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Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back (PS3)

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Manufacturer: Activision / Publisher: Activision / Genre: Action

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    1 Review
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      27.12.2009 16:28



      Do not touch even with a barge pole!

      I am a huge fan of the first two Soldier of Fortune games, both for their B-movie like storyline and immense gore, so I was one of the first in line to sample the third game in the series, so imagine my disappointment when, within 10 minutes of playing the new SoF game, Payback, I realised that it was probably one of the worst FPS games that I have ever played.

      The game has ONE thing going for it; it is pretty good looking, a beguiling feature given how inept the rest of the game is. The environments have slick textures and the weapons in particular look very good. However, the character animation is uniformly poor, and the good visuals do little to compensate for what is one of the sloppiest mainstream games I've ever seen.

      What can be said? The AI is terrible for starters; the enemies stand around like lemons waiting to be shot, and often get stuck in the scenery. Sadly, though, the violence has been toned down a lot, and it's no longer possible to dismember enemies in the same gritty fashion as before. There are only a few "detachable" parts. Also the game has an absurd level of difficulty, without many save-points, and although I enjoy a challenge, this game is often ridiculous, throwing hordes of enemies at you without any regard for pacing. That said, if you can bear with it, the game lasts all of about 6 hours.

      Aside from some good visuals, there's no reason to even give this game a second thought. The plot is virtually non-existent, the AI is awful, the combat is frustrating, and generally this is just one of the most joyless gaming experiences I've had. A poor excuse for a video game.


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