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Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Published by: Take 2 / Genre: Strategy / Release date: 2008-06-13 / Subcategory: /Strategy/World Building

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    2 Reviews
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      02.04.2010 09:11
      Very helpful



      A strategy board game on you PS3

      This a strategy based, new world domination game converted from a PC
      classic into an accessible game for the playstation 3.

      You take control of a great leader from throughout history (Genghis
      Kahn, Julius Ceasar, Queen Elizabeth plus many more) and guide them and their loyal subjects in their quest to colonize a brave new world.

      You start with a small but brave band of settlers and some warriors for safety. You then begin to build up your empire, building cities, exploring pastures new, starting wars and advancing your technology all in your major goal to achieve overall victory. Personally the best part of this game is picking on the weaker nations and providing your nation with glorious victories upon the field of battle.

      The gameplay is like that of a board game. You have your pieces. Settlers, warriors, tanks etc . Each turn you get the option of moving them or performing different actions (fighting, building etc). As simple as this sounds it is very addictive and you will probably end up playing this game for hours.

      The idea of releasing this version of this game was that it would be easy to pick up and go any time you wanted a simpler version than the all engulfing pc game. In practice it has dumbed down the brilliant PC version of this game too far.

      The graphics on this game are simple but effective. There is nothing special here as the game is all about the gameplay. In early versions of this game the pieces were just solid counters. Things have advanced a fair way since then and now everything is animated so you get to see the battles you become involved in and the flight paths of your Stealth Bombers as fly to pummel your next target. There are a number of different effects but the animation does become a bit repetitive after a while.

      I would have to rate this game:

      6/10 A dumbed down version of the PC classic.

      Don't get me wrong this is a decent enough game but if you have played the game on the PC all you will get is disappointment from this version.
      If you have a PC I would recommend buying Civ IV instead of this.


      WhiteMarion - KOTEJ
      "King of the Entertainment Jungle"


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        11.01.2010 13:58
        Very helpful



        Civilization Revolution - King of turn based strategy

        Civilization Revolution is a turn based strategy game which starts you in 4000BC with a single village and over time you will grab yourself an empire to stretch across the globe as you discover new technologies to help you wag war and conquer your foes, be the first to win the space race, win a cultural victory or save up and build the world bank for an economic victory!

        For those who have played a Civilization before they will find Revolution to be simplier, quicker and much less tedious. If you have not played a Civilization game before it is similiar to Rome Total War series and takes a little time to get used to but it is well worth the initial frustration of trying to figure things out for the eventualy reward of a gem of a game you get. The game has almost endless lastability - I'm active on the official game forums and some people have been playing since release (June 2008) and it seems like no end it coming anytime soon but it helps when you have 20 civilisations to choose from each just enough different from the others to allow for unique and intresting strategies to still be developed 18 months after release.

        The online multiple player is even more fun than the single player game but this is plagued with people who simply play the 'power countries' and have a huge advantage over those who want to play a 'normal' country. There is no way to filter out certain countries in ranked games (although you can play unranked games and this rarely happens but the waiting time for these is longer) and even if you try to play one of the 'power countries' to counter these player types the style of the gameplay is not fun - you may well start winning games but the zerging rushing strategy soon gets boring.

        Something I thought this game was missing was a hotseat mode which often comes with turnbased strategy games were you can have multiple players play on a single PS3 which I would have used a few times since buying the game.

        Overall you can quickly find yourself an addict and find the game very fun as well as taxing enough to make a decently challenging strategy game on the higher difficiult levels. The single player alone can last you months and well beyond what a normal console game would be expected to last but there also comes the games downfall as when you go online to look for a greater challenge after doing everything on single player you find mostly frustrating games or players disconnecting themselves etc even if you do win.


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