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Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / To Be Announced / ESRB Rating: Teen / Release Date: 2010-10-29 / Published by Warner Bros. Interactive

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2011 13:56



      Do not even consider purchasing this game

      When I saw Aragorn's Quest cheap, I had to buy it, being a huge Lord of the Rings fan and from the back of the box it seemed very impressive. However, I could not have been more disappointed. If you are a fan of the films and books then I suggest you avoid this at all costs!

      The game is based in Hobbiton and Samwise Gamgee is telling his children about his adventure with Frodo. You start of as Frodo, Sam's son, and have to carry out a series of pointless tasks. Eventually, you can then play as Aragorn and it features all the key events from the 3 films plus numerous other tasks. This may sound brilliant but sadly the game is a let down on so many levels. The graphics are utterly awful for a PS3 game and many PS2 games have far superior graphics. I found the gameplay to be very slow and boring. The voice acting was terrible with only a few characters actually being the original actors, and considering that it was made in conjunction with Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, I found this very disappointing - many of the characters sounded absolutely nothing like the original.

      On the whole, this just appeared, sadly, to be another cash-in on the movie series, but a very poor one at that. I would recommend not touching this game with a barge pole and instead wait for Lord of the Rings War in the North.

      I would not recommend this game for anyone who is a fan of the series.


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      01.05.2011 16:39
      Very helpful
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      Great Well Rounded Game

      Upon seeing Lord Of The Rings - Aragorns Quest in my local DVD store for just 15 pounds in the pre-owned section I figured this was a good price for a game I had previously rented and enjoyed playing.

      I was a little unsure whether this game would be up to scratch or if it would be a money-spinning title with not much behind the game other than association by name with the film.
      I was pleasently surprised once I actually started playing as the graphics were quite sharp, and the game seemed to stick as well as any game could to the storyline of the books and films. The game concentrates on the part of the story where Frodo and Sam are leaving the Shire to take The Ring to Mount Doom on a mission to destroy it. It is Aragorn's Quest to ensure they complete their dangerous journey.

      The game is narrated by Bilbo Baggins in the style of telling the story to young hobbits, this makes for easy understanding of the game if you do not know the story line, and isn't patronising if you do.
      The game starts with a good introduction to the controller setup and basic skills required to get into the game playing as Frodo. This part of the game is almost a side task as there is no way to die just tasks that need completing to move on to Aragorns part of the story. Each time a new skill needs to be learnt the game will go back to the Shire and tutorial type play as Frodo.

      The way the game goes back and forth is ideal to break up the game and stops the boredom setting in and is a nice break between the harder parts. The only problem I found was that the video sequences could not be skipped first time round. However if starting from a continue point or playing the game a second time round on a harder setting they can be skipped.
      The videos between the actual gameplay sequences do help to fill in the bits of storyline the game simply can't and make it once again easily understood well rounded game.

      The game-play is great with lots going on being able to fight your enemies on foot and horseback, with weapons ranging from shields and torches, to swords bows and spears. The amount of weapons, extra moves, special calls etc does make for quite a confusing controller configuration however the tutorial part of the game works well and I didn't have much trouble remembering what I needed to.

      There is a good array of Saurons creatures to hunt, with giant trolls, orcs, and elephunts but to name a few. There are also a few people on Aragorn's side in the game , Gimli, Legolas and Boromir as well as Gandalf who can be played by a second player.
      I was playing this game with a standard PS3 controller, it can also be played with Playstaion Move controllers and I could see it being great fun, especially with the hectic sword fighting style of the game as well as far more simple on the controller front.

      Just in case you hadn't guessed I would definately recommend this game to anyone whether you have watched the Lord Of The Rings or not.. Overall a well rounded game that kept me entertained for a while. Perhaps a little simple for diehard gamers but satisfied me all the way.


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