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WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 (PS3)

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7 Reviews

Genre: Fighting / Suitable for 15 years and over / Release Date: 2009-10-23 / Published by THQ

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    7 Reviews
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      20.12.2010 17:09



      Good for newcomers to the game - but not worth it if you have 2009

      This is the official game for WWE on the PS3, it lets you wrestle as the stars from the WWE universe with their moves, music and attire all representative of the real thing. If you are a regular viewer of WWE you may find it a little frustrating as the roster was about 6 months out of date when it was released. This can be remedied in the create a wrestler mode to add in wrestlers that are not in the game. There are a variety of match types to play in from standard singles and tag matches to the more brutal table ladders and chairs match and the classic Royal Rumble match. The career mode in this game is very weak, it involves you winning fight ar fight to obtain all the tittles in WWE, however there is no story to this and can get a bit boring.. There are some story modes in the "Road the Wrestlemania" section, this involves you playing preset stories for some of the top WWE stars, this does however have little replay value once you have done it for each superstar. A new addition to the 2010 version is the create a story mode this enables you to create your own story or download one created by someone from the online community, although this did not appeal to me it would suit someone creative and enjoyed games like Little Big Planet.


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      29.05.2010 19:57
      Very helpful



      A great addition to a great series.

      Smackdown vs Raw 2010 is a great game. Even if you're not into WWE and wrestling games, its still worth having a go. I'll explain whats good about it in this review. First of all, the story mode. In this game they are called Road To Wrestlemania's. The characters you can play as in this game mode are: Randy Orton, Edge, Shawn Michaels, Mickie James, a joint story with John Cena and Triple H and the ability to play as your own created wrestler. Each one has there own unique story, and you can make your own decisions along the way. There is also a career mode with no story, just fight and win title belts. New to the Smackdown vs Raw series, you can create your own story. This new feature puts you in control of the WWE World, create your own unique story and play them afterward. There is lots of wrestlers this time compared to other games. Do battle with superstars like John Cena, Triple H, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and many, many more. The game actually has 60+ wrestlers in it. So whether you are buying this game to try it out, or because you're a hardcore WWE fan, this game is worth a try.


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      23.04.2010 01:51



      Good, not great ... but the potential has ALWAYS been there!

      Smackdown vs raw 2010, year in year out these games seem to add new features but at the same time deleting old features.

      The pros of the game:
      EXTREMELY fun when playing multiplayer (4 ways between friends is awesome)
      Road to wrestlemania stories are great (Shawn Michaels, Randy and the Cena/HHH)
      Able to download created wrestlers is a GREAT addition however one big DOWNFALL is that you cant change their music/moves OR looks, this is something that needs working on!

      After Road to Wrestlemania there is NO GM mode like the previous smackdown had
      NO legends whatsoever :(
      Tends to be boring one player as the AI keeps getting stupider year in and year out

      All in all a good game if you have friends over often who like wrestling/know how to play (not too hard to pick up the controls for game players) however one player can get a bit repetitive and may end up getting exchanged at the shop



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      04.01.2010 22:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Best WWE smackdown vs raw 2010 by far and is very fun to play

      After being disappoint by last year's smackdown vs. raw 2009 which I felt wasn't good enough, as being a wrestling fan and especially of the WWE brand and after reading reviews I just thought I had to check this game out.

      Well let me tell you smackdown vs raw 2010 isn't just good but it's actually great, there is a sixty seven player roster, there's lots of match types, there's lots of options that will let you create your own characters, logo's and also your own stories complete with cut scenes .

      I really the WWE style presentation in this game, there is hardly any loading time so you won't have to wait long for your match to start, why this game is so good is because it looks real and takes the best from WWE.

      The blood looks even real like when you start punching a player the more you hit him the more he bleeds and the bloods start to drip on your body and the floor.

      There are a few improvements to the game play you can now grapple from the side, and there are four new grapple positions you can switch to without breaking a hold, reversing a move is assigned to one button which makes it easier and it gives me the ability to reverse any finisher that the opponent tries to do.

      THQ decided to keep the majority of last year's match types which are untouched like the hell in a cell and the inferno match etc. Also the four player online match and move championships around using the roster editor.

      There are also new added features to the game like for example like last year's royal rumble I found it rather easy just to get people out of the ring but in this game you play like a mini game before you chuck them out of the ring which makes it harder. There are six new road to wrestle mania campaigns which you can try which gives you more choices, lots of twists and it's very fun.

      One feature I like is the create a wrestle and you have many new options in which you can customize your wrestler according to your needs.

      I like the ability to record match highlights which you can use through the editor in the game to use them for entrance movies. One of the biggest features this year I felt was the create a story mode you are given a ten year programming list where you can create your story to how you envisage it.

