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LittleBigPlanet 2 (PS3)

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9 Reviews

Genre: Arcade & Platform / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2011-01-21 / Published by Sony

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    9 Reviews
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      09.08.2012 23:46
      Very helpful



      Maybe the best game ever created

      A Constantly Evolving Game With Unlimited Possibilities.

      This game is fascinating and it truly is one of a kind. Imagine you are playing a game where you can do absolutely anything and that is exactly what you can do. With this game you can design a level of any kind and watch as all of your most artistic and creative ideas come to life right before your eyes. The first Little Big Planet was just as wonderful. My first impressions of Little Big Planet 2 were that it was more like an upgrade than a sequel. It felt like being giving a bigger tool box in which to make even better creations with and that was sufficient because in this kind of game a bigger tool box is like a winning a Little Big Planet 2 style lottery or an all access pass. My first experience with this game was thanks to a PlayStation Plus Beta invite sent to my email address. At the time me and someone who I was good friends with and spoke regularly to on PlayStation Home got one and it was him who told me about the beta. I was really happy when I got my invite. We both played in the beta together and had so much fun. We made Sack Bots and got them to say funny things. Including making a reptilian Sack Bot and making it speak like a woman in a hilarious video on YouTube who professes her love to reptilians. I love this game because it gives anybody the opportunity to create actual levels and better still full games.

      Game Play

      In the second Little Big Planet there are more than 50 story levels including mini games. With over 5 million levels available to play which have been created by the Little Big Planet community and more being added every day (even as I type this.) There is an also an extensive range of costumes available and you can even make your own. As you can see it is going to be hard to run out of things to do on this game. It is so much value for money if you really think about it and a lot of fun. After all with this you can create your own full games and even your own films. This game is so much fun. Oh and Score Bubbles and Bounce Pads are awesome. My favorite things are Bounce Pads. From the first time you see your little Sack person drop into its pod and you discover just how much you can do with this game you will be hooked. When I say drops I mean dropped. It comes out of nowhere like it has just been dropped out of a space ship.


      Even just one game can cost around forty pounds or more but Little Big Planet 2 offers over 5 million levels and costs just £18.49 and £3.99 for delivery on Amazon. Under 25 pounds for this game just seems to good to be true but it's not. Add that to the fact that Little Big Planet often adds free costumes for your Sack Boy or Girl to the PlayStation Store. I own this game thanks to my brother Colin who bought me the special edition as a gift.

      Game Difficulty

      Admittedly even with the extensive range of explanatory videos and all of the free objects given to you after you watch each one. It really can be quite hard to get the hang of this game. I would not say this is an easy game for someone who wants to be a creator. For those who just want to play the Story Levels, Mini Games and levels submitted by the Little Big Planet community it will be significantly easier but they will be missing out on the best part and it really is worth persevering with until you learn how everything works.


      The graphics are satisfactory and maybe even better than those in the first installment of Little Big Planet. To be honest when I am playing a game, I really do not give a monkeys whether the graphics are good or not as long as I enjoy playing it but for those who do care about that kind of thing the graphics are good. The picture on my screen when playing is nice, bright and very colorful. I can see my sack girl and her animations crystal clear. The game looks amazing! Especially recently because the quality of the levels being submitted by The Community has improved so much. The level I just clicked into is absolutely stunning and you would think a professional game designer had created it. .

      The World Within Your Pod

      This is the first place you are taken to when you play Little Big Planet 2 just after you complete a few story mode levels. You should view it as the control room or kind of like your headquarters because from here you can choose which level you want to go to and view all of the different sections. You can access the Little Big Planet store to purchase and download content from here and even find some free stuff. You can edit your pod and decorate it in any way you choose and you can access options. The more content you purchase and the more user submitted content you pick up in the game. The wider your selection of things to decorate with will be. In your Pod you have not got a lot of room to move. It is a little bit of space to make your own. You can talk to friends on mic or even play your own music. It resembles a cardboard spaceship and in this spaceship you will see a PlayStation Controller. If you walk towards it and press Square this is where the fun begins. Visitors can even help decorate your Pod. I found this out when a nice Little Big Planet player made me a very nice Pod and all I had to do was save it. I am about to explain now the things that you can access from your headquarters.


