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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (PS3)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2009-04-24 / Published by Activision

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    3 Reviews
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      05.01.2011 06:08
      Very helpful



      Brilliant game, if you don't have it you know what to do!

      The Guitar Hero series is the most popular and well known rhythm-based game on the market, and provides hours of fun for rock music enthusiasts. It's a game for those who wish they could be able to play guitar and make that possible for them!

      It may be possible to play this game with a dual shock controller, but you're not getting half of the enjoyment if you don't buy the guitar controller that comes with the game. It also comes with a packet of stickers you can use to customise your model to give it that little bit more edge.

      The core of the game is obviously its songs, and this game has what is possibly the most well-known and enjoyable setlist of the series according to many (although this is dependent on your musical tastes of course!) including songs such as Pat Benetar's 'Hit me with Your Best Shot,' Guns N' Roses' 'Welcome to the Jungle' as well as tracks from Alice Cooper, Slayer and the Dead Kennedys. One cool thing about this game apart from actually playing it is if you're not too knowledgeable on rock music, this game can expand your musical horizons. If this is a major part of why you are looking for such a game, then the other instalments of the GH series are worth picking up - especially the later titles which include an astounding amount of material.

      Playing the game itself is a special experience that can be compared to riding a bike. It's almost impossible at first, yet when you master the game you're never going to forget how to play it. Saying that, it's one of the hardest games in the world to master and not a great percentage of players across the world can manage to play Guitar Hero on the highest difficulty. True to the laws of sound, the more notes a song includes the more you are expected to play. That's why Metallica and Iron Maiden will be considerably more challenging than Weezer or Poison.

      The idea of the game is as the song plays and you hear the guitar in the song, you have to strum in time when you see them coming at you on your television screen. There are five different notes - green, red, yellow, blue and orange. You only use the first three for easy, and then blue is added for medium, then the dreaded orange note for hard and expert modes. Video websites can offer you a demonstration of how to play; if you don't see any of these then the game offers a tutorial mode to help introduce you softly into the game.

      There is a great deal to entice you to come back again to play, whether its to improve on your high scores, challenge a friend or attempt a new difficulty mode. It's a game you can pick back up at any time and like I said earlier, it's something you won't forget how to play! Maybe it can't compare with being able to play a real guitar (which I certainly can't do after numerous attempts to learn!) but it's such a good game that you can't really describe it as a substitute. Indeed, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine attempted to play his own song on guitar hero and couldn't even hit the notes on easy! The game and real life are very different, but everyone can be challenged regardless of who they are. It's worth buying a game of this type because if you like it, then like me, you won't look back.


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      28.09.2010 12:23
      Very helpful



      A super game with a super set list. This is worth your money!

      Guitar Hero 3 Legends of rock was the first of the music series to blast its way onto the next gen consoles the Playstation 3 , Wii and Xbox 360.
      The first three games, guitar hero, guitar hero 2 and guitar hero 80's rock were all available on the Playstation 2. So much excitement surrounded this game.
      The game was published by Neversoft and Activision, who obviously hit the nail on the head as the game has sold like hot cakes.
      It was released in 2007, a while back now, but still holds its own in the music genre games.

      The Legends of rock comes in a really bright package, fiery orange and yellows make up the background and then into the foreground you see 3 characters, Slash, Judy nails and Larrs

      Now legends of rock came as a bundle, with a guitar, or as a solo game. But you needed a guitar either way to actually play the game.
      The player uses a guitar-shaped controller to simulate the playing of lead, bass, and rhythm guitar parts in songs by playing in time to scrolling notes on-screen

      You choose yourself a rocker from one of the 13 pre-designed guys and gals. Or you can create your own.
      During any song you play your avatar or rock legened will perform the music being played.

      So choose your favoured rock maniac and get into the game.

      Now to start with you are given pre determined set lists to play through. Each venue has a varying number of songs to play. When you reach the end of the venue you will be confronted with a boss, basically a solo guitar battle between you both.
      Now play through all the songs as best you can, try to hit as many notes as possible. This can be easy to near impossible depending on your chosen level of difficulty.
      This ranges from easy to expert.

