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inFamous - Platinum Edition (PS3)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2009-11-13 / Published by Sony

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    4 Reviews
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      21.03.2012 17:24
      Very helpful



      A Great Fun Game To Play, With A Good Storyline

      The Plot of this game is a tricky one, on the surface it is very generic, ordinary guy gets caught in an explosion and gains superpowers and then has issues including a blurring of the lines between good and evil. However as the story progresses you realise that the games writers have actually written a pretty deep and engaging story which keeps you hooked throughout whilst still providing the much needed freedom to explore the city. Your main purpose in the game is to find out who gave you the package which caused the explosion, along the way the main character also has to deal with his whining girlfriend and power hungry best mate along with all the other needy citizens of the city. Some actions will alter aspects of the storyline depending if you chose to perform good or bad actions during pivotal moments within the game which are clearly highlighted.

      The free running elements of this game are so much fun it doesn't even need a storyline, its one of those games like GTA where you forget there are actually things to do because you're having so much fun exploring. Running up walls and sliding across power lines with no consequences of falling and hurting your character feels great and I feel the controls work seamlessly and only add to the experience. This is the game that every Spiderman game I ever bought should have been, they had the character but never had the amazing mechanics of this game which just feels really exciting to play. There's always plenty of choices of what to do next and although some tasks are a little repetitive they are way more varied than Assassins Creed. Many of the missions affect the main characters morality and as he moves up and down the morality scale he gains new abilities to use, they have paced the progression and acquisition of new abilities very well so you aren't overwhelmed with techniques to remember and it feels the character is really getting stronger throughout the game. The difficulty of the game is very well balanced and I found some parts very challenging even on a normal difficulty, but I don't think it is possible to enter a situation where you are too weak to progress.

      Everything about the graphical style of this game looks great, it has an almost comic book style which is really obvious in the menus and cut scenes which look beautiful but also during the gameplay. All of the art design adds so much to the games atmosphere and the developers have clearly worked very hard, you can tell it is a quality game, not something which was released quickly on the cheap. The voice acting of a high quality, it's like watching a film during cutscenes and it really draws you in to the story, there is also some great but subtle musical choices which only add to the overall experience.


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      06.11.2011 09:27
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great game


      InFamous is an open world game where you control over a mad man (well sort of) that is intent on finding out what happened when the world around him exploded and he ends up with powers making him probably the most powerful person on the planet (but more on that later).
      I came across infamous last summer, and have just started playing the game through again because I feel it is good enough to do that.

      You start the game with a real bang, literally, Cole (the main character) is caught up in a blast caused by a package he was carrying and responsible for delivery but was unaware of the contents of the device. The device is the wonderfully named the Ray Sphere (well it sounds better in the game and looks really cool) and is responsible for a big explosion that changes Coles life and the lives of the millions of people living in the made up Empire City.

      The first little bit of the game shows Cole discovering his powers but the real fun comes later when you wake up at a later date, now in control and with Zeke by your side. There are several other characters introduced throughout the game, a plethora of bad guys and Coles girlfriend who lost her sister in the blast and like many blames Cole for what happened, and lets face it he was carrying the package and ended up with super powers so things do look a little bit fishy. I will not dwell too much on the bad guys but gangs roam the streets and will start shooting at you because they feel like it.
      Ah yes the powers, Cole starts the game with some pretty cool powers which increase throughout the game. Basically Cole has control of electricity, he can fire bolts of it from his hands and release a wave of electricity when he lands after jumping off of buildings, this is another thing that Cole can do, he seems to be like a cat, he can jump off of the highest building and still land on his feet.

      Controlling Cole will come naturally to anyone who has played this kind of game before, use the analogue sticks to look around and various buttons to do the different abilities and jump etc, I found these easy to pick up the first time and they came straight back to me after not playing for 6 month, so a definite thumbs up for InFamous there. Navigation around the map is aided by 2 guides, the first is that upon pressing select you are greeted with a map that shows your location and the location of any key things such as missions and the second is a navigation device in the bottom right of your screen which shows details for the local area such as bad guys present and more that I'll come on to in a bit.
      Throughout the game your aim is to complete the missions, but these can be done at your own pace as there is lots to do around the city to keep you busy.

      1) You can collect Blast Shards. Blast shards are collected in order to increase the total amount of electricity that Cole can hold. You sometimes get these by doing side missions (see no 3) or you can press L3 and look for the little blue blobs in your navigation device that I mentioned above. You want to collect them all? Well there are 350 to find.
      2) Collect Dead Drops. These are message left behind by John, he is a man that the FBI have you looking for. He has left behind 30 odd drops for you to find, again if you hit L3 the radar will guide you to any nearby drops.

      3) Side missions are a great way of working your way up when things start. Here you have to do a variety of tasks in order to liberate regions of the city from the gangs. These missions seem to have variety to start with but you do start to get bored of them by the end of the game. Mostly these missions are neutral but you can choose to be good or bad in some of these.
      Being naughty or nice is actually an integral part of the game. You have a Karma metre in the top corner that tells you if you are a Hero or a Villain, basically you have access to different powers depending on whether you decide to be a good guy or a bad guy. I have completed the game as a good guy and have just started it again and I am deciding to be bad (you can switch whenever you like), being bad is great fun, shooting who you like when you like and not having to be careful. Either way you are not going to be too bad off as you are still the most powerful person in Empire City.

