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The Sims 3 Pets (PS3)

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Genre: Simulation / Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Release Date: 2011-10-21 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2012 16:07
      Very helpful
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      cool game as with all the sims creations i love the sims

      If you are familiar with sims you will know that they are highly addictive, all sims games are released both on console and PC, the PC game does have the option to add expansions, but the console games uaually have more do to a bit like missions.
      This is the same for sims 3 pets on PS3.

      ~creating the household~
      you start the same by creating your household, there are a few new clothes options but nothing that exciting, if you think you have the creative flair you have the option to 'create a style' this brings you into an option list for fabrics and colours, which you can customize your clothes with, this is really fun.
      you can customize everything with your sim including skin colour body size and how muscular they are, if you want to get a bit more advanced you have the option to customize every bit of their face using sliders, these are very simple and you can create some funny looking sims if you wish.
      the difference in this game when creating a household id that of course you can have some pets, a cat and a dog, you can pick which breed you want, change fur colour facial features basically everything you can even have a cat with no tail.
      all of the option menus are very easy to navigate and you can
      once you have got your sim looking perfect you get to pick traits, these are personality qualities that your sim will have and really effect your sim, you can have good traits such as friendly or need but also bad ones such as loser or evil, if you want to get ahead quick in the game i recommend getting the ambitions trait and creative so they will be able to write book and paint pictures for extra cash.
      Now all that you have to do is pick a house and your ready to go. if you want to create a house yu will need money to do it, it has the same menus as sims 3 very easy to navigate and easy to build a house from the ground up and again you can customize everything including walls and floors. the only downside is the fire meter you can only have so much furniture and I think it should be more.

      when you first start some neighbours will come this is a good time to make friends if you click on another sim there are social options both could and bad you can have a friendly chat or get into a fight it is good to make friends for your sim it helps build charisma skill, and keeps their social up.

      ~sims needs~
      your sim needs to do certain things in order to be happy and stay alive these are

      Hunger- sims need to eat

      Bladder- take them to the toilet, sims with the neat trait will only use lean toilets, if your sim doesn't reach a toilet they wet themselves, and this makes them stinky

      Hygiene- have a bath or shower the more expensive the shower the better it is for your sim.

      Social- if a sim is alone for to long their social goes down and they get depressed, you need to go have a chat either in person on the phone or use a computer to chat.

      Sleep- your sim needs to go to bed or they will fall asleep on the bed the more expensive the bed the higher comfort it has

      Fun- play a game watch T.V your sim is bored....

      moodlets together with a sims need is what effects your sims overall mood, you get these from everything if there are dirty dishes they get a disgusted moodlet if they have got married they get a just married moodlet just play around and see what your sim is thinking.

      sims build skills which help them with their job performance amongst other things the skills are

      charisma-- this helps your sim make friends and get ahead in the politics career go to a mirror and practice speech or go to town and take a class.

      Logic- needed for a few jobs and opportunities improve this with a telescope or by playing chess.

      painting- money can be made from painting pictures and seling them, buy an easel and let your sim become an artist.

      writing- this is a great way to make money, get a computer and write a book, sims traits will effect what books sell best for them.

      handiness- things break especially cheap things a handy sim can fix them, they can also upgrade items in your house learn this by fixing things and tinkering when the skill level is high enough.

      cooking- not setting the house on fire is good watch the cooking channel or read a book

      athletic- get to the gym you lazy sim, there is an athletic career as well.

      inventor- yes you can be a crazy scientist, you can build toys to sell and make serious inventions such as the time machine.

      gardening- grow a plant and eat the food or use it for bail as fishing

      fishing- you can fish in any lake or the sea and then sell eat or use the fish to fertilise plants

      cats and dogs have special skills which are digging and hunting this gets you money because they collect bugs that you can donate to science for money and gems which you can sell.

      there are lots of places to visit in town such as the gym or art gallery and local parks, you can get a job in town or even send your pet to the spar.

      you need a job to make money there are lots of careers such as criminal or scientist each job you need to build skills to get a premotion can you get to the top of your career.

      sims eran lifetime points that you can buy little bonuses for your sim with for example vacationor this allows your sim to skip work without getting fired, sims have a lifetime wish which you get to pick but they also have small wishes such as clean the house of become friends with someone.

      karma is cool you can use karma powers to make them lucky or to build skills faster or you can be really mean and start an earthquake you get karma points from fulfilling wishes

      Money makes the world go round in order to buy stuff you need simoleans

      ~mysteries and challenges~
      you earn challenges points throughout the game for almost everything you do there is a lol section of challenges this includes go to the past and whohoo you can enter the challengie menu by pressing select and scroll through if you want to earn points faster but most times you complete challenges without realising
      mysteries are part of gameplay which involve your sims you have to do a series of tasks to complete each mystery so there is always something to keep you busy.

      another hit from the sims the only things is that you cannot get rid of pets if you want to you have to treat them bad and have a social worker come take them away, and you can only have 6 members in a household.
      If you are a sims fan definitely buy it, the pets add a good twist and have their own challenges to the game, now I am off to play and not move for days :/


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