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The Sims 3 (PS3)

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8 Reviews

Genre: Simulation - Life / Exempt / Release Date: 2010-10-29 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    8 Reviews
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      26.09.2015 19:54
      Very helpful



      Not as great as the PC version

      Not as great as the original PC version.

      I have been playing The Sims since I was around the age of 10. My very first Sim game was The Sims 2 which I bought myself not knowing in was going to be in a language other than English. It was in Russian. I remember little me being so confused and puzzled as to what all of these Russian words meant but I still found myself playing the game all the time because I absolutely loved it!
      When I found out that they were releasing The Sims 3 I was overjoyed and when the moment came when I finally got this game I was over the moon! It was brilliant!
      Then something terrible happened - my PC broke and my mother wasn't willing to pay a staggering amount of money to fix it. So instead of asking her for a new PC I asked her for The Sims 3 on the PS3.
      It looked just as good as the PC version when I first got it, and I was extremely intrigued by what the Karma powers could do as this wasn't in the PC version. I found myself addicted to the game all over again.
      I thought that this game was just as good as the original on the PC, however that's when I found that in Create a Sim you can only create up to six Sims whilst in the original game you could create up to nine. When you edit the relationships between the Sims you only get the basics: Husband of, wife of, child of etc. While on the original game you got relationships such as fiance of and girlfriend/boyfriend of. There's only one town (Sunset Valley) in the game and you can't add in any more, not only that but it also has less housing and community places on the map. There's always a loading screen when you want to get from one place to another which can be really agitating if you have a slow PS3 (like I do). There's many other things in the PC version which there isn't in the PS3 version which is a little annoying.
      The extra thing that they added in the PS3 version was Karma, this proved to be quite useless for me unless I wanted my Sims to improve their skills faster or if I wanted to stay out in town longer and give their needs a boost. The downside is that you need to complete certain tasks to unlock many of the different types of Karma.
      In conclusion The Sims 3 PS3 was a bearable way of replacing my old game which I couldn't have access to anymore since my PC broke down, however it was no where near as good as the PC version which I loved


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      10.03.2013 18:52
      Very helpful



      I really need to get back to my REAL life! ;)

      The Sims 3. Playstation 3
      At Christmas my mum was kind enough to buy me The Sims 3 game for the Playstation 3. She remembered how I had spent many hours playing the original Sims games when I was around 18, so she thought that 12 years later I would enjoy this game and I have to say she was certainly spot on with that thought!

      The game comes in a normal PS3 game box, which contains the game disc along with an instruction manual for the game. The game instruction manual is written in English and is clear and simple to follow although with the in game hints and tutorials I found that I didn't really need the manual at all.

      For those of you who don't know what The Sims games are, they are a series of games available across various gaming platforms including, but not limited to, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC. In the game you must create a family or if you prefer a group of friends who will all live together in your Sims house, you then control their everyday lives covering everything from finding jobs and going to work right through to when they should eat, use the toilet, take a bath and even when they should sleep. Throughout the game you are presented with many challenges and opportunities which you should complete to progress in the game and give your Sims the lifetime happiness points which they deserve.

      Creating Your Sims and Moving In
      The first time you play The Sims you will be required to create your Sims. To do this you will be taken to the Create a Sim Studio where you will get to choose everything about your Sims from hair, skin and eye colour down to clothes, shoes and accessories and finally all of the personality traits of your Sim. You can even edit the sounds and pitch of their voices. Once you have created up to six Sims to live in your Sims house you can then choose the relationships of each Sim to each other. At this point I would advise you to have them as friends as this will make your life easier when you want to complete the romantic challenges within the game. You will also need to give your Sims names and surnames so you will know who is doing what in your game. For my Sims I chose Karie, Harriet, Bruno and Clara, I have no idea why, they were just names which came into my head at the time.

      Once your Sims are created you will need to choose where you want them to live. To this you will be taken to the Town Map, at the start of the game you have a certain amount of money in your budget and you are given a choice of a couple of homes which fall within your budget. Personally I chose to buy the cheaper one and I chose to buy it fully furnished so I could get straight into the game. I did this because I knew I would have spent ages playing with the house and redesigning it if I had the chance!

