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Sports Champions - Move Compatible (PS3)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Sports / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / To Be Announced / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-09-17 / Published by Sony

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    3 Reviews
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      22.01.2012 19:54
      1 Comment



      good game for the playstation move

      Got this along with the playstation move pack for christmas.

      Its a good first game to have with the playstation, gives you a taste of what the move can do. The sports you can play on it are frisbee golf, table tennis, archery, gladiator, volleyball and bocce.

      All the different sports are pretty fun, they are all multiplayer and some of the can be played with either one or two controllers (I only have one at the moment).

      The different sports are pretty much self explanatory, you unlock different levels be beating a previous opponent and the opponents get more difficult as you do more and more. The first time you play all of the sports you are given a tutorial so you can get to grips with the controls and how to play. I'd say the best sports are bocce and archery, but they are all good fun.

      Id say this is a good starter game if you have just got the playstation move and if you fancy a bit of a work out with it to id recommend the gladiator game as it really gets your heart rate going!


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        29.10.2011 13:22
        Very helpful



        Frisbee is a great family game

        Sports Champions.

        Sports champions is an intense, battling, competitive and great game for the PlayStation move by far and away the best game for the move that I have tried. It includes a variety of games to keep you interested and this includes (listed in order of my priority): Golf Frisbee, Archery, Table tennis, Volley ball, gladiator and bowls.

        For this game it is worth noting that you will need the PlayStation move controller and the PlayStation eye in order to play. Each game has three difficultly settings of Bronze, Silver and Gold although in single player mode there is an even more difficult setting. For anyone that hasn't tried it the move is much more sensitive that the Wii and this really helps make the gameplay more accurate. This game cost me about £20 and it still costs about that now, well worth the price.

        Golf Frisbee:

        The idea:

        Here the idea is that you throw the Frisbee towards a "hole" that you have to "putt" into, basically it is like golf but you are throwing a Frisbee.

        Ease to pick up:

        This game is really easy to pick up all you have to do is throw, sure it takes a long time to master but that is what you want. A good example of this playability is that my Mum (a complete non-gamer) came round for a go at this, trying to edge her into this gently saying how to throw and everything she just steps up and gets a hole in one on hole one, needless to say Mr Competitive that I am I was not impressed and so went on to try my hardest and although I can't remember if I won I definitely thrashed my Mum.

        Single Player:

        As with all the games on this you can play in single player mode, here you challenge each of the game characters over a set of three holes (more for the "boss") with your aim to beat them. The difference between the competitors is purely aesthetic but the levels do get harder as you progress and as you step up to silver you start further away from the hole and the same for gold, this does make things much harder as the par stays the same and the opponents get better. Does single player have enough to keep me interested, to play every day? No. To play a couple of times a week? I guess so but I have reached a point now where I am finding it impossible to win so I'd much rather play multi-player mode.


        This is by far and away the best multi-player game on the sports champion game, you can play this with your kids, with your friends or with your family. Everyone has had great fun player this, normally we just play to get the lowest score wins, I'd like to say that this is normally me and well it normally is but I do still lose as a couple of bad holes can make you lose ground and then that's it. Not only has everyone enjoyed this game but my parents, have since purchased the move and this game whilst one of my friends now also owns the game.

        My opinion:

        This is my favourite multi-player game not just on Sports Champion but for any game on the PlayStation move.


        The idea:

        You play archery, you have to draw an arrow, nock the arrow and then aim and fire and take great satisfaction as you miss. There are many different game modes, you have simple archery where you have to hit the centre of the target for more points, this can be limited by the number of arrows or by time, you can play tic-tac-toe where you hit a space, you get that space and you have to make three in a row. Personally I find the most challenging mode is the basic shooting mode with a twist, the objects are moving and your opponent is freakishly fast.