      As mentioned earlier you can access the PlayStation store and purchase content directly in the game. I like this because it means you can download your new purchases without ever having to quit out. In the store section you can choose the browse option. If you choose to browse you will see all of the available content at once. When you click into one of the items available to purchase. A short summary of everything you will get if you purchase that pack shows on screen and to the right are a basket icon and the price of the item in question. You will also see a button which you click if you want to buy it. Once you have chosen all if any of the items that you want to purchase you are taken to a blue screen which shows you the price of each item in your basket and the total cost. Here you can either cancel or confirm purchase. In the store section you will find level kits which give you extra objects and some high quality levels created by professionals which are very fun to play. You will also get a large selection of new stickers to use as you wish. My favorite is the Metal Gear Solid one because I got a free paintball gun with it which led to some very fun sack paintball fights. There are some free costumes in the store and some to purchase and a music kit to add also. Much to your delight you will see there is big names such as Toy Story or The Muppet's. You can use these famously inspired level kits to make your own levels consisting of the theme of the characters and films you love. There is a large range of content and so you might want to press triangle and narrow it down. If you press triangle it filters the results and gives a few options like one that lets you hide all of the kits and outfits you already own. You can also sort them by price or the date they were added. If you already know what you are looking for. You can just go to the text search option and type the name of it in. Once you do that you will swiftly be taken to a page displaying your chosen search item. Finally if you want to view your purchases you can go to My Stuff and it will all be in there. You will be able to see content that you have purchased but not downloaded yet and your levels, downloaded packs and outfits

      Recent Activity

      Now on to the Recent Activity section. Here you will find all of the latest goings on in the Little Big Planet including the latest Little Big Planet Community Spotlight. This is a rather quirky showcase of recommended levels and links directly to them. It is currently on episode 91! In your Recent Activity section you can also see what you and your friends have been playing and see any new levels that you or they have created, updated or liked.
      From there you can also see how many people have liked, hearted and played each level. If you go to the Community section you will see a list of places to go to get to exciting new levels.

      My Queue

      Firstly there is the My Queue option in here you can view or go straight to levels you have chosen to play later. This is handy because sometimes you will see a level and might be intrigued by the name or description but either do not have have the time or just can't be bothered at that given moment in time to play them. All that you have to do is press square when you see a level you would like to store in your queued levels' section and you will be given the option to Play, Copy (if the level has been made copyable,) queue or heart it.

      Dive In

      Now I will explain the Dive In feature. Some days you will have no friends online to play with and you might want to play a Multiplayer game or a Mini Game from the Story Mode but you cannot do that alone and that is why this comes in very handy.
      While you are hovering over the Dive In option you will see a little speech bubble telling you how many players are currently online. There are usually thousands of players online at any given time. So you are never short of someone to play with. Once you click Dive In it will tell you it is looking for suitable players. When it finds one it updates you informing you that it is requesting to join a player and the name of that person. The countdown starts at one minute and twenty seconds. At this time if someone refuses to let you join it simply restarts again and it does the same if the request times out and no one answers when given the option to let you join them. Eventually you will be allowed into someones game and when that happens you drop into their Pod. Usually there is a moment of introduction. Well either that or you slap each other if you or the person you join is in a particularly mischievous mood.

      Cool Levels

      Now to discuss the Cool Levels option. The levels that get into the Cool Levels section have had a lot of plays and been hearted by a lot of players and that is why they are there. Play one of these levels and the chances are it might be really good.

      MM Picks

      MM Picks is the section to go to if you really want to play a level that is good. Only the most memorable, well designed, exemplary levels get to be here. They are chosen by no other than Media Molecule the makers of the game. You are guaranteed to find only levels of the highest quality in this section.

      Making Use of the Search Function

      You can also search for a specific type of level by text. For instance if you type in the name of a singer or band you will find levels designed based on their music. I love music levels! I also regularly search Slide or Roller coaster because those styles of Levels I find to be a lot of fun.

      Little Big Music Sequencer

      I really admire those in the Little Big Community who use the Music Sequencer so well because I tell you it is not an easy thing to do. I have never been able to figure it out even though there is very informative tutorials on Little Big Planet and YouTube. I just can not get the hang of it at all. It is worth finding out how to use because the Music Sequencer is very powerful and will allow you to recreate any song key for key or even make your own masterpiece.


