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Lego: Indiana Jones (PS3)

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12 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Universal, suitable for all / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-06-17 / Published by Activision

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    12 Reviews
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      02.09.2010 20:27
      Very helpful



      If you like Indiana Jones you'll love this

      Like the Lego games that have preceded it, this game is all about the fan service. Which is by no means a bad thing. Even if you haven't seen the Indiana Jones films in some time, or not at all, you will enjoy the simple fun of this title.

      Replicating the events of the first three films, the game is pretty much a satire. Even though no voice acting is used the Lego characters manage to make you chuckle throughout. Violence is tackled in a tasteful way with Lego characters simply falling apart when killed. This is one of the few games that I would recommend a younger audience can play.

      Having said that, there are rewards for the more seasoned players in the form of collectibles. There are tons of characters and costumes to unlock each with their own game-play ramifications. Female characters can jump higher and smaller characters can into certain doors. This results in the game being the most fun when you are playing alongside a friend.

      The only pitfall is that the platforming can be occasionally frustrating. This is only a minor issue as their isn't really a penalty for dying.


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      25.11.2009 13:38
      Very helpful



      Decent puzzle adventure

      I'm a big fan of the Lego series of video games - they take a popular film franchise (in this case 'Indiana Jones'), and recreate the entire adventure as a comedic puzzler created from (virtual) plastic bricks. As i'm currently waiting for a suggestion to come through for 'Lego Indiana Jones 2', I thought I would revisit the first game, and explain what made it so playable.

      Indiana Jones was the second outing in video game form for the Lego franchise after 'Lego Star Wars' - and if you've played the latter then you'll know exactly what to expect. The game basically fits in to the adventure / puzzle genre and sees the whip-cracking iconic adventurer battling his way through a series of worlds, whilst collecting as many shiny Lego tokens as he can.

      The game has the subheading 'The Original Adventures' which means that it's based around the first three Indiana Jones films only. 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' is not included, and only features in 'Lego Indiana Jones 2'. To be honest, splitting the game into two is a bit of the cash-in on the part of the developers, as the Lego Star Wars game allowed you to play through all of the six films.

      The game is depicted from the 3rd-person, showing Indy from a raised elevation in a side-scrolling motion. The levels are fairly linear in design, although the way in which you can explore at your own leisure cleverly gives the player a sense of freedom that isn't actually there.

      The co-operative two player mode is without doubt the best way to experience Lego Indiana Jones, as it's great fun working as a team to solve the many challenges which the game developers have set out for you. In single player mode there is always a computer controlled companion who follows you around, and you can 'leap' into their body at any time to undertake the actions of a secondary human player - although this is nowhere near as fun as working with another human. Besides, the computer controlled secondary character can be quite frustrating, as although they take part in the in-game fights, they are unable to inflict any damage onto the AI baddies. Speaking of fighting, the game features what's basically a non-stop stream of enemies to dispatch, and you'll need to be on top button bashing form to defeat them all. Normally, button bashing isn't something which I would praise, but here it's immensely satisfying. Seeing your enemies smashed into Lego debris is great fun, plus, there's no blood or gore to contend with... plastic doesn't bleed.

      The puzzles themselves are generally quite simple, but taxing enough to make the player feel a sense of achievement when they have completed them. Younger kids would perhaps struggle with many of the challenges, although working with an adult as the secondary player would undoubtedly solve this problem.

      The general gameplay retains all the fun of Lego Star Wars whilst adding a few new features, and now, user controlled characters can pick up the weapons which enemies have dropped - a gimmick which transpires to add depth and increase the fun of the gaming experience. The control system remains the same - basic and easy to use, but ultimately effective.

      In terms of longevity and replay value, the Lego games always offer great value for money - and it's no different here. When you've finished a level, you can go back and play through it with one of the many other unlockable characters, many of which will be able to reach a bonus area which was previously inaccessible. Also, it will be a committed gamer who is able to go through the game collecting all of the shiny Lego tokens (the game's equivalent of money).

