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SEGA Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection (PS3)

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8 Reviews

Genre: Arcade & Platform / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Parental Guidance / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2009-02-20 / Published by Sega

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    8 Reviews
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      13.11.2011 18:50
      Very helpful



      Not bad , but one only for a real retro gamer fan

      When I first saw this game(s), I thought great some birght spark has had the great idea of putting all my favourite sega games in one big bundle ! Great thought and it was only about £20 to buy at the time , which was a bonus. For a very reasonable price you get 40 gaming classics. Actually I would call around 15 of them as classics, the others are what can only be described as 'filler'. I know this because as a twelve and thirteen year old I spent on awful lot of time playing on my Sega Mega Drive and so I played loads of different games.

      Within the 40 games you get games that represents the milestones of an era Sega dominated the market. You`ll get Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2 and 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. Auper Thunder Blade, Altered Beast, Streets of Reage 1,2 and 3, Golden Axe 1,2, and 3 and Alex Kidd and Kidd Chameleon. Now these are the games that everyone remembers , these are the games that we all played. Of these Streets of regae 1 was my favourite, I never played 2 or 3, as much as I liked the franchise. The same can be said about Sonic the Hedgehog and Golden Axe. But I have enjoyed trying these sequels.

      The other games really are not that good, although well known , like Echo the Dolphin 1 and 2 and some of them I just cannot remember and are not good to boot, like Vectorman Flicky, and Phantasy star 2. This reeks of compilation budget problem. You know when you buy compilation CD`s, thats there are alsays 5 or 6 good songs on there and then you have to listen to a load of tosh for the rest, because the company who threw it together run out of money and oculd only afford to buy terrible songs. Its the same here.

      Unlike the CD`s however, if you play enough of these games well enough you will unlock more games, which is a nice feature. Andf some of these games are quite good- Space Harrier and Shinobi being some of the great ones available. The only shame being, why on earth didnt they let you play these fom the outset then ? Its a real shame that you have to unlock them.

      Other then that the problem with the compilation is that really the games are quite boring, they are linear, the grpahics and the gameply are not engaging and they just cannot hold your attention that much anymore....its called progress and so unlike films, where older films seem to be able to encapture younger viewers regardless of CGI , effectsor even having colour..I dont think the same can be said in the gaming industry.


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        12.08.2010 20:49
        Very helpful



        Enough positives to make it a worthwhile purchase.

        "You, too, will get old. And when you do, you'll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and computer games were incomparably, dazzlingly wonderful."*

        It'll be just that, of course - fantasy. This collection of 40 games from the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, released between 1989 and 1996, holds plenty of nostalgia-value - but it also comes with the terrible realisation that most of these games really weren't all that good.

        Featuring the full suite of Sonics, Golden Axes, Phantasy Stars and Streets of Rages, plus a few gems like Dynamite Heady and an awful lot of guff, there's plenty to work through, plus a number of unlockable extra games. The set-up's pretty neat, with a nice touch in the option to sort the games by year, name or user rating - a handy way of discarding the chaff - and a "museum" option which gives a bit of background on the game and series alongside a few semi-interesting facts.

        The games themselves are brought faithfully to this compendium, with minimal modifications or tweakings - which is both a positive and a negative, I suppose - and can be displayed in widescreen or original versions as desired. In some cases, the transition works nicely; the Sonic series, for example, always well-designed, are worth the time and money, although the controls feel a fraction over-sensitive at times. Vectorman and its sequel, two of the later releases on the disc, look great on modern screens - the dystopian themes, moody visuals and clever lighting effects belying their age - while Dynamite Heady's madcap designs are as funkily offbeat as ever, although the limitations of the graphics are shown up somewhat, and leave you wishing for a reboot of a wonderfully inventive game.

        Good games, then, make the move to the modern consoles well - these are, though, rather in the minority. Other games - ones I yearned for fifteen years ago - make me glad I never invested my not-especially-hard-earned pocket money at the time. Story of Thor is a plodding, Zelda-lite effort with horrible controls that require you to be standing in *exactly* the right place to attack an enemy, or your sword-swings will fly harmlessly a half-inch past their left ear, Ristar's a boring, irritating platformer with some okayish graphics for the time, and Ecco's a reminder that Ecco was always a bit dull.