      If you go to the option called more in The Community section you will find you can view which friends are online, levels that you have hearted, creators that you have hearted and your recently played levels. You can also view the highest rated levels this week, this month and in all of Little Big history. You can do the same for the most hearted and most played and finally if you go to even more you can choose to go to view the newest levels, the busiest levels or if you're feeling spontaneous you can choose lucky dip.

      Story Mode

      The Story Mode section is also a click away from your pod. In that you have 50 levels to explore and conquer and you get to meet some rather fun, unusual characters along the way. In story mode you can play alone or join others. There are lots of stickers and items to collect but in order to acquire some of them you will need to play with others. This can be a good thing though and can make it even more fun. You can also win trophies there is 65 of them in total to earn. The story levels are fun and engaging. They keep you interested and it helps keep you motivated that you win things as you go along.

      More Stories

      Not too long ago there was a new button added called More Stories from this you can get quick access to all of the level kits that you have paid for.

      All About You

      Now to discuss the section dedicated all to you. Firstly I will discuss the My Earth part in this section you can access all of the levels you have created, you can view Your Profile and you will see your three favorite pins that you will have chosen to display to the community. Next on to the My Profile section here you can see any comments left by Little Big Planet players. Perhaps someone really enjoyed your level. If they did this is where you may hear about it if not on your level reviews. You can add pictures of your level here to entice more people to play it as well. If you click decorate while in your "you section" you can change your moon to look however you want. Mine currently looks like a circular pink cake with white icing. Click into My Moon and you can choose a spot in which you want to place a new level on. You can choose between big levels or smaller ones and you can change the appearance of your level to others with a picture. You can also access all of the very informative Tutorials in this section and see which ones you have completed and those you have yet to do. Finally you can look at all of your pins from here.

      Add Your Own Pictures

      Using your PlayStation Eye camera gives you the opportunity to be very unique because you can upload all of your own stuff and stick it on your objects in your levels or on the walls or anywhere really. You can add pictures of yourself in your level which some people do. You can add your favorite sayings and quotes. Add pictures of your pet and make a level dedicated to them. That makes me think I could make a game based around my Parrot Oscar. It really is that flexible of a game you can do absolutely anything. There are no limits!


      You will earn pins for all of the different little things you do in Little Big Planet and these are basically like little badges of honor to show off to your friends and other people. There is a large range of pins to collect and many of them you can get whilst playing in story mode. They are more or less little challenges which you do not have to complete but they are fun to earn. You get them for things like playing 5 versus games, dying in a Community Level or placing your first sticker. You will get them without even trying to.

      For Beginners

      To begin with you will see a rather inspiring advert for the game you are about to play. It is possibly the coolest advert for a game that I have ever seen. It manages to build up your excitement on your first time playing and made me even more enthusiastic about what lay ahead. When you are new to the game and have not completed any Story Levels yet it will require you to complete Da Vinci's Hideout before you can access all of the features in your Pod. The first level you see is basically an introduction to the game and a celebration of all things Media Molecule. Media Molecule are the makers of Little Big Planet and the people whom we have to thank for such a wonderful game. You will hear the narrator Steven Fry welcoming you to Little Big Planet and as you walk forward and he stops talking for now a colorful scene will unfold right before your eyes. You can see pictures of all of the people involved in the making of Little Big Planet and some dancing speakers. Yes you did actually read that. I did actually say dancing speakers. You are only beginning your journey and your sack person starts out pretty much naked but not for long. You will come along screens with instructional videos in which Stephen Fry and his voice tell you how to do certain things and he will pretty much be your guide for the whole game. Here you will get a taste for the wonderment that is ahead of you.

      PlayStation Move Compatibility

      When your game loads up a screen telling you that you can use a PlayStation Move controller with Little Big Planet 2 is the first thing you will see. I have to admit I preferred the normal controllers because I found them much easier. I borrowed my brothers PlayStation Move controller at the time to try out the Sack Boys Prehistoric moves which came free with my collectors edition of the game. I have to say I found the PlayStation Move controller really awkward to use. However recently they have added much more content for players who want to use the move. This includes a whole new story called The Rise of the Cakeling which is basically an extension to the original Story Mode. In the Rise of the Cakeling you will get access to14 new levels and lots of new gadgets including a new power up called The Brane Crane. Once placed on your Sack Boy or Girls head the Brane Crane gives you telekinetic powers. It allows you to move things with the mind of your Sack Bot. You can pick up objects and even your Sack friends and move them as high or low as you want them to go but perhaps the best thing about The Brane Crane is that it allows you to make whole new use of your ability to slap others. This is one of my favorite things about Little Big Planet and it has been there since Little Big planet 1.

