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XCOM Enemy Unknown (PS3)

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2 Reviews

Video Game for PlayStation 3 / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2012-10-12 / Published by 2K Games

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    2 Reviews
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      07.04.2013 13:44
      Very helpful



      I bought this game at full price when it was released, wasn't disappointed. The price now is great!

      I was personally skeptical about this game from trailers and teasers I had seen. But I was pleasantly surprised. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a welcome breath of fresh air from the 'call of duty' game type that seems to be taking over the gaming industry. Even a strategy game is rare to see now!

      The game has a great combat system, it does take some learning but anyone will pick it up fairly quickly, it is not rocket science. The system itself is not hard but how you use it, many will die quickly if you aren't tactical with your decisions. If you enjoy strategy games and have been missing them for the past few years, like me then you will love this game I guarantee it. The game also incorporates a research facility where you can dissect the corpses of the aliens that have fallen in battle, new weapons, new gear among other things which take time, after you have gained access to them you can build/use them in the engineering part of your base. The 'foundry' is another great addition where you can make upgrades to existing equipment, you can boost research times among other things by building facilities underground which bear in mind cost resources that you collect in battle and of course money. Money is rare to find in XCOM and you would do best to think about your purchases and maybe sell unwanted items on the black market.

      However there were disadvantages to the game. The 'story' as such was very weak there didn't seem to be one just fight this contact fight that contact and come to the end which was a very disappointing end. The difficulties on the missions did not seem to be fairly laid out the mission with the highest difficulty would be the one that rewarded you with what you needed at that particular time. You will lose soldiers.

      Considering everything I have mentioned this game is great and a welcome change from the generic games we are experiencing a load of recently. The positives outweigh the negatives by far. The game does have replay-ability you can do things differently in so many ways such as responding to every contact or not, choosing who to help, what to research first, how quickly you progress the 'main' objectives etc.


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      26.01.2013 15:43
      Very helpful



      Addictive, fun game!

      When I was younger I use to watch my mam play X-COM on the first playstation. I always use to moan because I always use to watch her play games, but never really got this one. Or quite simply I got bored of waiting for my turn on the playstation, but then I would moan and get told off. She was addicted and I never understood why. Eventually after completing the game countless times she swapped it. Finally.

      Many years have gone now and I am a lot older. A couple of months a go I seen a new X-COM released so, I had to get it. I had to see what all the fuss was about and well, tease my mam as they don't have anything to play it on at the moment. But I can now say I understand why mother got like she did..

      X-COM: enemy unknown is a remake of the 1994 version on the pc. It is available on the playstation 3, X-box 360 and pc. Is is developed by Firaxis Games as published from 2k Games.

      Through out the game you have control over X-COM an elite part of the military tasked to defend the earth against an alien invasion. The game is based in the future. A group of countries have come together to create 'the council of nations' and thus the 'extraterrestrial combat unit' (X-COM) was born.

      Just like the other games you play the part as the commander if X-COM. It is a turn based strategy game, where you take part in missions to defeat the enemy.

      During the missions you have control of four to six human soldiers, later in the game you can get robotic units. The main aim of the mission is to hunt down and kill all aliens on the field. However you do get other objectives on some missions, these can include finding and saving survivors, protecting someone throughout the map and deactivating certain enemy units. Though a mission will never end until all enemy units have been destroyed.

      On the field a can carry items. These can range from grenades, healing items, aiming equipment, armour and sprays that lift stats for a certain amount of turns. You gain other items as the game goes on. A soldier can also learn certain abilities as they survive missions an killing aliens allowing them to gain experience through out the game. Depending on what abilities they learn will depend on what class they are. These are;- sniper, assault, heavy and support.

      A sniper, as the name suggests is best at distant combat and are great with head shots.
      Assault soldiers are the first in the battle field going deep in to find the aliens.
      Heavy soldiers are alway heavily armed and are masters at the rocket launcher.
      Supports pretty much are the healers and hold items like gas grenades. As the game goes on you do start developing different kinds of abilities due to alien research. But I won't give to much away.

      Between your missions you have control over at the main base. This is where the strategy comes in to play. You have to assign research to scientists. This can help soldiers gain better weapons and armour and ways to defeat the aliens. It also helps with your jets when it comes to beating UFO's.

      Assign the engineers with items and rooms to build. These can be the robotic units weapons, and rooms to do alien autopsy's. In the hanger you can better your jets and place them around the world to protect other countries and in the barracks you can recruit new soldiers, pay respects to your dead an better the ones you already have. Of course all of this take money.

      As you go through the game the enemy is always getting stronger and has more and different units, so it's up to you to decide what's not important. Research and engineering will always take a few days. So while your getting stronger they always will be too.

      This is also the time you hear and can check how your doing in the council if nations, this where you gain most of your money. They can contact you from time to time with missions. They will give you money for these it gave you more researchers and engineers to complete there tasks quicker.

      Checking where you stand is always a must. The countries you have satellites over will give you money, researchers and engineers when it's times for your yearly report. This lets you know how your managing in the game and your stats. Each country has a panic bar. As soon as that bar hits the top that country leaves the council if nations. So you will lose out on there facilities. As soon as 8 countries have left, it's game over! You can reduce panic levels by completing missions in this area and achieving high success. Having satellites over the country helps also, these help to find alien activity in the country it is in.

      The only thing about the game that sometimes annoys me is that it can be a game if chance. Out in the battle field when choosing an alien to shoot, it gives you a percentage of the chance of hitting the target. Even when this can quite high sometimes it will miss. Still not every shot can be a hit I guess. It will make it to easy.

      I find the game very addictive, when I start playing its hard to put it down. It's one of those where your like 'oh let me just do this, oh and then this' and then something else comes up! I think I'm turning in to my mother. It will keep you entertained for hours.

      It is rated 15, I personally think this is about right. Thought the graphics are not horrific or anything like that, the actual game play is a lot to take in and understand in strategy side, and you don't want your youngsters coming in an asking you if you think there doing it right all the time.

      I would recommend this game to anyone that likes this kind of genre and those who have played the old games. It is an excellent remake. Four stars from me!


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