        As much as it's nice to see so many series here in all their glories, some memorable games have failed to make the cut - some of them brilliant, others just a bit different. Dynamite Heady aside, there are a few too many safe choices here. Toejam and Earl wasn't perfect, but it was something apart from the norm - Sparkster would've been a welcome addition, too. There's also a bit of a lack of variety - no sports games, no racing games, no fighting games (of which the console had plenty of good ones). Worst of all, there's no Gunstar Heroes, quite possibly the best thing ever to grace the Megadrive ... which is strange, seeing as Treasure (makers of the game) are represented here. Of course, nobody's going to agree on the ideal line-up when putting together a release like this - but a few more risks would have produced a more varied product with perhaps longer-lasting appeal.

        Of course, perhaps they've done me a favour in leaving out my favourite and most fondly-remembered games - playing the others after so long has only made me realise how much gaming's moved on. Classics they may be, but they're better in the memory than back on screen. This is a nice collection that'll evoke some nostalgia, though - maybe a second instalment would bring back some less commercially-successful, more critically-acclaimed games.

        *With apologies to Baz Luhrmann, and originally Mary Schmich.


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          12.07.2010 23:10
          Very helpful



          Bring back long lost memories

          Cast your mind's back, the year is 1988 and you have just got your sweaty teenage hands on the latest and greatest console ever made, the wonderful 16bit Sega Megacrive, yes sir, you are now the coolest kid around with this bad boy. The NES , who want's that , Mario is just a fad and it'll never catch on, Sega is definatley the way forward.

          Stepping back into the present day and unfortunatley that same thought is one which fell on the buyers of Beta max and mini disk players , remember those.
          But now Sega want's to give it's fans a chance to redeem themselves after buying the spawn of satan that is the ps3, the Sega Megadrive collection has the greatest games ever to be released on the Megadrive on one disk and ready to be played in HD.

          48 Megadrive games in total appear on the disc as well as a few unlockable extra's , and luckily I am not going to name and review all of them as this information is available on Wikipedia. What I will do is grab a cup of tea and play the Doctor who theme tune as I comment on some of the best of the best that the Megadrive collection has to offer, a top 10 of the top 48 shall we say.
          Bear in mind these are based on my young childhood eyes and less my criticising usual self .

          Well in at No.10 is Vectorman.
          This was a run 'n gun platformer and looking back may have had some influence on the movie Wall.e.
          The game is based in 2049 and see's orbots staying on Earth after Humans polluted and litterd the planets, and have since moved off to colonise further planets in space. You control Vectorman who is in charge of getting rid of the "Radioactive ooze", I have to admit I question his solution as what he does is pump it into the sun. As he returns to earth he finds it is in chaos and takes it upon himself to save everyone.
          The game is clear and uses pre made 3D models, so it does look pretty retro by todays standard.
          His main weapon of choice is a ball gun which resembles Samus in Metroid.
          Overall the game has 16 levels and a few hours of fun, the sequel can also be found on the disc.

          Moving on to No.9 ...... Phantasy star 2
          This is a classic roleplaying game which see's you meander around the galaxy killing your enemies in dungeons and woodlands.
          Using a turn based system the game resembles a crude Final fantasy with 4 character's being used at one time, capable of multiple skills and abilities.
          The games range of characters, as well as it's pioneering in storytelling which is said to of influenced todays games, it earns a place in the top 10.

          Sneaking in at No.8 is Bonanza Bros.
          This is another 2D platforming game in which you sneak through a range of premises full of guards in order to steal a handful of objects, before making it to the roof and escaping on a rather flamboyant spaceship.
          I'll admit now this game was pretty bad, but it's the total steal of Super Mario gone bad that I love. 2 brothers , one red and one green run around the level shooting and sneaking to steal whatever they can. These include banks, mansions and an art gallery, but here is a tid-bit of wonderful gaming trivia. In the origional Japanese version the two brothers are theives , wereas in the American version they are testing the places security system, this just goes to show that even a good 20 years ago they were worried about the impact of games.
          This game was so bad it was great and gave some good CO-OP laughs as well.