      With The Brane Crane no longer do you have to be within close proximity of other Sack people to slap them because you can just use your telekinetic powers to do it. Often when you slap a Sack Person a hilarious chase ensues with a sometimes rather annoyed (some people take this game far too seriously!) sack person trying to slap you back. Imagine virtually slapping one of your friends or someone you randomly join up with using the " Dive In" feature which drops you in a random Pod with people you do not know. This time when you join sack people at a level you can stand far away and slap them. Mwhahahaha! I think the slap emote was the makers of Little Big Planet 2 best ideas. It was obviously put there to make the game much more fun and add a little silliness to it and that it does. With the new content available for the PlayStation Move I saw a level created in the style of the Robot Unicorn game and I have to say it was absolutely beautiful. The way the colors were used was fascinating and I do not think it is possible to do this with the normal PlayStation controller. I believe it was the work of The Move Paint Pack and the talented and very artistic creator of this level that allowed it to look so amazing.

      So the PlayStation Move does open a lot of doors. With the new content created exclusively for the PlayStation Move controller you also get The Movinator which allows you to use your PlayStation Move controller similar to a cursor on a computer mouse when combined with the cursor tool. With it you can pick stuff up and you can also customize your cursor to be your favorite color or make it one of the stickers that you have in your pop it. The movinator is said to make it much easier creating things. Then there is the Motion Recorder with this you can pick up any object in your level and make it move whichever way you choose by moving the controller in the motion you want your object to move. Simply choose the object that you want to move a certain way and it will start to record. Then set your moves in motion and that's you. If you download this content you also get another 32 pins to collect and display proudly on your profile. There are also 66 new stickers, 18 new material, 41 new decorations and 13 new objects to beautify your levels with and there is also new music available and good news for all those glorified trophy chasers out there because you also get 11 new trophies to win. As I am writing this I am seriously considering buying my own PlayStation Move controller just so I can try this out myself. The reason for that is that it sounds as if this new content has breathed new life into what is already an astonishingly fun game to play. If you choose to use PlayStation Move you will also need a PlayStation Eye camera plugged in and you will need to place it somewhere in line with your controller.

      Where Would a Sack Boy or Girl be Without their Pop it?

      Your Pop It is your Toolbox and the key to creating some magnificent levels and objects all of your own. It stores all of your essential things such as Stickers, Materials, costumes and Items and even has the ability to get you out of the stickiest of situations because you can press the hold to retry option and when you do your Sack Person will show you his or her Houdini style magician skills. Hilarious as it is it will look like it is constipated and squeeze making a moaning noise until it poofs and reappears in a puff of greatness. In your Pop it you can also access all of the tutorials available and with each one you complete and bag yourself a nifty little set of new stickers and items as you learn each one. I only played the tutorials for the freebies! With that little bag of tricks you have the power to change day to night and make colorful raindrops fall from the sky to name a few. You have access to glue, scissors, nuts, bolts, water tweakers which you can use to add waves, change water color and choose how deep or shallow it is. In here you have items to make things jumps, spin, talk, fly, dance. Anything you want to do you can do with all of the things in your Pop It. The only thing Little Big Planet 2 has not provided is imagination but that's fine because we all have our own and despite all of these wonderful tools your brain is the main thing needed to make your levels come to life. You can also change your Pop It cursors color to suit your mood.

      A Disco in Game, Whilst Creating or Even Whilst Chilling in the Pod

      If you go to your settings and then to your music player all you have to do is press play and all of the songs stored on your PlayStation or in playlists can be played. Once you press play on your chosen track it will just cycle through all of your songs one by one. This is especially helpful in creation mode because it helps to have something to listen to, Well I found it did anyway and it made me concentrate more. You can invite your friends over and put mics on and just have one person playing music for everyone to hear.

      Steal Other Peoples Levels

      If you are feeling particularly lazy and want a bit of inspiration or a sort of blueprint to build on this will maybe be your chosen way to go about designing levels. Personally I do not like it and have always designed my own. The whole idea of Little Big Planet is seeing your own creations come to life. That is what is so good about it. I do not see why they made it possible to copy someones work. It kind of diminishes the point of the whole thing.