        Ease to pick up:

        This one takes some time, the process of picking out of the arrow, aiming it and taking into account the drop of the arrow in the air etc. takes time to learn. I have played lots of people at this and I think due to my experience I tend to win which I like.

        Single Player:

        This is my favourite single player game on Sports Champion (very closely followed by Table tennis) and I have in fact completed this. Here you have to play a variety of the game modes against increasing tougher opponents from increasing further away from the objects you need to hit with fewer and fewer aids such as a prediction line which you lose as you go up the difficultly settings. It is really good fun and each level, due to the changing nature of the challenge offers something new.


        You have the option of choosing the type of game you play but basically it is the same as single player, I have to say that none of the games on here compare to Frisbee when it comes to the multi-mode. For me though this does have one advantage over the other games and that is if I play this in multi-player mode I will win, so it's not much fun (for other people).

        My opinion:

        Good variety for the single player mode but this doesn't work too well in multi-player.

        Table Tennis:

        The Idea:

        Um, well you play table tennis.

        Ease to pick up:

        I think this really is one that depends on your sportiness, personally after about an hour of playing this I actually clicked and picked it up quite quickly whilst my other half and a lot of other people I know have just failed to pick it up at all.
        Single Player:

        Ah I really do like the single player mode for this, it is hard work, challenging and can even make you (well me who admittedly isn't in the best of shape) sweat quite a lot. Here like all the other games you worked up way up against progressively harder opponents, with progressively less help much like in the archery, which adds to the challenge. Each opponent here actually does offer a different challenge, some get insane (and I mean insane) amounts of spin on the ball that really test your ability to track where the ball is going, others get a crazy (and I mean crazy) amount of power behind the ball meaning that you have to be able to move quick get the ball back with good defence and counter attack, others themselves have an annoying ability to get the ball back no matter where you hit, or how many fireballs (if you get the timing right you get extra power and a trail of fire follows the ball, it's very cool) you chuck at them they just keep getting it back and this means you need to be persistent and very tactical. If you manage to get through all of the levels you are rewarded by getting the change to face a table tennis robot, which is a real pain to beat, stick with it though and you stand a chance. I feel that Table tennis offers the best sense of satisfaction on completion and the sweat dripping down your face makes you feel like you have actually done some sort of a work out, much more so that the Wii fit ever did for me.

        Multi-player mode:

        I am going to keep this bit short and simple, it is not as good as playing real table tennis and would much rather play Frisbee than this.

        My Opinion:

        A great challenge in single player mode but doesn't quite work in multi-player when it really ought to.

        Volleyball, Gladiator and Bowls:

        I am going to summarise these together as I can't honestly say I have played them that much, which I guess shows how little I value them as part of the game.

        Volleyball is tough to get used to the controls and isn't realty that much fun to play, I have had a go on the single player mode and found it really boring and as a multiple player game I just didn't feel enough in control of my players to actually be able to get a good result.

        The gladiator game seems to be as much about swinging around wildly as anything else, I think I am just as likely to hurt myself playing this game as I am my on screen opponent.

        Bowls is the variety where you have to throw the ball up in the air and get it as close to the marker as possible, this one is the best of these three but just isn't for me, I guess it requires too much finesse and losing to my finance for my likings.


        Overall if you have the PlayStation move then this game is surely a must have, it has many good games that will keep you entertained for hours playing single player and provide endless entertainment in multi-player mode at parties or family gatherings. If you want to make it seem more realistic there is a range of add bows and Frisbees etc. and you can even download a few extra courses from the PlayStation store. 5/5


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        19.10.2011 13:58
        Very helpful



        Good fun once in a while with your mates. Not enough longevity to play by yourself for hours.

        I got this game as a Christmas present a few months ago and still play it from time to time. I think my mum paid about £25 for it, but I reckon you could pick it up new for under £20 and pre-owned for £10-15.

        It's not a game you'd really play by yourself, so I haven't used it as much as my other PS3 games (Pro Evo, Call of Duty, etc.)