      Getting to Know You!
      Once you have moved in you will need to introduce your Sims to each other and establish their friendships and relationships, this is done by using the conversation menus which appear above their heads when you click on them, you can choose for them to be friendly, romantic, mean and even flirty or evil to each other and it will depend on your Sims traits (which you chose) as to how well they will communicate with each other. Throughout the game there are many challenges which involve all of these kinds of conversation so chances are that you will experience everything from romance and passion to evil Sims who like to pick on other Sims and often end up in fights with enemies!

      Wishful Thinking!
      As you play the game a small menu will pop up in the corner of the screen to keep you informed of what your Sim wishes for in life. When a wish pops up you can click on it and make a promise to your Sim to fulfil their wish. Wishes can be anything from making the bed and washing the dishes to moving house or getting a promotion at work. When you fulfil a wish you are granted Karma points which will add up to a maximum of 100 points.

      What Goes Around, Comes Around...
      As mentioned above, you will be adding up the Karma Points quite frequently throughout the game. You can use these points to purchase both good and bad Karma powers to use on both your Sims and Sims around town. Some of the challenges within the game require the use of Karma Powers so you will find yourself using these quite a bit, it was more often than I had anticipated when I read about them at the start of the game. Some of the powers will make your Sims extra lucky for a few hours or turn them into fast learners whereas other powers will make them incredibly unlucky or fail at anything which they attempt. You need to try and keep your use of the Karma powers pretty even as every night at the midnight hour Karma will be restored, if you have used them correctly then you will be granted more Karma points, however, if you use them only to your advantage then you can expect a natural disaster of some kind at the midnight hour and your Sims will be sent into panic mode, they will also need to deal with the effects of the disaster which can be anything from some rubbish piles on the floor to broken appliances and even flooding and house fires which you will need to extinguish quickly or be quick to call the fire brigade to minimalise your damage.

      Find a Job and Learn a New Skill
      As well as mastering everyday life including your toilet duties and eating you will also need to ensure that your Sims find some kind of work to pay the bills and buy new things. Finding work in the Sims is really easy, you simply need to get your Sim to read the newspaper, search on the computer or use the town map to go and find a job in one of the town businesses. Your Sims will be able to do any job, however if you can find a job which suits their traits then they will progress quicker and earn promotions faster. Each career has 10 levels and you can work anywhere from the local grocery store or book shop to the Police station, Science lab or even the Criminal Warehouse.

      To progress quicker in their jobs the Sims must learn some skills. For example, one of my Sims, Karie, worked in the local Bakery as a Chef and therefore she needed to be good in the cooking skill, in order to do this I had Karie reading books about cooking and cooking all of the family meals. Another Sim I had was Bruno, Bruno had a lifetime wish of reaching level 10 of the Law Enforcement Career and to do this he needed to be in top shape athletically and very logically minded so during the hours he wasn't working I had him doing workouts to improve his athletic skill and playing chess to improve his logic skill. Other Sims I have had have mastered the guitar, gardening and charisma skills all of which are pretty easy to accomplish as you simply need to practice the skill over and over again, the only problem is the amount of time it can take to do this.

      Have Some Fun!
      Life for the Sims certainly isn't all work and no play! Sims love to socialise and have hobbies to do when you are busy with another Sim. Hobbies in the game range from cooking and reading through to painting, gardening and fishing, each hobby has its advantages as they will count towards improving various skills and things like painting and fishing can provide an extra income for your household when you decide to sell your fish or paintings. Another great hobby for your Sims to master is writing, this is especially good if you can find the time to get your Sims writing books as the royalties from the books is paid weekly and can add up to quite a lot, great if one of your Sims has a lifetime wish of being very rich!

      As well as the regular hobbies some Sims prefer to have relationships as an enjoyable event in life, my Sim Harriet is a good example of this as her lifetime wish was to be a Heartbreaker. For this wish she needed to flirt with lots of Sims and eventually become the girlfriend of 10 different Sims. This is not an easy task to accomplish as you will need to keep on top of all of the relationships so that they do not turn back to simply friendship. You will also struggle with this lifetime wish if your Sim gets engaged to one of their partners as for some reason engagement deactivates the conversation option of turning a Sim from Romantic Interest into Boyfriend/Girlfriend, yet your Sim can still flirt and cheat on other Sims.