      Yay and No-more Nays

      I am quite sad about this because giving feedback in Little Big Planet seems a very important part. They recently made it impossible to leave a sad face communicating to the creator that you did not enjoy the level. I thought this was a good idea and would help people to know if others enjoyed their levels or not. Now you can only leave a smiley face. I guess it will promote positivity and confidence in new creators though and encourage them. That is a very good thing and so I see why Media Molecule did it.

      LBP. me.

      This is a website for people who want to view the trending levels of the moment. You can also search your favorite creator/creators and keep up to date on their recent creations. If you sign in using your PlayStation Network details you will be able to add levels from here to your queue. You can view pictures for levels and you can see what you or a certain creator has recently played and how much they scored. This can be used like many other websites to advertise your levels because it truly can be hard to get plays on your levels. I think this is because there is so much and so promoting your level can work wonders. My boyfriend mentioned the half done levels and I have to agree with him that they are really annoying. I do not know why people publish half finished levels, It is a waste of their time and that of potential players. The game is totally amazing and one I cannot recommend enough. Even if you get a little bit fed up of it from time to time it is something you can always return to when you feel more like it and I have done on many occasions. It is difficult to create but worth the effort. Once you get used to the controls and everything else. You will soon be gliding effortlessly through all of the things needed to create your own dream level and if you never pick up on how to create and it just never catches on. There is still a wide range of levels and multiplayer fun at your fingertips
      Over All

      The fact you can can purchase this game for under twenty five pounds on Amazon and sometimes free if you are a PlayStation plus member makes it too good to miss. Even for those who may not take enough time to get to know how this game really works. It might leave a sour taste in your mouth but I think it is fair to say that you will never play another game quite like it. I really recommend The Rabbit and the Wrestler series. I admire that creator and those short movies had me laughing my head off. There is a never ending supply of game with Little Big Planet 2 and that makes this a game really worth getting. This game is packed with mesmerizing, colorful and crazy levels. Each of the thousands of user submitted levels taking you of on a different adventure each time.


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        15.04.2012 18:55
        Not Helpful
        1 Comment



        still brilliant

        This is the second little big planet game to be released and all i can say is whens the third one going to be available??? this game doesnt dissapoint yet again. being the second game to be released you may think what more can they do to make it better but they have out done them selves. i would say the games are slighter harder but you do need this as you dont want to walk easily through the entire game without a slight challeneg here and there. the way the second game has been created adds a story to the game as you go through. you still have the fin of the first game but also with a bit more passion and a darker side to it this time. i would say that to complete this game at 100% is much more of a challenge this time around. you still have all the swinging from ropes and spnges as well as some added extras to make even more fun.


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          22.07.2011 17:44



          Brilliant game - buy it

          The much awaited follow up to 2007's hit PS3 game Little Big Planet, Little Big Planet 2 does not fail to deliver on gameplay and entertainment. Much like the first instalment of the series, Little Big Planet 2 puts you in the role of Sackboy (or Sackgirl depending on your choice). The plot of the game is as follows: an "inter-dimensional vacuum" called the Negativitron is terrorising Little Big Planet, and yo, as a member of the secret organisation known as the Alliance must defeat him and defend the inhabitants of Little Big Planet.

          The storyline is admittedly not the game's strong point, but this does not matter as the game prides itself on its unique look and its gameplay. Colourfully designed, each level is a wonder to behold and shows that game design really is an art in itself. The levels are often challenging and require puzzle-solving skills to beat them. The game is just the right length at just over 50 levels and the story mode is not the only feature that players can enjoy. It is also possible to create your own levels and share them online over the Playstation network, as well as playing levels which other PSN users have created. A nice feature of the story mode is that as the game progresses you can collect stickers and outfits to adorn your character and customise him in any way you choose.

          This game is great fun, and although on first glance it may look like a game or children it really is a game for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


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          10.05.2011 12:31
          1 Comment



          An Excellent buy for everyone who's ever wanted to do...well...anything

          I have to say, Little Big Planet 2 has to have been one of the best buys I have ever made.

