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Hasbro Family Game Night 3 (PS3)

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Genre: Family & Entertainment / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2010-10-29 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      07.02.2011 16:50
      Very helpful



      Great buy for families

      Basic Information

      Family Game Night is a video game, which brings classic board games to life on your TV.

      This edition is the 3rd in the series. The first in the series, released in 2008, features Battleship, Yahtzee, Connect 4, Boggle and Sorry Sliders. The second in the series, released in 2009, features Operation, Jenga, Pictureka, Bop It and Connect 4. This latest edition features Game Of Life, Yahtzee, Cluedo, Mouse Trap and Twister.
      All 3 editions are available on the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

      Published by EA.
      Released in October 2010.
      For Ages 3+

      Hasbro is an American born toy and board game company. It is one of the most popular toy/board game makers in the world. Hasbro was founded in the 1920's selling school supplies and stationary. It then went on to release it's first toy, which where nurse and doctor kits in the 1940's. They then released Mr Potato Head in the 1950's, which became a massive hit and put the company on the map. Hasbro then went on to produce many more hit toys including, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony and Transformers. In the 1980's the company bought MB Games, which then brought many popular board games under the Hasbro name, including Game Of Life, Twister and Snakes and Ladders. They later went on to buy Playskool, popular for creating many educational toys for babies and children. In the 1990's Hasbro went on to buy the British toy brand of Parker Brothers, the owners of Monopoly and Cluedo, now making Monopoly, the most successful board game in the world a product of Hasbro. Basically, Hasbro owns most toy manufacturers, but insists on keeping their original manufacturers names on the original toys, which is why many people don't realise how many products, are actually owned by Hasbro.


      The Family Game Night series was first released in 2008. It became a bestseller, so went on to release a 2nd and 3rd edition. This review is about volume 3. The games are released on all major games consoles, including Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3.
      He box features a user manual which basically explains all the rules to each game, but you can get tutorials in the game also, so this is handy if you do not know how to play the games, or need to know anything about little changes they have made to these versions of the games.

      The box is very bright, and features the logos to each of the games and also Mr Potato Head, who is Family Game Night logo himself.

      The Games

      The game menu is a fairground. The series features Mr Potato Head as the logo, so he is your host. You can go around the fairground to choose which game you want to play.

      You are then given a character, which you can personalise. You can change their skin colour, hairstyle, clothes and their name. You then get the chance to choose how many players will play and if you want to play again computer players. You can then choose whether to play the original version or the remix version. There isn't much difference in the 2, just a couple of features would have changed to maybe make he game quicker or the mini games will change.

      Once you have done this, you enter your game. You can choose to have a tutorial if you want to, which of course is handy if you have never played he real versions before. The tutorial is quick and easy, and teaches you he basics of the game, but he games are simple enough anyway, as you get what is going on as you play.

      Here are also achievements in this game like many other games you play on the latest game consoles. These give you trophies on your PS3. These feature things such as win one game, win 10 games, win a remix version, be a doctor in Game Of Life, win Cluedo with only 2 right guesses on your score sheet, etc.
      Game Of Life

      The basic synopsis for the Game of Life board game is to go around a board attending college, going to work, marrying, buying a house, having children and finally retiring. You may also do many other life experiences such as going on holiday, going to court, taking out loans, winning the lottery etc. The more life experiences you have, he more points you have.

      On the Computer version, this is exactly the same. You can have 1 to 4 players, either against computer players or not. You spin he spinner to know how many moves you will take. You can buy a number on the spinner, which means whenever a [player spins on that number you win £5000 each time. He more money you have also gives you more points at the end, so this is a good investment.
      You drive around the board in a car and if you get married or have children, they also sit in the car with you. There are a lot of mini games featured in the game as in the board game you pick your house or roll the dice for how many children you will have. In the game version you will play the card game pairs to choose a house, a catchphrase like stopper for how many children you will have, when you go to court you have to tap your buttons the fastest to win the case, and when you get married you have a dance challenge at your wedding which means that you have to press the right buttons on your joy pad at the correct time, which earns you points.

      The board is very bright and very well designed to fit the game. You can take different paths on the game, such as career, family or risky. Whichever area you are in, the graphics fit in with this, such as on the career path here will be a library and offices, and on the family path there is houses and parks etc.

      I like this version of the game. I own the electronic version of the board game, but this version is much better. It is very easy to play. He mini games make it a lot more interesting than the real board game as well, as it gives you a bit more to do, rather than just going around a board.