      Graphically, Lego Indiana Jones is a competent rather than exceptional title - bold and basic but effective nevertheless. A game of this nature is never going to push the PS3's capabilities, yet you wouldn't expect them to as the characters are little more than human-esque Lego blocks. The backgrounds are very good however, and the frequent humorous cut-scenes are well animated. Similarly, the sound is pleasing, utilising the original orchestral strains of the iconic score.

      All in all, I found Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures to be a fun and addictive title which will provide the average gamer many hours of entertainment. However, those looking for value for money should perhaps opt for the sequel 'Lego Indiana Jones 2' instead - here you get to play all of the levels included here, plus the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Having said that, when you consider the fact that Lego Indiana Jones for the Playstation 3 can currently be purchased for a measly £9.98 from Amazon, it's not a title which is going to break the bank.


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        31.05.2009 22:30
        Very helpful



        Lego strikes again!

        Lego = good.

        Indiana Jones movies = good.

        Lego + Indiana Jones movies = absolutely fantastic!

        I love what Tt Games do with the whole movie-Lego tie in. We saw it with Star Wars, then with Batman and now we get to play with Indiana Jones and a huge cast of supporting Lego actors in this latest addition to the popular franchise.

        The games closely follow the plots of the original trilogy of movies so scenes will be instantly familiar to anyone who has watched them previously. However, the Lego treatment catapults each of them in a whole new direction, simultaneously managing to be both cute and, in places, absolutely hilarious!

        As with all the games the visuals are sublime. Characters are represented faithfully by their Lego counterparts and subtle effects from lighting, shadows and reflections all add to the general feeling of 3 dimensionality.

        The gameplay, although generic, is still hard to beat. Puzzles are quite simplistic but completing all the tasks, locating all the secret areas and collecting all the bonus artefacts still requires a degree of practise and trial and error. The replay value is huge here.

        Fans of the movies will be charmed and, even if you're not very familiar with them, you'll still enjoy the humour and challenges on offer here. It's an essential purchase for any PS3 owner.

        So, all that remains to say is Tt: "Bring on Harry Potter"...


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        25.02.2009 17:48



        great game well worth playing through!

        Another lego game which is just as fun as the rest! Lego indiana jones is probably the most fun game i have played in a while. You take control of a variety of characters and the objective of each level is to reach the end collecting as many 'lego money' as possible, while fighting the occasional boss.

        Where this game really stands out is when your playing with a friend in charge of the secondary character so you don't have to rely on the computer A.I to do what you want.

        The game takes you through the 3 older indiana jones films with around 6 levels in each one. So thats 18 levels to complete in total which is actually quite a lot so it will take some time to complete.

        The only problem i have come across is that you can't rotate the camera which makes judging jumps difficult in some places.


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        18.02.2009 19:24
        Very helpful



        Provides hours of endless entertainment in lego format :)

        This is a great tongue in cheek lego replication of the three classic Indiana Jones original adventures, brought to us by Lucas Arts, the manufacturers of the ingenious Lego star wars.
        Can be played in 1 player mode or 2 player mode and is fun for all the family enjoying humurous lego moments throughout.

        Each chapter of the story has 6 levels where Indy embarks on an adventure along with the help of his friends (a total of 60) bringing unique abilities to each level to help him find treasure and artefacts, battle with his enemies and solve puzzles. Each character has the ability to build things, swim, climb and shimmy along rock faces, as well as the ability to turn their environment into weapons by picking up chairs to throw or guns to fire, along with many many more.
        In each level you can break up lego and release coins and hearts to power up your character, and also reveal useful objects such as spades or spanners or lego that can be built into something to aid you in your quest. Collect treasure chests to build artefacts and mailboxes to unlock additional features. Completing each level unlocks freeplay which allows you to go back into the level as any character you like to retrieve additional treasure only accessible by certain characters.