          With stunning graphics, a mid to long length story-line and plenty to do outside of the linear path, LBP2 exels

          This game offers a wide, and I mean incredibly wide variety of activities, suitable for all ages. The opportunity to build levels from scratch is immensly satisfying for those who enjoy a little creation and the improvements from the first game are fantastic. Added features include, over 200 new materials that you can use on top of a previous LBP accounts set so you don't lose anything.

          The ability to invent more lifelike creatures is also an interesting feature and allows an unlimited array of amusing and strange creations. The logic behind all of the interactions in game are in logic gates and circuitry which provides a specific, if a little hard to grasp at first, control method. Children will be amused, and adults can build to their hearts content. I am very impressed.

          Mr Toxiic


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            07.05.2011 14:10
            Very helpful



            Buy under £30

            After owning Little Big Planet and hearing that the sequel was soon on it's way I was very excited. However, because I can't afford I lot, I waited until this dropped from £40 down to £19.99 (@ Game - 21/04/2011) and could not wait to get it home to start playing it. This version of Little Big Planet has many similarities to the first game, yet has many positive differences as well.

            The Similarities:

            + Narration is still done by the famous Briton, Stephen Fry. Good decision by Mm because his voice really fits in with the relaxed nature of game.

            + You can still dress up your Sackboy (now called Sackthing if you listen to the narration in the story) in the same costumes that you collected in LBP. You can even transfer over your previous costume over from LPB. However, costumes from LBP2 cannot be seen if you play LBP.

            - Multi-player parts in levels. This can be seen as both a negative or positive. It's good if you have friends round and it means that everyone has a role to play during game play. However, for people such as myself who tends to play alone because of only having one controller, it means you miss out on content and cannot collect unless you are online or have friends over who bring a controller. There seems to me that there are more multi-player part in LBP2 than in the first game.

            + You can still create your own levels. As with the costumes, your objects/materials/music etc collected from the first LBP can be used to create levels in LBP2 along with the stuff you collect in this game.

            The Differences:

            + The story is much more fluid in this game than it was in LBP one. Although in the first game, each levels story led to the next, there was no common theme. With this game you get videos with talking you can understand (though if you liked them talking gibberish they still do that while in gameplay) and there is a solid storyline running all the way through.

            + Sackthing skins are now not limited to being unanimated. Skins such as the Disco skin (which changes colour all the time) are much more exciting for some than plain designs.

            + New 'toys'. Sackthing now has gadgets to play around with in his action adventure. He gains access to a grapple, a hat that can end up dispensing different things from it and super grab (which allows you to pick objects up). In my opinion, this compliments gameplay.

            + Different gameplay. Whereas in LBP you simply were doing platformer style play all the time, LBP2 combines things like 'Space Invaders' style play into the game.

            +/- Less areas. This can be perceived as a negative or positive. There are 6 areas in this game, each of which has about 5 levels in each. In each area though there are mini games. Unlike the first LBP, there is an incentive to play the mini games because you can win prize bubbles either throughout the level and/or a points vending machine will give you items depending on how many points you gain. This is good because with some, higher points are harder to achieve and hence you try and improve your personal best many times.

            + Playstation Move Features. I personally do not own playstation move. However I have played a couple of the move levels with a friend at his house and they are quite interesting. It allows communication between two people better although it seems as though it looks possible to do the levels with one player.

            + New level tutorials. These go had in had with the new gameplay you can get in LBP2. You get tips on sackbots and grappling.

            + Create your genre of level. What I mean by this is you can create things like 'Verses' levels made for people to complete with each other.

            At the price I bought this game, it is definitely worth getting. I would recommend people buying it if they can find it under £30.


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              06.04.2011 21:39
              Very helpful
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              Excellent game, and provides something different to most modern releases

              The original LittleBigPlanet did something amazing - it combined the charm of a 1990's platformer with the brilliant technology of the current generation of consoles. It was a breath of fresh air when it arrived, completely different from the dark and serious shooters that currently plague consoles. It was a side scrolling platformer where you play as 'sackboy', and run through the levels avoiding danger and completing simple puzzles. It was physics based. You can drag an item made of sponge for example, or roll a ball into a big gap to make a bridge, but your little character can't muster up the strength to pull metal or any heavy objects, resulting in a humorous facial expression of the sackboy. It had a simple charm.

              However, with this simple charm was a surprising amount of depth. The simple to use level creator gave the game life years after its release with over 3 million user created levels released. And if you wanted to collect all of the materials and stickers, you had to collect them in the Story Mode, which encouraged multiplayer.

