bit wooden, and with games like Metal Gear Solid pushing the boundaries on voice acting, I am bit miffed as to why the likes of Bill Murray et al were unable to raise the bar further. Still, it doesn't act as a detriment to the game, and when backed up with the original musical score, makes for an absorbing experience. The sound effects are also very good, and the sound of the proton streams, traps and the moans of the ghosts are all very well done.


          I have not had the chance to play this game online. A friend of mine has played it online and he did mention it seemed poorly executed and was not overly appealing. Unfortunately, I cannot comment further on this.


          I have to look at Ghostbusters: The Video Game in two ways. Number one is that of a fan, and from this perspective, I would say the game is excellent. Its original story, original cast and original score all lend the game an excellent authenticity and fans of the films will be hard pressed to find a more faithful movie tie in. But when looking at the game as a gamer, I have to say it falls short of the mark. The gameplay can get rather repetitive and the length of the game is a total disappointment, bordering on a rip off. With the difficulty levels not posing much of a challenge, and with the multiplayer appearing not to offer much in the way of entertainment, the game has little replay value. It is from this perspective that I must rate the game, and as such, only receives 3 stars.


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            17.08.2009 20:34
            Very helpful



            It's a great game for nearly everyone to play and brings back old memories!

            After renting this game off of Lovefilm I wasn't expecting much, maybe a cheap movie-game adaption even though that's not the case.
            Your first greeted by a game install, no biggy though as it's not that big.
            The thing I was no expecting with this game was the online multi-player which works incredibly well and I could have easily wasted hours on.

            The most enjoyable thing about the game is watching the cut-scenes, they are impeccably made and the original cast's voices are used which send a shiver up my since and is such a delight to hear. When you start the game you join the Ghost busting team as The Rookie, never speaking but being part of the team with Ray, Egon, Winston and Peter.

            As you progress through the game, you must use the training you were given at the beginning to fight and defeat ghosts. For every ghost you capture you gain money which can be used to upgrade equipment making more powerful weapons etc.

            The game play is straightforward but very effective, giving a smooth and fun feeling to even basic tasks. Anyone, after the training, can pick up the controller and play their way through the game.

            Another quaint bonus is the load screens and although these are normally boring and tiresome, I actually wanted the loading screen to stay on longer. The real treat being the original Ghostbusters theme tune playing as it loads.
            The graphics of the game are top-notch and throughout the whole campaign, I found myself being awed by stunning views and battles.


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            17.08.2009 19:37
            Very helpful



            The boys are back in town!

            This is an entirely new Ghostbusters story created for this game, from the imaginations of the original Ghostbusters creators. With New York overrun by ghosts and spirits, you as a new recruit to the Ghostbuster team are responsible with your colleagues for clearing up the city, hunting phantoms, fighting, shooting capturing demons and ridding your home city of this demonic plague.

            Although its an entirely new plot and game, it features most of the the original film cast from the classic Ghostbusters films, all four ghostbusters return for voiceover duty,Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson, back together for the first time in more than 20 years.

            My View:

            I actually really enjoyed this game and thought i'd hate it, it is a big budget game and you can see it in the visuals, the sound and the amount of interaction you get between characters, it plays partially as a third person shoot em up and also as a puzzle game and first person action game. There is a real sense of satisfaction in trapping or zapping ghouls, you enjoy the camaraderie of the teamwork and the story is well thought out and very rewarding if you persevere.

            Its not original, but it does have some original touches, you shoot your laser beam to trap baddies but its fairly strong and you have to control it to zap the lifeforce of the plasma based villain, once done you have to recharge your power base and can improve your weaponry.

            The battle sequences are mental with things flying all over the screen and monsters coming at all angles it becomes really enthralling and you lose yourself in it, its great fun playing on your own or with mates, it really needs the played out sequences between battles to give you a chance to relax for a few seconds.

            You get to drive the Ecto-1, get slimed, the New York cityscape is real and recognisable to anyone who has been there and as soon as Bill Murray makes his first quip you just know your going to enjoy this game!!

            Graphics are awesome as are little things like bottles smashing or random things you hit in battles exploding, its a thoughtful game that has had a lot of attention paid to it and you can see that in every graphic.

            The battles do get overwhelming the further you get and the gameplay can get a bit samey but overall its well executed and great fun, each alien has their own personality as does each ghostbuster and its a large well rounded story thats well worth the £38.99 I bought it for at Amazon.


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              30.06.2009 17:41
              1 Comment



              Good game!

              There is something about the Ghostbusters theme tune that takes me back and makes me love this game.