      Obviously with all that flirting that is being done your Sims are going to want something more in their Sim lives, this comes in the form of Woohoo! It doesn't take a genius to work out that Woohoo is indeed Sexi-time. If your Sim wants Woohoo it will show up as a wish in the wish box and to fulfil this wish you will need to get them to flirt and compliment their Woohoo partner endlessly until the Woohoo option appears, your Sims will then move to the bedroom and get under the covers where you will see the covers moving around and little hearts above the bed, sounds a little strange but it is rather amusing really, especially when they roll over and go to sleep afterwards or get up and argue!

      Sim Children
      Woohoo in the Sims can lead to Sim Children, if your Sim becomes pregnant you will get a little notification pop up and a couple of weeks later (in Sim Time) your Sim will go to the hospital where your new baby Sim will arrive. If however you don't want to get a Sim pregnant then you can always adopt a child. The adoption process is easy as you simply need to use your Sims mobile phone to call the adoption service and a few Sim Hours later your new child will arrive at your home.

      Regardless of how you get your Sim Children your Sims will need to look after their kids and make sure all of their needs are fulfilled. When the child reaches school age a school bus will pick them up each morning and drop them home each evening, you will need to make sure they have done their homework each day and if your Sim children do well in school there are extra bonuses and rewards available as well as many wishes related to what the children want.

      Happy Birthday!
      Just like in real life, Sims have birthdays and they do get old. The aging process in the Sims is quite fast in my opinion and after 3 of my Sims reached old age quicker than I would have liked I decided to change the aging speed in the options menu to make their lifetimes Epic instead of normal or long. Even with the Epic setting they still seemed to age quickly so I decided to turn aging off altogether and then just give them birthdays when it suited me instead!

      When a Sim has a birthday or when you want them to age up you will need to buy them a birthday cake and have them blow the candles out. When a Sim does this all the Sims in the house will come to celebrate with them and you will be taken to the create a Sim studio so that you can choose new clothes for your Sim.

      Building and Moving House and Buying Out The Town
      If you become tired of the house you are in you can always move to another part of town, providing your Sims have enough money of course. Or, if you prefer you can simply go to the Build and Buy menu where you can build extensions onto your house, change the landscape and terrain or simply have a change around with the furniture in the house. Whatever you do in here is entirely up to you and most of the time your Sims mood will improve as they seem to like new things in their lives.

      As well as buying a new house you can also make a decision to buy shares in the local businesses which will enable you to claim a percentage of the profits each week, if you are feeling particularly rich then you may even be able to buy out the business and receive all of the profits. This is also a great way to get your Sims lots of money without having to do too much!

      The Inevitable End
      As with all good things in life, a Sims life must eventually come to an end. When your Sim reaches old age you can expect the end to come at any moment. When your Sim is going to die he or she will be visited by the Grim Reaper, your Sim will appear to float in the air and talk to the Grim Reaper before becoming a ghost which can live with your family for up to a week. I found this scene to be rather amusing and at the same time really annoying as none of the other Sims will do anything while the lengthy scene with the Grim Reaper is taking place.

      Life After Death
      Once your Sim is a ghost and wandering around your house as if nothing has changed he or she can use their new found ghostliness to scare other Sims or they can simply continue to move as if nothing is different. If you decide that you no longer need or want your dead Sim then you can wait a week (in Sim Time) and the Sim in question will leave your game. If however you decide that you want to keep your Sim you can use the Divine Intervention Karma power to resurrect your Sim. Doing this will return them to Elder state and continue as if nothing ever happened. But of course, be careful of over using your Karma powers!

      So, taking this into mind, at the end of the day The Sims is a seemingly unlimited and ongoing game of life, addictive and fun, yet at the same time long, sometimes quite slow and very frustrating but I still keep going back for more!

      The controls of the game are easy in the sense that you mainly need to navigate through menu screens and move your Sims around the house and town. However saying this, it can take a while to get used to exactly where each menu is located and how to access them all as there are quite a lot of them and different buttons do different things in different menus.

      Playstation Network Trophies
      The Sims 3 is trophy compatible and there are 51 trophies which can be won in total. I am very happy to say that I have actually completed The Sims 3 trophy list and have my well earned Platinum trophy. The trophies were generally very easy to achieve and mainly just required a lot of time to be put into the game. I did have a problem with one trophy not unlocking when I achieved it but I did a little Google searching and found that I needed to uninstall the game and reinstall it but not delete my game saves, then when I reloaded it all on and completed the trophy it popped first time.

