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Resident Evil 6 (PS3)

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2 Reviews
  • More Characters To Play
  • Hard In Some Places
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    2 Reviews
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      23.10.2014 13:01
      Very helpful


      • "More Characters To Play"


      • "Hard In Some Places"

      Another Fantastic Addition To R.E.

      I love Resident Evil games and have played a lot of them even though I have only ever completed one full game! I love playing these survival games and even though the game is one of many from the series, its a refreshing option to play.

      The graphics really have came a long from way the very first RE game on PS1. Everything is very detailed but clear and that is remarkable even in this day and age. Playing on the PS3 is easy because the controls are much the same as previous games I've played.

      I thought the story was good especially since all of the characters stories become entangled with one another sooner or later. There are four different campaigns to choose from which is good because gamer's can play as Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and new guy Jake - who I won't spoil it, turns out to be related to an old enemy.

      However, even though the story is basically the same, you kill zombies, its still very good. For me, there are plenty of zombies to kill and it was a difficult game to complete. Now characters can run away from zombies while shooting so that's a plus.

      This is a fantastic game and any gamer who loves zombie games will love this one. Of course, Resident Evil is by no way, a new franchise because its been out since PS1 but the games are still strong and good as well. A Must have for fans of R.E.


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      08.12.2012 22:46
      Very helpful



      A very good game, an okay resident evil

      So the critically acclaimed survival horror (If you can still call it that?) has released its sixth instalment. Inevitably it is going to be compared to its older brothers like the amazing resident evil 2 but how does it stand? Remarkably in my opinion quite well .. well better than 5 atleast.

      There are 4 campaigns in total featuring some beloved old characters; Leon, Chris and Ada. It also introduces a new character Jake ( who CAPCOM repeatedly announced long before the games release that he is Wesker's son ... so that kind of destroyed the unveiling of that moment for me... good job guys) Their stories all interlink and they all meet up at different points and have to help eachother out. Overall the story is good fun if not a bit ridiculous at times (play Ada's campaign). Just like in previous instalments there is a virus that is changing people into demented beings, even Leon's story barely has zombies in it, and it is up to you to stand the man behind it using Jake, who is immune to the virus. There are some funny moments in it but ultimately nothing really special here.
      Gone are the days where your characters cannot walk and shoot... Not going to lie its basically gears of war gameplay. In my opinion this actually removes some of the (if any) horror as now you can simply walk back and shoot your enemies. There is nothing special about the gameplay, a simple third person shooter now. This all seems a bit negative however it is good fun, especially mercenaries mode which is simply kill as many as you can in a time limit.

      Very good. For an AAA game this is expected and CAPCOM delivers. All of the graphics look great especially for movie scenes. An odd thing, is that they seem to have spent soooo much time on making Leon's hair look pretty. Not a bad thing, just seems a bit odd as it is almost always had the best graphics in any clip. 5/5 here.
      The relentless difficulty of the old resident evil's are almost back. I am a huge fan of hard games. This game could have been so great if not for one fact. Even on the hardest difficulty (which is hard you will die alot) once you reach a checkpoint, which are about 5 minutes apart, if you die you will respawn with full health. If I get to a checkpoint I want to respawn with the amount of health I originally had! There are hardly any healing items though which I personally loved.

      To put it simply no. At the very start of Leon's campaign, and only his, it looks like they try to make a bit of a horror. There is the correct atmosphere, it's very tense and then you see your first zombie attack you in a lift! You fight for your life and you think okay here we go old resident evil is back (You better have read that in a dramatic way) ... then they forget all about it and Leon basically goes in guns a blazing.
      A very fun mode CAPCOM has added is where you can invade other peoples game as a zombie. Sounds great! One problem though is you are usually very, and I mean VERY weak. You will die so easily and sometimes it can take you ages to even find the players. Fun but very hard. When you manage to get a kill though, it feels good. The other mode is mercenaries where you can team up with another player and try to kill 150 zombies in a certain time limit. Not much to say here, just a good bit of fun.

      This may appear to be a highly negative review but I assure you it is a good game, maybe even a great game. It's just not a good resident evil. It is better then 5 so if you enjoyed that you will love this game.


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