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Watch Dogs (PS3)

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1 Review
  • Open world game
  • Great attention to detail
  • Main character was off-putting
  • Hacking mini-games can be annoying
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    1 Review
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      27.06.2014 21:55
      Very helpful


      • "Great attention to detail"
      • "Based all around chicago"
      • "Many styles of gameplay"
      • "Open world game"
      • "Has multiplayer features"
      • "Introduces hacking to games"


      • "Driving is poor"
      • "Main character was off-putting"
      • "Hacking mini-games can be annoying"
      • "storyline was not great"

      A unique entry into the open world franchise however not a game changer.

      Watchdogs is a game which takes place in chicago where the main character is a vigilante named aiden pierce. Aiden is not a very unique character and doesn''t live up to the ''vigilante'' he''s supposed to be. The reason is because he seems to be a regular guy who has just stumbled upon the world of hacking with no unique traits which make him stand out. In certain situations he behaves un-heroically and in the end it makes the gamer question whether they are playing as a true vigilante superhero or just a man who will do anything to get what he wants. In addition to this i was not driven by the story line to continue playing or help the main character because the story lacks depth and events seem to be scattered all around the place with certain characters making small appearances for short periods of time and never being mentioned again. Although the game brings a new edge to the gaming world by introducing the concept of hacking and controlling the environment, this feature has its pros and cons. The pros are that throughout the game you can upgrade your hacking abilities and as you progress through the story you begin to appreciate how the character is able to control to aid them in certain situations. For example, in car chases road blocks, bursting steam pipes, city black outs and many other hacks can be initiated to stop enemies. However it soon dawns upon you that the hacking is all done by pressing a single button on your controller and not very complicated as some would have thought. On top of this, there are frequent mini-games which seem to pop-up when you hack certain devices and while at first they can be interesting as a challenge they soon seem to become a nuisance; especially when there is a time limit to complete them. With an open world game one thing which seems to always be important is how much the characters can interact with the open world and watchdogs certainly delivers by allowing players to hack any individual they choose to and giving them a background check on who they are, this means that players will have to make their own judgements on how they would want to handle certain situations. In spite of this the game does not consider how important driving is in an open world game because almost all players will make use of this feature. The cars handle poorly and seem to sway on the road and never stay in a straight line , i often found myself drifting and skidding from one road to the next. The multiplayer is a great bonus feature. Having the ability to seamlessly enter another players campaign without them realising and hiding yourself amongst the many NPC''s (non playable characters) in the world of chicago is certainly something never seen before within a game. This means that many strange and funny moments are likely to ensue between yourself and other players as you play a game of hide and seek between one another in order to complete your objective and not get caught whilst doing so.


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