              You take the role of new recruit to the Ghostbusters and join the main characters as they fight to save the world from the evil spirits once again.
              There are appearances from all you favourite ghost from the movies including slimmer and the Marshmellow man.

              To be honest I found the game play a bit repetitive with this game and once you get the hand of all you equipment and catch your first ghost (which is a bit of a buzz) it became quite easy to progress. I finished the story mode within 3 days.

              I haven't tried the multiplayer mode yet so can't comment on that.

              All in all I enjoyed playing this game the storyline is good but there is just something missing. But once that tune kicks in you forget about all that and set about busting some ghosts. Who You Gonna Call!!


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                27.06.2009 19:37
                Very helpful



                Good for a couple of hours play, but a bit of a waste of a full-price game.

                Back in the mid-late 80's you may remember a couple of successful films released by the name of Ghostbusters. Over the years these have become cult classics and part of the staple diet of 80s movies enthusiasts, since the release of the second movie there's always been demands by the fans for a sequel to the series and rumours that this sequel was coming, much to regular movie-goers shock there has been a sequel of sorts released, except its not on the big-screen, well that's if you've not got a big-ass TV, as its a game that's been released originally on the PS3 and PS2 that will eventually get posted over to the X-Box 360, PC and DS on 01/11/09.

                The premise of the storyline is that of a new outbreak of ghosts in New York City, who just so happen to be running riot in the Ghostbusters old haunts (pun intended) of the New York Public Library and the Sedgewick Hotel, though to help you get into the game play of the game one of your first battles is to re-capture Slimer after he escapes from HQ As you go through the game you'll find that Slimer isn't the only old face from the movies you'll see - the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, the Gray Lady and Gozer all make re-appearances in some form. The further you get into the game the more areas open up where the paranormal activity is happening. Instead of taking control of one of the famous characters you get to play the "Rookie" a new starter to the Ghostbusting team who you never find out the name of as the main characters don't want to get too attached to him in case anything happens.

                The Game play itself is that of a third-person shooter in which you're looking over the shoulder of the character you're playing seeing everything he's seeing. The actual action that you take part in is controlled very similar to that of your standard First Person and Third Person shooters in which you use the joysticks to control the movement of your characters, the action buttons to make him move faster, deploy a trap or interact with scenery and the shoulder buttons to attack your enemies.

                The enemies themselves come to you in 3 different varieties, you've got your standard ghosts who you need to drag into a trap, the lower class ghosts who you just need to shoot until they explode and die, and finally your boss-characters who have different weaknesses which you need to exploit.

                To combat the enemies you're initially equipped with a proton way which damages most ghosts and captures the stronger ones for you to drag into the traps, as you get further you get a slime gun that allows you to pull some parts of the scenery across the screen, usually to help you get to a different part of the game field, plus you can buy upgrades for your weapons with cash that you earn from killing and capturing ghosts.

                To give the game a further edge there's 2 extra parts to it, first of all you've got artefacts which if you find them and take a reading of them with your EKG machine will be added to your collection, and then there's the on-line co-operative versions where you can play with friends via the net in a variety of different challenges which are:

                Instant Action - pretty much what it says on the tin, join in, pick a map and go bust some ghosts, the aim being that between your team you get them all.

                Containment - Search and capture as many ghosts as you can within an allotted time limit.

                Survival - similar to containment in that you need to capture as many ghosts as you can, but this time you need to make sure that one of your team is conscious at all times.

                Protection - there's several structures being made, ghosts are attacking them and you need to protect said structures.

                Slime-Dunk - every time you capture a ghost you get some cash, you need to earn as much as possible.

                Thief - the ghosts will be trying to steal artefacts - once they get away with one, its game over.

                Destruction - there's evil spirits in some artefacts, you've got to destroy the artefacts to get the spirits.

                You'd think reading all that lot the game would be fun right? And to a degree it is, but I did end up slightly disappointed, the main action of the game can get very repetitive, as all you need to do is hit your ghosts enough for their energy to run out and on the odd occasion you get to trap them. The on-line modes again whilst sounding fun and varied, essentially aren't, they're very samey and its extremely easy to be tempted to sit back and let the rest of your team do all the work for you, the problem is that you can essentially do that in the single-player campaign as well, mainly because your team-mates will be quite happy to go about reducing your enemies energy for you so that quite literally all you need to do is go in there and finish them off which is at the best a 10 second job.

                As well as this there are glitches within the game, I'm on my second copy now and it does randomly freeze up, leaving you no option but to reboot your whole system and start again, which in turn means that you then need to completely start over from the last checkpoint. The mention of checkpoints leads me to my next gripe - in the week and a half I've been playing it I'm still to realise when I've reached a checkpoint and the games automatically saved. Heck on the first night I needed to stop playing for a while as the takeaway me and my fiancé had arrived and it took us just shy of 10 minutes to look on-line and in the manual to find out how to save, a little bit more guidance on as and when its happening would have been nice.