      Graphics and Sound
      The graphics in the game are good and generally quite smooth. The only issue I really have is the amount of time it takes to load the different scenes in the game. It seems to take ages, especially when moving from one area of the town to another. The sound in the game is generally ok although if you play it often you will probably find the background music will become annoying and very repetitive at times.

      Price and Availability
      The Sims 3 is widely available. I don't know how much my mum paid for my copy, but a quick search shows me that CEX have it for £20 and you can find it slightly cheaper on eBay.

      Overall I really enjoy The Sims 3, I find it to be a really addictive game which I enjoy playing, possibly a little too much! I cannot say exactly why this game is so addictive because in all honesty if somebody said to me that I would enjoy a game where you have a little simulated family and you basically control their every moment I would think they were nuts, but yet I do enjoy this and I do find it to be strangely challenging and addictive.

      I recommend this game but I will warn you that you will most probably become addicted too!

      5 out of 5 stars from me!

      Thanks for reading :)


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        13.03.2012 08:46
        Very helpful



        A fun and entertaining simulation game which has terrific depth of gameplay

        With so many online massively multi-player games out there focussing on people living a simulated life based purely around fantasy is there a market for living a simulated life as a human anymore? EA decided it was time to give their offering by releasing the Sims 3 on the high definition consoles and in my opinion the format still has a place and works well, here is why.


        - Great graphics enables you to build a simulated life in gorgeous surroundings and detail.

        - Purchase new items to improve your home and in turn help your sims life to be more fulfilled. The variety of items available is impressive and the purchasing system is very easy to use.

        - Changeable camera angles mean that it is much easier for you to be able to place items around your home and to check on what your sim is up to.

        - Take your sims online with a massive online community playing the game (I won't comment too much on this as I did not make enough use of this to be able to comment on it too much).

        - More depth than any previous Sims game means that this game has a huge re-playability and longevity to it.

        - Have your own baby sim or adopt meaning that as your sim gets older you can get the next generation ready to take over the home you have lovingly built.

        - Choose your career and truly shape your sims life with Karma power building up for use to enable you to give your sim a helping hand and pick me up or to punish them for when they haven't done so well.

        - Build a family home not just a single sim. When playing this game you can have a number of sims who you will be able to switch between rather than just one sim so that you can create your dream family and your dream home.

        - Superbly fun and addictive gameplay means that you become drawn in and really want your sim to succeed rather than thinking of it as you succeeding.


        - None

        Overall this is a very fun and addictive game which will draw you in as you build up a home for your sim. Great graphics and smooth gameplay allows you to enjoy a terrific new offering from the Sims franchise. For me this is one of the best simulation games out there (especially on the console) and has a wonderful level of detail and depth which keeps the game entertaining for ages. A great one for younger players and adults alike and one which even a casual gamer can really get into.


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        23.12.2011 10:30



        A Great Game That I Would Recommend To Anyone

        I love playing this game whenever I get the chance. It is very fun and you can do all kinds of things. It is very realistic and the graphics are amazing.

        In Sims 3, you can have a family, get a job, earn money writing, painting, fishing, etc. You can build/buy your own house and decorate it however you like. You have to look after your characters by feeding them, showering them, making them go to the toilet, making them go to sleep, making them have fun, and socializing with other Sims. You can live a life that you may never get to in real life.

        You can go around the town and meet other Sims. Or, you can go to some community locations, such as the gym, the stadium, the beach, the park, the pond, or just the shops.

        They have also added 'Karma Power' in this edition of Sims. You earn points every midnight and when you have enough, you can buy special boosters like; being lucky for a certain period of time, filling your Sim's need bars to the top, winning a certain amount of money, and so on. However, you can also buy negative things like; causing an earthquake in someone's house, causing a fire in someone's house, getting a ghost to haunt a Sim, and so on. But be careful, because if you overly use Karma Power, you will receive some kind of negative impact.

        You also get 'Lifetime Wishes', where if you fulfil a certain thing that your Sim wants to do, then you get points. You can spend those points to get things like; changing your Sim's traits, changing your Sim's lifetime wish, making your Sim a better author, worker, or socialist, and lots more. There are over 50 things you can spend these points on!

        Overall, I would recommend this game to anyone with spare time. It is great!


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        25.10.2011 20:21
        Very helpful



        You don't need me to tell you The Sims is a catch - see for yourself!