      There are 74 songs on the disc, all master tracks no covers, and you can add more by going online and downloading more tracks, for a fee of course.
      And they are spread over 8 tiers or levels with increasing difficulty.

      Now the idea is to hit the coloured notes on screen with the guitars corresponding buttons whilst strumming the strum bar in time/rhythm.

      That basically gets you into the game, the better you perform the more points you accumulate, which will buy you more goodies later on, such as new outfits, guitars and bonus songs.

      You can have two players in this game also.

      Co-op, play together through a song to get a high score or if you or your partner start flagging get booed off stage.

      You can have a two player battle also, compete against each other to get the highest score.
      You can also play online against other players from all over the world.

      The game also as I mentioned earlier a rock star creator. Here you can design and make your own rock legend! You can change pretty much all facial features, hair, and clothing too. You can also customise your guitars, mics, bass, and drum kits.
      Create your won band name and logo too!

      Overall the game is brilliant, its fun to play through and slamming around on a guitar is just so much fun!

      Buy it and be part of the massive world community of Guitar Hero.

      It really is amazingly good, I cant fault it at all!!!


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      21.06.2010 15:11
      Very helpful



      Get Guitar Hero It's Simply Awesome!

      Although Guitar Hero had already enjoyed two previous releases previous to this one it was lucky number 3, legends of rock which really threw the series into the limelight.

      Guitar Hero is a rhythm game in which you the player take on the role of a lead guitarist in a fantasy band. You cannot customise the band but you can choose the character that you wish to play as. Anyone versed in in the once dominant subculture of rock n roll will recognise some humorous stereotypes for characters. My favourite being Izzy Sparks who wears leopard print spandex and has massive hair. Well I find it funny even if no-one else does.

      The game is played using a wireless guitar shaped controller with 5 buttons on the neck to imitate strings, a strum trigger (so it feels as though you're picking or strumming), a whammy bar (the whammy bar alters the sound of sustained notes slightly, it's a bit gimmicky but you have to love it), two volume nobs which are actually buttons and a navigation d-pad along with the patented PS button. This is corresponding to the les paul controller, the kramer controller looks slightly different with some buttons in different places but you get the general idea.
      Now you CAN play the game with a standard PS3 controller but why on earth would you? Anyone out there that does ... you're banished from the land!!

      Essentially you will play through career mode travelling from venue to venue and unlocking set lists which add to your collection of playable songs. There are four levels of difficulty which enables pretty much anyone to play with a little practice, these are; easy, medium, hard and expert. On easy mode you will use just the first three fret buttons and the notes will be far and in between. Medium and hard modes add a button each and increase the pace quite a lot. Expert mode is for pros only and to this day I cannot complete some songs on even hard mode let alone expert. To play on expert you will have to give your life to the game and some people do (just check out some youtube videos, there's some crazy people out there). There are over 70 tracks to play of which around 70 percent are classic rock anthems. Think AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Metallica etc.

      So how do you actually play? Well notes scroll towards you on the screen. Notes are arranged in rows and colours which handily enough correspond to the colours and positions of the fret buttons. Your job is to press the relevant fret buttons down and strum when the note hits the box at the bottom of the screen. This is quite the challenge when chords (two or three notes at the same time) and fast parts of the song are introduced. There is also the star power ability which is are meter that fills when you hit a sequence of star notes (just normal notes shaped liked stars)
      without missing one. Once you have enough star power you tilt the controller upwards and you are rewarded with a double points bonus for a limited time. Fun fun fun. Despite my description, the game is heaps and heaps of fun to play and will keep you going back to beat your previous scores.

      As well as career there are other awesome modes to play. Play with or against a friend in band play or battle modes. Go to quick play for quick access to songs you've unlocked or bought (you earn money in career to buy more songs yay) or even play online (you better be good though, remember those crazy people I mentioned earlier? They're there waiting for you online).

      I'd fully recommend this and the other Guitar Hero titles to anyone out there. It really is a lot of fun and if you can pick up multiple controllers you'll have a real social party game for everyone.

      I hope you've enjoyed reading this and that it's helpful!


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