      I think this feature is groundbreaking for the gamers, you over hundreds of scene animations which you can use in the storyline, you get to cast the characters in their roles and change the camera angles to how you want it and you can make it into a chain of stories.

      One thing that disappointed was the computer AI as I felt there were rather easy to beat and also a bit dumb at times. This is by far the best WWE game in the series and has a lot of new features and also expands on from the last edition and is very fun to play which I never had for a long time in these kind of games I feel it's a must for any wrestling fans.


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        28.12.2009 17:20
        Very helpful



        We NEED an online Royal Rumble!

        I reliably always buy the Smackdown games, although have become a bit disenfranchised with the last few efforts; 2008 was particularly shambolic with its terrible bugs and disregarding women wrestlers almost entirely. 2009 was a better attempt, although the focus on Tag Team wrestling was a bit reductive. I can thankfully report that 2010 has the series back on track, and while there are still issues, it is in many ways a reinvention of the classic mechanics.

        By and large the controls have been kept the same, and there are just a few gameplay and aesthetic enhancements that make the game stand-out. Most pleasingly, the obtrusive HUD of the previous games is gone, and your player's health is represented by a coloured ring that circles their feet; it makes the game a lot more immersive, and certainly makes it more pleasing to the eye. Also, the reversal system has been altered to be less frustrating, with R2 being the only button able to reverse, meaning you don't have to work out whether to press L2 or R2. Also, my favourite addition is probably that Royal Rumble eliminations have been vastly altered: to eliminate someone you can't just button-bash: you have to bash PARTICULAR buttons, and if you mess up the wrestler will stay in. Also, it's far easier to stay in now and you can't just be eliminated by someone swinging you over the rope. THQ have also added the 6-man Championship Scramble, which is great fun.

        Visually, the game looks nice, but as with all SVR games, it is hardly one of the best looking PS3 games, and the eyes of the wrestlers in particular still look very vacant, and the crowds are still depressingly cardboard-looking. Aurally, though, it is pretty decent even if there's not much to it.

        This game is a vast improvement over the last two titles in particular. I just hope that soon enough they add an online Royal Rumble, because that's what we've been wanting for years!


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        14.11.2009 21:38
        Very helpful



        Game which would be good to play with friends or family

        Smackdown vs Raw 2010 is next installment of the Smackdown vs raw games, this game expects to offer more new additions then the previous games.

        ~~Pro of the game~~

        OK now wrestling fans out there waiting for this game to come out would expect an improvement of the previous games. There are improvements such as Royal Rumble it has been vastly improved as there are many ways you can eliminate opponents. You can have your opponent on the rope you could eliminate them, which in my opinion isn't really new just something from previous games and twisted to make it look new.

        The Game has new story line as previous you had one set of story line where you finish the story and that's it and you start again, but in this version THQ have focused on changing the story mode so that it is in your control. Making this change is one of the great improvement because in previous version when the story ended that's it nothing else to do as am more of story fan and so this gives me more options and play the game longer.

        The road to Wrestlemania has been vastly improved and now you have some twist of your own which you should play the game and see for yourself.


        Now the problem with the game, well as being a fan of the samckdown vs raw games I would have expected to see more changes to the game and did it NO the game play is still the same. THQ must have focused on improving other aspect of the game and forgot the main aspect the game play which is exact same as the 2009.


        I give the game 7/10 as it does have the story line improvement but the game play lets it down so to everyone who doesn't mind the game play I would recommend this game.


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        29.10.2009 12:30
        Very helpful



        A Major drawback scores it a 3/5

        There are only so many criticism's you can have of wrestling in itself, many tend to say that it is a fake sport and should not be worthy of our viewing. I cannot agree with these claims however, and I thoroughly enjoy catching up with Monday night RAW or Friday Night Smackdown when they come on. I think that wrestling is not fake but more of a soap just like modern day Eastenders and Hollyoaks just with a different take on the action!

        Still nowadays I remember playing Smackdown vs Raw : Here comes the pain on my Playstation 2, it had cutting edge graphics and a very fine picture quality. But when compared to the latest edition of Smackdown vs Raw you can see the phenomenal change that the video gaming industry has gone through, it is rather intriguing to compare the two games and mark out the notable differences.

        The latest edition of Smackdown vs raw is called... Smackdown vs raw 2010 and it promises up to date roster's and all new gameplay modes and enhancement's compared to previous versions.
        On first inspection I found that it is very easy to maneuver through the main menu and to find the location that you are looking for. Unlike the regular Smackdown vs raw's it has a Training Facility as a back drop instead of a Diva or possibly a Super star wrestler.

        These are the sort of changes you will expect from a computer game that promises to be the 'best wrestler out there' But what modes/changes are there in the game different to the previous titles?