      In the main part of this game you have to restore power to parts of Empire City, with every sector put back online Cole becomes more powerful. By more powerful I mean he picks up new abilities some of which are: (I will not cover all of them as there are loads and then there are different upgrades as well)
      Heal: If you see a person on the ground that is not dead but is nearly there you can heal them, this will lean you towards being a good guy.

      Bio Leech: Alternatively you can steal the electric power from their brains (this is something that the Ray Sphere was supposed to allow to happen), this of course leans you towards being a bad guy, this again can only be used on people nearly dead.
      Arc Restraint: Is used to hold bad guys in place, this is seen as a good guy thing as the alternatives are to Bio Leech or kill them.

      Polarity Wall: This is basically a shield to hide you from most enemy fire, is very cool and very useful.
      Lightning Storm: This is one of my favourites, you actually see Cole perform this in a cut scene at the start of them game but it is the last thing you unlock, basically this allows you to create a lightning storm that you can guide, this storm is super powerful and will kill pretty much anything with the slightest of touches, be warned though it drains you battery faster than a floodlight running on a double A.

      Electric Grind: Running from tops of the buildings are wires with this you can slide along them and shoot as you go, much more fun though is going round on the train track to get the target location with optimum speed, just watch out for oncoming trains as that is still quite a hit even for Cole to take.
      Your access to upgrade powers is dependent on your good/evil status, the higher the rank in either direction the more you can upgrade, some upgrades are different depending on whether you go with good or bad meaning that the choice you make can determine how easy you find the game as you may find some evil powers more useful than their good counterparts.

      This game has got to be in one of the top 5 games on the PS3 that I have played, it is great fun and the ability to roam around is great. The missions (though not side missions) are variable with different bosses and challenges greeting you along the way. The game however is possible to complete in term so of missions even if I do still have some blast shards to collected (apparently the exist).

      InFamous could be better though, there could be more variety in terms of enemies
      you meet on the street, though this does increase as the game does on they are all very samey and are usually beaten in the same way. It could do with being a bit longer as well, although it took much longer for me to complete than God of War 3 it still didn't last that long, this game does have the advantage that you can play it through again to see how all the different events would have turned out had you made the other decision and in fact to get all of the PS3 trophies you have to do both good and bad options so you can't do this on a single run through. I haven't played many similar games on the PS3 but it reminds me of some of the Spiderman games and the layout in terms of doing missions when you like and being able to roam free does resemble the Grand Theft Auto series.

      Overall a great game that is fun to play and has good overall playing time. I think that a good judge of a game often comes from the IGN website and sure enough they agree with me and give this game a very respectable 9/10 but from me for Dooyoo that is a 5/5.

      Also watch out for InFamous 2 which is out now, I have played the demo and it looks fantastic.


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        09.08.2011 15:33
        Very helpful



        not a bad game and certainly worth getting

        I actually got this game as a free from the playstation network because of the recent hacking insident and this was one of the games i chose as a freebe.

        To be honest i wasnt sure i'd like it but its actually a really good game.

        The story is a good one, Your a delivery man thats been hired to deliver a package and it happens to expload killing many and in the process giving you superhuman powers while leveling a city block..

        The powers you do get a very cool and I liked the way they interact with the player such as hovering and then grinding on rails while energising.

        The choices aspect where you can either build up your evil or good karma is a good little twist and changes the side missions you take throughout the game.

        There is plenty to do in this open world environment and you can be on for hours simply collecting blast shards and the dead drops for increases in your power reserves and info on whats actually going on.

        Then there is the game itself where ontop of the main missions you have thee little side missions which show up from time to time in areas so you can complete and unlock more area on the map thats a bit more safe to roam around.

        The character does however have a weird knack of being very grippy, and if you play it you'll know what i mean.. if you try to drop off buildings he will gab onto anything which is good if you end up falling or your trying to jump from ledge to ledge but it does get annoying when all you want is to drop down a level on a building or actually drp to the floor and it keeps latching onto anything available as you drop.

        overall thought the game is a decent one. certainly if you get it for free like I did.


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        08.09.2010 15:45
        1 Comment



        A great exclusive 4/5

        - Living, breathing open world
        - Moral choices add to the experience
        - some cool powers
        - good amount of playtime
        - Cool story with a nice twist at the end
        - lots of side missions and collectables
        - good/evil replayability

        - Dude grabs onto EVERYTHING... I can be holding the analog in the opposite direction and he'll grab something 5 feet the other way
        - for a super hero I expect him to scale buildings faster than Sam fisher and Nathan Drake
        - Has every enemy in the game had full blown sniper training in Iraq?

        Overall: I'm a sucker for open world superhero games. Good game with some very annoying issues. Mainly him grabbing onto anything within a 5 yard radius, enemies with heat seeking, satellite guided bullets and the fact that the dude takes forever to scale a building being he's a superhero. But the story was cool, the powers are cool and there is plenty here to make it a game worth checking out.
        It's a great exclusive for any person who has a ps3 out there and I suggest picking it up and playing it before number 2 comes out!


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