          Swimming in at No.7 was my sisters favorite game on the Megadrive, Ecco the dolphin and so probably deserves a place in the top 10 for that.
          I'll be honest I dont remember much of this game as it didn't have guns or shiny things, what I do recall is that you swam around a big 2D sea happily singing, swimming and ramming into enemies at high speed.
          Apparently it sold more than sonic the hedghog which is a complete mystery, evidently if the game was to be re-released I put forward 2 level ideas , one set in the gulf of mexico and the other set in the water of Japan.

          Falling into place at No.6 is Dr. Robotnik's mean bean machine.
          Again a wondeful rip-off game , this is essentially a game played by 2 people , playing tetris with jelly beans on 2 sides of the screen and the one with the highest score wins. As well as fighting a Sonic boss at the end of every level, I loved this as I could play it against my sis and it was more even ground between us.
          Many good memories.

          In to the dizzying heights of No.5 and Golden axe.
          Im also getting to the point were I realise what rose tinted glasses I had of these games as a childhood, this game is Conan with a new name. A heart hack 'n slash adventure which see's you charging through levels taking down everyone in your path to reach a castle, where you will face the final boss.
          This 2D scroller provided much fun and a decent enough story, you could play as a few characters but my favorite was the dwarf who had a great war axe.

          Spinning in at No.4 is Sonic spinball.
          What more could you want , I love a good bit of pinball and I love platforming games. Thankfully Sega chucked the two in a cement mixer and made a game in which the platform levels were essentially a big game of pinball with a Boss at the end.
          This game was quirky to say the least and wasn't the first type of Sonic pinball , platformer. Evidently it was popular enough to release several pinball style games, strange indeed but lovely for the attempt at innovation.

          Flying in at No.3 is the coolest sounding title on the Megadrive, Super Thunder Blade.
          This was a shooting game in which you controlled a Helicopter , shooting town at rebels with machine guns and missiles galore, this rates so highly because it was actually a release title and so set the standard both in fun and visuals.
          Unfortunatley the game only had 4 stages , although they were immensley difficult.

          So ...... the top 2 and just missing out on first place is Streets of Rage.
          This is yet another 2D side scroller, but their are no weapons and their are no platforms, this game went with all out karate combat and what is cooler to young boy than backflips and violence.
          The game had 6 rounds in which you must defeat all your enemies to reach the final round 7, and face off against the big boss.
          You could also use power-ups in the shape of police cars, these would speed to your aid and fire missiles at the enemies and let you put your feet up for a bit.
          3 playable characters in all , a boxer, martial artist and judo. I generally went with Judo as my Dad was almost an olympic Judo fighter (as he has continually told me and all who visit through the years , bless him) and because it was the most exciting combat system.

          So onto the big Final'e and I wonder wether you guessed, It has to be by default the biggest title the Megadrive had ............ Its Sonic the Hedghog.
          The game was a side scroller which packed in a crazy amount of speed which would send your eyes into a frenzy trying to keep up.
          The object of the game was to stop DR. Robotnik from getting the chaos emeralds and then doing whatever it is bad guys do. ( I often think bad guys are like dogs chasing cars, if they ever did manage to take over the world or kill bond , they wouldn't know what to do with themselves after).
          7 zones in total and I dont think I paid attention to the story once, It was the colours, the speed and the excitement which drew me in and up until a few years ago Sonic remained one of my favorite franchises.

          The game is available on Amazon for £17 , this is a nice price to pay if you feel nostalgic or just want some classic gaming fun.

          I realise this review was a little long , so thanks so much to those who read it and hope I have bought back some memories of your own. :)

          Overall this is one of my favorite games to pick up and play, with the addition of Trophies to be had and some intresting interviews it's one to get.


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            14.03.2010 17:42



            brings old school gaming right up to date

            This is a must for any classic sega megadrive gamer, it takes you straight back to the good old days when computer games were so simple and fun, that even your parents enjoyed playing them. to be able to play these classic games on my PS3 is a reall bonus, with games like sonic the hedgehog and altered beast, you can have hours of fun, obviously, dont expect amaxing graphic or new levels, these games are plain and simple, just how that used to be, which is exactly how they should stay, me and my girlfriend have hours of fun playing these classics, you can even save your game progress on the ps3 hard drive so you can continue later, in the main menu, when choosing which of these great games you would like to play, you are told the release date of each, you can even access the 'museum' which gives you information on the history of the game. as you progress through the games, you unlock more games and great levels to enjoy. this is fun for all the family, wether your an old school gamer, or brand new to it. thanks to sony and sega, these games can now be enjoyed for years to come


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            18.02.2010 19:24
            Very helpful



            2 / 10

            SEGA Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection was released in 2009. It holds a collection of games, which were available on the SEGA Mega Drive, which have been brought onto the PS3.