        "'About the adventures"'
        1. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost ark
        1. Lost Temple
        Indiana begins his adventure in the South American Jungle in
        search of a Golden Idol with his guide Satipo. Together they
        solve puzzles and fight their way through traps as they make their
        way to the lost temple of the chipuayan warriors where the idol is
        resting. Indy attempts to replace the idol with another artifact of a
        similar size and shape but just as it seems to have worked, the
        temple begins to crumble all around them and they have to dash
        out of the temple with a giant boulder in hot pursuit. It becomes
        apparent when Indy and Satipo escape the temple and are
        greeted by Rene Belloq, Indy's arch archeological rival and
        forced to hand over the idol hat Satipo has betrayed Indiana.
        Luckily Indy's friend Jock shows up and the two of them escape
        in a nearby sea plane.

        2. Into the Mountains,
        After having returned home Dr Henry Jones (Indy) finds himself
        back at Barnett college teaching his students, when he receives
        a request to embark on a new adventure and to go in search of
        the long lost ark of the covenant. Indy begins his adventure in
        Nepal where he runs into his old love Marion who is in
        posession of the headpiece of the staff of Ra, which has the
        ability to reveal where the ark is hidden. indy and Marion find
        themselves face to face with Major Toht who has secretly
        followed Indy to Nepal and barely escape with their lives. They
        leave and make their way into the Mountains.
        3. City of Danger
        After having escaped Nepal and travelling through the
        Mountains, Indy and Marion go in search of their friend Sallah
        who is located in Cairo. German Soldiers are still hot on their
        heels and they are chased through the streets of Cairo. Indy
        does his best but is unable to prevent Marion from being
        captured by the German soldiers.

        4. The Well of Souls
        Indiana and Sallah continue on their adventure without Marion,
        and stumble upon the resting place of the ark of the covenant
        (the well of souls). As Sallah climbs back out of the well after
        their discovery he finds himself face to face with Belloq who
        once again take what indy has found - the ark. Indiana is still
        down the well and Marion is thrown in with him as the Germans
        place the stone lid back over the opening of the well.
        5. Pursuing the Ark
        After finding their way out of the well of souls Indiana and Marion
        find themselves faced with having to fight their way through the
        German camps in their attempt to locate the Ark and take it back.
        Just as they find the Ark on a nearby transport plane, they are
        faced with a very large, very scary looking German boxer who
        has to be defeated before they can continue on their quest to
        save the Ark from the Germans. Sallah shows up just as Indy
        has defeated the boxer to help him catch up with the truck that is
        now speeding away with the ark in tow. It's a race to save the Ark.

        6. Opening the Ark
        Once again, whilst Indy is attempting to take the Ark to safety,
        German soldiers turn up in a German submarine, taking the Ark
        and Marion along with it. Indiana is not captured and manages
        to sneak his way onto the submarine as it heads back to a
        German submarine base. Indiana cleverly disguises himself as
        a German soldier in an attempt to escape with Marion, but the
        pair are discovered by Belloq. Belloq opens the ark, but to his
        disadvantage all manner of ghostly beings escape and scare
        the Germans until they break apart with fear. Indiana and Marion
        are now free to transport the Ark home.

        2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
        1. Shanghai Showdown
        As the title suggests, this time Indy's adventure begins in
        Shanghai where he is attempting to exchange the urn of Hirachi
        with Lao Che for a rare diamond. Indy is tricked by Lao into
        drinking poison and gets sick fast. Lao demands the Diamond
        back in exchange for the anti-dote. In this level Indy makes a
        new friend, Willie Scott who helps him to deliver the diamond
        back in exchange for the cure and escape the club. Outside
        prepared with a getaway car is Indy's little friend short round who
        helps them escape to the airport with Lao's henchman hot on
        their heels.
        2. Pankot Secrets
        After having escaped to the airport, Indy Willie and Short round
        find themselves on a plane out of Shanghai, but unfortunately for
        them it belongs to Lao Che and the pilots bail out with the only
        parachutes. Indy and his friends are forced to jump out of the
        plane with only an inflatable raft to break their fall. Their fall is
        broken by a soft snow patch on the side of the mountain and the
        raft slides all the way down into an indian Village. It is here that
        Indy is told about the sacred Sankara stones by the village elder
        which have been lost along with children from the village. Indy,
        Willie and Short Round agree to help the village and head off in
        search of the Sankara stones and the missing children which
        takes them to Pankot palace.