        The Sims has always allowed you to play about with life in whichever way you choose and The Sims 3 is no different. Life is simple in The Sims and so much fun that you're destined to get swept along into their world upon playing. Though be warned, these Sims might as well be real people because they demand just as much! From taking the trash out to extinguishing a house fire, there's plenty for you to control in order for your sims' lives to run as smoothly as possible.

        The PC version has always outdone versions on console. With this factor in mind, I was left feeling uncertain about which version to buy: PC or PS3? I was so close to making the plunge for the PC version, which I knew, besides a few bug issues, would be exceptional but yet I chose otherwise in the end after being put off by all the expansion packs for the PC game; you have to pay enough as it is for the game alone never mind 5-15 pounds apiece for all the expansion packs!

        Now, not all the additional packs are needed but judging from what others who have bought the PC version have said, the standard Sims 3 game isn't quite complete as it is; you need the additional parts to fill in the gaps, which is all well and jolly apart from the money needed to keep up with it all. Personally, I couldn't be bothered with figuring out which packs to buy and forking out for them so that's why I opted for the PS3 version; if however, you're in the same dilemma of which version to get: PC or PS3, and are willing to spend further money on expansion packs to make the game really something, then go for it!

        ~ back onto the actual game! ~

        The Sims 3 is the same old Sims but with some new and improved features that have been much needed. For a start, the creation system for both your sims and buildings has got a whole lot better!
        In The Sims 3, you live in a thriving community in a place called 'Moonlight Bay.' Here, you can either select an already existing household to take control over or create your very own family and choose which plot they'll live on.

        With create a Sim, you choose everything from head to toe; their facial features, body shape and style are all at your fingertips. The creation of sims has improved a great deal since its predecessors, allowing you to choose colours of any shade, to the exact shade or patterns of any kind. This whole new and improved system gives you the power to create truly unique and different little beings, and it doesn't stop there, as the limitless choice of colours, patterns and designs has been applied to the build and buy mode, allowing you to also have truly unique and different homes.

        What's particularly great about the create-a-sim process now, is that you are able to shape your sims' personality with the choice of mental, physical, social and lifestyle traits. Your sims' traits aren't always your choice though; if you conceive a child during gameplay, for instance, then they'll often have given traits. You choose their favourite things, the sound/pitch of their voice and a lifetime wish that they set out to accomplish and which all their other everyday wishes are based on. These are the things that truly bring your sims to life. What's good about all aspects of creation is that you are able to save anything you make into, what they call, a studio so that your designs aren't lost and can be used again whenever you wish.

        In this game, like the computer versions, your sims are able to age (from the age of a toddler all the way up to an elder) and you're able to have up to 6 sims living in a household. Family life as a reflection of real life is definitely more accurately potrayed in this game than in any other playstation 2 sims games before it; vast improvements have thankfully been made. Interaction's improved; you really shape your sims' lives in this game - more so than ever before - through the way you choose for your adult sims to live their lives and by moulding your younger sims through the influence of adult sims; things are more intricately linked than previously.

        What stands out about this game is the level of choice offered in your gaming experience. You choose who your sims are, what they look like, where they go, (both inside and outside of the home), what they do and what the place they call home is going to look like. Being able to access places all around the sims town has created a whole new level of freedom that the game was once without on this console. It's fair to say that the game has well and truly grown on this console, still remaining as the great game it's always been.


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        06.10.2011 00:22
        Very helpful



        Money well spent.

        The first Sims games I ever played was The Sims 2 a few years ago and even though I am not a huge computer games fan, I thoroughly enjoyed this one so I jumped at the chance to go out and buy The Sims 3. I noticed a big difference between this version and older versions straight away. The graphics have been improved massively and I find that the game lay out on the whole is so much better. Even the amount of detail into your Sims background has taken a massive jump ahead of the older version. Where as you only used to be able to pick one trait for your Sim which would shape the whole way they would live there life, you can now choose a number of traits making it much more interesting and complex. You can also now choose a lifetime wish which if accomplished, you get 30,000 lifetime points.

        Another new feature to the game is that your Sims now age so that they can grow from babies to elders and eventually pass away making the game much more realistic. Your Sim can marry, raise a family and travel about the town visiting different locations such as the beach, the supermarket, bistros and many other locations.

