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Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty (PS3)

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Genre: Arcade & Platform / Parental Guidance / Published by Insomniac Games / Subcategory: /Arcade & Platform

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2010 15:10
      Very helpful



      very good for what it is , but little extras needed

      Ratchet and Clank : quest for booty is the episodic style add on to follow on from the previous game Tools of destruction. The game is heralded more as DLC and not a fully fledged sequel, so the game only brings 4 hours of gameplay to the table and strips back everything which usually pads out the game.

      The story picks up where we left off in TOD, Clank has been kidnapped by the Zoni and Ratchet is on a quest to find both him and treasure. Unfortunatley in his way are a host of evil Pirates who will stop at nothing to get rid of Ratchet.
      The story isn't great but it does it's job as a nice addition, dont expect character depth and twists to comoe out of it , but what you can expect is heaps of action and comedy.

      The gameplay has been slightly refined with the game now concentrating a bit more on puzzles and platforming, although still keeping a big amount of 3rd person shooting and collecting.
      One reason why the puzzles and platforming has been reworked is Ratchet having a new wrench, this allows him to do 2 new abilities , lift and tether. Lift is pretty straight forawrd , it lets you lift heavy objects into place and this is used quite a bit in platforming to get up to the next area. Tether is used by a laser on the wrench, this lets you tie things together or pull them from a distance, handy with pesky levers which are just out of reach.
      But certain sections of gameplay have been pulled back, there are no vehicle sections or arena battles which usually buff up the gameplay and variety in the games, even though this is DLC I don't see why these staple areas of the game were forgotten.

      The game difficulty has been increased slightly with these new puzzles as well as the new enemies the pirates, this may have been done to increase the game by an hour or so but it is a welcome change for the game to be a little more challenging.

      The pirates are the main antagonists and come in a few styles but the most common are Robot and Ghost, not only do these look cool but they are also very worthy adversaries. Drones and drones will attack you making the platform areas a real battleground and can really feel you with a sense of panic.
      Thankfully a lot of weapons have returned from TOD although not the gizmo's meaning no Groovitron. Thanfully the rocket launchers and tornado gun have made it here and that way you can still blast away the enemies in great fashion.

      The graphics are still very good with lighting and textures having the bulk of work put into them. An example of where this is strongest is in the city where shadows and light bounce of the shiny metropolis your flying through, or at one point where you have to walk through a dark cave , holding on to little pixies which illuminate a few feet with a beauitfil flourescent green light.

      The sound is what makes the games comedy, the game is narrated by Rusty and Captain Slag. These two are constanly arguing whilst the cut scenes are playing and this is where most of the humour comes through.

      Controls also keep their simplicity and I am happy to report the push on sixasis has been dropped although the vibration function has stayed which is nice. Wether you are new to the series or not you will be able to get to grips with the controls in no time, although the tether gun is slightly tempremental to begin with.

      The game is available on Amazon for £8 in disc form and I beleive it is £4 on PSN, their is 4 hours of gameplay total but they are fun.
      You will not need to have played this to understand the next game Crack in time , which is also good from the players view. However the game does fill in the big cliffhanger of TOD , so if you want to know then by all means play this good but short title.


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