        3. The Temple of Kali
        The three friends stumble upon a secret passage inside the
        palace after some investigation, and find themselves wandering
        down below until they reach the Thuggee temple where the
        Sankara stones are being kept. Willie is captured by the
        Thuggee's and as well as retrieving the Sankot stones Indy and
        Short round now have to rescue Willie and escape the Thuggee
        4. Free The Slaves
        After having successfully freeing Willie Indy and his friends
        escape into the mines of the temple with the Sankara stones
        and discover that this is where the missing children are. Short
        round is captured by the Thugees as Indy and the gang try to free
        the children and he needs to be rescued along with the rest of
        the children. They are faced with a nasty gaurd who they have to
        defeat before they can escape the mines through the mine cart

        5. Escape the mines
        The three friends manage to escape to the mine cart tunnels but
        first have to build a couple of mine carts to aid them in their
        escape. They jump in the carts and go whizzing through the
        mines only to find themselves at a dead end. What do they do
        6. Battle on the Bridge
        In a desperate attempt to stop the ever fast moving cart from
        crashing into the dead end barrier after discovering that it has no
        brakes, Indiana's quick thinking has him using his shoes as a
        mine cart brake. They successfully stop the cart but have to
        escape the river of water that has been released into the tunnels
        by Mola Ram in an attempt to flush Indy and the gang out. The
        only exit available to them is on the edge of a cliff, they manage
        to climb their way to the top of the cliff and dash through the
        jungle in a bid to escape the Thuggees. On approaching the
        rope bridge Indiana and co come face to face with Mola Ram
        and his thuggee gang on the other side of the bridge. Using the
        stones Indiana manages to stop Mola Ram and they all make it
        to the other side safely, with the stones that can now be returned
        to the village.

        3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
        1. The Crypt of Sir Richard
        In this adventure Indiana is on a quest to find his dad, Henry
        Jones senior, who he hopes will help him search for the holy
        grail, along with his friends marcus brodie. Their search begins
        in Venice where they team up with Dr. Elsa Schneider who takes
        them to the main library. The diary of Indy's dad indicates that
        this is where the crypt of sir Richard is secretly buried. X literally
        marks the spot in the big library luring Indy and Elsa down
        underneath the building as they enter into the secret crypt. They
        make their way through the dark and dingy underground tunnels
        to find the tomb of sir Richard. They leave the crypt and all of a
        sudden find themselves being chased by the brotherhood and
        embark on a speedboat chase throught the canals of venice.
        2. Castle Rescue
        After his boat runs into Trouble and he is rescued by Indy, Kazim,
        A member of the brotherhood returns the favour and helps Indy.
        Indy discovers that his dad is being held captive at Castle
        Brunwald and heads off to rescue him. With Elsa's help they
        break into the castle and find Indy's dad but Elsa betrays Indiana
        and he too finds himself tied up alongside his dad. Another
        tricky situation for the hero to get himself out of.

        3. Motorcycle escape
        Indiana and his dad find some motorbikes in a motorbike
        garage and flee the castle on them with the german soldiers
        following closely behind as they whizz through the German
        countryside in their desperate attempt to make it in one piece to
        the Zeppelin airfield.
        4. Trouble in the sky
        Indiana and Henry senior are discovered trying to escape
        Germany on the Zeppelin and make their escape in a bi-plane
        suspended from the Zeppelin instead. Indiana crashes into a
        farm house and the father and son have to continue their
        escape on the ground. German piolets are flying overhead
        trying to stop them from escaping. Finally they make it to safety.