                You will also find times when you're wandering around trying to find the trigger for the next part of the game to move along - now don't get me wrong I have no problems with a game throwing in a bit of a challenge, however just walking around with hardly any clue of where you're meant to be going, you do get to use a meter that beeps when you get closer to paranormal energy, but even that isn't that reliable when you're looking around.

                The big thing that your non-gaming fans will probably be interested in is the feel of the game and its storyline - in essence the storyline is quite impressive for what is in all intents and purposes a Video Game, and its been helped by the fact that almost all of the characters from the Ghostbusters movies are voiced by the actors who played them in the film, with particular mention to Bill Murray, he completely nails the character of Venkman which is obviously going to have been easier on this go-around as it was only his voice that was needed.

                Onto the final element of the game and sadly another slight gripe - the Graphics, they're good don't get me wrong, but a machine like the PS3 has been designed to be pushed a lot more than this game does, and at crucial times you will find yourself in a darkened area shooting out into nothing because you can't see what you're meant to be shooting at.

                So overall do I think Ghostbusters is as good a game as Atari would like you to believe? No, no I don't - by no means is it a bad game, but on reflection I'm not as happy that I paid full-price for it and wish that I'd rented it out first instead, as the game play does let you down at times, either being too easy or too hard and seemingly never quite finding the happy medium that we all strive to find, however you will find that if you're a fan of the Ghostbusters movies you will probably enjoy the game a bit more as there's a lot of nods to the previous films that are fun to find, but to say its a full sequel to the films is probably also a long way off the mark, its more of a connecting story between Ghostbusters 2 and the upcoming third entry in the movie series. So buy the game if you must, but its not going to do any harm waiting for it to come down in price in one of the many sales that regularly happen at your mainstream games retailers.


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                  26.06.2009 21:49
                  Very helpful



                  A must-own for any Ghostbusters fan

                  Ghostbusters: The Videogame is not your average movie/game crossover - for a start it's actually pretty good!

                  You begin the game not as an original ghostbuster, but instead as a new recruit working his way up the ladder. At first this was a little disappointing, but as the game progresses you realise that it makes sense - it allows the 'real' ghostbusters to interact on their own, and that's a definite plus point of this game - it's very well written (it should be - it was written by two of the cast!) and humour is prevalent throughout. All the original actors are present here, voicing their characters, and characters really do look like their real world counterparts. This authenticity is a great touch and is a definite high point.

                  The game itself is admittedly a little limited - but I suppose there's only so much you can do and stay true to the source material. As you progress you'll collect powerups for your proton pack, enabling you to use different kinds of attack throughout the game, which will change based on who you're fighting - you have the standard proton stream, with an alt-fire grenade, a stasis stream to slow down enemies with an alt-shotgun, a slime gun with an interesting 'slime tether' mechanic - a very well realised slime rope which pulls whatever it's attached to, and finally a homing machine gun style gun. Each are very unique and very much required if you want to be any good at the game - you'll be required to switch between them fairly often.

                  The PKE meter (ghost scanner) is present, and a pretty useful tool, which will help you find treasure, and the way forward. If you scan a ghost with it, it will also tell you the best way to tackle it, which is an immense help. Normal ghosts are common, and good to fight - although they take longer to kill than your usual shooter enemies just due to the nature of the game - you're meant to be gradually wearing them down before dragging them into a ghost trap. Fortunately this never feels tedious and is immense fun - dragging ghosts into the ghost trap is espescially well done and possibly the most satisfying part of the game.

                  Boss fights are simply amazing - giant towering behemoths (yes, including Stay Puft!) with the usual intensely glowing weak points. You usually have a few tasks to do before you get to blast away at the weak spot though, which is nice, and helps mix things up a bit.

                  On the graphics front, it's somewhat lo-res, although I never really noticed that until I was fairly close to the screen, so it's not something I minded, and everything else is visually stunning. Environments are beautiful, ghosts look very much like you would expect ghosts to look - Stay Puft espescially is an awesome sight to behold.

                  It's possibly a little short, clocking in at around 8 hours, but to be honest, that's not a bad thing - I think the limited gameplay might have gotten a bit stale had it gone on any longer, so I think it's a good length for the game.

                  Overall, it's an absolute blast to play - no self-respecting Ghostbusters fan should be without this game. If you're not a fan though, then I'd say try before you buy - as a pure shooter, it's limited.


