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Wall-E (PS3)

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Genre: Arcade & Platform / Universal, suitable for all / Release Date: 2008-07-04 / Published by THQ

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2009 23:41



      This game will make kids cry

      Excellent though Pixar's WALL-E might be (and in fact one of my favourite Pixar films), that doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on this dire videogame adaptation, which barely passes the grade as a game for undemanding children, let alone as one for more discerning adults. I did not expect something difficult nor something overwhelmingly engaging, but I figured that making a fun game about the loveable robot would not be so hard.

      I have either lost my mind, or WALL-E the game has overshot its target audience by a huge degree, because I found this game far more difficult than I ever expected it to be, and I didn't even make it to the end of the game. I failed missions so many times, and had to restart from the last checkpoint umpteenth times too that I actually ended up getting pretty annoyed with it, more than simply "hard" games because the manner in which it is difficult is so annoying. This isn't cleverly constructed boss fights: this is just a lack of care towards your player, particularly given that it's going to be aimed at young children. I would be amazed if many children at all have ever beaten this game: it is absurd.

      Sadly, there's nothing else to really compensate for this: the graphics are pretty poor, and although it keeps true to the film story-wise and with its visual STYLE, it's nowhere near enough to stop you angrily ejecting the disc and throwing it across the room. Furthermore, it's frankly a bit embarrassing to tell people that I couldn't beat WALL-E the game when I've ploughed through innumerable 70-hour RPGs with ease.

      If you're a masochist, maybe this game is for you, but otherwise it is just outright infuriating!


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      26.07.2009 20:04
      Very helpful



      Only for the die hard Wall-E fans

      I bought this game cheap and wasn't expecting much at all, I was right not to. I really liked the Wall-E film so I thought the game adaptation would be a good bit of fun, this is not the case.

      For a game that is aimed at a younger audience, I found this game quite difficult. This wasn't because of the puzzles or gameplay challenge but due to poor camera manipulation and controls. I really disliked the awkward movement of Wall-E, it made lining up difficult jumps a nightmare. I really didn't expect to die playing this game, but the camera and controls put you in a position where you loose all orientation.

      The game stays true to the film, the setting is the same and you can play as Eva and Wall-E. Though I found playing as Eva even more frustrating as the controls for flying are even worse.

      The multiplayer is dreadful and it seems like a complete afterthought. The game types are boring and after a few games I was put off.

      A positive is that I found the graphics to be quite impressive in some parts but that's about it.

      I wanted this to be a good game, but the bad controls and camera really let it down. I couldn't see a younger person having the patience to play this.


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  • Product Details

    Players will take control of WALL/E and EVE through a fast-paced adventure based on the upcoming Disney/Pixar film. The game allows fans to relive some of the movie's most thrilling moments as they explore 10 worlds filled with non-stop action and adventure, along with head-to-head multiplayer challenges.

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