              The first game was kept active by DLC, with Metal Gear Solid and Pirates of the Caribbean level packs, which leads you to wonder if there was even a need for a sequel. What the sequel adds is a full new story mode - seven new worlds full of side scrolling levels and mini games for you to jump into, and with it, new things to do.
              What the sequel adds is power ups. Early on in the game you are granted access to the grapple hook, which allows you to swing through levels or pull switches from far away. Later on you will get the 'grabinator', a Ratchet and Clank style glove that lets you pick up items that are far heavier and throw them. Throughout all of these worlds you are introduced to the new items of LittleBigPlanet with the story mode revolving around them. Whilst they are only power ups they add a great amount to the game. LittleBigPlanet has always been great - the simple charm and narration by Stephen Fry gave it a cute quality that few games can manage, and this charm is still there. Much of the game is the old school platforming gamers will be used to. The power ups just add to this experience. The grapple hook for example offers faster paced gameplay than expected - perfect for timed races, and the newly added 'Sackbots' slow down the pace, allowing for more in depth puzzles as you gather a following of small robots that can be used to open doors. It's the kind of gameplay familiar with those who have played the Clank sections in the Ratchet and Clank series.

              Once you have completed the story mode there is still plenty to do. For a start, collecting all the prize bubbles to 100% complete the game - which includes needing to ace all of the levels. If you are interested in level creation this is something you'll be looking to do to get all of the materials and stickers and it isn't easy. It is fun however.

              The level creation remains largely the same - you get to use all of the tools you picked up in the first game and those you picked up in the second to create levels. The new tools such as the grapple are easy enough to use and many things have been made easier. The addition of spring boards for example saves you from having to create them yourself. For those looking to create a deeper level however with a greater experience, there's so much extra to do. The Sackbots already described in the story mode have such great potential. You can use them as allies in inventive ways, or use them to create enemies - enemy creation was perhaps the biggest limitation of the previous game.

              You can also play online. This lets you play through the story mode with other people online, or play through user created levels. The Story mode is far more fun when you play with others, having to navigate tricky puzzles together and watching each other die.
              User created content varies. Some of the levels are, as expected exceedingly average, though some user created levels rival those of the story mode. The developers, Media molecule pick out the best levels they have played making it easier to come across some brilliant levels - which were a problem in the first game. All of the user created content from the first game is also available to play, meaning you won't be short of levels to play.

              The graphics are brilliant and only help to create a wondrous atmosphere, with brilliant lighting and I have similar praise for the music. Music will never make a bad game good but it will certainly make a good game better.

              The controls are much like the original and this means the floaty controls of the original. I love the floaty jump of the sackboy character I don't consider it a problem but to those who complained about it in the original game - nothing has changed.

              It's quite possible that all the new features of this game could have been sold as DLC for the first game or patched into it. However, there's enough new content to justify a new game. A new game itself will renew interest in the franchise far more than downloaded DLC, so with some brilliant user created content out already, and a charming new Story Mode, there's little to complain about. If you want something different, or if you just miss the platforming genre, a genre that has got little love in recent years, this game may be for you.

              Available exclusively for the Playstation 3 console, it can be purchased for £33.95 on Amazon (new).


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                18.02.2011 12:34
                Very helpful



                Essential espeically if you don't have the first, or you can get it for cheap.

                Usually, I hate the people who claim to be 'thoroughly disappointed' with a game sequel because it has 'lost its original charm' when all that's happened is they've clearly improved the design, as game sequels are meant to do. However, unfortunately I have to swallow my pride and admit Little Big Planet 2 has lost its charm, but mainly only in terms of story mode. The first LBP seemed like it really did transport you into a day dream, with lots of bright colours and bubbles and surreal enemies it seemed a lot more hand-crafted. The new story mode has a lot more shooting, whizzing balls of energy, about a third of the levels involve riding other creations and essentially it becomes every other platformer, with the layout of LBP1. There are some good new additions like the grapple hook which enables you to swing from objects and a helmet which shoots literally anything in the game but the dream-like atmosphere is defiantly gone which is a shame as it was the most original aspect I've ever seen on any platformer.