        Basically, the game consists of 6 separate sports or challenges which I'll review individually below :-

        1) Disc Golf - This is my personal favourite game and the one I have played the most. It is pretty much like golf, e.g. Tiger Woods, but much simpler and instead of a ball, its a frisbee!
        It takes a while to get the knack of throwing the disc, but after a while or if you're good at frisbee in real life, you'l soon be able to complete the courses with relative ease.
        There are a couple of different courses, e.g. snowy, mountainous, which are good fun but a couple more to add variation would have given this mode much more longevity.
        I personally think this is the best game because it doesn't too much physical exertion, but still requires a certain level of technique and concentration.

        2) Gladiator Duel - At first, this was one of my favourite games and I had great fun destroying my friends in the 2 player battle mode. However, once they got the hang of it and realised the method to win, the games became quite boring as there is really only a couple of ways of winning. This usually involves dodging or blocking and then quickly striking which means the majority of games consist of walking around with your shield up, waiting for the player to make a mistake. This may please some, but for inpatient people it may be less enjoyable.
        Versus the computer, this is the only way of winning once the difficulty gets harder and can become quite frustrating! However, it is quite fun competing for the trophies which when won allows you to take a picture of you and a virtual trophy and publish it on your Facebook wall! (if you want to..)

        3) Archery - This game is pretty self-explanatory and requires the user to shoot at a number of different targets depending on the mode. These are often moving, and in two player mode requires both users to aim for the same targets so requires not only accuracy, but speed.
        I enjoyed this mode for a while but it doesn't really progress and is quite repetitive. However, if you're a fan of archery, having tried archery a few times I'd say that this game gives quite a realistic impression of the real thing.

        4) Beach Volleyball - This game is quite fun but is a bit limited with the types of moves you can do. As the player is automatically moved around by the computer, it basically just requires you to move the controller up to dig the ball for the other player, or move the controller down to smash it. It would be better if the camera was able to recognise the movement of your whole body so you could manually move yourself around the court, but as this is not possible with the technology, you'l have to make do with the simple up-and-down movements.

        5) Bocce - This game is pretty much boules. I've only played this game a few times as I find it quite boring, so I've not much to say. I think you'd have more fun playing the real thing in the garden or on the beach, but if you'd rather stay inside I guess this is a viable and realistic alternative.

        6) Table Tennis - This is my least favourite game, which is surprising as I thought it would be one of my favourites when I first played the game. I find it just too hard to return some shots, and it also gets a bit repetitive, as with most of the games. Maybe, if you practised a lot you'd get the hang of it and enjoy it, but I don't have the patience or interest to keep playing it!

        You get to pick between 10 characters (5 male, 5 female), all with different personalities and appearances. My personal favourite is Jin (She's hot!) but i'm sure there's a character to suit every user.

        The game is relatively to set up. It just requires you to plug the EyeToy camera into the USB socket on the Playstation and position the camera on top of the TV or somewhere unobstructed. You then have to plug the Move controllers into the PS3 by using the traditional controller cable so the console recognises it.
        Once you turn the game on, it will ask you to stand in front of the camera and press the top button on the controller in different positions so the camera can calibrate itself to your position. Then, you're good to go!

        Two of the best attributes of the game I would say are the graphics and the unlockables.

        I'd say the graphics are sort of what you'd expect from a next-gen console such as the PS3, and are much better than that of the Wii. Whether the game is better than Wii Sports is another matter, and one I couldn't say as I have hardly played the Wii version.

        The unlockables are also a good feature and add a competitive element to the versus computer mode. There are Bronze, Silver and Gold cups in each of the sports and unlockables such as outfits, weapons and additional characters. (Although, I have yet to unlock a character as I believe it requires you to complete the Gold cups which I find very hard!)

        Overall, I'd say this game is worth buying for around £10 and for messing around with a few mates but has no real longevity or unique points to make it a classic!


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