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Monsters vs. Aliens (PS3)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Action / Rating: E10 - (Everyone 10+) / up to 2 players / published by: Activision

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 20:39
      Very helpful



      Wait for the bargain bin, or rent it.

      This game is quite a good movie tie in, but not the best. However, it is the perfect game to introduce young kids to your next-gen console. the graphics aren't that good, the game is quite short and easy but it does have gameplay that is simple and fun. The trophies are also very easy, but it's a game for the bargain bin.

      The graphics aren't very good, with much better games on the PS3 system. However, the target audience won't care, and nor will you as the game is quite fun and you will be sucked in.

      The story is very simple to understand, and compliments the film very nicely.

      The game has a good unlockable system, which give you extra things to use in the game. This are easy to earn. The AI is very easy, and the game will be easy for everyone, from the casual gamer to the hardcore gamer, making it a good game to own for the younger ones.

      The game also has good fun co-op, but this is exactly the same as the single player, with the players becoming bored as one player will complete the tasks, leaving the other alone to walk around with nothing to do.

      However, it is repetitive, with simple level design with the same tasks being completed every time, making it good for the younger gamers and not for the adults.

      The gameplay is very fun, with some good mini game types things in the levels. It doesn't offer anything different to other games, but it doesn't matter as it is fun throughout.

      The trophies are easy to get, and they are quite enjoyable but it will become frustrating as the game gets further as you get bored. They are still a great boost to the trophy collection if you like that type of thing.

      Overall, a fun game, but it might be better to wait for it to reach the bargain bin. It's quite repetitive, but the younger gamers won't mind, with fun gameplay. The graphics aren't the best, but you won't mind. It's perfect for trophy lovers as they are very easy.


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      02.09.2009 14:00
      Very helpful



      Its a great game for a child

      Monsters versus aliens is a game on a movie based on 4 'Things'/People/creatures?(whatever you want to call them) that society Stereotype as being Monsters

      The movie*** Spoiler

      The story follows these creatures as they bid to try and save the world from an alien with tentacles, bent on creating a world based on himself. The Movie starts off following a Bride on her wedding day as she is marrying a news reporter who is very popular, and she is so excited about her honeymoon in Paris.

      But her husband had recieved a job on a foreign Continent, and being portrayed as selfish he takes the job without a worry about Paris. Susan(The Bride) does however hold back her bitter disappointment and congratulates him and says she wouldn't have minded anyway.

      Now this is the turning point in Susan's life as she is about to become 50Feet tall and be branded a monster called Ginormica, I won't reveal too much but a spaceship lands on her and all of a sudden in the middle of her wedding vows she expands at an enourmas rate.
      Little does she know that she has just absorbed some Uranium and in her future life she will save the world.
      Aswell as making 4 new friends.

      The Game***

      The game of Monsters Vs Aliens to me grasps the storyline very well, and is a very good remake of the movie. Inside the game you can...
      Gain unlockables - There is a very interesting Unlockable DNA System which is an in game reward system, any rewards or unlockables you pick up in the game will most definitely go here.

      Also you can attach yourself to ceilings Using the Lizard man,Suck up enemies using the hilarious B.L.O.B and his one liners will keep you entertained for ages, Stamp on enemies using Susan the 50ft tall Person.

      Also Pixar have now advanced they're games so that co-op is available, this allows your friends to drop in and out any time they would like to playing as the brilliant tiny little Professor with his PhD in science, and it just proves how much Disney have been working on they're films since the best in the series so far Kung Fu panda.

      However Adults get bored of animated games very quickly as I did, so I would recommend this to children as they can have limitless fun as they play over and over again to ace a level. Also it engrosses them into the 20 levels available so it is more addictive, giving you time to get away and relax knowing they'll be tapping away at the Playstation.

      Also this game has it's share of easy and challenging trophies for all of you trophy hunters out there - It has a total of 45 trophies with ...
      36 Bronze(Way too many if you ask me)
      5 Silver
      4 Gold
      1 Platinum

      Overall - A good game with neat graphics, also the Gameplay is very good with a very straight camera angle for a animated game.

      Thanks for reading
      Also posted on my CIAO account


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      11.08.2009 16:53



      wouldnt get this unless for a littleun

      Gone are the days when movie tier in games used to be a decent, and now we are left with what the business are using to cash in on thier movies sucesses, but are by no means good.

      This game follows the story of the movie loosely and lets you get to grips with a whole load of new things that go on as well. However the actual gameplay in this game is so simpl, that its too simple to be fun unless your under 8.

      The game wants you to play through as different characters to complete different missions, in order to progress through the game. However the characters all have such simple and boring powers and moves that it makes the game quite slow paced especially when you are palying as B.L.O.B.

      The graphics in game are really neat, not the worst and are actually quite good. The characters look ok and the backdrops and game environments are kept simple but look good.

      Now the game is brilliant for the younger ones will keep them quit and they won't have anyhting to compain about but your older kids and adults won't find the enjoyment you want from this game. The tasks are tedious when you ahve to collect a whole host of little things till you open the door, or when you find that the game is very much the same tasks throughout for each character.

      I would not reccomend getting this game unless it is for someone quite young. Otherwise I'd stay away from it there are much better games with similar gameplay which are better.


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  • Product Details

    The game allows fans to experience the movie's action and humor while playing as The Missing Link, the macho half-ape, half-fish; the gelatinous, indestructible and always hungry B.O.B.; and Ginormica, the 49-foot-11-inch tall woman and Insectosaurus, the 350-foot tall grub.

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