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Rock Band Hardware Bundle (PS3)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing for PlayStation2 / PLAYSTATION 3 / 12 years and over / Published by Electronic Arts / Release Date: 2008

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    3 Reviews
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      06.07.2011 13:21
      Very helpful



      Good fun with friends

      Rock Band was released on the PS3 in late 2007 and is a music based game allowing upto 4 players to take the role of a rock band by playing the guitar/bass, drums and singing. All of the hardware that comes with Rock Band plugs into the PS2 over USB, a 4 port USB adapter comes with the game allowing all instruments to connect straight to that.

      Rock Band comes with Rock Band the game, the games itself allows the user to interact with songs with the user tapping the relevant guitar frets and drum beats in accordance with what is displayed on the screen. A number of rock songs come with Rock Band and these songs can be played on an easy, medium, hard and very hard setting.

      The track list that comes with Rock Band is as follows:

      Are you gona be my girl - Jet
      Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
      Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden
      Blitzkreig Bop - Ramones
      Celebrity Skin - Hole
      Cherub Rock - Smashing Pumpkins
      Creep - Radiohead
      Dani California - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
      Dead on Arrival - Fall Out Boy
      Detroit Rock City - Kiss
      (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
      Electric Version - The New Pornographers
      Enter Sandman - Metallica
      Epic - Faith No More
      Flirtin With Disaster - Molly Hatchet
      Foreplay/Long Time - Boston
      Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones
      Go With the Flow - Queens of the Stoneage
      Green Grass and High Tides - The Outlaws
      Here it Goes Again - OK Go
      Highway Star - Deep Purple
      I Think I'm Paranoid - Garbage
      In Bloom - Nirvana
      Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
      Main Offender - The Hives
      Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
      Mississippi Queen - Mountain
      Next to You - The Police
      Orange Crush - REM
      Paranoid - Black Sabbath
      Reptilia - The Strokes
      Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
      Sabotage - Beastie Boys
      Say It Aint So - Weezer
      Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash
      Suffragette City - David Bowie
      The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nail
      Tom Sawyer - Rush
      Train Kept A-Rollin - Aerosmith
      Vasoline - Stone Temple Pilots
      Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
      Wave of Mutation - Pixies
      Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
      When You Were Young - The Killers
      Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

      I will attempt to summarise my gaming experience and the use of the instruments.


      Rock Band is a fun game to play and the added benefit of using the instruments does make you feel somewhat like a rock star. The song list with the games is comprehensive and in my opinion provides something for all who have a taste in broad rock music, however having said that more songs would have been better. I found the easy and normal modes a breeze on all the instruments but moving on to hard was too much of a step up for myself (i have no musical ability) and god only knows how people cope on the hardest setting. I really liked the 'World Tour' option which allows you to start off with more easier to play songs and then progress your career onto other rock venues and harder songs in turn building up cash which can be spent on different guitar designs and unlocking new songs. I never played the online mode of this game so do not think it is appropriate to comment on this.

      The Instruments

      Guitar - The guitar that comes with the game modeled on a Fender Stratocaster feels comfortable in the hand and looks pretty dam cool when slung over the shoulder. The design of the buttons and the strum bar fitted well in my hands but some times i noticed that a note was not picked up, the whammy bar worked well though. One part of the gaming experience is something called 'Star Power' which requires you to hold the guitar in a vertical position or hit the back button, both of which were hard to do mid song and i found i would often miss a note activating it.

      Drums - I found the drums the harder of the 2 instruments to play as never having played the real drums i found it hard to synchronise my feet and hands at the same time, plus i got worn out hammering the drums all the time.

      Microphone - The microphone can be used either by using the supplied one or using a headset, i hate singing and sound like a drowing cat so i stick to the guitar mainly, however saying that the microphone works on tones and not words so effectively a song can be hummed and still score a perfect song.


      Overall i really enjoyed Rock Band and for the £150 outlay (can be picked up cheaper) its great fun on a friday night with mates round drinking beer and pretending to be the next Guns 'N' Roses!!


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      17.03.2010 00:18
      Very helpful



      Well worth the money for a great deal of fun!

      We have been using the Rock Band Hardware with our PS3 for about a year now after transferring from the Wii. At the end of the day, the equipment is essential to play the Rock Band games, which we love, so the hardware has had a lot of use.

      We have had no problems at all with the microphone for the PS3, whereas I think we went through about 3 different sets in order to get a microphone that worked with the Wii. Don't know if we just "got lucky" with this, but its absolutely fine.

      The Fender Strat style guitar is our preferred rather than the Guitar Hero guitars. The buttons are flatter and we prefer this for playability. The one problem that we have had is the neck tilt to go into overdrive and we have since purchased another Rock Band guitar which neck tilt works. The neck tilt is not something that we were able to rectify easily, even following a couple of online guides and it is much better if this feature works well because you don't have to press the separate overdrive button which often interrupts play and leads to a mistake. Overall, the guitar is pretty much as you would expect. The feel isn't particularly great as it is just plastic, but this is fine to keep costs low and as long as the playability is there, that is really all that matters.

      The drums are my particular speciality. We purchased "silencers" for the drum pads themselves to try and minimise the noise, although I wouldn't say they are overly noisy in the first place - we just wanted to keep the noise level to a minimum with our baby daughter asleep upstairs. The silencers have had quite a bit of wear and I'm not sure how long they will last and whether they were really worth it, as there is still a certain amount of noise.

      The plastic drum pedal did break on me mid song at one point - I would say a few months after purchasing the set and I don't think that I am particularly heavy footed. We purchased a new wooden foot pedal from the US, which was very easy to install, is light and is meant to be very durable.

      Personally, I prefer the Rock Band drums to the Guitar Hero drums with the cymbals. I just think that the playability is better and I prefer the Rock Band games, so the equipment goes hand in hand. Having had a few sessions on the Guitar Hero drums, I did not think they reacted as well to what I was doing and I didn't feel that they were as natural to play.

      Overall, I would say that the hardware set is basically worth the money. It is disappointing when things break down, but this can happen very easily with electronic equipment. For the cost of the set and of replacing individual items, I would recommend it.


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        16.01.2010 09:59
        Very helpful



        this will give you hours of fun

        I brought rockband in a sale in smyths toys for twenty nine pounds this was a very good deal because I spend ages on the internet and the prices were at least double this in other stores.
        Everything is included in the box apart from the game.
        It comes with a wireless guitar a wired microphone and wired drums with drum sticks.
        To play these you need to buy a game, I read on the internet that rockband and guitar hero games are often not compatible with each other, I was a little worried because there isn't that many games out at the moment and most of the songs we prefer were on guitar hero.
        So we decided to take a chance and buy a few guitar hero games to see if they worked, I can tell you that band hero and also guitar hero world tour do work fine with the rockband kit also the wireless microphones from singstar work with this kit. The worst things about this is storing the drums each time you finish playing they do take up a lot of room, also we brought the silence pads for the drums these do help a bit with the noise but not as much as I would have hoped.
        The drums do not come with cymbals like some of the newer versions out but this does not affect the games at all, also the drums to rock band only have four pads I think guitar hero has five, but this still does not affect the game at all.
        The one I brought even came with a adapter so that you can plug four things into one usb, this is handy on the newer ps3s that only have two usbs meaning up to four people could play at one time.


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