        Royal Rumble:
        I seem to have noticed that game manufacturers always seem to focus on one aspect of a game and make some noteable changes, then highlight the change that has occured and highlight it as the main part of they're marketing campaign!
        THQ have done something along the lines of that, and have improved the Royal Rumble in a number of ways. For those of you who don't know what a Royal Rumble is, it is a match consisting of a set amount of wrestlers enter the ring at different numbers until all of the wrestlers have entered the ring. While wrestlers are entering, simultaneusly Wrestlers are being eliminated from the game by being thrown out by one way or another, and landing with both feet on the floor outside the ring which normally occurs when a wrestler is thrown out by another opponent.

        What was wrong with the old Royal rumble?
        Well many of the fans simply thought there wasn't a range of elimination options, as the only way to eliminate another opponent was through throwing them over the ropes and 'button mashing'
        However now THQ have corrected they're faults and have brought gamers New and inspired elimination mini games!

        The Bottom, Middle and Corner rope eliminations:
        THQ have played it safe in my opinion and have introduced method's which work when the attacker is on the apron or at the rope. Being just a few of the 'new' ways I think that these methods are just modified versions of the original 'put them over the rope' techniques.
        Not original at all.

        Royal Rumble Finishers!
        These get me really excited as they twist the original finisher situation and eliminate an oponent at the same time!
        THQ seem to have jumbled up the actions for this as some mini games require button mashing and others require a technical angle, a great blend of moves to use including Chokeslam finishes!
        Innovative and Pristine Gameplay.

        Escaping and Eliminating:
        The controls for escaping elimation in my opinion are way too easy to use!
        They require just a button press and congratulations you've escaped being thrown off the edge of the ring by a 500 pound monster!
        However THQ seem to have combined the idea of Big guys into the royal rumble, I mean not everybody is going to be 5 foot 7.
        So they have created multiple eliminations which now endanger anyone in the ring who is eliminating by adding the optional chance of someone coming up behind you and pushing you off!
        It adds the intensity and fear when eliminating someone.

        Now THQ would not be a very big organisation if that was the ONLY change they made, but no THQ did make a few more changes and added a whole new mode altogether!

        Get ready Wrestling fans, THQ now brings you an all new Story Mode Designer, does sound good dosen't it?

        In fact it actually is brilliant!, the story designer allows you to create original match up's between rivals and friends with the hundreds of tools at your disposal. While having an arguement between two challengers for the championship ever fancied having two guys and the champion jumping the contenders?
        Well now you can! you can now include up to five superstars in a 'scene' which could be anyone! They can smile or they can run or whatever.
        You control every aspect of the scene whether it be the camera angle or the cast for the match. Yes it is only a fresh new idea which could have some changes applied to make it better, but I feel it is a great way to kick start the new decade.

        Another noteable change is the ability to change superstar's attire and ring wear. Ever fancied making the undertaker dress like a girl? being able to customise the ring attire is a very easy tool to use and after fine tuning it this year it adds a certain degree of value to the gameplay.
        Then aswell as changing the attire you can then post it for the world to see on Playstation network, where users can download your work and you can pass on your artistic flair to others.

        New changes get a rating of 4/5 for me.
        Some great additional features combined into the gameplay but could be worked on and polished off such as the fluidity of the gameplay but I think THQ have done a good job of they're new release.

        As we are on the subject of fluidity I think it is about time we talked about the gameplay when you are actually playing the game itself.
        The verdict I'm afraid isn't a very good one. When comparing the 2009 version to the up to date 2010 version the differences are minimal. Despite THQ's promises the all new momentum meter is doing the same job as the previous finisher meter.
        With no added moves to use minus the signature moves that superstar's can use it is an 'EXACT' copy of the previous functioning game.
        Now for the £35 that you pay for it you are going to want some sort of major improvement with the fluidity of the gameplay.

        Well no, for the £35 you get the same moves with some nice bonus improvements.
        A major disappointment for me as I was expecting a little too much.

        Another beatifully polished off feature is the Road to Wrestlemania mode which now includes a Co-Op mode which you play as one of the two tag team superstars and go through the Road to Wrestlemania.
        I wont ruin it but this years mode is Amazing. It has twists and turns involving inter brand wars, Jealousy is the main emotion used to 'bubble up' the story line and include some great turns.
        I guarantee you will not see them coming!
        Every time I think of a game however I expect the most improved game to date, and yes it does have some improvements.
        But why did THQ not improve the core point of a game? The main reason you are playing the game? The gameplay is meant to be for enjoy ment but THQ have made a hash of it.
        Would I recommend it?
        No I wouldn't I'm afraid, firstly as next year's is bound to be much better and include more realism than ever before ( more THQ promise!)
        Also because I feel that it hasn't been perfected yet, and as a consumer we should expect nothing less than perfection and the utmost hardest work is expected to have gone into it.
        THQ definitely haven't tried they're best, despite some great features they need to work on the game a little bit more to warrant purchase.

        Thanks for reading


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