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Lost Planet 2 (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / Release Date: 2010-05-11 / Published by Capcom

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    2 Reviews
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      13.03.2011 23:39



      One of the best games out there and criminally underrated!

      Somehow Capcom has managed to go one better and release a game that is far superior to its predecessor.

      Story: *Spoiler* After E.D.N 3 gets terraformed and warmed, the planet gets heated up, seriously changing the environment and the movement of the Akrid *Spolier* and in this game the new humans have to kill off the new G-type Akrid (gigantic Akird), which is directly affecting the planet's atmosphere (plus they want the T-ENG from the Akrid)!

      Gameplay: Like the first game, however this is much more online and customisable! You can fully customise your character with whatever load-out of weapons and costume you want! The whole game can be played with 4 players online or offline (only 2 player splitscreen however with system link required for 4 players) and it is a complete blast. There are many co-op elements that the game makes great use of for 4 people and it really is a true testament to how good this game is! The game is set in a mission structure and you have to use your VSs and wit to defeat the AI and bosses. The VSs are great and again imaginative, with some that look like they have come out of a Gundam Movie. Online Vs mode is also included, with capture the 'point' type gameplay, including all the VSs from the game and the ability to play as the Akrid!

      Graphics and Sound: The new Framework engine has been used in this game and it truly shows, with the lush environment completely surrounding the player and the sound of the Akrid is intense, showing just how big the G-types are!


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      30.05.2010 15:14
      Very helpful



      Pretty decent game in its ways but they could have made it a bit easier.

      I warn you now, do not buy this game if you have some sort of anger problem or have a short attention span, because this game, without a doubt is the hardest game i've ever played in my life.
      I say this, because like i usually do when i buy a game i started it on normal mode to see how it was and get used to the button layout, however this was a mistake because i died around 200 times on normal mode in the first level, and no im not kidding.
      you might think this is just because im rubbish at this game but trust me, ive played the first game through about 15 times so i know how to play it, its just that this is amazing hard.
      I was so frustrated that i ended up starting it again on easy, which granted was easier, but by no means easy in general. it took me about 17 hours to complete the game and that was running past most of the enemies where i could in fear that id just die and have to start again.
      By all means buy this game but... you'd have to be pretty damn good at it not to be angry most of the time when your playing it.
      The weapons system is pretty good though, you can pick up almost anything you see on the floor which is a nice surprise because on the older games you could barely walk when you picked up a large gun but on this you can jump, grapple anything you want really.
      Thermal energy makes another comeback as-well, and you have a device called a harmonizer which you can use to replenish your health if you have enough thermal energy, meaning if you are about to die you can basically come back to life.
      Good game, just extremely hard.


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