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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Sports - Football / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2011-10-14 / Published by Konami

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    2 Reviews
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      11.03.2012 13:11
      Very helpful



      A great game for the football purists and one that allows for flowing football

      I love my football games on the consoles and have for a number of years purchased both Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer so is this another year where Pro Evolution is on my to buy list or has the love simply gone?


      - Superb graphics gives this game a highly immersive feel and enables the gamer to get in to the game and be a part of the experience very quickly and easily.

      - A great presentation standard enables for this game to be an experience rather than simply a match each time and gives a true build up to the match beforehand.

      - Improved physics allows for jostling of players to be a much impact than in previous versions with the strength of your players playing a vital part of how successful those runs against the close by defenders will be. Thanks to the superb graphics in game the jostling is also clear with the animations used allowing for a flowing feel to things.

      - Referees AI standards are hugely improved and the game sees common sense used and the advantage rule enforced to keep play running more with less interuptions. The improved AI of referees is a massive stride forwards and as it keeps the matches flowing much better you will become even more drawn in and immersed in the experience.

      - Improved control systems allows for off the ball control as you select a player and make the runs you wish the console would make for you that it simply doesn't. This is a big improvement to things as it makes for greatly enhanced build up play.

      - Champions League license allowing for you to play as you favourite side in the aim of becomming the master of the biggest European competition. This is a positive but I do need to say that the fact you can't play as all of the teams in the competition is a massive let down.

      - Fast and flowing build up play is very much easier than in previous years and this really is a massive plus to any game player.


      - Shooting in this game is designed to be more precise and whilst accuracy in games like this is something I always look for I do find the shooting to be too difficult now as goals from outside of the box have become an almost impossible task and even goals from inside of the box are an extremely rare event so don't expect any high scoring games.

      - Lack of official licenses leads to a somewhat amateur feeling game in terms of team names like London FC, Merseyside Red and more so if you are looking for a game which allow you to be able to play as the team you love then Fifa is going to be more your thing.

      Overall this is a very impressive game which has immersive gameplay and enables players to pick it up and play with ease. The controls are very well thought out and simple to use which means that even a novice gameplayer can pick this up very quickly athough it will take some time for you to master the shooting and start to score the goals you dream of. Fast paced gameplay and jostling for possession and when you have it making sure you keep it. This is a game for the football lovers who like the game played in the right way with the pass and move and fluid attacks.


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      27.12.2011 19:01
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Must do better.

      Now look what you've made me do, Pro Evo. I didn't want to do it, but ... you've driven me to this. I left FIFA for you, I went Cold Turkey for you. All those shakes and shivers and sleepless nights - I did it all for you, because you were good for me. Sure, you didn't have the glossy looks, you didn't hang out with the big names and the bright lights. Okay, so you gave me a Wales team with Geggs and Bellasie the most recognisable names - but you were real. You understood me, we belonged together ... but now ... well. You've let yourself go, let's be honest. I think it's better that we spend some time apart, take a break.
      No - don't speak. It'll only make it harder. We need some space, that's all. Some time to realise what it is that initially attracted us to each other.

      It was never your looks, to be frank. I mean - don't take that the wrong way. You've always been nice to look at, but you've never cared for all the make-up and cosmetic enhancements like that hussy FIFA. It was your character I fell for - you felt like real football, even without the official licenses and up-to-date kits. Let the kids have FIFA - you were the thinking man's totty.

      But I look at you now, and it's becoming harder to remember you the way you were back then - sure you still play nicely in patches, but what have you done to yourself? Granted, you've made some improvements - the ridiculous penalty system has been improved (although it never should have been so bad in the first place), the Football Life modes are still better than the FIFA equivalent, a training mode than never should have been removed is reinstated and there are one or two nice tweaks to the customisation modes. Those much-trumpeted "revolutions" to the gameplay are okay, I guess, at least in theory. For all this though, there are some staggeringly bad elements to your "overhaul"- honestly, you said you'd changed, but it's not for the better. You look worse than ever - the camera's been moved so far away from the action it's hard to see what's going on half the time, even on a massive TV screen. Are the graphics better than they were? It'd be easier to say if you could see them, and inexpicably, the only other camera options are so stupidly close to the players they're just as bad. I don't get it ... didn't you look in the mirror before you went out?

      Player movement partly suffers from not being able to make out what's going on, but it's more than just a visual thing - tricks and stepovers are so much more awkward than they were last year, and you have to be Ronaldo or Messi to dribble to any effect - although if you are, you can just fly past defenders like you're rocket-propelled. It's a real backwards step.

      You've got the Champions League, the Europa League and the Copa Libertadores, plus a handful of international sides, so that's something, and the ability to customise kits, players and stadia is a strong feature, but while I can see you're trying ... there's just something missing. Your gameplay used to be so strong, but it's just become a bit meh. It's like you've forgotten what's most important. So ... yeah, this might the last time we see each other for a while.

      Is now a good time to mention I'm seeing another game?

      No? Only - FIFA's kind of hard to ignore. It's always had the looks and the depth, but suddenly it's not so far behind when it comes to the stuff that really matters. It's not nearly as shallow as people used to make out. So ... y'know. No hard feelings. Maybe we'll try again someday. But for now ... it's not you, it's me. I'm just looking for something different in my football games at this stage of my life.


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