        At the beginning of the game, you are only given a certain amount of "Simoleons", that's their currency, to set you up in a home so you can only really afford to buy one of the smaller houses. However, as you progress through your career and earn more money you can eventually afford to buy bigger and better homes and possessions. A good tip I have learnt from playing is that to make more money its best to have more than one working adult Sim in your household.

        As with previous Sims games you still need to carry out certain tasks to develop various life skills such as cooking, repair and writing, etc, and this hasn't really changed much apart from the fact that if I remember correctly, there are now more skills than in previous versions.

        I really like the fact that you can also buy into businesses around the town as a partner and still carry on working in your normal career. If you can afford to, you also get the opportunity to buy businesses straight out.

        There is one very new feature to the game that I am still trying to fully work out...."Karma Points". From my limited understanding you earn these by completing Sims wishes and you are also awarded them every midnight. The points combined with completing challenges unlock various karma powers that can be good or bad. You might look at the good ones like I did, like the one that gives your Sim full everything, eg. Hunger, fun, hygiene, and think "Great". That is until midnight comes and to balance out the good karma I had claimed, I was dished out some bad karma that set my house on fire. It is quite amusing using the bad karma points on other unsuspecting Sims though.

        I have only recently started playing the game so I am sure there is a lot more for me to discover but so far, I think it is great, yet addictive. In fact, so far the only grievance I have is that it does take a while to load up when moving between locations and this gets me really annoyed. Apart from that, I would definitely recommend The Sims 3 to anyone, especially those who have enjoyed playing older versions previously.


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        20.08.2011 22:20
        Very helpful



        You create a person and live there life!! simples.

        If like me you have followed the sims from the beginning, prepare to once again become glued to the t.v for a while.
        just like all the sims games you can create your sim in the likeness of yourself or others, i prefer to make my self.
        the sim creator is a lot more advance than the previous versions, you can tweak every bit of your sims face, and can create some weird looking sims!!!

        You can give them original personality's with the traits being a lot more varied then the other sims games these include 'evil, genius and loves the outdoors.
        The personality effects what your sims wishes are (ill explain them in a minute) and give them extra stuff to do such as a computer wizz has the option to hack a computer, and a handy sim can tinker with things, this is not always a good idea because they can break your lovely expensive cooker or electrocute themselves. personally I like the neat trait so you don't need to hire a maid and they always get wishes to clean stuff, which is a easy way to collect points (again in a minute).

        The clothes range is ok, but you now have the option to 'create a style' this is where you can customize absolutely everything, from hair colour to kitchen worktops.
        you change the materials of the items that you are customizing, and then you can even customize the material by changing its colour using colour sliders which have the main colour, saturation and brightness.
        I have created amongst other things, a purple fridge, a leopard print outfit and some groovy wallpaper.

        If you are really proud of your creations you can share them on the sims network (only if you have an internet connection) and you can download other users creations. this can be clothes, furniture sims and full houses, take a look at these some people are very good at building sim houses.

        Once you have finished going overboard with the customization there is a lot to do in this game. wishes, exploring the town, getting a massage.....

        The sims 3 is different from the other PlayStation sim games, because you don't have so called 'missions' but your sim has single a lifetime wish instead, this can be to become a 5* chef or to have a perfect aquarium which you collect by fishing. these always take a long time to complete so it's always something to aim for, every sim in your household has a different lifetime wish.
        Your sim also gets mini wishes all the time such as 'buy an oven' or kiss donny' by completing these you collect lifetime points which you can redeem for cool traits. an example being fertility treatment which makes it more likely to. have triplets.

        Sims still have needs as with all the games so you still need to make sure you feed your sims and go to the toilet etc.

        So you've made your sim, so what now? Well there is a lot to do around town, you can go to the theatre and even get a massage, for the braver sims out there you can visit the graveyard at night whoooo and even meet a ghost.
        by your sim doing activities you earn challenge points.
        Challenge points are earned by basically living the sims life there is a list of things you can do and how many points you earn for them, reading a book gives you a small amount of points but doing something more epic like marrying a rich sim gives you more points.
        challenge points can buy you new clothes, furniture sets and KARMA!!

