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Midnight Club LA - Complete Platinum Edition (PS3)

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Genre: Driving & Racing / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2009-11-20 / Published by Take 2 Interactive

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    1 Review
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      11.04.2012 13:20



      This is one of the best racing/driving game i have ever played and is one of the best midnight clubs

      This game is one of the platinum games of PS3 and it is one of the best Midnight Clubs ever released. This is a street racing game and it follows the true spirit and theme of street racing that is follow any road,take any shortcut just end the race with your rivals on your rear view mirror. One of the best part of this game is that,its map is that of Los Angeles and it is the real map of Los Angeles. So in short i can say that if anyone plays this game thoroughly,he won't need a GPS(Ground Positioning System) for the streets of Los Angeles. This game offers a huge range of cars with different categories which can be customized to their limits. starting from colours to vinyls to body kits,engines,tires,rims,interiors, anything and everything. Also a large list of races will never let you feel bored.
      **THE PLOT**
      The User is a newbie racer who has come to Los Angeles and he has to raise himself as an expert racer.He is helped by his friend Karol who at the end of the game becomes his partner.
      The controls are very easy.Once you get acquainted with the joystick of the SIXAXIS controller,for acceleration,brake and reverse you can well control your ride.
      "Left joystick" is for the steering function.
      "Right stick up" for accelerator.
      "Right stick down" for brake/reverse.
      "L1(Front left upper) button+Left stick" gives the car an unrealistic ability to drive on two wheels of either side.
      "R1(Front right upper) button" for Handbrake.
      "L3(left joystick can be pressed) button" for special abilities*.(*refer to features)
      "R3(right joystick can be pressed) button" for Nitrous/Slip Stream Turbo*
      The "X" button toggles headlight which is needed to start a race.
      The "triangle" button is for changing camera view.
      The "circle" button toggles Multiplayer Competitor info.
      The "Square" button or "L2+R2" for camera back.
      The "L2 and R2(Front lower two)" buttons are for camera Left and Camera Right respectively.
      The directional left and right buttons are for changing music tracks.
      The directional up button is for HUD map/close sidekick.
      The "Select" button is for GPS map.
      The "Start" button is for Pause/Option Menu.
      This game has a large number of features which makes the game more interesting.
      The player can select between special abilities to be installed in their rides. These are:-
      ""Agro"":-Allows the player to plough through the competition,swatting aside any car that gets in the way.It is unlocked in the career mode and charged by driving cleanly.When fully charged,it can be activated or used at a later time by pressing the L3 button.
      ""Zone"":-Simulates the adrenaline rush of racing at insane speeds by slowing down the world around you to a crawl, allowing you to squeeze around tight turns and through narrow spaces.Unlock and activation same as agro.
      ""EMP"":-An electro magnetic pulse that temporarily disables the competitors,giving you the opportunity to zoom by.Unlock and activation same as agro.
      ""Roar"":-Roar sends out an engine rev so loud,traffic will do anything it can do to get out of the way.Unlock and activation same as agro.
      >>Other features:
      1.Slip stream turbo:
      This turbo is totally different from the original turbo.When the player is trailing behind an opponent,he will notice a white trail line which is the slip stream and the slip stream meter goes up.when this meter fills up and eventually turns green, pressing the R3 button will give the boost.
      Different characters will call the player with various challenges,as well as help you through the game.
      when the player presses the accelerator lightly, a "CR" will appear on the HUD on the lower right hand side of the screen.That is the cruising speed also known as the cruise control.This will help avoid tickets from police.
      4.Race Editor:
      As the player starts knowing the map and the shortcuts, he can turn on the race editor mode which means he can make a custom track of his own using drive and drop or the birds eye view mode.5.Arcade mode+Goal attack:
      The player has the option to choose the race type,no. of opponents,difficulty,time of day, and weather.Any Ordered, unordered, landmark race that the player has unlocked during career mode will be available.
      When the player wants to start a race,simply he has to flash his headlights,and the race is on.
      There are TWELVE types of races in this game.These are>Ordered Races:These are the races in which the checkpoints(marked by yellow gas) are kept in an order throughout the city and the player has to go through them in a particular order.
      >Circuit Races:These are the conventional races in which there is a specific number of laps.The player has to complete the last lap with 1st position.
      >Time Trials:These races allow the player to beat the recorded time by other players on a specific track.
      >Red Light Races:These races start from a specific signal to another point.Race starts only when the signal turns green
      >Freeway Races:These races can be started by flashing the headlights to the freeway racers driving on the highways.
      >Series Race:Starting these races starts a continuous series of race.where the player races for points.Each position after race carries a point.the player with maximum points after the series is over wins
      >Wager Race:These races are difficult as the players keeps his money as a wager.Each restart of the race will deduct that amount of money from the player's bank.
      >Pink Slip Races:This is also one kind of wager race but the only difference is here,the wager is the player's car.Winner takes both the cars.

      >Online CruiseSplitbase capture the flag
      Team-based capture the flag,in which each team has a base and a neutral flag spawns between the teams.The goal is to acquire the flag and bring it back to your base.
      A single flag spawns,and players must race to acquire it.>Unordered races
      At the beginning of this race,the checkpoints and the end point will be laid out.The order in which you pass this checkpoints to the end point is up to you.
      >Rate my ride
      While in garage,post your vehicle profile and let other players from all over the world rank your vehicle to see who really is the king of rides.>Photo Album
      Enter photo album from the pause menu to take picture of your car and add it to your album.You can publish your photos to the Rockstar Games Social Club,where you can review,display, and download them whenever you want.
      **To join Rockstar games Social Club,visit www.rockstargames.com/socialclub
      This game provides a range of different vehicles of different categories like Muscle,Tuner,Exotic,Lowrider,SUV, and Bikes.
      These are highly customizable.Every part can be changed unlike other racing games.The vinyl packages are also very good.You can also create your own vinyl combination and store it.Depending on your style of driving,you can select cars from these categories. The company DUB has also presented some of its customized cars in this game.
      The graphics seems to be almost real.The shadow effects,and the car reflection are also very good.Best if played on 3D TVs.
      The music tracks comply to the racing mood. 5.1 Dolby surround sound creates great sound effects.Detailing of sound like screeching of brakes,dragging of damaged body parts on tarmac is also great.
      >No. of players:
      online-2-16(including the player himself)
      >HDD(Hard Disk Drive) space required-54MB(minimum)
      >Controller- SIXAXIS controller(game has motion sensitive function)
      DUALSHOCK3(vibration function)
      >TV-HD 720p 1080i or1080p
      >Sound-Dolby digital
      >PEGI Age Rating-12+
      **Contains Bad Language
      (Also available at ciao.co.uk by the same author)


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