                Graphics are largely the same, which a few new tweaks and improvements to the backdrop of levels which is good, and since you can import all your LBP1 data you get every object you made/collected before plus a whole host of new materials and objects to work with. The level creation IS greatly improved, which is the most important part of the game if you have online, with there being a little less frustration involved in the process due to easier to use and new tools. However, creating certain parts of a game will be just as difficult as before, they're just more complex than anything you could do in the last game when finished.

                The community feels a little less communal than before, it's harder to get your work seen and rather than a planet containing new and high rated levels it seems the only option you have are mm picks and Cool levels so I'm not entirely sure where you go for newly published levels. All in all, the sequel seems a lot less interpersonal than the first, and the craziness seems a little false now. Of course to counter this, there is a wealth of new things to play with and you can really create whatever sort of level you want as well as play community levels far better than those that came before, it just would've been nice to see the old charm.

                *Also, if you want to play my levels or add me, my id is MadeInBritain15*


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                30.01.2011 22:31
                Very helpful



                Awesome game that's fun for anyone!

                There have been a few rumours about this game being the same as the first one, just with different material. Those rumours should be thrown out of the window! It should be a question of what hasn't changed not was has changed.

                There is so much content in this game, I don't know where to start! But like most people, i'll start at the beginning. When you first start the game, you hear Steven Fry's amazing voice explaining what Little Big Planet is, with breathtaking animations to go with it. If you had the first Little Big Planet game, don't be upset about losing all those precious materials, costumes and stickers because it gives the option to import your last account! So all is not lost.

                The first few story levels explain simply, how to play. So if you played Little Big Planet One, you should sail through these levels with no trouble what so ever, but if our new to the little big planet, you should learn it all easy enough. Now a game like this wouldn't be worth getting if there was no multiplayer, so you can choose to play the story mode with friends or with anyone around the world! But the awesome fun of multiplayer doesn't stop there, because the game has a level maker which allows you to make your own levels and publish them to the little big planet community and play levels made by other players! But of course that elemnt of the game is not new, so if you played the first one, you'll know everything about it...
                Although the creator idea is not new, the content in the creator is all new.

                There are new powerups, new materials, new tools and new switches. Just naming a few! My favourite item introduced into this game is the 'Controlinator' (the name sticking to the crazy nature of the game) for me and players of the first LBP it's a dream come true, it gives the player ability to use buttons on the controller as switches instead of using hundreds of other switches!

                The new powerups are a load o' fun! the 'grabinator' which gives you the ability to lift and move things much heavier than you would normally be able to, the other is the grappling hook which is exactly what is sounds like, it's a hook that can be fired from the players arm and grap onto anything that is normally grabbable. The others are nothing new, but they are just as fun are the jetpack, scuba gear and the 'paintinator.' The jetpack allows the player to fly, the scuba gear allows the player to swim underwater without having to return to the surface for air and the 'paintinator is a paintball gun that the player can hold and fire at switch triggers or at other players!

                You really have to play it to see how brilliant and orignal it is.


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                24.01.2011 12:29
                Very helpful



                A ps3 must own

                This is the highly anticipated sequel to the 1st little big planet and in my opinion it lives upto expectations.
                The story levels are based around you trying to destroy the negativitron, an evil creation taking over the world. It consists of 30 main story levels plus a whole host off mini levels. I personally preferred the carefree story off the original but that doesn't stop this one being great. In this adventure they have added several things, you can now use a grappling hook (which can be hard to learn the full use off), sackbots (they help you in levels and some you can ride) level joiner doors (so that levels can be as long as you want) plus a few other things.
                Little big planet however isn't known for its great story play, its known for its online capabilities, not only can you play the levels with friends to find extra bonuses, you can play with online players you don't know, but even that is not what why we like lbp. With lbp you can create your own levels and publish them, this has been extended in the sequel with the joiner door, but also with the sackbots which mean, instead of just platformers you can create shooters, puzzlers, racers, arcade games, basically if u can think it you can probably make it. You can even import your own pictures with the eye camera and it has some 'move levels'
                It also shows how many people are currently playing the same level as you and your score its submitted to a worldwide leader board, plus it says how your friends did. Also if a friend is playing you can hop into their game (with their permission)
                To finish, if you liked the original buy this, if you've never played the game buy it (or at least go to the psn network n download the free playable demo)
                Lbp2 is for upto 4 players and is suitable for all ages.


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