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                  24.06.2009 01:57
                  Very helpful



                  A welcome addition to the franchise

                  It has been teased for years, fans have been gagging for it since the release of the 2nd film (even if it never lived up to the supreme standards set by the first film), and it is finally here - Ghostbusters has a sequel, but it isn't a film; it's a game. And frankly, for every kid that wore the Ghostbusters outfit as a kid and wanted to slap on a proton pack for real, this is one of the most welcome film adaptations in a while.

                  Taking place two years after the second film, the game involves the crew - all of whom return to offer their voices, even Bill Murray - training a new member of the Ghostbusters team to test out a bunch of crazy new gadgets. Fortunately, you play this new member, so much of the game involves catching monsters in a plethora of insane and gloriously ludicrous ways! Your character is a mute, but the choice phrases from the rest of the cast more than compensate for this! It is probably fair to sayAlso, several minor characters such as the Ghostbusters' secretary return to voice their film counterpart.

                  Above all else, it's just an extremely well researched title - the graphics are impressive, although certainly not up to the likes of MGS4 and Killzone 2, but they so accurately represent the characters and locales from the films, that it is evident that Atari spent months trying to get this right and please fans: this is no churned-out cash cow simply to spin a quick buck. The physics, the phantasmagorical visuals of the ghosts - everything evokes the charm of the films, and I thoroughly recommend playing through the game and then immediately watching the films back to back - it is sure to evoke a huge pang of nostalgia like never before.

                  Whilst it is no surprise that the main campaign was a riotous pleasure, it IS surprising that the multiplayer mode wound up being anything more than a ham-fisted afterthought. Although there is a fair choice of different modes, my favourite would have to be the standard multiplayer option whereby you can team up with other online players to battle ghosts, attempting to collect as many ghosts as possible whilst staying alive through many hellacious waves. It is surprisingly addictive, and one must admire Atari for thinking ahead so much so as to provide such a lengthy accompanying treat for once the single-player is over.

                  Therein lies one of the games' disappointments - the single-player is unlikely to last you longer than 10 hours even if you take your time. The multiplayer does to a good extent make up for this, but it still isn't quite enough. The AI and difficulty mechanics are also rather odd - it is mostly a cruise, but unexpected spikes of artificially inflated difficulty will arise. I for one don't dare wish away a challenge, but the fact that it relies on frustrating inflation rather than any actual skill of the game's mechanics becomes annoying very quickly. Also, you may find yourself wishing for some more dialogue from the actors - inside of a few hours, you'll have heard every possible soundbyte a few times over. Also, sometimes the performances do seem to slip into parodies of themselves, relying on histrionics, but mostly they are fine and more than welcome.

                  While we all wanted a Ghostbusters game, there was always the thought in the back of my mind that it would be a bust. Thankfully, it's a very impressive slice of nostalgia that has a few flaws, but they in no major way impact the sheer fun that this game offers. If you grew up with Ghostbusters, this is at least worth a rental, and if you find the multiplayer addictive enough, I recommend a purchase.


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                  19.06.2009 21:01
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                  Ghostbusters gets a Sony HD revamp.

                  When my husband found out that there was to be a new Ghostbusters Game for the PS3 there was no question of us not getting the game. We eagerly awaited the release and as it kept getting but back time after time I decided to just pre-order and wait for it to land through my letterbox and finally that day arrived.

                  Luckily my husband and I tend to play the same genre of games and as big fans of the Ghostbusters Films we were both excited to finally get our hands on the game.

                  You begin the game as "The Rookie" fighting alongside the original Ghostbusting team of Ray, Egon, Winston and Peter and what immediately struck me was how life like the characters were in the game as they mirror the original Hollywood stars that play them.

                  The Game leaves where Ghostbusters 2 ends and is a story in itself combining both Ghostbusters 1 and Ghostbusters 2, the game is set in 1991, two years after the second film was released and the voices of the original characters, voice the characters in the game which makes it even more enjoyable for the gamer and fans of the films.

                  The game begins with some training to get you used to the controls and mainly how to catch ghosts, sap 'em, cap 'em and trap 'em to be precise.

                  To sap the ghost you have to zap their energy using one of your weapons which will make the ghost weak, this is done by using the R2 button and each time you zap the ghost a target appears around the ghost which indicates how much energy the ghost has left and when the metre turns red simply cap'em with you capture stream which is automatically generated by your proton pack. To do this you need to keep using your R2 button and then at the same time press the L1 this will then lock onto the ghost and you can then try and stun the ghost allowing you to trap 'em using the combination of R2 and L1 and by pressing the square button the trap will get released and you need to use the coordination of trying to wrangle the ghost into the trap using R2, L1 and the left joystick to pull it towards the trap but make sure you move the opposite direction to the ghost to have more chance of capturing it.