        Karma???? yes that's right karma! a lot of fun is to be had with karma powers, you do need to recharge your karma powers though, this is done by completing wishes, you also get a little boost each night.
        Karma powers include, super satisfy, this makes your sims needs all the way to the top or if your feeling a bit more evil E.P.I.C F.A.I.L This drops all your sims needs to rock bottom then they break stuff can't make friends and be a complete failure for a while.
        There are also natural disasters, an earthquake and fire storm, which you can make happen with karma, but these sometimes occur naturally as well. when these happen stuff in the house breaks,There is a benefit of this, you build handiness skill by fixing things, an earthquake will also shake out bugs and a fire storm will drop space rocks which you can then collect and make money from, the insects you can donate to science and the rocks can be analysed then sold or if they are a gemstone, smelted which you can then put on display.

        Another new feature are moodlets, these are effected by the sims environment, if there are dirty dishes your sim will get a bad moodlet saying disgusted and -10 mood. if you sim is happy they will get the having a blast moodlet and this boosts the sims mood for a certain amount of time. these all last different amount of time, depending on the moodlet, if a sim cheats the sim feels betrayed for a good few days, but if a sim is listening to music the moodlet disappears as soon as it is turned off along with the mood boost.

        And of course mood is very important especially in the world of employment, you will not get a job promotion if you sim is in a bad mood.
        When a sim picks a career they don't just have to build skills like in the other versions, they have to make friends with the boss and co-workers and sometimes even have to read something the boss has given them.
        Once the sim is at the top of his/her career you can still earn pay rises by being in a good mood.
        There are some cool careers such as the political career or the scientific career and of course you still have the usual ones as well, music, athletic and cooking. There are also part time jobs, in the supermarket, the spa and the grave yard, you still get promotions and advance in your career but they are less hours and less money.
        Other ways to make money are to write novels, you get weekly payment of royalties, the better the book the better the pay, gardening makes good money if you find special seeds one which is a money tree (how cool) also paintings can be sold or took and put in your sims house.

        This is also a new feature a sim can get an opportunity which can boost friendships, help with job promotions and even earn money, these can come up whenever and can be simple such as read a certain book (all the books are individual titled even recipes) or a bit more complicated and such as grow ten perfect apples. sometimes a sim is asked to go to another part of town as part of an opportunity.

        The skills are; gardening, fishing, writing (which are new) cooking, logic, athletic, guitar and handiness ( replacing mechanical).
        You can build your skills by, reading books these are now in stages level 1,2,and 3, watching t.v and of course actually putting your skill to practice such as planting seeds and growing your own fruit and veg or going fishing in one of the many ponds around the town, when you are really good at the guitar you have the option to 'play for tips' this is a cool money earner.

        Sim aging.
        Sims age differently in sims 3, you can also choose how long they live in options or disable ageing all together, but don't worry you can use a birthday cake to age your kids up, you buy it then they blow out the candles and walah.
        The Aging process:

        Babies- they cry a lot and that's it really.

        Toddlers- this is pretty cool because you have to teach them to walk and talk and even potty train them. They are soo cute as well. if you bring them up well you get to pick a trait

        Child- they go to school have to get good grades. if they have good grades you get to pick a trait.
        Teenager- they still go to school but can get a part time job now.

        Young adult- can now get a job

        Adult- same as young adult really

        Elder- they get grey hair and can retire ( and be paid a pension), a good thing to do with elders is make them paint, paintings increase in value when the artist dies (he he )

        To create life in the sims you of course have to be in love and whoo hoo, then the female sim will start being sick and then she is pregnant, she will want to eat certain foods and go to the spa for a massage, she gets personal leave from her job and gets payment for this. If you keep your sim happy during pregnancy you get to pick you child's first trait.

        Sims can socialize differently depending on their traits, a family orientated sim can 'coo over family' a romantic sim can 'leap into arms' an insane sim can talk to themselves (who needs to socialize eh) so you get the idea.
        another way to socialize is by watching t.v playing games and playing the guitar with other sims.

        The downside to the sims 3 is that your kids can't move house and still visit, once you kick them out they are gone forever. There also isn't any cool butlers (die hard simmers will know what I'm on about) there is no gardener now which is a bit crappy.
        They still have the fire bar when building your house so you can only have so much stuff, I find this very annoying.

        okay so I think that's it (in a nutshell.. honestly),
        So for my rating of the game AMAZING LOVE IT.

        It really is worth playing but I am warning you now, you may get infected with the sim mental illness!! the symptoms are:
        All you can think about is the sims
        you play for hours on end and even dream about it.
        The only way to break this is by completing the game (well by getting your sim into a good place and completing there lifetime wish, the game itself is endless).

