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Monopoly (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Board, Card & Casino / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-10-24 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    2 Reviews
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      01.01.2014 15:39
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't recommend


      Monopoly has been around for a while now and the original game came out with a fold up cardboard board with the different monopoly monies in paper form and the small metal charactors such as a dog, hat or shoe. This game to me is a little like mustard as you either love it or hate it and to be honest I don't really mind this game but anybody who plays this game will know that the length of the game can vary and I have been stuck in a game for as long as five hours before. However, pieces could go missing and different variations of the game have since been released such as the simpsons version of the game.


      Monopoly is monopoly so there aren't many different variations of game play although you can choose to play with two or three dice and you also get to see animations of your character scooting around the board or animations of your houses building into hotels. On the whole it's not too much different from the original game. The task of Monopoly is to buy the houses and build and then buy out your friends who you need to make bankrupt (in the game of course). You start off with $1500 in monopoly monies and roll the dice using the x button to throw and then to stop them spinning. If you land on a property you can either choose to buy or auction but if it's already bought then you pay the fee to whoever owns the property. The only time you wont pay the fee is if the property is mortgaged. You can pick up smalls amounts of monies by landing on certain squares and likewise loose some. You can also go to jail for up to three turns if you land on the go to jail square or if you roll doubles three times in a row. The objective is to buy properties and attain the streets in the same colour to enable you to build properties on them. When your oponent lands on your streets or houses or even hotels then they pay the fee. The more houses - the bigger the fine.


      The graphics are what I expected them to be and they look pretty good (something you'd expect for a game in this year. The board is brightly coloured and so are the houses. I can't say that I actually thought anything bad about the way that the graphics are as it's just as I said.


      The sound is repetitive and can get a little irritating after a while especially after and hour of playing and potentially loosing as I find it more irritating when I'm taxed! (saying that everyone finds the tax man irritating!). The monopoly man does talk throughout the game and this can be a bit annoying if you're loosing as there are comments like "one of our friends is sinking..." it can be quite frustrating. To be honest though I just turn the volume off if I find that I'm loosing.

      Difficulty and complexity

      You can choose the difficulty of the game by selecting either easy, medium or hard... Obviously the game differs depending on which one you choose although I think that easy is still relatively hard - either that or I'm just not very good at monopoly. I don't think that it's a complicated game though because the game doesn't enable you to be able to cheat and you can't do particular moves unless it's your turn.


      The beauty of monopoly is that you can take as long as you need to complete the game and we usually take about two hours. Although you can't really complete the game as it's more for multiplayer really you can still collect the trophies for the PS3 so I would say you could be looking at up to 25 hours game play to get all of the trophies.


      I'm one that doesn't really like multiplayer but I prefer this game with friends or family and find it can be quite fun. We tend to play it with a kebab each and can or bottle of coke and have a bit of light banter but I think it's a bit boring if you're playing on your own to be honest.

      Value for money

      I wouldn't pay £10 for this game (I was lucky I had it bought for me). I think this game is probably worth about £5 as it's not that great to be honest and I think it's only good for those family days or when you've got a few friends around and want something other than the usual to do.


      Overall, I'm going to rate this three out of five stars because even though it's good for groups of people it's not good if you're the only one playing and the music is frustrating. Not only that but the price is a bit silly really and we don't really play on it that much because it can get very boring and very frustrating but overall it can be OK sometimes. I wont recommend this to a friend, I think if a friend wants to try out the game then they can borrow mine.


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      20.02.2011 20:53
      1 Comment



      A great version of a classic

      We all know and love the game of Monopoly, a classic that has been around for ages and has many variations, but how does this PS3 version of it hold up? As you play the game more you can unlock different types of boards to play, but I recommend starting with the classic until you get the hang of it. You also don't need multiple controllers to play with several people, you can just pass the 1 controller around which is good as the ps3 controllers are not cheap to buy!

      Once you have set your game up with your chose number of players (human and/or computer controlled), you choose your playing piece, decide on house rules (you know, like double money for landing on go etc), and if you want to be dealt any properties to start with and then you're off. It has cool little animations and plays fairly quickly, but takes a bit of getting used to how you trade with other players and do auctions. The bidding on a property can be fast and furious though when you get going, and there are also mini games you get to play too, which adds a nice twist to this classic game.

      You sometimes do have to stop to take a look back at the board to see who owns what, as not quite as easy to do as with the normal board game layed out it front of you, but easy to pick up and get used to, and makes the game quicker to play and more fun on the ps3, plus you don't have to pack all the pieces away and count all the money!


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