        5. Desert Ambush
        Indy's friend Marcus Brodie lost in the desert is captured by
        German Soldiers while Indy and his dad are escaping Germany.
        Indiana, Sallah and Henry senior head off in search of him and
        in their travels come across the location of the holy grail. Indy's
        dad also ends up being captured. Indy and Sallah attempt to
        save both Marcus and Henry Senior but find themselves trapped
        on top of an armoured personnel carrier as it speeds towards a
        cliff edge. How will they ever get out of this one?
        6. Temple of the Grail
        The gang make their way to the Canyon of the crescent moon
        where the holy grail is hidden. Indiana and Sallah make their
        way through the canyon solving all manner of puzzles and
        challenges along the way. Indy makes his way to the exact
        location of the holy grail and comes face to face with its
        gaurdian, who has been gaurding the grail until a worthy
        successor arrives. Indy chooses wisely and saves his father but
        finds that the grail cannot be taken from the Canyon and so it
        has to be left behind while they escape and head for home once
        again bringing them to the end of their adventure.

        As can be seen from my description of the levels above it really is as though you are Indiana starring in your own version of these three classic original adventures. Great fun and a bit challenging I have to admit, at some bits you really have to think about what's happening and take a good look around to see what you can use to help you escape traps, solve puzzles and battle with your enemies. Provides hours of fun and the time really does fly by when you're playing this game. One of the great things is there are always new things to be discovered during freeplay. I think it may be quite some time before I've completed 100% so definately good value for money. Plenty of gameplay and loads of fun and entertainment for the whole family.


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        21.01.2009 19:48



        A really fun, exciting game for everyone

        What can I say !! This is the best computer game I have played and that surprised me as I thought it would be for kids. However I am 31 years old and thoroughly enjoyed playing this.
        The graphics are excellent and the storyline is followed really well. It is also great to play with another person at the same time which makes it a bit more sociable.
        There are lots of different elements to this game as you have action and you have puzzles to solve so there is plenty of variety for everyone. I have been told that all of the lego games are very good however I can only recommend this one but I will be purchasing the others shortly if they are any where near as good. If I can be converted to playing the playstation then anyone can! Therefore what more can I say other than buy it!


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        17.11.2008 14:30



        A fun quirky game thats great for all ages.

        I'm a huge fan of the lego series of games and was very excited when Lego Indiana Jones came out and I was not diappointed, out of all the Lego games this is by far my favorite.
        The game graphics themselves look fantastic and the difference between the PS2 and PS3 version is hugely noticeable. The game play its self is fantastic - you follow the story of the three orginal films playing mainly as Indiana Jones but you also play as many of the side charaters that you'll recongise from the films. The game is full of puzzels and mini-side quests that will keep you playing for hours but the real appeal of this game is that it apeals too all ages and is so much fun to play either by yourself or with someone else.
        This is a great game and if you purchase this you won't be disappointed.


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        02.11.2008 08:53



        A great game that everyone can enjoy.

        I brought this game after loving the lego star wars games and having so much fun on them. The game is more of the same and really fun to play. It is really addicting and has some great features. You will play through the scenes from the first 3 IJ movies in a lego style.

        The graphics are really good and some of the best on the Playstation 3. The soundtrack is also great with lots of time to hear the great theme tune. The game has a great framerate and runs very smooth.

        The gameplay is more of the same from other games and really fun. It is really addicting and you won't be able to put it down until you have finished!

        The game is also full of jokes and you can do some great things with the controls. They are very easy to master and everyone will be able to play. The game is quite easy to anyone can play but it doesn't last very long meaning you might want to wait until it is cheaper.