            Since it was released I was interested in buying it. The idea of having around 40 games to play on one disc was appealing. It took me a while but eventually I spent a £20 Amazon voucher on it - which I regret.

            I know the game isn't targeted at me (18 year old), but I still expected it to be better than it was. I had played quite a lot of the games which were are on it, like Golden Axe and Sonic, but what I remembered playing and what I found when I tried them again were two completely different things.

            I remember a fun game, where you simply move from left to right destroying anything that gets in your way. What I played on the PS3 was an incredibly boring game, where you simply move from left to right.

            This can be quite simply put down to the quality and complexity of modern games. These simple games which only require you to use the directional buttons and usually only two action buttons, will not hold the attention of anyone who plays modern games.

            After being disappointed by the games I was familiar with I tried some of the other games, only to find out they were all almost exactly the same, except with different characters and backgrounds.

            Another disappointing element to the game is the graphics. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, but was hoping for a slight face-lift on the old games. Make them look slightly up-to-date. But no, same jagged graphics and bright, but poorly detailed backgrounds.

            One good thing about the game is that you can rate them, using a 5 star system, so you can easily find your favourites. This would be handy if you liked some of the games, whereas for me the only game I enjoyed was 'Sonic Pinball', therefore paying £20 for a pinball game. You can buy pinball games from the PS Store for about £6!

            So as you may have guessed I'm not a fan of this game. I would only recommend this to someone who doesn't play modern games, but has a child who has a console you can use this on. I think it would just ruin your memories of the game for people who do play modern games and for younger people who aren't all that familiar with the SEGA Mega Drive, then this will have nothing for you whatsoever (except maybe pinball).


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              25.01.2010 18:40
              Very helpful



              A little piece of nostalgic heaven

              This is a collection of old Sega Games from the Mega Drive. 40 ready playable and 9 games to unlock as you go. You can also unlock developer interviews by achieving certain trophies. The games that come with this are some of the best the mega drive had to offer as well including the 'Streets of Rage' collection, the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' collection, the 'Golden Axe' collection, Shinobi 3 and the Phantasy Star collection. Oh and who could forget that instant classic 'Columns'?

              All of these games look feel and play the same as they did on the Mega Drive and for me that's a good thing. Yeah its 2D and the graphics in general look dated but it's the same fun you remember having as a child. I bought this game on the back of it being £20 and it was more than worth it for the hours of fun I received. You do get transported back to your childhood.

              The trophies for this game are also fun, quite challenging (Try beating Doctor Robotnik in Mean Bean Machine) and provide you with a little path that will have you experiencing nearly all the games on here.

              Lets face it if you loved the little start up on games when the Sega Badge popped up and it said "Seeeeggggaaaaaa!!!!" then its worth the money just for that. Yes if you don't have that nostalgic feeling and are somebody who came to games after the year 2000 then this will look dated and probably bore you to tears but for the rest of us it's a happy trip down memory to a simpler time when music was bad and the side scrolling beat em up was king.

              The developer interviews you unlock are short and interesting and add to the experience. You can sort games by year, name, rating or genre.

              I highly recommend this as a purchase for anyone who had a mega drive. Going back and playing streets of rage or Golden Axe and getting past the bits you couldnt as a child, it doesnt get better than that my friend.