      Mouse Trap

      Mouse Trap is basically a board game for 2 to 4 players, in which you are a mouse. You build a rap on your way around the board, and you have to rap opponents' mice in the trap.

      The video game version features people, not mice. There is a giant dog sleeping next to your game board. You basically roll the dice and move he amount of spaces required. You then enter a mini game where you have to connect pipes to run a ball through. You can connect 1 to 3 special pieces into the pipe to win contraption parts o build on the board. This is the trap, which you build. He mice to end up on he trap spot will lose of another player lands on he turn crank space, which sets off the contraption.

      This version is very boring. He board game is a lot better as you know what you are doing. On this version, you win cheese, but here is no point of it as you do not need points or cheese for anything, you just need a mice to land on the rap spot and someone to turn the crank to trap them. A bit of a let down for such a classic game hat I loved as a kid.


      The real version of Twister is where you have a mat with different coloured spots on. You spin a spinner to determine where you need to place your hand on or foot on the mat. It gets harder as more people join the game as you end up having to bend over each other. Great game for adults when drunk!

      The video game version is like a dance contest. As in game of life where I said you dance at you wedding, this is the same. You will be shown a sequence of buttons to press, such as x,y,x,o and you have to remember them and press them at the correct time. It gets faster and longer sequences as the game goes on. 2/5

      I do like these dance sequence games, these were the first style of dance games years ago, but I do not understand why this is Twister. I always wondered how do you play Twister on the computer, and obviously, it isn't the right way, they have just called a dance sequence game Twister.


      The classic whodunit board game. I'm guessing everybody knows what Cluedo is, but just a quick explanation is you have to solve a murder. You receive a set of cards at the beginning of the game, featuring either people, weapons or rooms. You need to use these along with other clues throughout the game to consider the killer, weapon and room in which the murder took place. 4/5

      The video game version is pretty much lie he real one. You roll the dice to move so many places, and then if you get to a room you can enter in and start a rumour, which is basically a guess at the weapon, room and suspect. You will get a game similar to catchphrase where it will reveal as the game goes on either the weapon, suspect or room. This helps you a lot as you can guess one of the things pretty much straight away. Your players jump around the murder mansion. You still have the question marks on the board, which you win rumour points. You need 6 to start a rumour. I like this version of the game, but the only downside is you have to get all the players to look away whilst you look at your paper where you cross off the suspects, rooms and weapons, so if one person peeks, then they can copy off you.

      Yahtzee Hands Down

      Yahtzee is a game, which features rolling of 5, 6 or 12 dice to make up hands. It is similar to poker. You score points for each hand, and he player with the most points is he winner. Yahtzee Hands Down makes Yahtzee a card game, where you can steal other player's cards or choose from a pile.
      The video game version is the same as the real version. Basically it is just like playing it on game sites, as Yahtzee is very popular on game sites where as you don't get to play the other games featured here online. You take urns to make up hands. On a roll you can decide to seal other players cards or choose from a pile, if you think your cards aren't good enough or you are after a certain card to make up a hand. Hands can be 1 pair, 2 pairs, 3 pairs, full house which is 3 of one 2 of another and Yahtzee is all your cards in he same number. Here are many other hands to make up. 5/5

      I love Yahtzee and play it online a lot so I see no difference in playing this on the ps3, unlike the other games. It is just the same as playing the real version, nothing much has changed for this game. If you like poker, then you will like Yahtzee.

      Graphics and Sound

      The graphics on the game are very good. They are very bright and eye-catching which will make this attractive to children. he graphics for each game fit perfectly, like I said earlier for Game Of Life, the graphics and details fit well. The sound is also good. You can have he music playing or not, which I prefer not as it can get annoying. he sounds of the characters and activities are not too bad to listen to as it is basically the notice of dice rolling and things you would hear when you actually play a board game.

      My Opinion

      I think this is a good game to get. It is great for kids or for adults. I like the fact that here's no clearing up afterwards from the board games! It is very easy to use and a good game to play as a family. All the games are good; the only let down is Mouse Trap as it is very boring on the video game. I don't like the idea of a video game Twister, but other people or children may like this version of it. All he games are very easy to play even if you've never played them before. I would recommend this to anybody, no mater what age you are!

      It's basically board games for the 21st century.
      I bought mine for £19.99 at Game, but you can get it a couple of pounds cheaper online. Amazon has it for around £15.


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