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Trash Panic (PS3)

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Manufacturer: Sony / Genre: Puzzle / Release Date: 2009

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2009 12:09
      Very helpful



      Good game, just set aside a bit of time before playing

      Trash Panic is a relatively new game available via the Playstation Network on the Playstation 3. You can either buy the full game or there is a demo and I believe there is now a pay-as-you-play version too, a bit like arcade games used to be.

      This game is CONFUSING!! If you get it, make sure you read the instructions fully to have any idea about what is going on.

      The basic premise is that you are charged with disposing different items into a giant bin. Sounds easy right? Wrong! The items keep coming thick and fast and it's not long before you're nearly overflowing with stuff. Thankfully, depending on the construction of the item it will either smash when you slam it in the bin or be smashed by something else being slammed in. Smashing stuff is key to fitting in some of the bigger items (a kids slide anyone? Chest of drawers?). There are also other game mechanics including fire, where you can burn certain items (but you have to watch out for the fumes, this game is eco crazy) but you have to watch how much O2 is in the bin if you close the lid, you also get disintergration balls that decompose stuff and items that add water to the bin, which isn't a good thing. Some items bounce and you have to careful with these as if they fall out of the bin you get a black mark, 3 black marks and you're done. There are also items that need to be saved from the bin so these should be placed safely inside so one of the little helper things that wander the level can pick it up.

      The game has 5 levels (or 6) and you cannot save when you have completed a level, the aim is to go through all of the levels in one go and this is seriously tough. Some people feel it harks back to the classic gaming era of the C64 etc where you had to play a game straight through, there were no saves. You can retry if you fail a level (and you will, many time) but if you quit, you'll be starting at the beginning again. You can choose to play any level you like after you've beaten it though. There are also difficulty levels but I believe they have to be unlocked and I've heard they are solid.

      At the end of the level you are given a rating based on how much pollution you created, how much rubbish you threw about and how tidy the bin is, I guess it's something to work toward!

      The game cost me £3.99 so it's not expensive. It's really good fun to play and seriously challenging.


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