        **This is NOT a guaranteed cure play at your own risk. I have had the sims illness for about 10 years and I'm pretty happy about it, the only time I will worry is if they ever bring out sims 3D, I think I would be lost to the normal world forever and actually believe I am a sim.**

        You can get this for under £20 now which is a total bargain i paid £49.99 and still think it was worth it you can buy this from most games retailers such as game-station or Asda.

        (sorry if there are any grammar mistakes but I'm not rechecking again lol)


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        14.08.2011 14:56
        Very helpful



        I have also uploaded this review onto the website Ciao.

        ==About The Game==
        The Sims has been a household name for many years now. It all began back in 2000 with the release of the original "The Sims" game for the PC. It bought the world of simulation to our PC's and we loved it. You basically got to create your own Sim family, and as the games tagline said "run or ruin their lives". They got jobs, started families, all the things you would expect them to be able to do. The games developers Maxis were on to a winner here. They eventually released several expansion packs for The Sims, before releasing The Sims 2. All the basic ideas were the same except this time they introduced more complex features such as ageing and stuff packs as well as expansion packs. A few years down the line and Maxis decided the time was right to release The Sims 3 (pc version), and again it was very different to it's predecessors. Naturally the game was released on the PS3, and unlike The Sims 2 on PS2 it wasn't completely awful!

        ==Price and Availability==
        You can buy The Sims 3 for PS3 brand new on Amazon for around £18, but the price varies depending on where you are looking. It is available pretty much anywhere that they sell PS3 games from what I have seen and is fairly easy to get hold of a copy.

        Gameplay in The Sims 3 (PS3) is not that much different in general than on the PC, you control the character, they go to work and they start a family. The Sims 3 on the PC has the big, new feature of being able to walk around the town rather than waiting for a loading screen to get to places, this is not a feature of the PS3 version of the game which makes sense seeing as it needs to be a more lightweight version of the game. You are also fairly limited when it comes to clothes and furnishing your house, which is a shame but I did notice that you can buy add-ons in the PlayStation Store so there is the option of expanding on the base game which is great, although I have yet to try out this feature.
        When it comes to building houses I found adding an extra room to be a bit tricky to begin with, and removing one was very hard to work out. This was the same when I wanted to add and remove a swimming pool. This is something that I expected to be tricky seeing as you are using a controller and not a mouse, but I had hoped it wouldn't be.
        Another let down with the game is that you cannot have multiple families, for example your kids cannot grow up and move out, then come back to visit or you visit them. If you try to split the household it says that whoever is left behind at the old house will be deleted from the game. This was a bit disappointing, it is also very hard to kill off your sims which removes some of the fun from the game.
        A new feature for the PS3 version is Karma Points, these are points you are awarded every night at midnight and throughout the day for completing wishes. They can be used to buy little "powers" such as making all your moodlets refill if you want to crack on with learning a skill. You can also buy negative powers to be mean to your friends with.
        This is one of the PS3 games that does have trophies, and I have to admit a lot of them are fairly easy to get, but you do have to work at them to get them all. You get some easy ones for creating a family and having a baby etc. Then there are some harder ones that require you to fulfil several requirements first, for example one of the trophies requires you to do several mean themed challenges to earn the trophies and the challenges themselves take a while to do. Challenges are in-game "trophies" in a way. You get points for completing challenges which you can then spend in the challenge shop to unlock new items or karma powers. It is helpful to have a guide to keep you on track with collecting the trophies and be prepared for hours of working towards them, and possibly restarting your game multiple times as one family may not have the right traits etc to gain you some of the trophies on offer.

        ==My Thoughts==
        I am a huge fan of The Sims on the PC but have never liked it's console reincarnations, they've all been a bit too level based for my liking. Not giving you as much freedom as you get on the PC. The Sims 3 on the PS3 changed this, it is the first console version of The Sims that I have actually enjoyed playing. I don't own the game yet myself (I rented it out to test it) but it is at the top of my to buy list.
        If you love The Sims then I recommend that you buy this game, if you have never played The Sims in any format then I would recommend you try out the PC version first to get a better experience, but yes I would also recommend this game to you as well. Although I would be surprised to find many people who hadn't heard of or played The Sims. My nan is 76 and even she's heard of it (although never played it!).
        Great game, I give it an 8/10 rating. It lost marks because it's just not the same as the PC version!


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