                  So to recap to wrangle and capture a ghost press the upward arrow on the D pad to equip the Proton Stream and aim it at the ghost, press and hold the R2 button to fire the proton stream and weaken the ghost. Once they are sufficiently wounded will be wrangled by the Proton Stream to wrangle the large ghosts use the L1 button and then the slam gauge will show on screen one it has filled enough use the L2 button to slam the ghost and then press the square button to throw a ghost trap and manoeuvre the ghost into the trap with the left stick.

                  Every time you capture a ghost you will receive money that will allow you to upgrade your equipment, this is also done when you discover artifacts and as you move through the game more equipment will become available to help you with your missions.
                  If yourself or your team mates are attacked by any of the ghosts you have the revive facility to help each other out of difficulty and this helps to ensure you don't fail your mission. As keeping each other alive is a key part of the game.

                  Familiar landmarks show throughout the game such as the Firehouse, Times Square, The Library. The Ecto-1 is also a main feature in the game!!

                  The Firehouse is where you will learn how to use your Proton Pack by Ray and he teaches us that the hotter the Proton Pack gets the less use it will be too you and to ensure you use short sharp bursts and when it is not in use ensure you select the R1 button to remove any excess heat and try to capture the infamous Slimer enroute.
                  Throughout the game as a recruit you receive training from other members of the team
                  My favourite part of the game is when you get to the level at Times Square where you find yourself face to face with Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, now we know we are playing the REAL ghostbusters game, well that and the fact that the REAL actors are voicing the characters too!
                  Racing through Times Square in Ecto-1 is fun and when you exit to fight the oncoming gargoyles on route to capture Marshmallow Man whilst fending off some of the ghosts he sends your way.

                  I don't want to give too much away about the levels of the game or you will know what to expect but it is a fun game to play and does have you chuckling away at the characters as if you were watching the 3rd Installment of the Ghostbusters movie.

                  As the levels load you get to listen to the original Ghostbusters Theme Song by Ray Parker Jnr which for me is another bonus as I love the song and the game is a definite must for all Ghostbusters fans.

                  *~*Multiplayer and Online Capabilities*~*

                  There is a multiplayer option on this game for up to 4 players or play online with up to 3 friends.

                  Instant Action is when you take on a single job on your chosen map.

                  Campaign is where you play through different themes and upgrade your weapons with the cash that you earn.

                  You can play any of the character when you play as a multiplayer game and you can choose your weapon. The weapon chosen will receive upgrades in Instant Action and Campaign games. Each weapon has a different upgrade level and will hold a specified amount of ammo.

                  In terms of how difficult the game is this when you are playing a ranked game this is changed automatically based on the number of players, their average rank and their skill. For unranked games however you can choose from Easy, medium and hard settings.

                  Various job types are also available:

                  Survival is when all players must avoid being knocked out at the same time. Ghosts will come in waves and will attack until all players are incapacitated. Get to ten and you win!

                  Containment iwhen you must find, capture and destroy as many ghosts as possible within a certain time limit.

                  Destruction is when you visit areas where psychokinetic energy has been trapped in evil relics and must be released by destroying as many relics as possible and all of the ghosts. You have to destroy as many as possible within a set time limit.

                  Protection is where you must protect three PKE Disruptors as they are being built, only one can be built at any one time and as one is completed you must move onto the next one and defend it, if any ghosts try to attack it then you will have to protect it for longer until they are all completed.

                  Thief is when the Ghostbusters find themselves fighting against some ghosts who like to steal and you will need to ensure that the ghosts do not escape with any of the artefacts or you fail your mission.

                  Slime Dunk is when you are rewarded with cash each time you capture a ghost into the trap.

                  When playing as part of the multiplayer you will be rewarded with a cash score and ranked from 1st through to 4th and the score will then be applied to your profile.

                  Overall I think this game is a must for Ghostbuster fans and as with many of the PS3 games the game us much more enjoyable as it has a great story to go with it.

                  The graphics as you would expect from a HD gaming experience are fantastic and the characters match the real - life characters from the films and as the Rookie you really feel part of the game playing alongside Ray, Peter, Winston and Egon even with Slimer thromix thrown into the mix this game really comes alive and although I pre-ordered it from Amazon for the grand old price of £34.97 I think it is a great film for both the older generation of gamers as well as the younger generation of games and as its rated a PG you can find yourself playing along with your Dad, brother or even your son and enjoying one of the best games so far to come out of 2009 on the PS3.


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