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Guitar Hero (PS3)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Music / up to 2 players / published by: Activision

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    4 Reviews
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      19.06.2009 08:02
      Very helpful



      Left me disappointed

      Well first things first and please forgive me if this isn't for the PS3 version of guitar hero. I'm a bit confused as it says PS3 version but displays the PS2 cover? Anyways, I will be reviewing the PS3 version and without further ado let us crack on.

      It was at the start of this year when I decided to take a trip into Maidstone and seek this game out. Now, I had seen this advertised at a whopping £79.99 at the time which I thought was a bit steep so imagine my surprise when I saw HMV offering this at £35. I also had the good fortune to be the beneficiary of £20 worth of vouchers and thought let's have a look and see if it's there.

      I found said store, wandered inside and lo and behold, there it stood just waiting for me to part with my hard earned. I couldn't lose could I and I recall thinking this is a winner. It was fun negogiating the crowds with this outsized box but it wasn't long before I was powering up the PS3 with guitar in hand and ready to unleash hell. Hmm, well maybe not hell but a bit of noise let's say!

      Before I go any further, I'll ask some of my older readers if they can remember a game called SimpleSimon. This was released around circa 1980 and was an electrical game where you had to memorise patterns and enter the correct sequence. It was indeed simple and fun for about an hour before you soon got bored...very bored.

      In a way, Guitar Hero reminds me of this. Once you get past all the fancy graphics and presentation this game is all about hitting the right notes to the display on screen. In fact, it's even simpler than Simon's little bit of entertainment as you merely have to press the buttons without memorizing anything.

      There are little variations of using the fender bar, strumming and causing the odd little sound effect and there are some very good tunes on there (as well as some I've never heard of). You've a selection of avatars to choose from to be your avatar as well as unlockables such as Slash to select once you've proved your worth. It all looks good and is for about an hour.

      Now I pity the poor unfortunates who paid full price for this. In fact I pity me for paying twenty sovs because for me this just isn't my poison (even though they are one of the acts!) Now, bear in mind I have the finger dexterity of a gorilla trying to knit (bet that's got some images going in your minds!) this game soon proved a bit too much for my 41 year old frame! Please note that musically I have about as much rhythm as Boris Johnson standing on his head and clapping his feet (I do apologise for these disturbing images!)

      Getting booed off was a regular occurence but somehow I did persevere through a few levels and did defeat Slash in a guitar face off. Yet ultimately, I soon got very bored and ended up thinking I could have spent my money much more wisely!

      Having said that, my nephew loves it and has clocked it already. For me though I've gone as far as I can go or would wish to go. I find the three keys you have to press more than enough and for the masochists you can select up to five! Now how on earth you're supposed to complete Slayer or Dragonforce with that combination lord only knows. I probably wouldn't even be able to do them with one!

      Anyways, to sum up then. Some great tunes, good graphics but ultimately there isn't much to do. Yes, you do get the guitar for other games but call me old fashioned for rather buying the CDs! Two stars from me but some of the younger players would probably feel different.


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        23.05.2009 21:40



        a good all round game especially for playability

        Had a special look for this game to revew after i found myself going back to it for the what i think is the 20th time,
        If you have ever played any of the guitar hero games on the ps2 then this is pretty much the same with better picture quality and all of the playability it had on the other consoles. the track listings are good with a variety of songs including 'i love rock and roll' and 'freebird' by lynard skynard which is a bit of a tricky song to get a hang of to say the least.
        The training stages are avoidable if you wish to get straight into the action and when you pick it up you will find yourself playing for hours.
        There is a game shop where you can buy additional songs with points you have earned throughout the game and you will find some popular songs here too. and 4 different playing levels from easy to expert which have an real difference in playing between them.
        All in all a very solid offering from red octane.


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        14.01.2009 13:15



        Worth a mess about but its not real life!

        My boyfriend has a PS3 and Guitar Hero is the first (and might I add, only!) game I have bought for it, after giving into the hype.

        It has different levels, and a number of different songs. You need to complete songs to unlock songs, until you have unlocked all songs on the level. You also have guitar battles with people such as slash, but it eventually lets you skip these if your not good enough!!

        There is a good selection of songs, once you've unlocked them all there is a song for everyone, but sometimes it means just that, a song for everyone rather than a lot of songs your really into. You can go onto the store and purchase more songs, but I feel they should really all come with the game, you are paying for it in the first instance after all.

        The game can be quite addictive, and the harder levels can be really hard to master. I didn't end up mastering them, I was bored by the game after a while.

        All in all the game is fun and worth a play, but if your really going to get into it and spend hours on end on this game, you might as well get a real guitar and learn it properly!


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        14.10.2008 21:56



        Fun, fun, fun

        Guitar Hero for the Play Station 2 is a real step forward in this type of gaming!
        Full of well known songs there is sure to be a song for everyone!
        If you want to play co-op with your friends you will need to decide who's got the rythm and who can take the lead.... or you may end up in battle mode or possibly even face off. If you have internet access at your home you can go online to challenge anyone from all across the world.
        The carreer mode is lots of fun for those who want to spend time progressing through the game with increasing levels of difficulty at each stage.
        The graphics are not too bad something that is common throughout this Guitar Hero series, but the sound is always good...unless you miss more note that you hit while playing!
        This is a fun game for gamers of all ages.


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    • Product Details

      More features to expand on the Guitar Hero II experience Online multiplayer featuring Pro Face-Off, Battle and Co-op modes Boss battles featuring the legends of rock Co-op career and head-to-head battle.

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