        There are no subtitles on the game which can make it a chore if you want to play when its quiet at night.

        Overall, the game is great and really addicting. It is a great game for children as it is very easy to understand and simple to play.


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        05.10.2008 17:07



        Lego rules!

        Ive just started playing this game and I have never laughed so much within the first 5 minutes of playing a game! You start the game with control of Indy and you have a little helper who is carrying a spade. While trying to figure out the controls of the helper and his spade I kept bashing Indy on the head with my spade - flipping hilarious! Small things amuse small minds....

        On the downside there are no subtitles on this game so as a deaf gamer I cant follow the cut scenes BUT I have seen all the Indiana Jones movies so I know the storyline and the plot so I am able to follow the game and know what is going to happen next...

        Its a game which you can unwind with, theres not much concentration required or heavy thinking involved. Its the type of game that anyone can pick up and instantly start playing without having to work out complicated controls. And its FUNNY!


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        01.10.2008 11:46
        Very helpful



        Worth renting for a weekend for adults, or buy for the kids (and have a sneaky go).

        After playing all the star wars lego games I was really looking forward to the release of the Indiana Jones Lego. The game is still fun with loads of references to the Indiana Jones Trilogy, but doesn't quite match the starwars version.

        The concept is quite easy and my 6 Year old nephew enjoys playing co-op. In each level you can play as 2 different characters and switch between them depending on what you need to do, and throughout the level basically you need to kill baddies, collect lego studs and complete puzzles to get to the end. There is also hidden treasures to collect along the way. You may not be able to do this first time round but the game enables you to replay the level as different characters whose abilities may be more useful.

        I have enjoyed the game, but more for the nostalgia and great humour than the game play. It is not as good as the Star wars ones as there are a lack of characters to choose from (mostly differently dressed Indys) and there is no double jump, which I find really frustrating.


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        31.08.2008 08:57
        Very helpful



        Choose to buy this one carefully

        I purchased this game at full price for my Son's Birthday and paid £32.99 if memory serves me right from shopto.net. I must admit that although it was a gift, I was looking forward to playing it myself a little.

        The game has fantastic sound and the graphics are superb. The storyline is also very true to the film. My son set about it at a blazingly fast speed, working out puzzles with ease. As the game progresses it obviously gets harder. He got to a stage where there was just no way we could work the puzzle out... so onto www.gamefaqs.com - we found the answer, so a good site for you all to bookmark.

        Then my son managed to get his character stuck, a glitch in the game. The way in which he was trying to solve this particular puzzle had the same conclusion... so he switched off. I called the publisher and they did not even want to know. They said to take the game back, well most retailers (if not all) have a zero returns policy on games. So it stayed virtually unplayed from then on. It did get a few more outings and I am trying to encourage him to play it again, but don't think he will.

        So, all in all a bit disappointed that although it looks the part, it might not deliver the gaming experience expected for young players (my Son is 9). If you can stick at it though, it might be more rewarding.


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        12.08.2008 16:53
        1 Comment



        this is a great game with no downsides.

        This is a fantastic game. I bought lego star wars a few months back and saw that there was a trailer for indiana jones the original adventures. So i told myself that i would keep an eye on that game just to see if it looked as good as lego star wars. I have to say now that it is better. The graphics are amazing and it follows the story very well. There is a lot of things that you can from collecting coins to blowing up various objects. One of the rooms in the collage is like a dressing room where you can change you hair clothes weapon and evan the colour of you hands and then fight with a friend!
        Though this game has no online play it does include a 2 player mode, where you can drop in and out as you please. This game isn't short either as you play all three indiana jones movies. In the collange as i mentiond before you have the choice of going into several rooms including: Indies office, theatre, artifact room, these are only some of the rooms though. all in all this is a great game and i am looking foreward to finishing. I am hoping that the same conpany will make a lego game of the 4th film. Hope this review has helped


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