              The full list of games in this collection is as follows:

              READY PLAYABLE
              · Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
              · Alien Storm
              · Altered Beast
              · Beyond Oasis
              · Bonanza Bros.
              · Columns
              · Comix Zone
              · Decap Attack
              · Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
              · Dynamite Headdy
              · ESWAT: City Under Siege
              · Ecco the Dolphin
              · Ecco: The Tides of Time
              · Fatal Labyrinth
              · Flicky
              · Gain Ground
              · Golden Axe
              · Golden Axe II
              · Golden Axe III
              · Kid Chameleon
              · Phantasy Star II
              · Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
              · Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
              · Ristar
              · Shining Force
              · Shining Force II: Ancient Sealing
              · Shining in the Darkness
              · Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
              · Sonic & Knuckles
              · Sonic 3D Blast
              · Sonic Spinball
              · Sonic the Hedgehog
              · Sonic the Hedgehog 2
              · Sonic the Hedgehog 3
              · Streets of Rage
              · Streets of Rage 2
              · Streets of Rage 3
              · Super Thunder Blade
              · Vectorman
              · Vectorman 2

              UNLOCKABLE GAMES
              · Alien Syndrome (Arcade)
              · Altered Beast (Arcade)
              · Congo Bongo (Arcade)
              · Fantasy Zone (Arcade)
              · Golden Axe Warrior (Sega Master System)
              · Phantasy Star (Sega Master System)
              · Shinobi (Arcade)
              · Space Harrier (Arcade)
              · Zaxxon (Arcade)


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              28.12.2009 01:07



              A great set

              I love my Mega Drive, but damn if it isn't a pain to set-up on my current rig, seeing as my PS3 is connected up to my HD monitor and, of course, my MD cannot be connected the same way without a degree of difficulty involving a wealth of cables. Sega have come up with a way to solve this, though, through the Mega Drive Ultimate Collection, which features all of your favourite games, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi, Streets of Rage, and Golden Axe!

              Visually, the games look basically the same, but have been cleaned up a tad for HDTVs, so that you don't get hugely distorted pixels appearing on your screen. Also they are presentable in full 16:9 widescreen which is a nice touch given how they obviously weren't originally. Aurally, everything sounds as you would expect, and the retro feel is indeed very charming even if it's not going to give you an excuse to have the speakers blaring.

              As for the content, well, every recognisable classic is on this disc, so there's something for everyone, from action fans to those who prefer serene games like Ecco the Dolphin. What I really like is the little things, like a "Museum" feature where you can view art and interviews about the games, which have to be unlocked through playing the corresponding game.

              Given its £30 asking price, this really is a steal, because you get 30 games, causing it to work out as £1 per game, when these games would easily sell for far more on the original MD carts. For a streamlined glance at the best parts of the MD's back catalogue, you really cannot do any better than this brilliant set.


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              04.12.2009 14:26
              Very helpful



              A good selection of games with a lot to offer. Well worth the cost of the disc.

              This game for the Play Station 3 is a collection of 40 classic games (plus some additional unlockable ones) The 40 games are some of the Mega Drive's best games & have a wide variety of genre on offer. These include beat 'em ups like Golden Axe & Streets Of Rage. Platformers like Sonic The Hedgehog & RPG's like Phantasy Star 2.

              The game faithfully recreates the games exactly as they were when they were originally released. They look, feel & play exactly the same.

              There is lots of fun to be had here. I was never a fan of the Sonic games as I've never been that fond of platform games. However Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles & Sonic Spinball are here & they are still to this day well crafter & entertaining 2D Platformers. Golden Axe is a fun fighting romp through a magical past & of of these games are her. Ecco The Dolphin was an interesting & novel take on the platformer & very poplular at the time. To this day there still haven't been many games set underwater. Then there is my personal highlight. The Streets Of Rage games. 1, 2 & 3 are all here & are still loads of fun. I enjoy SOR 2 just as much today as I did back in the early 1990's when it was released. I had never played the 3rd game in the series but it's even faster, better & with an improved power ups system.

              I would be the first to admit that this game has probably been aimed at 20-30 somethings who remeber playing these games themselves & who remember them fondly. I would certainly fall into this catagory, but I would still recommend the game. Some of the games have aged better than others. The graphics & sounds don't look or sound as good as modern games. Don't expect fully rendered 3d environments here because you won't get them. What you will get though is games which are fun to play. They may seem a bit basic, but they are easy to control, get to grips with & enjoy playing. Also on the plus side, due to their basic nature, they are easier for the younger audience to get to grips with. If you want a trip down memory lane, or simple (by modern standards) but fun games, you've come to the right place.


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